I was so nervous as I walked down that terrifyingly beautiful isle. I was getting married to the most beautiful man I'd ever met. How did I deserve this? He was a god and I was the commoner. But apparently I'd done something to draw him to me, because I was about to be his wife. I was going to be a Cullen! Isabella Marie Swan Cullen. It had a ring to it. I looked up and then I saw those beautiful golden eyes. I would have stopped dead in my tracks enticed by his absolute perfection if it hadn't been for Charlie pulling me along. He led me to the altar and Edward and I began our vows.

It was the greatest day of my life. But in what seemed like seconds, Edward was crushing his strong lips into mine. Was it over already? Did I say everything I was supposed to? I'd have to ask Alice later. But now, it was time to have some fun.

During the reception Edward walked with me as made my way to my different family members. I talked to each one for a few minutes and moved on. Renee was happy for me even though she didn't approve of marrying at my young age. At her side Phil congratulated me briefly before they waked away. was so scared of being the center of attention because it meant that some point of this night I would trip and fall. I also had these heels on which Alice insisted I wear. I'd agreed to wear them only because Edward promised to hold onto my arm all night in case I tripped, and that was what he was doing.

I turned to look at him and his eyes startled me. His topaz were so full of heat that I blushed and started thinking about our agreement. Everything he agreed to do with me tonight. I couldn't wait Nobody asked why the Cullen's didn't have any more relative come into town than the Denali clan. And the story was that they were Esme's cousins. We had these stories plans out weeks ago.

By the time I'd talked to everyone at least once it was time to eat dinner. I picked at my food nervously and Edward was doing the same for different reasons. We ignored the food and started talking about other things.

"You really do look beautiful Bella"

He leaned closer to me at the table we shared together in front on the huge room. I felt like I was on display.

"You look handsome yourself" That was an understatement.

I smiled admiring how amazing he looked in his tux. Then my thoughts strayed again and I tried to picture him without it. I realized I was blushing and hoped it wouldn't give away my thoughts.

"Bella what is it?"

He asked scooting his chair closer to mine. So close that our arms were touching now and I shivered as his sleeve brushed my arm. I pretended to be interested in my food again to distract myself. I wished Alice hadn't put my hair up in this amazingly beautiful and complicated bun. t had taken her hours to perfect.. I wished my hair was down the way I usually wore it so I could hide my red face.

"Bella" He whispered.

I turned dropping my fork and looked at him. My face brightened in color when I saw his eyes flicker as he noticed my blush.

"What is it?" He asked softly and placed his arm around my waist pulling me against him.

"Nothing" It came out high pitched. My face got impossibly redder.

"Are you worried about tonight?" he whispered into my ear. I shivered and shook my head no.

I wasn't worried. I just couldn't wait. We wouldn't be alone for hours. I looked up at him and smiled and recognition hit him. He realized I was worried and the fact that I couldn't wait had me going crazy. He grinned and kissed me softly pulling away before I would go overboard in front of all my friends and family.

My hands were shaking now and I pressed them into my lap so he wouldn't see them. I really just wanted to get up and pull him in to the bathroom or something. That would be tacky and he wouldn't go for it. Even if I got Edward to follow me to the rest room Alice would see it and find a way to stop us. We'd said wanted everything to be perfect and that was how it was going to be. We really had no choice in the matter now.

"You were talking in your sleep last night" He grinned. "It was very interesting." I stared at him trying to remember what I had been dreaming about.

It only took a second and I hid my face in my hands embarrassed. Last nights dream had been very graphic. I wondered how I could forget it until now. It had been about Edward of course. In my dream we were doing things we weren't supposed to do until tonight. He chuckled and I looked up at him. He wore a huge smile! He was making fun of me! I eyed him resentfully and he sobered up.

"What?" He asked worried.

I pouted and lightly said "You are making fun of me and you know how hard this is for me" He smiled again

"Bella love you know this is just as hard for me. Besides it was your choice" He kissed my forehead and turned to greet the figure walking up to the table. It was my mom again asking about the honeymoon plans.

Ok I did choose to wait until we were married. He'd given in and tried to give me what I wanted along with changing me into a vampire. Everything I wanted but I decided that we should wait and do everything right.

Then It was time for the cake. It was beautiful but it was a ridiculously huge compared to the small amount of guests we'd invited. We cut the cake and it was time to feed the first piece to each other. Instead of being forcing him to swallow the cake I smeared it on his face. Everybody busted out laughing. Alice had talked to me about this ahead of time telling me it was the lesser evil. He grinned and grabbed me in for a kiss and the white frosting on his lips smeared onto mine. I pulled back laughing and wiped his face with an expensive cloth napkin we found lying on the table.

Before he wiped the frosting off of my face he leaned in close and whispered seductively so low I barely heard it. "If we were alone I would kiss it off" He grinned at the look that flew over my face. I didn't even blush this time. I think I actually paled.

Damn all of these people that unknowingly kept me under control. We made our way back to our table and sat down. He was making it impossible to control myself and he was doing it on purpose. Then my mind raced a hundred miles an hour thinking of ways to get back at him. He thought this was funny now…wait until he got a dose of his own medicine…

While I forced myself to eat the cake I perfected then plan in my head. A few minutes later Charlie walked up to our table. I would have offered him a seat but there was only two chairs at our small table because it was only meant for Edward and I.

