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Ianto heard his name being called from somewhere vaguely above and behind him. He wondered as he responded why it was that Jack didn't use the comm. network to call him when he was in the cellblock, instead of just bellowing at the top of his lungs.

"Iantoooo!" Jack bellowed again. Obviously he hadn't heard the reply to his previous yell. "Get up here, I need you. And I need more coffee." Rolling his eyes, Ianto touched the button on his earpiece which connected it to Jack's,

"I'm on my way up, Sir. Just washing my hands. Unless you'd like raw meat and Weevil saliva in your coffee?" He quirked an eyebrow, forgetting he was alone in the room, then realised and laughed at himself, reforming his face into its usual polite mask, before turning the taps off, drying his hands, and heading up towards the main area of the hub. Upon his arrival, he noticed that everyone was grouped around Tosh's desk staring at, but keeping their distance from a strange metal oblong with five round buttons on it. Ignoring the group, he went to fix them all their preferred refreshments. Judging by the set of Jack's shoulders and the intense stare he received, he decided that the Captain wanted cappuccino. Tosh, since it was after eleven, would be wanting tea. Earl Grey with lemon, he thought to himself. Gwen always wanted latte. Always semi skimmed. Always heavily sugared. Sometimes Ianto wondered why the gap in her teeth didn't extend further, but who was he to judge. Owen was looking decidedly grumpy, and had only arrived at the hub twenty minutes before, so Ianto guessed (correctly) that he needed an espresso and two painkillers. He made himself an Americano - simple and strong, no sugar - and headed over to the group.

The others took their drinks and continued eyeing the new artefact like it was going to bite. Ianto smiled inwardly. He had seen one of those before, in the Torchwood 1 archives. It was a musical instrument. A look of distinct mischief crossed his face as he reached out a hand, knowing full well that the only result was going to be a plonk somewhere in the region of an f#.

"Hmm... I wonder what this button does." He grinned, looking into Jack's eyes, and ignoring the yells of 'Ianto, NO!' He pressed the button, and everything went a little bit fuzzy. His ears rang, and he bent double in pain, gasping. As quickly as the pain had started, it stopped, and his vision cleared. Standing up, he smirked. "See, nothing to wo..." He stopped mid sentence and flopped lifeless to the floor, completely unconscious.

"No. Fucking. Way." Ianto heard Owen's voice as if far off, his eyes still closed. Evidently he had been wrong about the musical instrument. Still, he wondered what the panic was about; he'd only collapsed for a second. He felt large hands lift him up, and blinked his eyes open. Wait. Large hands... why so large? He focussed on Jack's face, which was far too big and getting closer. Hold on, Jack had picked him up. He knew Jack was strong but... what was going on? "Tea Boy's turned into a baby? Just great. If I'd known that was gonna be my last good coffee, I'd've savoured it a bit more."

"Owen, I think we have more pressing matters than your coffee." Tosh snapped curtly. "I wonder if he can understand us... Ianto? Can you speak?" Ianto considered this. Ok. He was a baby, that was fine. Jack was holding him and looking at him like a Weevil bogie. That was fine. What wasn't fine was that he had no clothes on, his suit being waaay too big now. He decided there was nothing he could do about that and answered Tosh. Or tried to. He said yes, he was sure he did. Only his mouth formed a word somewhat like 'nyi' followed by a strange gurgle. Jack's eyes sparkled.

"Awww... He's so cute!! Look at him! Look at his eyes! Look at his cute little hands and feet and... whoa... maybe we should put some clothes on him... He's looking daggers at me so I'm guessing he understands what we say, just can't speak himself?" He looked questioningly into baby Ianto's eyes. Ianto smiled and nodded.

"He looks like he's got wind..." Owen commented, earning him an angry scowl from the infant.

"Aww that's such a sweet smile Yan... I could just eat you up!" Jack grinned, tickling Ianto's tummy. Ianto tried to wriggle away, and Jack got the point, nearly dropping him in the process.

