A Friend in Need

Summary- Sixteen year old Sam's new friendship seems perfect, but things aren't always as they seem.

Based on a plot bunny given to me by my friend Amy. Hope she likes what I did with it!

The beta work was done by sendinthclowns, who is the best.

Warning- Rated M- for sexual situations.

Angel watched as the new kid entered the cafeteria. She always sat in the back with her back against the wall so she could keep an eye on her fellow students, and that gave her a good view of her surroundings. The minute she laid eyes on him she knew he would be her undoing. He was tall and lanky at sixteen and a little awkward.

As she watched, he got his food and then glanced nervously around the room. Angel watched as her small town classmates shunned the new guy. Not surprising, small towns were not the place for someone new, clicks were already established and there was little room for change. She almost felt sorry for the shy awkward kid and then he locked eyes with her.

Angel held that look for a moment before looking down. She was in shock, no one ever gave her the time of day. She was the freak of the school, hell the freak of the community and she felt comfort in the certainty of that fact. Before she could look up to see where the new kid had chosen to sit, she heard him approaching.

A very hesitant voice spoke. "Um, hi I'm Sam. Is it okay if I sit with you?"

Angel found herself nodding then looking up. Up close she decided that while Sam was tall and awkward he was also handsome. Catlike hazel eyes, gazed questioningly at her and she realized that she hadn't spoken.

"Hi Sam, I'm Angel. And let me just warn you. This is a small close nit silly town, and they don't adapt to change or strangers very willingly. You're going to have your work cut out for you to be accepted here and sitting with the town freak is a guarantee that acceptance is never going to happen, so you might reconsider your sitting arrangement." Angel finished her little spiel and waited for Sam to flee.

"Oh, well then I'm at the right table. My brother tells me I'm a freak daily." Sam replied smiling brightly at her.

"So Sam, what brings you to the hell hole I call home?" Angel was going to push, she didn't want to, she wanted to like Sam. She wanted Sam to like her, but at the same time she needed to push him away.

"Uh, my Dad's job brought us here." Sam replied quickly and then took a bite of the thing her school called lunch.

"Well, I'm sure your family will fit right in. Your mom can join the PTO and get in on all the gossip and your dad can stop by The Gas For Less and get in on the latest from the men that hang there. Oh and you and your brother can hang at the bowling alley and become chummy with the locals and you guys will be part of this lovely community in no time!" Angel knew what she said came out harsh and that Sam was only trying to be nice, but she couldn't stop herself.

Sam laughed, he actually laughed before replying. "Well, we're not the Brady's if that's where you going with this. My mom's dead. Dad is always moving us around because of his job. My brother is more at home at the seediest bars in town and would die before going bowling and me. Like I said I'm a freak so … where would a freak hang out around here?" Sam smiled at her with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Well as the resident freak, just hang with me and then where ever we go will be the freak hangout." Angel answered smiling back.

"Sounds good to me." Sam replied with a wink.


Harrisonville was a small but wealthy town, the type of town that Sam hated to live in. It was hard to blend in. He always stuck out and that always lead to an uncomfortable stay. But today hadn't been all bad. He had made a friend, Angel.

She was what would have been your typical Goth girl in a big town. Goth girls were your outsiders in the big cities but they were pretty good sizes clicks. Here in Harrisonville though, Angel stuck out. Sam was immediately drawn to her. She was truly a pretty girl, hiding under all the black and makeup.

Sam was puzzled by why she kept trying to push him away at first but soon realized that she probably wasn't used to people trying to be her friend without an agenda. He had had a nice chat with her after school and looked forward to seeing her tomorrow.

As he opened the front door of their rental house, he quickly spotted Dean sprawled out on the couch watching TV.

"So Sammy, how was school? " Dean asked as Sam plopped down on the couch next to him.

"Sucked. On one hand their behind the last school I left so I'll be repeating information and on the other hand the natives don't take well to strangers. So yeah, life here is going to be fun." Sam huffed out his frustrations.

"Well geek boy, I agree, the people here are a bunch of tight asses and my day trying to get information from them was a bust. I hope Dad was able to find out more at the library 'cause I would love to blow this joint quickly!" Dean stood up and nudged Sam. "Wanna drink, I was going to grab a pop out of the fridge?"

"Sure." Sam replied as he made himself comfortable.

Dean returned shortly and handed him his drink. "So, did you find out anything about the missing teens from your classmates?"

