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I can't believe how my life was able to change in such a short time. First, I am with the loving family that gave me away to protect me. Next, I'm in the hands of monsters worse than what I hear my family talk about. They think, that I don't hear the hushed whispers of there attack plan. I know who's coming for me, I know that I should have never been. Being born of two vampires, impossible odds. Really. It's hard to even fathom on how I came about. Maybe, these, what where they called… Volturi? Maybe they are right, saying, that I'm an abomination.

I mean my family loves me, but they have to right? I am from them so It's almost like the saying, 'the people who are only ever going to love you, is your mother' in my case my family. I was not even able to be loved by my adopted family, they seen something in me that is bad.

It's been two nights since Edward laid in my bed… and it's been too days that blush stained my cheeks red, especially when my family looks at me.

Light started to stream through the window alerting me that my sleepless night is over. I was not in the biggest hurry to get down stairs. I was alone again today. They all went hunting and dad was still at the hospital. I think he is anyway, he was just going in when I went to bed.

My heart ached knowing that Edward would not be downstairs waiting at the table and pretend to be interested, in what I was eating for breakfast. To tell the truth, I really was not in the mood for breakfast, but then good ol' Alice would see and then I'd be in trouble. I so don't need anymore trouble.

I pushed back the big fluffy cover, as soon as the air hit me I shivered. "oh, man, I don't wanna get up!" I mumbled into the pillow. It was one of those mornings where my body just sunk into the pillow top mattress. Then when I thought I would be able to sleep all day, my phone beeped alerting me not only to the text, but telling me that I had to go to the bathroom. Stupid bladder.

I reached over to the night stand and picked up the phone. Edward just gave me a new phone yesterday. HTC, I love it, the only problem is… I don't know how to work it yet.

I click and the message popped up.

I long to be there with you,

To see you in the morning,

I love you and we are heading home

Should be there in a few hours

And, please go eat.


My heart raced as I read the message. Should I be ashamed at how my body reacts to Edwards simplest messages? It's hard to believe that Edward is my soul mate. I remember hearing Edward saying it to my siblings. Then my father caught me listening around the corner.

I remember him putting up his finger to his lips, and asked me silently to follow him out the door.

We walked to the end of the river.

" You heard correctly, Sweetheart" my father said, as he turned to look at me.

" Edward is your soul mate. That means when he is around you, your whole world is just about him"

Oh, so that's why I have this weird feeling inside me when he is around? I thought to myself.

My father continued on when his explanation. " you see, our kind only mates for life. We pick one person to be with all eternity." he took an un-needed breath and continued on, " when and if Edward is in danger, your first instinct will be to protect your mate, you will be willing to sacrifice yourself for him. We are known to be selfish creature's, but really who isn't in one way or another?" I saw him smirk, very rare from his usual doctor mode.

" I feel something for him, I feel my heart race when he is in the same room with me. I can feel his presents, even if I don't see him… I still feel him." I picked up a stone before I continued. " I am afraid to feel something from what I been through, but Rose talked to me. She lived through pain and even though it never truly leaves, you can be happy, you don't have to let it control your life… you shouldn't let it."

I saw emotions run through my father, having no idea what they were. Where the hell was Jasper when you needed him?

" I love him, but I don't want to tell him, not yet. I am different from you and him. I am not a full vampire, and I don't know if I ever will be. I have talents yes, but I don't hunt for my food, I get it from the cabinet that in the kitchen." I knew that I was right. Both he and I know that I am miles-away different from him. I think that is what both love about me, I am different, but yet the same.

" you will be happy and I will never forgive myself for leaving you behind. I can't forgive myself for what happened to you. You should have had a childhood surrounded by your family. We should of fought harder. We, god we had no idea" his shoulders started to shake before he grabbed me into the tightest hug I have ever received.

I was not about to tell him that it was a little tight, but I rejoiced in it. I didn't flinch when my father wanted to hug me, and for the first time after coming back, I felt safe in a mans arms.

I remember the talk down by the river like it was yesterday. It was the first time and probably on my way to admitting my feelings for the god- like copper head creature.

I padded softly to the bathroom, finishing up my business, I looked into the mirror. I couldn't help but cringe. My hair looked like a cat took a nap in my hair, my tank top was twisted to make it look like it wanted to run from my body. I turned on the water to run the hair brush under, I started to comb out the mess that was my hair. After, I got al the tangles out and it resembled some what a suitable hair-do. Alice was the best at fixing me up. I will have to ask her to teach me.

