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The New Satellite

It had been months since the FMs had invaded Earth. Cepheus, the FM King, had finally made peace with Earth and now their two planets shared a friendly bond with each other through the BrotherBand. Now inhabitants from the FM planet were free to come and go as they pleased thanks to the BrotherBand system that had been set up in orbit. And thanks to AMAKEN's recently released Star Carrier, humans were now free to interact with the alien life forms. On this particular day, a big announcement accompanied with a ceremony was being held and all were present. Among them was Subaru Hoshikawa, who stood among the crowd with his friends Luna, Gonta, Kizimaro, and Tsukasa. Misora was not present due to having a concert to perform later that afternoon.

"Subaru, what are we doing here?" War-Rock muttered.

"I don't know, but it has to be important," Subaru replied.

"Welcome ladies and gentleman and thank you for coming!" the mayor greeted as he appeared at the podium. The assembly was taking place in a large square and a large stage had been set up with a podium and a large plasma screen.

"And I would also like to welcome any visitors from other planets. As you all know, Earth and the FM planet now share a BrotherBand with one another. As a result, the FMs have been free to come to our planet as they please. However, we have had some problems accommodating all of them. There just isn't enough radio wave room for them. So we have created a new satellite to make that room." The mayor pressed a button and the screen lit up to show a giant yellow satellite with the center shaped like the head of a great-horned ram.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and visitors from another world, I give you the new satellite: Aries!" Thunderous applause erupted from the crowd and the smiles on people's faces brightened.

"Look at that!" said Tsukasa.

"Now we can live peacefully with all the FMs!" exclaimed Luna. Subaru nodded in response and pulled his Visualizer down over his eyes. Floating over the heads of the people, he could see a few FMs also cheering. He smiled, but then his attention turned to the big blue and green FM floating right beside him.

"War-Rock, what's wrong?" he asked the alien.

"Hmm?" War-Rock turned to his human partner for a moment but then looked back, "It's nothing."

"Well it's a good thing not many people have Star Carriers yet or else lots of people will be able to see you."

After the ceremony announcing the new satellite, Subaru and his friends returned him. The spiky-haired boy bid farewell to them when they arrived at his house and he went inside. His mother was inside making dinner and she greeted him when he came in.

"Welcome home, Subaru."

"Hi, mom." After wiping his boots off on the mat, Subaru went to the living room, sat down on the couch, and turned on the TV. The sound of Misora's voice filled the air as her concert was broadcast live.

"Too bad Misora had to miss the ceremony," Subaru thought out loud, "I'm sure she would have really liked hearing the news about the new satellite and what it does."

"She'll find out soon enough," War-Rock assured him, "Harp is with her, after all."

"Yeah, you're right." Subaru turned off the television and went upstairs to his bedroom until it was dinner time. After a delicious meal, he stayed in his room to do his homework until it was time for bed and then he went to sleep.

As Subaru slept that night, a single radio wave streaked through the emptiness of space. Its destination: Earth. As it neared the big blue sphere, it circled around it several times, examining the four satellites. After a few rounds, it finally descended through the atmosphere. It stopped on a Wave Road and landed with a flash of light. The radio wave turned out to be a being shaped like a condor with a brown and white face accompanied with a steel beak, a brown chest, and golden talons with the rest of its body made up of brown radio energies.

The FM planet and Earth living together in harmony? Bah! There's no way that'll happen, he thought. The condor FM spread his wings and took off.


"We should take some time to research these aliens." At the city science and research center, the head scientists had all gathered together in the conference room discussing the FMs and the opportunities their presence on Earth could present to him.

"We could begin by interviewing them," one scientist suggested, "But answering our questions won't be enough. If only there was some way to study the aliens themselves."

"How long are you people going to believe all this nonsense!" a scientist with thick glasses and long black hair demanded, "There are no such things as aliens!"

"But Dr. Higuchi, you saw that broadcast that was made on television a few months ago," one of the other scientists pointed out.

"That was nothing more than a hoax!" Dr. Higuchi argued, "If aliens really did exist, then why can't we see, hear, or feel them?"

"Weren't you listening? The aliens are made up of radio waves."