"Like I said, no one wanted to talk to me. I did make a friend, Angel, she is the typical antisocial freak of her class, and I didn't ask her. I can tomorrow." Sam answered and then took a drink.

"So is Elvira cute?" Dean asked as he settled down on the couch.

Sam rolled his eyes. "She is cute Dean, but before you start your immature comments we're just friends and that's all we will be. You and I both know we won't be here long enough for anything to develop, so drop it."

"Whatever Sammy, no wonder you never get laid. You don't have to be in love to have some fun." Dean replied as he grabbed the remote off the arm of the couch and turned it on.

Sam was happy for the disruption.


John Winchester was frustrated. There were four missing teens from the town of Harrisonville, two girls and two boys. The frustrating part was that the missing teens had disappeared without a trace.

John had posed as an FBI agent working the missing person's division and had been welcomed in by the local police. They were more than happy to hand everything that they had on the cases over to him. The problem was that was everything was very little.

John arrived home to find both of his boys watching TV on the couch and that ignited his anger and frustration.

"So boys, must be nice to spend your time in front of the TV and leave all the fact finding on this hunt to your old man." John immediately wanted to retract what he said the minute he saw the devastation in his boys' faces.

"Sir, I did try to do some recon, but this area is not very friendly to new comers. Everyone I talked to was closed lipped." Dean replied defensively.

"Sam, what about you son? The kids missing are your age, did you found out anything?" John tried to bring his tone down a notch.

"I had the same experience as Dean, sir." Sam replied looking everywhere but at John.

"Oh, but Sammy did make a friend." Dean blurted out in a teasing tone.

"Yeah, well Sam did you ask this friend about the missing teens?" John hoped that at least he could get a glimpse at what was happening from an insider's point of view.

"No sir, I walked her home and we talked but I didn't think to ask." Sam continued to look elsewhere.

"Sam, we are here for a job. I need you to stay focused do you understand? You need to help gather information and you need to stay on your toes. The victims were your age and I don't want you to end up missing too. Next time you see this new friend, I need you to find out all you can on the missing teens, is that understood?" John could see Sam tensing up and he knew that the boy was getting upset.

He wished that they had better communications but things always seemed to go badly when they talked anymore. A teenage Sam was so much more complicated than Dean had ever been at that age.

Sam didn't reply right away, instead he rose from the couch and finally gave John eye contact. "Sir, I'm sorry I disappointed you again. I will correct that mistake right now. I know where the girl lives, and I'm going there right now to see what she knows, sir."

Before John could respond, his youngest was slamming the door behind him.


Sam was angry at his father again. It seemed like nothing he did these days pleased his father. He had had his hands full today trying to get enrolled into school and learning how to fit into this group of teens with their clicks. It hadn't been easy and he had been relieved to find a friend in Angel.

He hadn't wanted to bombard her with questions of the missing teens the minute he meet her. Sam knew they were here for a purpose but why did life always have to be about the hunt. Why couldn't he just get to know a girl because he liked her and not treat her like an informant. His mistake and now he was going to correct it before he had to live through anymore grief over not doing his job.

Sam approached the front of Angel's ranch style home and wasn't even nervous. He normally was when it came to girls but his anger towards his father was over riding every other emotion at the moment.

Sam knocked and waited. A middle aged woman dressed just like a suburban wife should answered the door with a puzzled look on her face.

"Hello Ma'am. My name is Sam Winchester, and I just moved here with my family. Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if Angel was in. I had some questions about our homework assignments. " Sam was relieved to see the woman's features soften a bit.

"Oh, so you are a friend of Angel's. It is nice to meet you. She is in back in the shed. Her uncle made it into a bit of a club house for her. Just knock and let her know you're here." Angel's aunt pointed to the backyard at a plain white storage building.

Sam nodded and said his thanks and then headed to the backyard. He approached the shed and could hear music playing loudly. It was the muffled sounds of Green Day, and Sam had to smile because he too enjoyed their music much to the chagrin of his brother. Sam knocked loudly and waited.

The music was turned down and the door opened quickly. "What do you want?" Came out of Angel's mouth and then she froze, face set in anger.

"Um, hi Angel, sorry to bother you, if this is a bad time I can come back some other time." Sam stammered out and then turned to leave.

He felt her grab his arm and he turned around. "Sam!" As she spoke his name her face lit up in a smile.