I heard the phone beep from the nigh-stand next to my bed. I bet that it's from Alice getting a vision. I rushed out the door to pick up my phone. I can't believe how much I miss them after so little time away.

Eh! I'm am so happy!

I can't wait

Rose said, she wants to be on it too!

See you soon,


I love my sisters. I picked out black leggings' and a tunic dress. Edward, got me the dress and I wanted to wear it today for him when he came home.

I made my way down the stairs to the kitchen. My stomach made an un-lady like sound, demanding I feed it.

What was I in the mood for? Oh.. Eggs and bacon.

I took out the ingredients and set them on the island. I took out my favorite pan. Ah, non-stick. God, bless who ever invented this pan. After making and egg in a pan, there is nothing worse with it sticking and then trying to clean it up after words. One wipe and this pan is clean, as if Mr. Clean himself cleaned it.

Birds where chirping outside, enjoying the bird bath and moms garden. Vampire that gardens. Go figure. The day was so beautiful outside, I turned off the stove leaving my breakfast forgotten. Opening, the back door I breathed in the fresh scents of early summer. Roses. Grass. Dirt. Sun. and something sweet?

Oh, no.. not again.

For awhile now, I been smelling something delicious outside. I couldn't really tell what the smell was coming from. Maybe from the garden of vegetables?

Something rustled the bush next to me that knocked me out of thought. A little white bunny popped out, along with three babies trailing behind her. I couldn't help the smile cross my face as I saw the trail they made heading strait for moms garden. Oh, shit.

I ran and jumped in front of the bunny as it tried to move it's way to the lettuce. The bunny backed away scared. I pulled a few leaves and some fruit and made a pile for them. I didn't want my mom to get mad if they ruined the garden, but I'm sure like this would be fine. I turned to the sent that I was smelling before. I didn't see anything.

I got off the ground and allowed my nose to guide me to the fresh smell that was just so extraordinary. I walked to the back of the yard and walked into the bushes. I saw berries, but they were not the cause of this smell. I heard the little voice in the back of my mind to go back. That I mom and dad would be so mad if they knew I walked into the woods. Edward told me to stay out of the woods, but I got sick of being treated as a five year old. I was Seventeen and well Seventeen yr olds rebel.

So, I continued trekking through the woods. I turned right, following the scent. I pushed tree branches and limbs out of the way. I was not sure how far I was away from home, but this time instead of walking towards the smell, I ran. I ran with all my might to find the source of the tasty smell.

I ran till I came to a clearing. I had no idea what I was smelling, but It was no where around here. I saw the bushes rustle again. A bear came out. A big, black bear.

I stood still, as it reared back on it's high legs. Holy shit, this motherfucking bear was huge.

Then it hit me, " Oh, fuck me! Your what smells good!"

The bear came back on all fours, he circled me like he was the vulture, and I was the dead piece of meat he was about to devour. When it should be the other way around.

" I don't know how to hunt" I said to myself, since no one else is here. " I never needed it before!" oh man, oh man. What the hell did I get myself into.

"Wait, can you hurt me?" I asked the bear as if he could understand and answer me back.

The bear got low on his front paws, he was going to lunge. So, I did the only thing I knew how to do.. I ran, like my ass was on fire.

The bear chased me. My phone started ringing.

I picked it up, not caring who it was, " A BEAR IS GOING TO EAT ME!" I screamed into the phone before the bear lunged at my hand knocking the phone from my hand.

" YOU stupid bear! I just got that phone!" I screamed at the bear, I heard Edward screaming out of the phone. I couldn't make out what he was saying though. I walked towards the phone, the bear countered my movement.

"Come on you ugly piece of shit, you want me, come get me, I'm sick of this" I stuck my arms out wide waiting for the attack. I was hoping I could catch it in the mid arm and sink my teeth into the warm awaiting flesh that lied beneath the surface.

I heard Edward screaming louder again, "I have no idea what your saying! Kind of busy at the moment!" I screamed at the phone knowing he would hear me. I never took my eyes of the bear. I remember Jasper taught me how to fight, does that work on animals as well? I bear took a step forward, I took a step back. The clearing was huge, I just hoped it didn't have any other family members that decided they wanted to feast on me.

I started smelling more scents, but I was to busy on not becoming a lunch item. The bear got distracted and I saw the pulse under the fur in it's neck and I lunged at it. Just as I sank my teeth into the neck, I heard my name being screamed.