"Jack! You're holding him all wrong! You have to support his head, like this!" Gwen snapped, taking Ianto from the Captain and cradling him softly. Ianto looked at her with what he hoped was a bemused expression (it actually just looked like your average baby stare) whilst Jack pouted a bit because he was sort of falling in love with how cute a baby Ianto was. "Right, I'll go find some kind of blanket to wrap him up in. Tosh, do you reckon you could pop to the shops and get us a beaker of some kind? He looks co-ordinated enough to hold a cup." She smiled and cooed as Ianto nodded, picking up a blanket from the r&r area she wrapped it round Ianto until he was cocooned safely. Ianto smiled and closed his eyes, he hadn't realised how cold he was, and Gwen's gentle rocking was subtle, but extremely hypnotic and relaxing. Without thinking, he drifted off to sleep.

Only to be woken minutes later as he was placed gently onto a hard surface. Opening his eyes, he blinked at the bright lights and tried to ascertain his surroundings. In his confusion, his sanity gave way to baser instinct, and he found himself wailing in frustration and confusion. Gwen's face appeared above him and cooed softly, with no result. Suddenly it disappeared, as though she had been thrown aside, and was replaced by Jack's. Ianto stopped wailing, half from the shock of the sudden change, but also because Jack had shoved his little finger into Ianto's mouth. Considering his pride and dignity versus the insanely strong urge he had to suck on the finger, Ianto settled for chewing it gently, realising as he did so that he must have teeth, because Jack was pulling his best 'Ok, that hurts, but I can deal with it' face. Contemplating the face, he listened to what Jack was saying, not noticing that he had stopped chewing the finger and was now sucking it like a dummy. Jack cooed at him between explaining.

"It's ok, Yan, calm down. You're in the autopsy bay. That's it, good boy." A gasp due to the chewing. "Owen's gonna take a look at you, see what's going on, and check exactly how old you are. You're gonna hate me for saying this but you are beyond adorable." Another coo, and he unwrapped the blanket so that Owen could get at Ianto with a stethoscope. Ianto let out a mewl around Jack's pinkie as the cold air hit him, and scrunched his face up in dislike as the freezing stethoscope pressed against his chest. "Shush," Jack half whispered, transfixed by Ianto's big, shiny blue eyes. "Just gotta take a blood sample. Won't hurt too much, I promise." He soothed, removing his finger from Ianto's mouth and holding his arm gently. Ianto saw the needle coming towards him and found the ability to form words. Or rather, a word.

"NO!" He insisted, trying to wiggle away, but failing as he was obviously no match for an adult Jack. "NONONONONONONO!" When this tactic failed, he wailed as loud as possible as he felt the needle break his skin, and sank his teeth into the finger Jack offered. Hard. Jack winced and drew back his hand, his heart breaking at the sheer despair and betrayal on Ianto's sweet innocent baby face, and the sound of the wails and sobs wracking his body. Once the blood was taken, he lifted Ianto gently into his arms, blanket and all, and slowly bounced him on the spot, swaying from side to side and whispering to him softly.

"Hush, Baby, hush." He placed a gentle kiss to Ianto's temple as the sobs subsided to quiet gasps, and marvelled at the softness of the fine black hair that sprung like an adorable mop from Ianto's head. Looking up, he saw Gwen gazing at him adoringly with a maternal look on her face. "I'm gonna put him in my room for a nap, whilst Owen goes through the test results. I'll have to stay with him just in case. Call me when the blood's been analysed." With that, he slowly made his way through the Hub and into his office, before sliding down the ladder into his bedroom, rocking Ianto all the while. Deciding that Ianto would be cold if he just set him down, Jack lay back on the bed himself, cradling Ianto in his arms. The child was already napping, one hand clenched into a tight fist on Jack's shirt, clutching his braces, the other thumb tucked neatly into his mouth like a pacifier. Smiling, Jack brushed the hair out of Ianto's eyes and gazed at him in wonder. What was the usual procedure when the guy you'd recently been pulling moves on turned into a baby, by the looks of him, no more than a year old? Ianto had only just been through the ordeal first of losing Lisa, and then of being nearly eaten by crazed cannibals. What would his fragile, brilliant mind be doing trapped inside this baby's body? Still, Ianto had managed to say no earlier. Perhaps he would be able to talk soon enough, and Jack would just have to be there for him. Although he felt like he'd only been lying there for seconds, Tosh's voice drifted down to him from his office, warning him that it was nearly noon and the blood analysis was complete. Ianto stirred, which was lucky because Jack didn't think he'd have had the heart to wake him. Allowing the baby to cling to his chest with one arm and wrap the other round his neck, Jack made his way back into the Hub and over to Owen's desk.

