Parents Out, Party's On!

Summary: When the gang's parents leave on a long trip for the rest of summer, Ryan throws a party at the mansion and everyone's invited. What will happen when Sharpay finds out? R&R!

Disclaimer: I obviously do not own High School Musical, anything you do recognize, and Lucas Grabeel. But you've got to admit that kid is pretty darn cute!

Chapter 1: Coincidence?

"So, you're telling me that you have a job offer in Tokyo, Japan?" Ryan asked his mom in a flat unbelieving tone. He was leaning against the wall in the corner of the room with a small grin on his face. His parents had called him into the large family room of their mansion with very important news.

Sharpay rolled her eyes and groaned slightly.

"Yes," Mrs. Evans responded quietly with a smile, "They've asked me to teach yoga."

Ryan held back a laugh. That was a joke, he was sure of it. His mom already ran the yoga classes at the Lava Springs Resort. Why would she want to leave to go to Japan just to teach it there, too?

"And your father is going on a golf retreat in Florida," Mrs. Evans told him.

"They have the widest green I've ever seen!" Mr. Evans added with a smile as he placed an arm around his wife, who continued to smile back at Ryan, "Plus, I'm also visiting Hawaii to take a look at the Pro Games."

"And what are we going to do while you're gone?" Ryan asked them with little concern for what was happening in front of him.

"You mean, what are you going to do?" Sharpay corrected him with a sharp tone, "I'm going with mummy. Right?" She looked at her mother expectantly.

Mrs. Evans shook her head solemnly. "No, pumpkin. I'm sorry, but you have to stay here with your brother," she told her daughter, whose eyes opened wide in shock.

"Actually, you are being sent to a summer camp… for a week," Mr. Evans further explained.

"What?" Sharpay exclaimed in slight fear, "I was never told anything about a summer camp? What kind of summer camp? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, we wanted to surprise you," Mrs. Evans explained with a slight smile, "You'll enjoy yourself there."

"Yeah, it will be fun," Mr. Evans chimed in.

Ryan couldn't hold it in any longer. He burst out laughing and everyone in the room turned to him in surprise.

"What?" Sharpay asked him with a scowl on her face, "What's so funny?"

"You…" Ryan stuttered, trying to catch his breath as he clutched his stomach, "Your face!"

Sharpay's mouth dropped open in shock. Anger filled her body and she got up from where she had been sitting. Her fists were clenched at her sides.

"Ryan!" Mrs. Evans scolded him, "Be nice to your sister! That's no way for someone of your age to act!"

Ryan stopped laughing just long enough to take a deep breath and calm himself down. "I didn't mean it that way," he explained softly, "I meant… Sharpay can't go to camp! She wouldn't make it!"

"Or… are you jealous that I get to go and you don't?" Sharpay asked through gritted teeth.

"Me? Jealous? Of you?" Ryan asked her with a chuckle, "That's a laugh."

"Ryan!" Mr. Evans stated strongly, "That's not how you should treat your sister!"

"Sorry," Ryan muttered and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Daddy," Sharpay whined, "Why do I have to go to camp?"

"It's just for a week, pumpkin," Mrs. Evans responded for him, "We promise that you'll enjoy yourself. We've enrolled you in some very interesting classes."

"Oh," Sharpay groaned, quivering her bottom lip, "Fine! As long as it will get me away from Ryan!"

With that, she stomped out of the room and headed up the stairs. Ryan looked back at his parents before slinking out of the room quietly and heading up to his own room. He walked up the stairs slowly behind his sister, who refused to even spare him a passing glance.

"Shar," Ryan whispered so their parents wouldn't hear, but he got no response, so he tried again, "Shar, listen to me."

Still, she refused to acknowledge him as they reached the top of the stairs. She trudged into her room and Ryan attempted to follow her, but she slammed her door in his face. Ryan sighed and crossed the hall, retreating into his own room. Gently closing the door behind him, he looked around the mess his room was currently in. How was it that he always said the wrong thing? It seemed like he could never get anything right.