"Poppycock! That's just an excuse to make you think they really exist!"

"Dr. Higuchi, that's enough!" the head of the center said in a loud voice, "Everyone here is clearly in full support of researching the FMs. I can understand why you wouldn't want to partake in this project. Even I am skeptical about their existence. However, if you insist on continuing your rants on how aliens don't exist, then I suggest you leave this facility immediately. I cannot stand a scientist who will not open his mind to new possibilities."

"But it is NOT a possibility!" Dr. Higuchi yelled. The other scientists then stood up from their seats and began to leave.

"Dr. Higuchi, I suggest you go find yourself another field of research." And with that, the one scientist was left all alone.

"Damn them!" Dr. Higuchi slammed his fists against the table, "How can they let themselves be blinded by such nonsense?" As he fumed, the condor FM suddenly fazed through the roof and hovered over the scientist, watching him as he continued ranting.

"Aliens are nothing but fiction! And aliens made out of radio waves? I've never heard such dribble in my life!"

"Are they really now?" a voice asked. Dr. Higuchi stopped and looked around the room, but there was nobody there.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

"So you really believe aliens don't exist? Heh heh. Perfect. Then in that case, you will do perfectly for my host." Above the room, the FM suddenly started to glow brightly before streaking down toward Dr. Higuchi. The two beings collided in a brilliant flash of light and when it finally faded away, the scientist stood alone but his expression had changed.

"Time to get serious. By the time I'm finished, nobody's ever going to admit that FMs exist!"


The next day, Subaru left his house and headed off to school. He was thankful that the Star Carrier hadn't become that common yet as most of the people he passed were still wearing Transers. He pulled down his Visualizer and turned to War-Rock, who was flying alongside him.

"War-Rock, something was bothering you yesterday."

"I told you, it's nothing."

"War-Rock, I know something was on your mind. We've been together for months, so I know you better than you think. Now what's up?" The blue and green alien sighed. He decided he might as well tell Subaru.

"Even though peace has been made between Earth and the FM planet, I can't shake this feeling that there may still be attacks by other FMs. After all, it was Gemini who convinced the king that humans were dangerous. There may be others who still feel the same way."

"I see." As Subaru continued walking, he met up with Luna, Gonta, Kizimaro, and Tsukasa and they arrived at school with time to spare before the bell rang. A bus was parked outside and Kizimaro reminded everyone about the field trip that day.

"That's right. We're going to the science and research center today," said Luna, "And as class rep, I expect you to be on your best behaviour, everyone. Especially you, Subaru."

"Why does she always point her finger at me?" Subaru sighed. After the teacher had taken attendance, the students boarded the bus and it drove off. The grade five class arrived at its destination and they all piled out. They were immediately greeted by a tour guide, who handed out visitor badges for everyone to clip on. Afterwards, they were led into a theater and sat down.

"Welcome to the science and research center, kids. Before we begin today's tour, we'd like to show you a video about our facility." As the video played and the students' attentions were focused on the screen, War-Rock decided to do some exploring. Figuring Subaru would be fine by himself for a while, he fazed through the ceiling and started to fly around. Even as an alien from another planet, he was impressed by the technology Earth scientists had. Not even Subaru, who was quite the space geek, had even heard of a lot of the machines. As War-Rock continued with his exploration, he made his way up several more floors and into an office where a man with thick glasses and long black hair sat at his desk hunched over a Leo Transer.

"So I'm the guy who has to show those kids around," he muttered to himself, "That's all good. I'll start by telling them that the aliens don't exist. After all, there's nothing more malleable than the mind of a child."

Does this human despise FMs? wondered War-Rock. He turned his head and gasped. Perched on a file cabinet beside the desk was a brown condor-shaped FM/

Aquila! War-Rock knew bad was about to happen and he quickly turned to leave, but he stopped when his name was called.

"It's been a while, War-Rock."

"Aquila." War-Rock turned around and faced the eagle, "What are you doing here?"

"This human doesn't believe in our existence, War-Rock. And I don't think the humans should know. We can't trust scum like them."

"You haven't changed one bit," War-Rock growled.