Tosh gestured to the r&r area, in particular the sofa, which had all sorts of baby stuff on it, from nappies and dummies to a cute, fluffy baby grow with little bear ears on the top. Jack handed Ianto over carefully, and Tosh hugged him to her chest and bopped him up and down a bit as she made her way over to the sofa, Gwen in hot pursuit. Ianto sensed that they were about to put nappies on him, and when Gwen reached for the talc, a look of intense happiness on her face because she rarely got to play Mum, but was so broody she practically ached, Ianto decided that there was no way in hell either of the women were going to be wiping his bum for him, and he had a sneaky suspicion he might have accidently let go earlier. He decided to try out those tiny vocal chords again, earning a respectable result this time.

"No. Gwen. No. No want you... change me." Gwen's eyes widened in shock.

"So you can talk now?" She asked slowly. "What about Tosh?"

"Can talk bit. No Tosh. Embarsin." He scrunched up his face with effort, and Tosh smiled sweetly.

"I understand, Ianto." She said softly, aiming to comfort, "But someone's got to change your nappies and dress you. You obviously can't do it yourself. How about I ask Jack?"

"NO!" She'd barely got the sentence out before he was desperately refusing. "Jack worse. More embarsin! Only Owen. Safe." Tosh understood. Ianto didn't want the girls to do it, and having your new partner, who you're just getting comfortable with, caring for you in that way would certainly be embarrassing. She just wished it didn't sound so cute that he couldn't form words properly. Gwen looked even more confused, but set the talc down.

"Well, lovely, I'll go make you a beaker of juice, I'm sure you can manage that. Tosh'll go get Owen to sort you out eh?" Ianto nodded and the girls set off to perform their tasks. Wriggling, he managed to free himself from the confines of the blanket, and sat up carefully as Owen came over.

"Right Tea Baby, what've we got here then?" He almost sneered. Ianto was glad he was only a baby, because he might have taken a swing at the doctor had he been bigger. He was also glad because even though he and Owen didn't get along, they had this kind of mutual respect thing going where they put incidents like this behind them once they were over. If anyone was going to forget changing his nappy as quickly as possible, it was Owen.

"If wanted call me baby, shud have sed." He managed. "Asiden. Need." He pointed at the nappy, ashamed.

"Well, my scans say you are only one year, one hour and 7 minutes old, so it's not really surprising that you need a nappy." Owen said, ignoring the first comment, and unwrapping the blanket completely. "Right. This is my first time doing this, so bear with me." He smiled in a reassuring way as he grabbed a wipe from amongst the mass of baby stuff, (Tosh had really gone to town. Ianto was gonna be a super-spoilt baby!) and gently cleaned away the evidence of Ianto's 'accident'. "That's better," He finished with the wipes and added some talc. "Now, we don't want you getting sore do we?" He winked mischievously, and Ianto scowled. "Only kidding. There all done." He fastened up the nappy, earning him a bright baby smile. Even Owen was unable to resist the charm of baby Ianto's gorgeous blue orbs, and ended up grinning and tickling his feet. Ianto giggled and gently kicked against him. "Let's put some clothes on you eh?" He grinned as Gwen settled beside him.

"Oooh! Can we put him in this?" She asked with delight on her face as she lifted the fluffy baby grow he had noticed earlier.

