What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted

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Chapter 1

It was raining. The sky was an angry gray and the wind blew like it was trying to knock us over. It probably could have if I wasn't concentrating so hard on it not knocking me over and not looking at Daniel. The not looking at Daniel was the hardest. But then when I did look and saw how broken his eyes were, the water on his cheeks that had nothing to do with the rain. It was easier to look away then. It was easier to take notice of the big black umbrellas losing the fight against the wind, the crowd of black that cocooned me. The casket being lowered into the ground. Daniel had looked away before proceeding to walk away. I tried to catch his arm but he was too quick.

The drive back in the limo was quiet and yet it seemed filled with this loud something that I didn't know how to decipher. What do best friends say when their best friend's father has died?

A few weeks prior Daniel and Mr. Meade had this big argument. I mean they had arguments all the time; most of them stemming from Mr. Meade's complete lack of loyalty and inability to give Daniel the love and support he needed but that last argument was different. Both of their voices were raised and angry but I still couldn't hear a word they said. But Daniel had that look like he had been punched in the stomach, he seemed to say a few words behind clenched teeth that was probably barely above a whisper. It wasn't long after that when Mr. Meade left. He, too, looked a little off kilter.

A few weeks later, April 28th to be exact. Me and Daniel were in the office, late, way pass business hours trying to meet a deadline. Daniel's cell phone rung. He had answered with his usual bravado but then it seemed to fade gradually until his face seemed to go blank. Daniel's father had a heart attack. He was pronounced DOA. Dead on arrival.

I knew Daniel took blame for his father's death and every time I tried to dissuade him he got this cold look in his in his eyes and he spoke in deathly calm tones. " Betty you don't know. So please don't act like you do."

Daniel kept his gaze out the window, I could have not been there really and maybe I wasn't. Not to him anyway. I wanted to speak. I wanted to say something to take his pain away or at least that look in his eyes bust just one look from him, the look that begged me not to say anything disarmed me so I sat back. What do you say? Nothing. Nothing at all.

When we had arrived at Daniel's apartment night was falling and the rain seemed to be tapering off but there was still a light tapping on the window panel. I took to tidying up Daniel's apartment. He had slouched on the couch just staring off into space, rarely he would chance a glance at me, hoping we wouldn't share glances. Yeah I know it was ironic.

"Daniel, are you hungry? I could make you something if you want. I'm not sure what you have but-" Daniel cut me off.

" Betty stop! I am not hungry and my place is fine the way it is. Just…STOP!" His voice reached momentum as he raised a flat palm to the air in conjunction to what he was saying. He stalked off to his bedroom, running an agitated hand though his hair.

I felt like I was doing more damage than good so after I finished up tidying his apartment I picked my shoes off the floor and went to his room. Daniel was laying on his bed looking up into the darkened room. He had removed his shirt and now was only clad in his black dress pants.

" I'm sorry I guess I'm being more of a nuisance than a help. I think it would be best if I just went home. But if you need anything you have my number." I smiled although it came out watery but I am sure he saw clean through me. It killed me that there was nothing I could do to make this easier on him.

"I'm sorry." Daniel whispered. He didn't have to say more. I knew he was sorry for yelling, he was sorry that I couldn't be of more help. But then Daniel was reaching for my arm trailing his hand along my arm to my hands, removing the shoes from my grip. "Stay" He whispered as equally quiet. For some reason I knew that 'Stay' was dangerous but I still allowed him to remove the shoes from my hold. He then took my hand and swayed me to sit on the bed.

"Thank you." He whispered and I hadn't realized that Daniel had moved because his mouth was right by my ear. "Thank you for being here even when I'm being a complete asshole. Thank you for never leaving me even when you probably should. Thank you for being my friend." Daniel had breathed this all into my ear and even though I didn't understand where he was going with this I knew it was no where good. Before I could finish my thoughts Daniel was kissing me. So this was seduction?

I admit I had let the kiss go on longer than I should have but after the shock wore off I got lost in how warm his lips were and the way he kissed me, like he had done it a hundreds times before. Like I mattered to him. But I let myself get caught up even though I knew it was some fantasy because I would never matter to Daniel like he mattered to me. It was the way of the world. Guys like him didn't fall for girls like me.