"The King has no direct command over me. I'm here to stop this falsified friendship between humans and FMs," said Aquila, "This human shall be my body. Speaking of humans, perhaps you should check up on yours." At that moment, Dr. Higuchi stood up and walked out of the office.

"I'll see you downstairs, War-Rock." And with that, Aquila vanished.

"Damn it!" War-Rock quickly sank down through the floor and hurriedly returned to the theater. He arrived just as the film ended and the lights came on. He flew straight into Subaru's Star Carrier.

"Subaru, we have trouble." The spiky-haired boy took his Star Carrier off his belt and looked at War-Rock.

"What's wrong, War-Rock?"

"An FM is in the building and he's planning to take hostile action," answered War-Rock.

"What? But the BrotherBand with the FM planet..."

"Even if a peace treaty was signed between two Earth countries, that does not mean everyone in those countries will comply. This is no different."

"And now I'd like to turn you all over to one of our esteemed scientists," the tour guide said, "Dr. Higuchi." The scientist entered the room and she left. War-Rock nudged Subaru and the boy pulled his Visualizer over his eyes. Just as the blue and green alien had said, an FM was indeed with Dr. Higuchi.

"Before we begin, let me start off by saying something. Recently, all of you have been exposed to some news that intelligent life forms from another planet exist and they mingle with us even now. This is nothing but an elaborate lie."

"Dr. Higuchi!" The doors burst open and the head of the science and research center entered the theater, "We told you that you are not allowed to spread your disbelief onto the children today!"

"Disbelief? I merely state the truth," said Dr. Higuchi, "But your head is so filled with this lie that you'll refuse to accept it. You're living in a fantasy to think that aliens truly exist."

"If you say one more thing out of line, Dr. Higuchi, I shall have you terminated."

"If you feel that strongly about it, so be it. But before I go, I'm going to make you realize that aliens don't exist. Even if it means I have to do it by force." Dr. Higuchi pushed up his glasses.

"Subaru, watch out!" shouted War-Rock.

"Denpa Henkan. Higuchi Suichi, On Air." There was a bright flash of light and Dr. Higuchi vanished.

"Subaru, let's go!"

"Right!" Subaru looked around to make sure no one was watching and ran off to a secluded corner. After making sure once more that nobody was watching him, he held out his Star Carrier.

"Denpa Henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru, On Air!" Once transformed into Rockman, he fazed out and appeared outside.

"Where is he?" growled War-Rock.

"I'm over here, War-Rock." Rockman turned and saw a humanoid being clad in brown. His chest was covered with white armor and sharp claws tipped his fingers. He wore brown gloves with eagle-like designs with the head covering the backs of his hands. His feet had become eagle talons and a pair of large brown wings protruded from his back. Rockman had expected his head to be covered with some sort of helmet, but instead it was completely exposed in the form an an actual eagle head.

"Aquila, what are you planning?" demanded War-Rock.

"My name is Aquila Talon now. And I'm going to destroy the humans so they can't threaten us again. And I'm also going to destroy the traitors." Aquila Talon spread his wings and took flight.

"Subaru, get him!" shouted War-Rock.

"Wind Slasher!" Aquila Talon swung his arms and slashed the air with his claws, which fired blades of razor-sharp wind. Rockman dove to the side to avoid them and rolled along the ground before holding out his arm.

"Rock Buster!" Bursts of magenta plasma energy shot out of War-Rock's mouth. Aquila Talon smirked and flapped his wings once to lift himself out of the way.

"You seem to have gotten rusty, War-Rock." The flying FM clenched his fist and a pair of wings sprouted from one of his gloves, "Here, have a taste of this. Iron Beak!" He thrust his arm at Rockman and fired an eagle-shaped missile at him. Rockman dove to the side and rolled along the ground to avoid it before firing a few more shots.

"Is that all you've got?"

"A word to the wise: never assume that's all there is to an attack!" Without warning, Aquila Talon's bird missile hit Rockman in the back and knocked him to the ground, "Now I've got you!" The avian FM opened his talons and dove straight down at his opponent.

"Subaru, watch out!" shouted War-Rock. Rockman reached behind him and pulled out one of his Battle Cards.