"If have to." Ianto pouted. Which only earned him a collective aww from the other four, who were now all gathered around. Quickly and efficiently, Gwen bundled him into his new variety of cute-suit and popped it up at the front, pulling the hood up so that he looked like a cute, fuzzy, gorgeous, blue-eyed bear. Once he was dressed, she handed him the beaker, which he took with both hands by the handles on the sides. It was pretty easy to hold, and he managed to get it into his mouth with little effort, sucking on it possessively and wondering how she knew he wanted apple juice. He drained half the liquid before deciding that was enough. "Hungry. Want 'nana." He said matter-of-factly. Everyone looked confused, except Jack, who seemed to deal with 'nanas every day.

"He wants a banana. Ok. We don't have any, but Gwen, can you pop to the shops and fetch some stuff that a baby can eat? Rusks and breadsticks and plenty of fruit and veg. And formula milk, babies can't drink cow's milk 'til 18 months, or so the internet tells me." Whilst Jack had been talking, Ianto had decided to test his legs. If he was 1, he should be at the stage where he could just about toddle around. He slipped off the side of the sofa, to the gasps of the girls, and landed on shaky legs. They were shaky, but they were holding. He decided to take a step, and did so hesitantly, holding onto Jack's trouser leg for balance. He found he could walk as long as he had something to hold on to. The others cooed at him, and Gwen gently stroked his hair before setting off to the supermarket. He looked up into Jack's worshipping eyes, and grinned a toothy baby grin. "Keep up like that mister and I'm gonna end up blowing raspberries into your tummy and talking to you in an annoying baby voice. Right, Owen, see what you can work out from the test results, is this reversible? I know you said that there's no change in DNA, just age, but that thing is definitely alien, so check everything again. Tosh, get to work on that artefact. Don't do anything stupid, but work it out. Try and find out where it comes from, or anything that might help us restore Ianto to his proper age. I'm going up to my office. I'll take Yan with me for now, but we'll have to take turns watching him..." He was interrupted by a small 'ahem' from below him.

"Don need watching." Ianto insisted. To prove his point, he toddled off towards Gwen's desk, leaning on various things as he went, and attempted to climb into her chair. Once more, he felt strong hands envelop his middle, and the ground began to disappear beneath him. He was turned and rested on Jack's hip. He grabbed hold of the shirt, absently playing with one of the buttons at Jack's neck.

"Sure you don't, but what if you fell or something? Or you needed us for anything else and we weren't around? I'd hate myself if something happened to you. Come on, I'll take you to my office. You can play with the stuff on my desk, and point out my mistakes whilst I fill in reports." He wandered off, leaving the other two to settle down to work, and closed the door to the office behind him. Settling in his chair, he put his extremely young lover on his lap, and opened his laptop, passing Ianto the artefact he was reaching for, which, although it looked alien, was really only a pretty paperweight from the Isle of Wight.

Ianto played with the thingy. He wasn't sure what it was, but when you tilted it this way and that, the colours changed and new patterns emerged. He was enthralled. After a while, he dropped the object, which rolled away across the floor, earning him a soft tut and a stroke to the hair from Jack, and stared at the computer screen with interest. Jack was reading his emails, and the one currently up was a mundane piece of everyday stuff from the Prime Minister. Something to do with the possibility of Aliens living in the sewers of Abergaveny. Surely the Weevil network didn't spread that far? Ah, no, the sightings were of giant rats. Up to a foot long. Just extra well fed rats then. Nothing special. Ianto wondered how it was he could read perfectly well, but talking like a normal person was beyond him. He supposed it was due to his vocal chords still being in development. He was bored now, so he twisted in Jack's lap and buried his head in the Captain's tummy, breathing in the familiar scent, and fiddling with the straps of his red braces. Less than 12 hours ago, the two of them had engaged in a steamy snogging session in this very chair, only stopping due to the interruption of the rift alarm. Now he was a 1 year old child. It was more than a little strange. He looked at the clock. It was 12:37. He'd been a child for just over an hour, and he was already getting used to it. Deciding there was nothing he could do, he burrowed himself further into Jack's tummy, receiving a warm hand protectively on his back, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Jack looked down. Ianto was sleeping again, his face peaceful and happy, his little hands curled into Jack's pale blue shirt. He wondered what he was going to do with the boy. He couldn't face the idea of giving him to a foster parent, but he could hardly have a baby around the hub. Still, it was a baby Ianto, with an adult mind, who knew his way around the Torchwood 3 archives. The only person who did. Jack contemplated things for a while. He was certainly warming to the idea of looking after such a cute kid. Although, it did suck a little that he had no-one to flirt with now. He'd have to harass Tosh later. He absently stroked Ianto's back as he filled in his reports.