I drank as if I was lost in the desert and just found water. The sweet nectar filled my mouth; surprised that it didn't make me gag. Instead, I sucked deeper, trying to drag, as much as I can. I lost my sense of surrounding, but I distantly heard my name being called. I felt the heart stop under my hands, as I took the last drag of blood from it's body.

I fell to the floor, feeling as if I just drank a bottle of vodka. My body felt harder, stronger that I was before I took down the bear. I still wanted more though. I felt weight on my abdomen and the bear was on me.

Oh, crap. My dress, Edward is going to be so mad…

I pushed the bear gently off of me. I felt ashamed that I killed the poor creature. Maybe it had a family.

"What the…." I heard the familiar voice of Emmett, a voice I so did not want to hear at this moment.

I turned my head to the left and there they were, my family in all there glory, witnessing first hand of me killing. I stared before I put my hands in my dress and looked down ashamed of my actions.

I felt them come closer, I smelled my father before he put a hand on me. "if there something you would like to tell us" he asked in that voice where he knew no one could deny him an answer.

I shrugged my shoulders, "It smelled good" I licked my lips remembering the taste of the fresh kill.

"When?" My father and Edward asked at the same time. Crap, I knew this was coming.

I moved away from the bear, the smell was making me hungry again. " For awhile now, I have been smelling things, I didn't know what they were, they just smelled… tasty". Emmett laughed and I heard a whack promptly given by Rosie.

I told them the how I walked through the woods and about what happened.

My father pulled me into a hug, "I am so glad your ok, why didn't you say you were having cravings" he reprimanded me.

" I didn't know what I was craving kill that came out after me" I sighed looking at the bear again. Wishing there was another one around.

"She wants another one" thank you very much Jasper. I glared at him.

Edward pulled me to him, all I could smell was Edward. His scent hugged me and the bear was forgotten. I had a different hunger I wanted to sedate.

Edward leaned down, giving me the most delicious kiss. A cough interrupted our welcome back party. Given by my mother.

"Hi, mom" I gave her a hug, shoving my face into her shoulder embarrassed.

"it's ok, I missed you" she kissed me on my forehead, "if you want another we will take you to get another one." I couldn't help but nod.

Oh, before I forgot. "I short of, kind of, gave a bunny some food from your garden" my mom beamed, glad someone was eating her ever growing vegetables.

"I love you mommy" I felt like I belonged even more since I was able to take down a bear.

Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in, "you look beautiful, love" I reached up and kissed him soundly on the lips. "I'm sorry about the phone and the dress"

I felt his hands running through my hair, "you almost gave me a heart attack, and right there is really hard to do. We didn't know if your skin would react to the bear, since you do not sparkle like us, in the sun"

We walked out of the clearing and through the woods going deeper than I have ever before. Then I smelled Deer," Eww, they smell gross". I couldn't help but scrunch up my nose to the offensive smell of the deer.

I got a round of laughs, "Of course not dear, Deer do not smell the same as predators" my mother said patting my shoulder. "do I have to eat it?" I sounded, like a five-year old who didn't want to eat her spinach.

"try it Bella, we can't keep eating carnivore's because we would kill off the population. Deer's are always around. Later, we will take you to Alaska or Canada and you can try the game there." my father was always the reasoned man.

"just walked up to the deer or run. Don't spook it at first or else it's going to run, and then your going to be really anger. Do what you did with the bear" Alice said, as she pointed the way to go about getting the deer.

Edward pushed me forward as everyone stayed back. I was nervous. It smelled gross, I pounced on the deer and took it down. I forced my mouth to the neck and sucked.

The first suck, I kicked the deer off of me and rolled to my stomach and heaved. I didn't feel right.

"Bella?" my father panicked running to me. "I don't feel right" it came out no louder than a whisper.

'What's wrong? tell me!" His hands were going all over trying to figure out what was wrong. I tried to move my muscles, but I couldn't

"I.. I can't move" I cried out from the pain ribbing through my torso.

My heart felt like it was hammering against my ribcage.

"Your heart is betting way to fast, Bella, Sweetie you need to calm down" Edward sat at the top of my head rubbing my hair. I heard him ask Jasper for some help, I felt calming sensations come through my body, I was not going to fight him like I usually did.

"Emmett go get a bear or anything that are not grass eaters" my father said in a rush, "if you can't find in 2 minuets, run to the house and get human blood from the basement".

Oh, god.

I didn't last the 2 minuets for Emmett to get back. My world went black.

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