"Battle Card, Predation!" He threw the card into the air and War-Rock grabbed it in his mouth and swallowed it, "Henge no Jutsu 1!" A loud crash erupted when Aquila Talon slammed his feet against the ground.

"Got you," he cackled. His facial expression quickly changed when he saw a raccoon with a leaf on its head had replaced his target.

"Battle Card, Predation! TailBurner1!" From above, Rockman's buster transformed into a flamethrower and he launched a stream of fire down on Aquila Talon. The eagle FM was scorched, but he managed to escape and countered with a Wind Slasher, which his opponent managed to evade. Rockman quickly retreated up to the Wave Road and dashed along them. Aquila Talon appeared on the road behind him and immediately flew after him.

"Subaru, what are you doing?" asked War-Rock.

"I'm leading him away from the science center so everyone can get out safely," answered Rockman. As he flew over the city, he scouted for a place where he could battle Aquila Talon without having to worry about people getting hurt while hopefully also gaining some kind of advantage over him.

"There!" Rockman changed his frequency and descended from the Wave Road, reappearing in a construction site. Just as he had hoped, Aquila Talon came down after him and launched another Wind Slasher at him.

"Battle Card, Predation!" Rockman threw a Battle Card into the air and War-Rock ate it, "LongSword!" With his newly-equipped weapon, the blue hero sliced through the wind attack and leapt up at his opponent. Aquila Talon lashed out with his talons and they were blocked. He quickly spun around in the air and kicked with his other leg only to have it deflected. For a while, it seemed that Rockman was gaining some ground in that fight. But then gravity started to take effect and he began to fall back down.

"I have you now! Wind Slasher!" Aquila Talon slashed the air with his claws and fired two blades of wind. With no way to maneuver in midair, Rockman received the full brunt of the attack and he crashed against the ground.

"Subaru, we have a problem," groaned War-Rock.

"I know," Rockman replied as he struggled to get back up, "He's taking advantage of his ability to fly. If only we still had Ice Pegasus." Meanwhile overhead, Aquila Talon sprouted two wings from each of his gauntlets and took aim at his opponent.

"Iron Beak!" Two metal birds shot out from his arms this time, but this time Rockman was ready for them. Now armed with the knowledge they could be remotely controlled, he dove to the side to avoid getting hit before shooting them in the back to knock them away. Aquila Talon quickly fired another Wind Slasher and Rockman jumped over it before backflipping over an Iron Beak missile as it came toward him from behind.

"Subaru, to your left!" warned War-Rock. Rockman quickly held out his left arm and fired a buster shot at the other Iron Beak, knocking it off trajectory and causing it to fly harmlessly past his feet.

"Battle Card, Predation!" This time, the spiky-haired blue hero threw two Battle Cards into the air and War-Rock ate them both, transforming both of his hands into swords, "Double Swords!" Now equipped with a pair of weapons, he was able to defend against the metal birds more easily. As one came from behind him, he spun out of the way and deflected it with the side of one sword. Another came from above and he bounced it off the other. Then the first came straight towards him and he crossed the blades to block it before knocking it away by sliding them apart.

"Is this all you've got?" yelled Rockman.

"You really want to know?" asked Aquila Talon. One of his birds banked around and a barely visible thread of wire could just be seen trailing from its tail.

"What?" gasped Rockman. Aquila Talon smirked and swung his arms crosswise. His Iron Beaks crossed one another's paths and Rockman was thrown against a beam, restrained by a web of wire woven by the two metal birds, which planted themselves beak-first into the ground.

"I... I can't move!" Rockman struggled to move one of his arms to cut the wire with his sword, but it was no use. He was tied down tight.

"I shouldn't have expected too much from you, War-Rock," said Aquila Talon as he landed and walked up to his tied-up opponent, "But then again, what is there to expect from a survivor of the AM planet? Even your choice for a host was a poor one." Rockman's swords vanished and his hands returned to normal.

"And what did you hope to accomplish here, Aquila?" demanded War-Rock.