Twenty minutes later, Ianto stirred as Gwen entered Jack's office with a bag of foodstuffs. He mewled quietly, then shifted, twisting round with Jack's arm still protectively round him to gaze expectantly at the bag. When Gwen produced a banana, he gurgled with delight, mentally chastising himself for acting like a baby, and reached out to take it. Without thinking, Gwen handed it to him, and he spent a short while trying to open it. Failing, a moan grew in his throat, turning to a small sob, and tears began to form in his eyes. Jack chuckled softly and took the offending fruit, peeling open the skin, breaking a bit off and holding it out for Ianto to take. Ianto decided he was quite happy for Jack to feed him, and took a bite out of the banana, earning him another chuckle. He liked the way he could feel Jack's chest rumbling behind him when he laughed, and resolved to make it happen as often as possible. Swallowing the first bit of banana, he allowed Jack to pop the next bit into his mouth, and break some more off the fruit to eat himself. In this fashion, they finished off the banana and two bread sticks, and Ianto was finally presented with a sweet, sugary rusk. He popped one end of it into his mouth and sucked on it thoughtfully. Gwen smiled down at him from the other side of the desk, and he could almost feel Jack's grin behind him.

"Gwen, sweetie, do you think you could look after Yan for a bit?" Ianto peered up at Jack with hurt in his eyes. "It's not that I don't love having you on my lap, Yan, it's just that I can't concentrate on my work cos you're so goddamn cute. I really have to do these reports, but all I seem to be doing is staring at you and playing with your hair." He grinned. Ianto nodded.

"Kay." He stretched his arms out towards Gwen as Jack lifted him, and settled them round her neck as she carried him out into the Hub. Gwen smelt of a nice perfume, and Herbal Essences. Ianto liked it. He nestled into the join of her neck and shoulder and played with the ends of her hair gently, so as not to pull it. She settled at her desk, and pulled him back into her lap, fixing him with a knowing and secretive smile. "Wha?" He questioned, catching her infectious grin and giggling like the child he now was.

"Got you something. Mustn't tell Jack though!" She opened her top drawer, and pulled out a cute little toy elephant. "I know you've got your own mind and everything, but you need something to do, since you can't be working. I got you loads of toys and games. This one, you can take out the voice box and record it to say anything you like, then when you squeeze him, he plays it back to you. Like this." She squeezed and the Elephant said 'I love you!' in a cute annoying voice. Well, that was definitely being taped over. Grinning, he took the elephant and opened the Velcro slot, removing the big voice recorder. He was going to scare Owen shitless. He tucked the recorder into his baby grow when Gwen wasn't looking, and re-sealed the elephant before leaning over to peer into the drawer. Spotting a jigsaw with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it, he pulled it out and emptied the pieces onto a space on Gwen's desk. She giggled and began working, whilst he slowly put the 100 piece puzzle together. Not bad for a 1 year old, he thought, as he completed the edges and started on the middle.

Just as he was positioning the final piece, Owen wandered up from the autopsy bay and over to Gwen's desk.