She pulled him inside her club house. "I'm so sorry I yelled at you. I thought it was going to be my Aunt or Uncle. They get mad when I listen to my devil music too loud." Angel sighed and sat down on a old couch that was up against the wall of the shed. She tugged on Sam's hand and he sat down with her.

The shed was furnished just like he expected. Posters of groups like Green Day and Marilyn Mason littered the walls. The walls were painted black and she had a red carpet on the floor. The beat up couch was covered in a red blanket. The room contained a desk and chair and a small stereo. It was comfortable in the shed as it had electricity and that include a small heating and air unit.

Sam finally found his voice and spoke. "Wow, this is quite the set up. I'm jealous."

Angel smile and popped the gum in her mouth. "Well, this way my aunt and uncle don't have to see much of me and I don't have to see much of them. We get along much better that way."

Sam nodded in agreement. "Like I said, I'm jealous. It would be so nice to have a place to get away."

"Hm, well Sam I know you don't have a typical family life either but it can't be that bad." Angel replied her eyes never wavering.

Sam looked down at his hands. There was something about this girl that attracted him and that made him nervous all at the same time. Sam swallowed hard and looked up.

"Well, my brother's not bad just your typical older brother who loves to pick on me. I'd just like to get away from that sometimes. My dad however, is another story. We don't get along. I never do anything right, which is why I'm here actually." Sam felt the anger return as he mentioned his father. He realized he needed to get to business and get his "job" done.

"Really, he's the reason you came over?" Angel spoke sarcastically.

"Well, I like you or I wouldn't be here, but my dad needs me to find out some information and I was hoping you'd help me out." Sam hoped that his weird questions for his dad wouldn't drive a wedge in his new friendship.

"Is your dad the FBI agent that blew into town to investigate the missing teens? My uncle came home yacking about the latest town gossip and was going on and on about this agent was going to finally figuring things out." Angel looked amused as she waited for him to answer.

"Yeah, that'd be my dad. He was upset with me for not coming up with info on the missing teens while I was at school today. It's cool if you don't want to talk about it but I really had to ask to appease him." Sam stared at the poster of Green Day and waited for a response. He figured she'd laugh at him and was surprised when she didn't.

"Look, Sam I can tell you what I know but it isn't much. If it'll get you out of trouble with your dad I'd love to help. I know the feeling all too well of disappointing your elders." Angel reached over and squeezed Sam's thigh and then withdrew her hand.

That move made Sam's breath quicken. It felt nice to have a girl touch him like that. He knew he was now blushing but tried to maintain composure. Smiling brightly he gave her eye contact. "Thanks, anything would be helpful."

"Well, as you know there have been four teens that have disappeared over the last year. The first one to go missing was Dirk Stevens. He went missing around April of last year. Dirk was last seen walking home after track practice and basically vanished. Not that he's truly missed. He was the typical bully jock, you know the type I'm sure Sam." Angel smiled and Sam and he couldn't help but smile back.

Sam nodded in reply. "The type that sticks geeks in their lockers? Yeah, I've had my run ins with that type before, and had to show them that I'm not on board with bullying."

Angel giggled. "I'm sure with an FBI agent for a Dad you're trained to defend yourself against the Dirks of the world huh?"

Sam knew his face lit up in the surprise he felt when she got so close to the truth of his life. "My life is that easy to read, huh?"

"Sam, I just don't see you as the type to be bullied is all." Angel's face was hard to read as she went on.

"The next to go missing was the female version of Dirk. Sally Van Bibber, she was nominated for homecoming queen and went missing after staying late decorating for the Homecoming Dance that was to be held the next day. She would have been crowned if she had been there. But again, it was hard to feel sad for her. She made so many at the school miserable. Sally could destroy you will a few choice rumors and she did that often."

Sam's eyes quirked up as he replied. "So basically I'm starting to see a pattern. The bullies of your school are disappearing."

Angel winked. "Good one there Hardy Boy, but there is a problem with your theory. Only three of the victims fit that pattern. Sarah Wiggins was the next victim and she was Sally's lackey so she did fit pattern but Ralph Warren, he was geek extraordinaire. He went missing coming home after a Chess club meeting. I actually felt sad about that one. He was a nice guy." Angel's features softened at the mention of Ralph.

"Wow, that does throw out my theory. Oh well, my dad is the one here to figure it out not me. I'll give him the info but somehow I don't think it will help much. So they all disappeared on their way home from school? I guess that could be another link. But wouldn't they be driving home?" Sam was puzzled how one disappears while driving.

