A/N: I just randomly thought of this. It will be short; three chapters for sure. Possibly four. Actually, it should be four chapters: this one, the Cena one, the Jeff one, and then the conclusion. And no OCs!

Most women would give anything to be in between the two men she was currently with, but she'd rather be in the jungle getting eaten by a lion.

The lion just might have been more friendly.

Sure, Jeff Hardy and John Cena were two of the nicest guys Ashley Massaro had ever met. Both of them treated her just like a gentleman should.

It was just too bad that she screwed them both over, in both the good way and the bad.

It all started when she had a so called "affair" with Jeff Hardy. It was a one night stand and was not supposed to bloom into anything more. Jeff had gotten drunk one night during the European tour. None of the Divas would have anything to do with him…except Ashley, who was equally drunk. A few hours and a morning of picking up clothes later, the two vowed to never discuss their previous endeavors ever again.

Two weeks later, life was back to normal. Both parties involved had stopped thinking about what had happened.

That was, until Ashley started dating John Cena.

And then it only got worse from there.

The three RAW Superstars were sitting in a deserted meeting room in the arena slated to host the evening's show. Ashley was sitting at the table in the middle of the room, her head in her hands. She refused to look at either of the men in the room with her.

John wheeled his chair over to the corner of the room, trying to get as far away from Jeff and Ashley as possible. He was swiveling the chair from side to side with his feet planted on the ground, chewing on his fingernails and staring at the carpet beneath him.

Jeff was at the head of the room, holding his hands behind his back. He glared at the ground while he paced back in forth, thinking of what to say.

And then it hit him.

With an angry look in his eye, he approached the table and stood across from Ashley. He formed his hands into fists and slammed the tops of them onto the surface of the table, bending over to stare at Ashley.

"Damnit, Ashley, look at me," he demanded.

The tone in his voice snapped John out of his trance. He removed his finger from his mouth and stared in surprise at Jeff.

Ashley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She looked up at Jeff with a pained expression on her face.

Jeff bent his upper body down lower so that his face was directly in front of Ashley's.

"So tell me, Ashley, which one of us was your biggest mistake?"