Charlie started to grill Edward about the honeymoon which was pretty awkward for us. As Edward was talking I slowly slid my hand under the bright white tablecloth and set my hand on Edwards knee. Edward and I were the only people that could see this. I'd never done this before and I wondered if he would even react to it at all. To my amazement he actually stuttered while answering a question asked by Charlie. I'd never hear Edward Cullen stutter ever. As Edward explained that we were going to spend the next two weeks in Lake Tahoe I slowly slid my hand up another inch wile I watched Edwards face. In the middle of telling Charlie that we would try skiing he let out a gasp which he quickly turned it into a fake cough. Again that was another sound that I'd never heard come out of him. I knew I was pushing my luck but I couldn't help myself. I was fixed on this huge power trip of mine. I like the way his eyes went wide every time I moved my hand. He couldn't stop me either because he would give me away and I knew he wouldn't do that to me. It's not like I would go overboard anyways. I was just having a little bit of fun.

After a couple more inches he stopped talking and closed his eyes clenching his fists. My hand was still in the middle of his thigh so it amazed me that he would react this way. Sensing that we didn't feel like talking, Charlie walked away. I watched as he met up with Carlisle halfway to his table and they started a conversation.

Bringing my attention back to Edward my breath caught in my throat as his wild eyes met mine. Jaw clenched and eyes wide he stared at me. I froze watching him. What was going on? I watched him unclench his fists slowly and he slowly relaxed

"That wasn't fair. You are going to pay for that later" He growled huskily.

He didn't sound mad at all but there was something in his voice I didn't understand. I grinned up at him evilly and squeezed his thigh before I pulled my hand away. He bent over forward leaning over the table gasping .

I chuckled but it quickly died in my throat when he turned his head up to look at me. His eyes were so full of lust that I stopped breathing in shock. My plan had backfired on me. My skin felt like it was on fire. I literally felt like I would burst into flames. Edward and I were caught up in our own little world. A world that was burning up around us and everybody else in this beautiful room had no clue.

How would we make it until tonight? We had few hours of driving ahead of us to get to the lake. Sure it was only an hour if he drove but how could we make it to the car even? This thought seemed impossible. My head felt light and he caught me as I felt myself slipping out of my chair.

"Breath Bella" He growled into my ear.. I inhaled deeply and leaned against him smiling. He looked so amazing a few seconds ago I'd stopped breathing. I smiled wider as I realized his sexiness made me faint. That was pretty funny.

"Sorry" I apologized for my stunt earlier. It had seemed like a good plan at the time.

"I'll accept your apology on one condition" He bargained.

"Anything" I vowed intrigued.

"Dance with me" He ordered pulling me to my feet. The professional band was playing a classical tune that I didn't recognize. As he led me to the dance floor Charlie blocked our path.

"I get the first dance with my daughter" He said possessively.

"Yes sir" Edward said handing me over with a smile on his face. We sort of swayed back and forth to the slow tune as Charlie's face got redder and redder.

"Dad what's wrong?" I asked concerned.

"Nothing" with that one word a single sob escaped.

"Dad what's wrong?" I stopped dancing and hugged him. He hugged me back and when he pulled away I realized he was crying.

"I'm just getting used to the fact that your growing up" He said whipping his face embarrassed. Usually I would have complained about this mushy talk but I felt too guilty about the fact that I would soon be leaving him. I wrapped my arms around him tightly and hugged him again. Talking about our feelings had always been very awkward but it wasn't now.

"I love you dad" I told him.

He was quiet for a second before he said "I love you too Bella" His voice was gruff and full of emotion. As the song ended he squeezed my arm affectionately before he walked away leaving me alone in the middle of the floor. Edward was in front of me in seconds wrapping his arms around me.

"He loves you a lot" He whispered staring into my eyes.

"I know" I said smiling.

He led me closer to the band and caught their attention and when he lifted his open hand they started to play a new tune. I quickly recognized it as my lullaby. I stared at him open mouthed as I listened to the beautiful melody.

"You owe me a dance" he reminded me. Alice had forced me to take dancing lessons led by her and Jasper, pointing out that I didn't want to look like a fool and she was right. Hopefully all those embarrassing nights would pay off tonight.

As we began to waltz we quickly realized that my dancing still wasn't up to par and he quickly picked me up and placed me on his feet like he did at prom when I'd sported a broken leg and a huge cast.

My dress was long enough that it covered this and nobody else noticed. We danced to the beautiful lullaby in huge circles. Even though everybody was watching I still wasn't nervous. I was exhilarated though. I wished that time could stop right here staring into his eyes as we flew around the floor alone together.

Too quickly the song was over and a slower tune played instead. I recognized it a Claire De Lune. Another of my favorites. As this classic played couples joined in and not before long everybody was dancing.

I was glad that I'd agreed to the wedding. I would have missed out on so much if I'd chosen to go to Vegas and get this over with. I was so happy with this decision. I looked around me and everybody was smiling. My heart soared as I continued to look around me. Everyone was so happy and I hoped that this was the way people would remember me when I wasn't around anymore when they thought I was off at college or getting along with my life. I hoped it was enough for them to forget about my awful behavior during the time Edward was gone.

When I was really fighting my blood thirsty instincts one day, I wanted people to think about how happy we were dancing next to me and how happy I was with Edward.