"Right, Ianto... you big blob of weird. My tests can't find a way to make you a big boy again, so I'm gonna need to run a couple more tests on stuff like your reflexes and brain activity. You've finished your puzzle, so I'm gonna interrupt the party and take you over to my desk." He leaned down and lifted Ianto gently, like a bomb. His face looked like he was facing some sort of inner struggle, and he was about to hold Ianto at arms length before he considered that he was a professional doctor and Ianto was now a patient. He hugged Ianto to his chest firmly and went over to his own desk, setting Ianto down on the surface in a seated position. "Just gonna go get some equipment. Don't move." Owen sidled off and Ianto saw his chance. He shuffled to the computer and searched the internet for the sound clip he wanted. Playing it through the speakers he held his elephant's voice box up to them, holding the record button. Then he shut down the program, hid the voice toy and shuffled back to where he had been, grabbing a load of paperclips to look like he was playing with them. Owen returned.

"What that?" Ianto asked suspiciously eyeing the device in Owen's hand.

"It's a brain scanner. Should show me if your brain is functioning like an adult, or if that's slowly reverting to infancy too." Ianto nodded so Owen turned on the scanner and began to move it around his head slowly. "Looking good mate, your mind is functioning as normal. Good sign." Ianto grinned and swatted at the machine. It was humming quietly and the flashing lights were funny. He giggled. "Oh, I see... You've got your mind, but there are also the instincts that babies have in there. Like, you wanna chew things you've never ever wanted to put in your mouth before right?"

"Yup." Ianto responded "Like that scowpul." He pointed to the scalpel just out of reach. "Wesistin." He added, to let Owen know he wasn't really going to eat any scalpels, no matter how strong the urge became.

"Right, well, I'm done with you, you can go sit with Tosh." He scooped Ianto back up and ferried him over to where Tosh was gazing in awe at one of her many screens. "Special delivery!" He said as he popped Ianto onto her knee then sauntered off to tell Jack what he'd found, which was nothing.

"Hmm... It just doesn't make any sense!" Tosh muttered. "You ok down there Yan? Need anything?" Ianto considered this, then raised his arms imploringly.

"Hug." Tosh giggled and hugged him, and he turned a cute shade of red. She set him back down, reached over and passed him his beaker of juice. He took it and drank a bit more, then looked at her screens. They were boring. Once he was sure she was engrossed, he slipped carefully off her lap and toddled off to Owen's abandoned station. Grinning what could only be described as the smile of an angel, but what he wanted to be a demonic grin, he opened Owen's bag at the front pocket, which he knew was never opened, and inserted the voice recorder. Gurgling his approval, he sealed the bag and toddled back to Tosh's desk before she realised he was missing. Now he had no way of getting back up there. He decided to play on the baby side of things.

Sitting as though he'd just fallen, he began to wail loudly. Tosh looked down, eyes wide and gasped.

"Oh, Ianto I'm so sorry! I completely forgot you were there. Did you hurt yourself? Here, let me see. Come here." She lifted him into another hug, rubbing his back in gentle circles. He stopped the fake crying and sniffled a bit. Tosh was lovely. He felt himself growing relaxed, and drifted off to sleep again. He was doing that a lot today.

When Ianto awoke, he found he had been passed back to Jack in his sleep, and was nestled safely against his chest, his head buried in the join of his shoulder and neck. He smiled to himself so all it takes to get you to hug me is being turned into a baby. Making a sleepy groaning sound, he wiggled until Jack pulled him back and settled him on his lap. They were in the boardroom eating pizza. Ianto decided that pizza was the best idea anyone had had in ages.

"Want." He said, pointing to the slice in Jack's hand. Jack laughed quietly.

"You sure? This one's the spicy meat feast. You might be better off with Tosh's vegetable one?" Ianto considered this. He was willing to take the risk.

"Want yours." He smiled and opened his mouth. Jack laughed again and fed him some of the cheese from the top.

"What're we gonna do with you Ianto Jones?" He gently played with Ianto's hair, careful not to get pizza grease on it. "We can't find any indication that there's a way to reverse this, and I can't bear the thought of having to give you up to some foster parents. Besides, you're the only one who knows the archives. So, you're gonna have to live with one of us. Gwen's out of the question, because Rhys would ask too many questions. I don't trust Owen not to put beer in your bottle. That leaves me or Tosh. Which would you prefer?" Ianto considered this carefully. He was sure that Tosh would be perfect, and would cater to his every need, ensuring he never went without anything. However, if he lived with Jack he could curl up and sleep on him whenever he liked. The idea of falling asleep being cuddled by Jack, even if it wasn't in the sense he would have liked, appealed to him greatly.

