A/N: Final chapter.

"We're here for a little intervention, Ashley," John growled, joining Jeff in ganging up on the blonde woman in the room with them.

"Are you even going to answer my question, Ashley?" Jeff asked, his fingers drumming on the tabletop.

"I…Neither of you are mistakes," Ashley said with a small smile, hoping her feminine charm would get her out of the situation.

"Oh, don't give me that shit, Ashley," John laughed. He wasn't amused with the situation. He was amused with Ashley's stupidity. "Obviously, your random romps with Jeff weren't enough for you because you started dating me. And clearly, our relationship wasn't good enough for you, either. You had to go back to Jeff."

"I was drunk!" Ashley squealed. "I had no control over my actions!"

"Bullshit, Ash. A drunk mind speaks a sober heart, and actions speak louder than words," John said.

"Oh, don't sicken me with your shitty clichés, John," Ashley said, rolling her eyes.

"Don't you dare get offensive here, Ashley. You're the one on trial. Don't start getting in our faces when you're the biggest slut in WWE history," Jeff interrupted.

"Trial? First of all, I'm not on any damn trial. I don't see a judge. Second of all, I am not the biggest slut. Jeff, you've pretty much christened every single Diva that's walked through these damn doors. And John, you've openly admitted to fucking like six chicks at once! You're the biggest whore in WWE history," Ashley said, now turning her tone from offensive to defensive.

"But you see, Ashley, I'm not the one caught up in this escort service," John smiled.

"Fuck you," Ashley mumbled.

"Never again, honey. Never again," John said back.

"So it's okay for you two to go and fuck whoever you want, but it's not okay for me to? Since when did having a dick make it okay for you to stick it in whatever is moving closest to you?" Ashley yelled, tossing her hands up in the air.

"Since when did having boobs make it okay to show the world on the pages of a magazine?" Jeff countered.

"Nice one, Jeff," John added.


"Anyways," Jeff continued, "You never answered my question. Which one of us was your biggest mistake?"

"Both of you are fucking assholes. I hate both of you and both of you were a mistake."

"Wow, Ashley, you really are a professional whore," Jeff said.

"I can't believe I wasted my time on you, Ashley," John said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, looks like even Super Cena fucked up. I'm not the only one that makes mistakes, guys."