"I'm here to sever this false tie of friendship between Earth and the FM planet," answered Aquila Talon, "It wasn't hard to find this host. And his unwillingness to accept our existence made it all the easier. That same doubt also makes him easy to maintain. Now then, I believe it's time to finish you off." He spread out his wings and his feathers suddenly turned into swords.

"Subaru, we have to move now!" shouted War-Rock.

"Easier said than done!" groaned Rockman as he struggled to break free of the wires.

"Damn it, Subaru." War-Rock looked around for anything that could be of some use. Anything whatsoever. But there was nothing close by that could help them escape this situation. The only thing that was nearby was a short plank of wood positioned on top of two bricks with a third brick lying on one end of it. With no other options, War-Rock spat out a buster shot and catapulted the brick into the air. It flew onto one of the higher floors of the building under construction and knocked a bucket over. The bucket then rolled across the floor and bumped into a pile of metal rods, causing them spill over a ledge and drop down into a large bin and trigger a pulley to hoist up some bricks. By this time, Aquila Talon had caught onto what was happening above his head and turned to watch as those bricks hit a plank and knocked over a bag of cement.

"Is this supposed to be some kind of elaborate set-up that's supposed to defeat me in the most unlikely and unexpected method?" he asked.

"No. Just to distract you long enough so we can do this." At that moment, War-Rock reached out and ate the Battle Card Rockman had managed to pull out.

"Battle Card, Predation! FlickerKick3!" The sole of blue hero's right boot began to glow and he lashed out and kicked Aquila Talon in the face.

"Damn you, War-Rock! I'll end you now!" The avian FM spread out his wings and his sword feathers gleamed in the sunlight.

"Subaru, quick! Change your frequency!" shouted War-Rock.

"Huh? Oh, right. I forgot about that." Rockman fazed out and the wires dropped harmlessly to the ground just as the blades cut through where he had once stood. He reappeared on the building under construction two floors above his opponent. Aquila Talon quickly flapped his wings and flew up to him.

"You can't escape me!" he shouted as he landed while Rockman ran further in, "Dances with Sabers!" Swinging his wings in wild motions, Aquila Talon's feathers began to slice through anything within a two-meter radius of his body.

"We have to stop him before he brings this place down on our heads," Rockman thought out loud as he took out another Battle Card, "Battle Card, Predation! MoLance3!" A long spear appeared in his hand and he grabbed it before charging. He thrust his weapon at Aquila Talon and stopped his attack.

"You dare to come close and attack me? Wind Slasher!" The eagle FM hit Rockman and blasted him back, but his opponent managed to plant his feet against a beam and leapt off it back at his foe. He thrust his spear out again and managed to nick Aquila Talon's shoulder.

"Iron Beak!" Another pair of metal birds was launched and Rockman threw his polearm in their way so they ended up wrapping their wires around it instead of him.

"Battle Card, Predation! JetAttack1!" War-Rock's head transformed into a spear-shaped bird virus head and his partner jumped forward. His body became surrounded with yellow light as he shot towards Aquila Talon like an arrow. He struck his target right on the chest and pushed him out of the building once they were out, Rockman used another Battle Card, MoaiFall2, and dropped a large stone on top of his opponent, causing him to land in a pile of cement bags. An idea quickly struck the spiky-haired youth and he quickly jumped down. Aquila Talon looked up and snarled.

"You're not going to get me that easily!" He stood up and spread out his wings and turned his feathers into swords, "Dances with Sabers!"

"Battle Card, Predation! PowerBomb1!" A bomb the size of a basketball appeared in Rockman's free hand and he threw it down at Aquila Talon. The explosion caused the attacking FM to lose his balance and he fell backward, his wings cutting open the bags of cement. Exactly what Rockman was hoping for.

"Battle Card, Predation! BlueInk!" War-Rock's head turned into some kind of water gun and he shot a blast that hit Aquila Talon and splashed him and the cement with water. The wild movements of the Dances with Sabers mixed the two substances together until the one using it had created a thick grey mixture.

"Is that all you can do?"

"Actually, I was hoping for that." Rockman activated a TailBurner3 and fired at the wet cement. The heat quickly dried it and it solidified into stone, imprisoning Aquila Talon where he lay. The avian FM struggled to break free, but with no success.

