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Chapter Eighteen

Things Heat Up


Is this her fault or mine?
The tempter or the tempted,
Who sins the most?

William Shakespeare 1564-1616


Rukia panted for breath as Ichigo soon pulled out of her and rested beside her bed. She bit her lip as the feeling of completeness faded and she was happy to ask him to do it all again.

Ever since that it already happened between them, Rukia couldn't ignore that she wanted more. More and more until she was sure she will die if Ichigo couldn't give even one sensual kiss.

Ichigo kissed her for the last time and got up from the bed. He puts on his boxer shorts and pants. Subconsciously, he ran a hand through his messy orange hair. Rukia found this very sexy of him.

In an instant, she sat up and crept up behind Ichigo. Rukia wrapped her arms around his waist, rested her chin on his shoulder and gave it a kiss. Ichigo smirked and in return, he turned his head to her direction and gave her kiss on the cheek.

Still not satisfied with his actions, she showers him with kisses on his neck and playfully, he patted her head to stop. If she continues doing that who knows, she might be getting what she wanted.

Rukia acted like a little child complete with a cute pout. Instead, she began rubbing her bare chest up and down on his bare back, eliciting a sharp groan from Ichigo. Feeling Rukia rubbing herself against him, makes him turned on all over.

"Damn it… Rukia…" he groaned.

She suddenly stopped and turned her head at Ichigo, looking at him with innocent expression. "What did I do?" she asked teasingly then resumed her ministrations on his back.

"Stop it…" he managed to say in his ragged breaths. He knew what she wanted and for goodness sake, let him rest for a couple of minutes and later, he can pay her back.

Rukia pouted once again and stopped. She lied down again on the bed and turned her body away from by lying on her side. Ichigo's eyebrows furrowed when he felt no more warmth on his back and looked at Rukia, seeing her on the bed and maybe pretending to be asleep. He didn't want for her stop but she did taking it too seriously.

Ichigo smirked devilishly and crawled on her bed using his jeans-clad legs. He lied on it with his chest down and his head hovering against her head closely.

He slowly breathed against the side of her neck and Rukia stifled a giggle. Then, he kisses it to turn her attention to him because he knew she wasn't sleeping. She was a terrible actress.

All of a sudden, he moved his body to lie behind her and inserted his form under the covers again. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his head to inhale her heavenly scent. Rukia humorously nudged his stomach, pretending to keep a distance from her.

Ichigo smiled at her and pulled her close to him, her backside against his front.

"I couldn't believe your still…" he started. "… Irritatingly stupid…"

Rukia snorted. "Irritatingly stupid, huh?" she repeated. "Let's see if you can still call me that if I tell my brother on what happened between us."

Ichigo sighed. "I don't think you can do such a thing, Kuchiki." He replied, lightly kissed her neck.

She gently smacked him using her free hand on his cheek. "That was only a little kiss…" she complained.

He laughed. With his strength, he turned her body towards his, so she was face to face with him now, and pulled her more closely to him. Without further warning, he pulled her head towards his and kissed her roughly on the lips.

Rukia automatically opened her mouth in pure reflex so his tongue can get in and explore her delectable orifice. His tongue sinfully invites hers to fight for dominance, which she submitted in easily.

After a few minutes of tongue lashing, they parted and breathed in lack of air. Ichigo tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and Rukia beautifully caressed his cheek. She smiled brightly at him and Ichigo couldn't help but be dazzled in her.

"You always told me that I dazzle you," he informed. "Now, I couldn't help myself being dazzled by you."

Rukia blushed even on the aftermath on what had just conspired between the two of them since yesterday.

"Think of it as a sweet revenge." She suggested. "You always make me speechless when you do that dazzling thing."

Truth is he didn't regret this thing happening between them. He wasn't even disgusted by himself having sexual relations with a woman he wasn't even married too. Now, he knows. Now, he realized.

He loves Rukia more than this. True, people may opinionate that he was just declaring his love for her because he had been intimate with her. But they should see through that. He clearly loves Rukia. Heck, he didn't even know what made her attached to him this greatly.

She was bossy, short and always nagging in irritation, which always bring him in the brink of sanity to insanity. Maybe that's what he loved about her. He admitted to himself he was beginning to be unbalance without her snarky remarks and comments. And speaking of insanity, well, this is insanity.

"Rukia, I have to tell you something." He muttered silently.

Rukia barely heard him and looked up, suddenly being mute by looking at his mysterious yet thoughtful looking eyes.

She couldn't believe this was happening. I mean, this had already happened.

Rukia already told the high heavens she wouldn't lose her purity no matter how sexy and adorable the guy is until she was married.

But she didn't feel any sort of lament or abhorrence on what has occurred between her and Ichigo. Sure, Byakuya will tear off her lover's head in uncontrollable anger for stealing his sister's dignity but, hey, it didn't matter if she and he were… deeply… in… love… with… each… other, right?

Her face suddenly turned a little confused. What if she loved him dearly and he doesn't? He already comes clean about on what he felt about her. Remember their discussion after the prom? He definitely means it.

Her heart couldn't refute the feelings welling up inside her for him. So what if he doesn't love her back? She will positively kill him herself after all this thing happened and he has the nerve to take her virginity just like easily pulling off a bandage!

"What is it?" she asked in pure curiosity.

He smiled terrified at her. Ichigo already finds it so hard to tell her the truth.

If he comes saying it, maybe she'll brutally castrate him for being such a big liar and telling her that since she was easily laid.