"Well the popular crowd has cars and the victims happened to break down on the same road, Barrow Road. So the rumor is that the road is haunted. There's woods right next to the road, and a walking path that goes right through that area. Ralph was walking the path when he went missing. His books were found on the path." Angel was very matter of fact and Sam could tell that she really had no sympathetic feelings towards the popular victims.

"Wow, so what happened to the cars to make them break down?" Sam now understood why his dad had felt this was a supernatural occurrence, it was all too odd.

"The cars were over heated and a small fire had started under the hood." Angel was now looking away at her hands. Sam figured she knew how odd this all sounded.

"Huh, that is just weird. Is there anything else that you can think of that would help my dad out?" Sam could tell that Angel wanted to change the conversation, by her slumped body language.

"No, not really. So Sam, wanna come by in the morning and walk with me to school?" Angel's face was bright again as she changed the subject.

"Sure, I can be here around 7:30. I hate to question you and leave but my dad is probably going to have a fit if I don't get home before dark. You know the whole disappearing teens thing." Sam laughed as he got up off the couch.

"Yeah, somehow I don't think you have to worry about that, but we wouldn't want him to worry. I'm so glad you stopped by Sam and I hope you will again." Angel reached over and gave Sam's arm a quick squeeze.

Sam smile became wider as he replied. "Um thanks for your help and I'd love to come visit again and next time it will be all for fun." And with that Sam quickly said good-bye and headed home.


Sam was happy even if the rest of his family wasn't. John wasn't having much luck on the missing teens. He'd taken up residence in the nearby communities doing research there. Dean not having a hunt to keep him busy, had taken a job at the local convenience store. During Dean's time off he hung out at the local bar. That left Sam to his own devices which to Sam was heaven.

These feelings of happiness came largely from his new friendship with Angel. Normally he'd have said she wasn't his type. Angel was short with lots of curves which was nice but the Goth look had never really been a turn on for him, but it worked for her. She made the look her own.

Sam had spent almost every day for the last two weeks with Angel and they'd become close. She told Sam that they were destined to be friends. That tragedy had followed them both through life and as such they were in sync with each other and understood each other.

It had been shocking to learn that Angel was the product of rape and that her mother had committed suicide shortly after her birth. Her mother had named her Angel in hopes that it would help eliminate the evil that had brought her into the world. Her own Aunt had told her that when she was five years old. Angel felt that her Aunt and Uncle blamed her for her mom's death and only took care of her out of obligation. She was determined that the minute she turned eighteen that she would never need anyone ever again.

Life in the Winchester household had seemed miserable to Sam until he learned about Angel's. After she opened up and shared her past with him, Sam had returned the favor. He had doctored the truth a bit but shared with her how his mother had died in a fire that was deliberately set by an evil man. Sam told her of how it had made his father crazy with feelings of revenge and that ever since that night he'd sought out to find the evil in this world and eliminate it.

Sam told her how Dean was the perfect soldier in his father's crusade against evil, but how all he ever wanted was a normal life. He explained that because he wanted normal, he was truly the black sheep of the family.

Angel was so supportive and made him feel like he wasn't alone. They both shared dreams of escaping their current life through college. Both were working hard and made good grades, knowing that a scholarship was their ticket to freedom.


Angel was so happy. She'd been seeing Sam for a couple of weeks and it'd been the best time in her life. Angel had decided that she wanted to take their friendship to the next level, and was nervous as to how Sam would take that. He was coming over soon, and she was pacing trying to work out the best way to approach the subject.

Sam lightly knocked on the shed's door, and Angel rushed to let him in. "Hey Sam so how long can you stay tonight?"

Sam gave her one of his big smiles and shrugged as he sat down next to her on the couch. "Um, late. Dean has to work until 11 tonight and Dad is still out of town."

"Good." Angel scooted closer to Sam and took her hand into hers. It always amazed her that even though his hands made hers look so tiny, they moved over hers so gently.

She could tell that Sam was a bit nervous, he always seemed a bit uncomfortable when she moved into his personal space, and she hoped that it wasn't because he didn't like being close. Taking a calming breath, she decided to lay her cards on the table with Sam.

"Sam, I really like you and I was really hoping that you felt the same way." Angel squeezed his hand in hers as she gazed into his beautiful cat like eyes.

