What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

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Chapter 3

We arrived in Los Angeles in early morning. Jamie didn't even wake in the transition between the air port and the hotel. He was now asleep in bed but I knew he wouldn't be for much longer. It was nearing 10 a.m. and having just woken up myself not even half an hour ago I was ready for a shower and a little food.

Jamie was up before I got out the shower. He had came running in the bathroom having to pee and talking a mile a minute.

" So ma do you have to do magazine stuff all day or can we can do stuff?" Jamie asked and I was always amazed how Jamie could just go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. Sleep was still in his eyes and voice and yet he was ready to explore the town. Little boys were a mystery.

" Well little man I am happy to report that I don't have to do magazine stuff until tonight at the fashion show, so I'm your captive till 9 p.m. tonight."

" Yeah! I already know what I want to do too…" He said going on as he was washed his hands and exited the bathroom leaving the door open as he went back into the living room.

I smiled briefly before I remember tonight would be no easy task. It would be a wonder as to how anyone could look at Jamie and not know.

I let the heated water wash over my body a little longer before I turned off the faucet. I allowed myself to be excited about spending the day with Jamie because I didn't normally get the chance to spend time with Jamie as much as I would like.


"Paul I will not have stick figures in my show. That girl needs medical attention the last thing she needs is to be promoting herself on some run way with my clothes on like this is "in". Besides the fact that it isn't healthy, she doesn't look appealing. She's drowning in the clothes not wearing them. Which, call me crazy, but I think defeats the purpose. Tell her she is released from contract until she is at a healthy weight…she did not uphold her part of the deal." Daniel said with finality to his fashion show director before Paul scurried out the room. He would admit he could be a pushover at times but this was one thing he was adamant about. As part of his contract the girls were required to be at a healthy wealth or higher. And maybe ten years ago he wouldn't have cared...didn't care. But A lot of things had changed. He doesn't think he would recognize himself ten years ago ..before ..before he met Betty.

He wondered if she would watch his fashion on TV. If she would like his clothes. If she would be proud of him. He tried not to think about her much…he would admit it wasn't an easy task.

But he remembers that time she was up on that runway for the charity fund raiser and maybe for the first time he realized just how beautiful she was. How confident she could be when people weren't trying to cut her down. He remembered her exact words afterwards when he asked her how she felt being up there she said " For once in my life I felt pretty, I felt powerful not because I had on expensive clothes or because important people were watching me but because by being up there and not being a size two I was telling all the girls like me…that they could do it too...that they were beautiful."

Daniel had never heard something so poetic or true in his life. He wanted Betty to feel like that always.

He didn't allow himself to think about her often because it burned to know he had screwed up probably the best thing in his life for a night he to this day, still, regretted.

He shook his head as if to clear it. He wouldn't let his mind get away from him again. In a few hours he would have a fashion show to run.


It was a nice day out so I was able to get away with a sun dress and a button-up sweater. Jamie picked out a pair of shorts and a matching shirt. We first went to the movies, Jamie got a kick out of how much more glamorous movie going was here then where we lived. But New York could get glitzy too but not in our part of town.

We then went to get some lunch. Jamie had a big appetite for a little boy his size.

" Wow, you were hungry Jamie." I said with an astonished smile as he finished off his last slice of pizza, the last one of three big slices.

" Yup and it was good too, mommy. Pizza is my favorite." He said rubbing his stomach with a big grin on his face. Right then a man with his presumed to be son sitting on his shoulders walked by, laughing. Jamie studied them closely with a fading grin, he had this longing look in his eyes that always tore at me. He watched the man and his son until they were out of sight.

There seemed to be a pregnant pause, one in which I knew would result in Jamie asking hard questions. Questions I didn't have answers for or questions I couldn't have answers for.

"Mommy?" Jamie started.

I closed my eyes briefly, the thought of his father still hurt so much.

" Yes honey?"

" Where does my dad live?"

" He lives all over. He travels a lot. He's not the type to stay in one place honey, you know business." I said quickly and uncomfortably even though I haven't told Jamie the whole story about his father I never lied to him and wouldn't start.

" Do you think he could travel and come see me. Maybe business could take him to New York." Jamie asked hopefully.

" Honey like I told you. He doesn't know about you sweetie. But I'm sure if he knew you were his he'd love you. Look at those eyes and that smile; how could he not?" I asked pinching his cheeks and smiling, but it didn't humor Jamie too much, the sad line of his mouth still tainted his face.

" So why can't we tell him?" Jamie asked in frustration already aware of my answer because this, unlike the previous questions, was one he asked frequently.

" Honey It's complicated ." I didn't know if Daniel would completely hate me because the night he regretted produced a child. If he cared at all. It was starting to get a little windy, I chose to be distracted.

" It's getting a little chilly. Let's go get something warm. How about hot chocolate?."

" Okay" Jamie said begrudgingly, giving in only because Jamie loved anything chocolate and I used it shamelessly to end the conversation.

The day had gone by in a haze of fun and messy foods. Jamie wore me out but he still seemed to be a bundle of energy. I wouldn't be getting any rest anytime soon though, It was time for me and Jamie to get ready for the fashion tonight. Lord give me strength.