"Well done, War-Rock," he muttered.

"Subaru, finish him now so we can separate Aquila from that human," ordered War-Rock.

"Is that really necessary?" Rockman inquired, "He's trapped. There's no way he can fight back."


"Fine." Rockman charged up his buster and then fired an explosive burst of energy from War-Rock's mouth, striking Aquila Talon dead on the chest. A brilliant flash of light erupted on impact and Aquila was split from Dr. Higuchi.

"Aquila, what are you planning?" demanded War-Rock.

"You'll know soon enough," Aquila cackled before flying off.

"So what do we do about him?" asked Rockman as he and War-Rock looked at Dr. Higuchi, who lay in a mould created from Aquila Talon's form in the cement.

"Just leave him."

"Are you serious?"

"Do you have anything better to do with him?"

"We should at least take him back to the science center."


With that settled, Rockman threw Dr. Higuchi over his shoulders and leapt up to the Wave Road. As he zoomed back to the science center, the scientist came to and noticed the blue being carrying him.

"Are you...?"

"Should we?" whispered Rockman.

"Might as well," War-Rock whispered back before turning to Dr. Higuchi, "Yes, doctor. I'm an alien." Then he started beating himself mentally for making it sound completely stupid.

"An...alien?" Dr. Higuchi was still a little dazed.

"Yes, Dr. Higuchi," answered Rockman, "Humans and FMs now live peacefully together. They're here to live among us as friends and they'll even help us fight off any hostile invaders."

"Is that so?" Dr. Higuchi asked, "So I guess it's true. Aliens do exist. I've been a stubborn fool all along."

"It's never too late to change," Rockman replied as he arrived at the science center. He jumped down in front of the entrance and set Dr. Higuchi down on a bench. Right at that moment, Luna happened to catch sight of him and instantly went into one of her fangirl spasms.

"ROCKMAN-SAMA!" she screamed.

"Time to jet?" asked Rockman. War-Rock nodded and the two of them fazed out.

"Wait!" Luna cried.

"Class rep!" Gonta and Kizimaro ran up to Luna.

"I missed him again."

"No you didn't," said Kizimaro, "Hoshikawa-kun is right there." He pointed towards the entrance of the science center as Subaru came outside.

"Hoshikawa is NOT my beloved Rockman-sama!" Luna roared into the boy's face. Subaru just laughed nervously and boarded the bus. Meanwhile, the other scientists came outside and ran over to Dr. Higuchi. The head scientist was right behind them.

"Dr. Higuchi, are you alright?"

"Yes, sir. I am fine." Dr. Higuchi stood up with the help of his colleagues, "Sir, if you'll still have me I'd like to help with the research on the FMs."

"Dr. Higuchi." The scientists, especially the head, were all stunned, "You're willing to help us in our study of alien life?"

"I know I was raving earlier about how they didn't exist, but that's changed. You see, I met one today."

He really doesn't remember what happened when he was possessed by Aquila, thought Subaru as he watched through the bus window.

"Well Dr. Higuchi, you're more than welcome to join us at any time!" the head scientist said.

As the bus drove off to return the students to school, Subaru leaned back in his seat and sighed heavily.

"So was he possessed by an FM?" asked Tsukasa, who was sitting beside him.

"Yeah." Subaru reached up and pulled his Visualizer down over his eyes, "War-Rock, what do you think that whole ordeal was about?"1

"Well like I said before, some FMs won't accept the fact that humans and FMs can now live in peace," War-Rock explained, "This happens to everyone. I believe your planet has had many moments in history where countries did not approve of various treaties. Even in countries that did approve of them, there were still people who were against it."

"So we're just dealing with a few disgruntled FMs then."

"Yes." War-Rock crossed his arms over his chest, "But..." Subaru sat up and looked up at his FM partner.

"War-Rock, don't do that. When you say 'but' and then stop, it's never good."

"Aquila was never one to do things of his own will," War-Rock answered.

"You mean he was acting on orders?" asked Subaru.


"That can't be a good thing."

I still haven't found anything to fill the gap that was once occupied by Rockman.EXE: The College Years, so this fic will be updated whenever I feel like it.