"Stay here if kay wiv you." He said, grinning. Jack beamed at him like he'd said something right, and began to tickle his tummy and sides. Ianto giggled and gurgled, and tried to wiggle out of reach, but Jack's hands encircled him and held him up, stopping him from falling to the floor.

"Careful. Don't want you to hurt yourself." He smiled warmly, hugging Ianto to his chest and reaching for more pizza. "Want juice?" Ianto nodded and took the opportunity whilst Jack was distracted to take a messy bite out of his pizza. Jack turned round and guffawed, drawing everyone's attention to Ianto, and he received yet another collective 'awww'. "You've got tomato puree all over your face, c'mere." Jack picked up a napkin and began to gently clean Ianto's face, whilst the boy giggled. "Once lunch is finished, I'll leave you with Tosh so you can help her decode the alien language from that device. Gwen and I are following up a report on some weevil activity, and Owen's got to do an autopsy on that purple gelatinous alien from last Tuesday." Ianto nodded.

"Kay, can have Tosh pizza now?" Tosh smiled and handed a slice to Ianto, who set about messily devouring it, hardly noticing when Jack slipped a bib round his neck and fastened it securely. After his pizza, he was feeling full, so he drank some more juice, then waited for everyone to finish.

Jack and Gwen left the hub at 5, and Owen began his autopsy at half past, which gave Tosh and Ianto the whole hub to play with in an attempt to decode the language from the device. Time passed quickly, and when Gwen and Jack arrived back with three weevil carcasses at 10 pm, the two were still working. Owen was no longer up to his elbows in purple jelly, he was analysing samples and generally doing whatever it was he actually did to create so much mess in the autopsy bay.

"Anything?" Jack asked, whisking Ianto off of Tosh's desk, where he'd been working one of her many computers slowly, and hugging him, before settling him on his hip.

"Almost there I think." Tosh replied, still engrossed in her screens.

"Well, go home for the night. You can finish this in the morning." Jack smiled. "All of you go home. It's way past Ianto's bed time." That earned him a swift kick in the ribs, and Ianto yanked his hair as well just to make sure he got the message. The others grinned, abandoned what they were doing and said their goodbyes. Owen sloped off rather quickly, probably to go get drunk. Gwen kissed Ianto on the forehead and mumbled 'night sweetheart' before racing off to spend time with Rhys, and Tosh spent five minutes umming and aaing over whether she could leave the console running before Jack practically threw her on the invisible lift. "Right mister, bed time. Let's see if they left you any pyjamas..." Jack strolled over to the couch, setting Ianto down and rummaged through the pile until he found a cute pair of blue pyjamas with little yellow duckies on them. They were going to look adorable. He looked up to see Ianto slowly unpopping his baby grow with difficulty, and grinned. "Here," He said softly, helping the boy out of the fluffy prison, "Need a new nappy?" Ianto blinked, turned bright red, then nodded, averting his eyes. "Hey, no worries. You don't ever have to be embarrassed with me, Yan." He made quick work of changing the offending nappy, and putting on the nice clean pyjamas. Ianto smiled, suddenly realising how tired he was.

"Bed time?" He grinned, and then giggled as Jack swept him up and finally gave in to the urge to blow raspberries into his tummy. It tickled, and Jack was funny, and Ianto found himself giggling all the way to Jack's sleeping quarters, where he was tucked into the bed whilst Jack undressed, slipping on a pair of soft cotton pyjama bottoms and a fresh vest before settling himself in the bed with Ianto, his arms protectively round the boy. Ianto smiled, cooed, and snuggled up to Jack, burying his face in the Captain's neck. He wished this could be under other circumstances, but he wasn't going to turn his nose up at the chance to spend the night in Jack's arms.

"Nite nite." He whispered.

"G'night, Yan." Came the reply, but Ianto Jones was already asleep.