I managed to breakaway no matter how brief it was. I was breathing hard and having a hard time getting my words out "Daniel…Daniel we can't-" he didn't allow me to finish he put a finger to my mouth. And even though I knew all the reasons why we shouldn't do this, among them being that we were friends and that he just wanted a way to not remember today, he silently begged me to forget.

He took my silence as acceptance and maybe it was, I'm not sure but he kissed me and I didn't fight this time. I gave in. It was a moment I would live to regret but I think somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this would be the only time I would get to make love to the man I love.

The kiss became less anxious and hasty as Daniel realized that I was no longer putting up a fight and it became soft, tentative and exploring. I was scared of the feeling that was growing inside. The feeling that I had never felt before. Desire? Need? Want?

He kissed down my neck, softly sucking before gently biting down on the skin of my neck. It seemed like every nip inflamed the need already growing inside me and I knew I would have a bruise tomorrow. I didn't care. He continued his tour downward grappling for the edges of my dress and pulling it over. I was briefly frightened as I had never been this exposed to anyone before. But he didn't give me a chance to ponder it because in a blink all I was dressed in was my under wear and my bra. He darted his mouth back towards my ear " You always try to hide yourself from me. But You're too late. I've already figured out how beautiful you are. How sexy you are." He nibbled down my ear and I didn't recognize the sound from my mouth or the hardwired feeling running through me. He finally unhooked my bra kissing each of my breast with adore.

Another gasp escaped me when he touched me through my panties. He didn't stop he kept moving his fingers in a circular motion over the thin material and I was almost embarrassed that I wanted him to stay there. His kissed down my chest to my tummy and came to the tip of my underwear, hooking two hands in the band and pulling them down and under. I adverted my eyes from his almost sure I would see revulsion mirrored in them.

" Look at me" Daniel demanded softly, his voice coarse. When I met his eyes, I was surprised when I looked up into his eyes and saw desire and hunger and something else I wasn't sure how to classify. We kept eye contact until I felt his fingers enter me, moving in and out and I couldn't stop the sounds from my mouth, the words I could barely hear in my own head because my heart was beating so fast. He moved his mouth to each of my nipples sucking and biting them while he continued his ministrations. All I knew was that I didn't want him to stop.

I felt something break in me, it was the most intense feeling I had ever felt and I screamed as I reached my pinnacle. Daniel chose this time to kiss me, it was sweet and lingering until our mouths only connected enough to breathe each other's air and my moans were now his.

I'm not sure whether it was seconds or minutes that I was lost in my haze but Daniel was already prepared, having put on a condom. He looked powerful in that moment and I was a little scared off the next step I wanted to take but had never taken before in my life.

His fingers were lightly tracing my hip maybe to calm the uneasiness he knew I was feeling. He locked eyes with me as if asking for my permission, I kept my eyes on him and nodded slightly.

He entered me slowly, carefully and meticulously and groaning as he waited for me to adjust. I gripped the sheets at the feeling. I was getting annoyed with myself cause as much as I wanted to feel comfortable enough for him to continue it still felt incredibly painful, like I was being torn apart.

" Relax baby" he whispered behind gritted teeth. Despite the fact that I knew how much Daniel needed me to adjust he still was insistent on not hurting me and waiting until I was completely ready. So I willed myself to relax as much as possible.

" More" I whispered that's when he was able to move. In the beginning the pain far outweighed the pleasure but then the pleasure started to take fore front and the way Daniel kept kissing me left me needy and wanting to be as close to him as possible.

At first Daniel moved in and out of me slowly, taking his time and kissing me sporadically through out our coupling but then his moments transcended into an act of urgency and need. He kissed me roughly, nipping my lips as his moved in me more deliberately and urgently. I felt my climax building and my moans became louder as did Daniel's, which told he was also close. My hips bucked on the own accord in meeting with Daniel's and I went over the edge with a loud whimpering sound.

My eyes felt really heavy but before I drifted into to sleep I was still minimally aware of Daniel still moving in me with quick thrust before he too became undone with my name on his lips. I think I smiled that he had said my name. Slowly reality was creeping in and the way Daniel quickly aborted to the bathroom, I knew this had been a mistake, I had been a mistake. With the realization that I would never have him again, I fell into sleep.

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