"Um, I like you a lot too Angel and I'm really glad we're friends." Sam gave her hand a squeeze back.

"So Sam, how'd you feel if we were to explore our relationship a bit more." Angel didn't wait for a reply she reached up and put her hand behind the back of Sam's neck pulling him in for a kiss. It was chaste and fast but she hoped he got the point.

Sam flushed a bit and slowly pulled away. "Angel are you sure? Because you know I won't be here long. I told you that in the beginning. My life sucks and as soon as I get used to a place and find good friends, we move." Angel could hear the anger and frustration in his voice.

"I know Sam, and it sucks. But you're the first guy that I have even wanted to kiss. I'm not going to let this opportunity pass. I want you to be my first real kiss Sam." Angel pulled Sam back in for a kiss and he didn't fight her.

It was awkward, trying to find the right angle. She opened her mouth and Sam slowly licked her lips and then she let his tongue enter her mouth. He was gentle and it was sweet. Something Angel knew she'd remember forever. Angel wasn't sure if this was Sam's first kiss but she could tell by the awkwardness at the beginning that he had not had a lot of experience.

"So Sam was that your first kiss?" Angel asked as the finally parted for a breath.

He flushed red and shook his head no. " I did kiss another girl, but it was quick and not near as nice as this." Sam smiled and pulled her back into another kiss. This one was more passionate and demanding. It took her breath away. The more they kissed the more Angel wanted. She wanted Sam- wanted to feel his skin against hers. Angel slowly moved her hands to Sam's chest and began to undo his buttons.

Sam quickly pulled away. "Angel, we can't. I won't go any further than kissing. I don't want you and I to become intimate and then… leave you. It's going to be so hard anyway." Sam was re-buttoning his shirt and she could tell he was ready to leave. She had pushed too far.

"Sam wait listen. I don't want to go all the way. I just want to be closer to you. Your right, when you leave it's going to suck. It's going to hurt no matter what we do. I really care about you Sam. I'd rather have all that I can with you now rather than regret not pursuing a relationship. We're going to keep in touch and in two years, we maybe together or we may not, but at least we'll have wonderful memories." Angel smiled hoping that she was reaching Sam. He was a stubborn one and once he made up his mind it was near impossible to change it.

Sam swallowed hard and settled back down. "I care about you a lot Angel, but it's way too early for me to say I'm in love with you. I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't want to touch you and be with you, but I don't want to take advantage. If we did do this we need to take it slow, do you understand?"

Angel nodded. " I know it is too early to declare our love, but I want this Sam. I want to be with you, but I'll let you set the pace. Tonight I just want to feel close to you, make you feel good. I know I can do that and we don't even have to remove any clothing."

Sam looked at her questioningly. "What do you have in mind?"

Angel gave him a sly smile, she was so happy that he was willing to take things to this stage. "Um, lie down on the couch, and I'll show you."

Angel got off the couch and let Sam settle down on the length of it. His legs hung off the end, and he looked so lost and innocent looking up at her. Angel lifted her short skirt and settled down on Sam's crotch area. His breath caught as she lowered her self on top of him. She then leaned forward and started kissing Sam.

Slowly, very slowly she began to rock back and forth as they kissed. Sam moaned in her mouth as he became hard under her. Angel pulled away and smiled wickedly. Rocking over his hardness felt so good so right and it wasn't long before her mound was wet between her legs.

Sam pulled her back in for a series of passionate out of control kisses. The whole time he rocked in rhythm to her body. It was perfect. They fit together so perfectly. She could tell that he was riding the same edge of pleasure that she was, and it wasn't long before their perfect rhythm became frantic.

Angel pulled away from Sam's sinful mouth wanting to take in the sight of his climax. He was close, pupils blown wild with lust, his lower lip was pulled in between his teeth. His eyes focused directly on her. Sam was so beautiful writhing underneath her. As she watched he started to mewl with pleasure and then climaxed with her name on his lips. She came shortly after, basking in the moment of closeness.

Sam was hers. She felt it in her bones. Sam may not know it yet but they were meant to be together.

A/N: I want to thank Amy at SupernaturalonTheWB yahoo board for leaving such a fun plot bunny to play with. I also want to thank Sendintheclowns and Floralia for helping me pull this story together, their wonderful suggestions helped to make this a better story. Thanks for reading and I should have the last part up in a couple of days!