Anyways, he has to tell her to avoid any misunderstanding that he's only using her for ease.

He breathed heavily and in advance, he mentally readied his mind if she was going to beat him up after saying this.

"Uh, um, I c-care for you, Rukia." He stuttered.

"Excuse me?"

He sighed again. "I said, I care for you." He repeated.

Rukia's eyebrows furrowed. "How much level of care, Ichigo?" she asked as if his statement didn't make any sense.

"What do you mean?" he asked. She really has a thick skull.

"Well, you can mean by 'I care for you as a friend' or 'I care for you as girl toy so don't put yourself in any danger or else I'll be a boner.'" She said it all carelessly.

Ichigo's eyes widened at her second definition of care. She was getting to where she gets him ticking.

"Be serious." He ordered her and at the same time, pulling her closer to his body.

"Oh, I am serious, Ichi-kun." She said in a very irritating high pitched girlie voice while she played at the hair on his nape. "You may be possibly thinking of that."

"It's not that, really." he admitted. See? Speaking of misunderstanding, he psychologically huffed in his mind.

"Well, there is a lot of meaning of the sentence 'I care for you', Ichigo." she notified. "I know you already know some of them but which is which?"

Ichigo breathed out heavily. Instead of saying anything first, he leaned to her face and brushed his lips against hers teasingly. Then, his lips shifted softly on her cheeks, in her temple then at her ear. Rukia slightly shivered as his hot breath coursed through her body.

"You mean on what level I care for you?" he asked seductively. Rukia nodded, closing her eyes tightly and tried not to moan as his succulent lips extremely hovering at hers. He really knows how he gets her going.

"Are you going to be extremely suspicious of me if I told you it's the same level as…" he stopped then continued. "Love?"

Rukia's eyes widened and her heart suddenly inevitably beating wildly against her chest. Did he just confess to her? Did he already figure it out?

Ichigo noticed her change of reaction.

"I shouldn't have said anything…" he mumbled, while ducking his head to evade her upcoming physical and verbal attacks.

She happily opened her eyes and saw him, his head ducking down making it not to see his beautiful clear amber eyes. She already knew that he was expecting her to beat him up for throwing his words around. She was also convinced that he might not be telling the truth but the way he said it, it sounded like it came from his mind, soul and especially his heart.

Rukia was still smiling like her face will be ripped in half and she told Ichigo to look at her. He still didn't obliged and even budges up. She sighed dramatically.

"Come on, Ichi-kun…" she cooed like a little girl, tapping his chin beneath his bowing head.

He was embarrassed to hell and blushing furiously. Rukia laughed childishly at his reaction.

"Are staring at my boobs, bakamono?" she quipped, informing that he was clothed while she wasn't. Ichigo blushes more madly and looked up at her but before he tells her he wasn't but truth is he really was, Rukia acted faster than he was. She kissed him roughly this time except with intense passion.

Over all, this was the best kiss they ever shared.

Rukia smirked after it and looked straight at Ichigo's eyes.

"So does that answer whatever you are going to say a few minutes ago?" she said.

Ichigo smiled and touched her swollen lips.

"No." he said plainly and jokingly.

Rukia huffed. "Then what do you want?" she said irritatingly. She hates him when he demands more than that…

"Let's do it again." He whispered against her lips seductively.

… Well, except that one.


Rukia puts the earphones of her IPod as she eats her lunch along with Hinamori and others. They all looked at Rukia who seems a little bubblier this day.

"What the hell happened?" Hinamori accused all of a sudden.

Rukia, who noticed Hinamori was saying something to her, removed her earphones, and asked. "What?"

"I said, Kuchiki, what the hell happened?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you seem a little hyper this day." Tatsuki observed. "I was also wondering if something happened."

"Nothing." Rukia replied hardly and turned off her IPod because she knew there are still a few questions to be answered.

"Rukia." Ryo said.


"Tilt your head to the side." She ordered her.

"What is it?"

"Just do it." she threatened.

"Okay." Rukia settled.

She tilts her head and Ryo leans over the table.

"Is that a…" she said. "Hickey?

Rukia's eyes widened and blushed furiously, quickly clutching her neck to hide it.

"N-no." she lied. "I just hit myself over something."

"Is that something meaning Ichigo's lips?" Mahana asked.

Rukia blushed even more madly and shook her head, trying to convince her friends but to no avail.

"You're a terrible liar, Rukia." Hinamori convinced.

Rukia just bowed her head in defeat and didn't even touch her food again.

"Did you guys finally do it?" Mahana asked.

"The what?" she whispered.

"You know… the forbidden thingy…" she encouraged her to go on.

"It's none of your business!" she snapped and at the same time slipped.

She smacked her head using her hand and before she can take all what she said back, Ichigo suddenly pops out of thin air.

"Hello, Rukia." He whispered near her ear.

She turned her head and kissed Ichigo accidentally because their face was so close. When Ichigo parted, he said, "Thanks for the freebie, sweetie."

Rukia blushed madly. She just kissed Ichigo in front of her friends.

"That's so kawaii!!" Hinamori squealed.

"Thanks, Momo." Ichigo said. Then he turned to Rukia

He smiled at her that made Rukia's breath hitch. He was so freaking sexy…

He leans again to her and whispered, his breath fanning her face, "See you tonight, Rukia-chan."

Then he left.

Rukia suddenly felt an urge to smack him down while the other part of her mind wanted to jump on him any second now.


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