Maybe his sister was right. Maybe he did make a mistake that summer by joining the Wildcats and turning Sharpay's talent show against her. Then… it hit him. He flipped out his cell phone and started dialing a familiar number. He knew exactly who to call. Someone who would definitely help him. Someone who was ready to face a challenge. Someone who would listen or help when needed. Someone like…

"Chad!" Ryan sighed in relief as the jock picked up on the other end of the line, "I'm so glad you're available right now."

"Why, what's up?" Chad asked.

"Well, my parents are sort of planning on some sort of vacation and they're sending Sharpay to summer camp for a week," Ryan explained, "It's been pretty crazy."

"Whoa, slow down," Chad told him, "You're telling me that your parents are going away, too?"

"Yeah," Ryan stated and then realized what Chad had just said, "Wait… too? What do you mean too?"

"My parents are going away for the summer," Chad repeated, "My mom's going to Tokyo and my dad is going on some golf retreat in Florida. And after that, he's going to check out the Pro games in Hawaii. How weird is that?"

"Really weird," Ryan stated, "That's what my parents planned to do."

"That is weird," Chad agreed.

"You know…my parents have been planning on taking a vacation for a long time," Ryan explained.

"Mine, too," Chad said, "And they've even decided to send my older brother to a week of basketball camp, but they won't let me go. How unfair is that?"

"Just like with me and Sharpay," Ryan realized, "My parents are sending her to some camp for a week without telling her until now."

There was a slight pause while the two thought it over to themselves.

"Wow," Chad finally stated, "Do you believe in a coincidence? Because that's how it happened here, too."

"Maybe, but I think we should see what all the other Wildcats are planning for the rest of the summer," Ryan suggested, "Then we can get together and figure it out."

"Okay. That sounds like a good idea. I'll call some of the guys," Chad responded with a laugh, "Then, I'll probably call Taylor and ask her to call Gabriella, who might as well call Troy."

"You know those two. They've never been apart for longer than they have to," Ryan stated.

"Yeah, I think we all know that by now," Chad said.

"So, who does that leave me to call?" Ryan asked quizzically, feeling that there was nobody left for him to ask.

"Well, there's always Kelsi," Chad stated after a little pause.

Ryan's heart skipped a beat. Kelsi? He could never talk to Kelsi without saying something dumb. It was like trying to ice skate without any skates on. You always fell down and got nowhere.

"Ryan?" Chad asked to make sure he was still there.

Snapping out of his own little world of fantasy, Ryan finally found his voice again. "Um… yeah. You see… I can't do that," he stuttered.

"Well, why not?" Chad asked skeptically, "You have her number, right?"

"Um… maybe… somewhere," Ryan choked on his words, knowing he was sweating at the thought of it.

"I'm sure you'll have it somewhere. I mean, after all, she is your number one contact aside from your sister," Chad persisted, "She's the one who normally goes over your performances with you."

Ryan thought of a way to get out of it. He was nervous, his hands were clamming up, and he could barely hold the phone. "Listen, Chad," Ryan began to explain, "I… can't… call Kelsi because…"

"You like her?" Chad asked knowingly.

"What?" Ryan questioned in shock.

"Well, it was either that or Gabriella," Chad teased, "Come on, it's not a secret. It doesn't take Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out."

Ryan didn't respond. Was it that obvious that he'd had a crush on Kelsi since the day he first met her? He was pretty sure he'd kept his attraction to Gabriella a secret… for a while, at least.

"Hey," Chad stated to break the awkward silence, "You can always call Martha and I'll take care of the rest."

Ryan sighed deeply into the phone. "I guess," he told Chad softly.

"Unless you'd rather call Kelsi…" Chad teased him again.

"Chad," Ryan stated sternly, "I'm going to expect that you'll keep this a secret, but I have trouble talking to Kelsi."

Chad paused, waiting for Ryan to continue.

"You see… ever since I met her, I've never been able to talk to her without messing up," Ryan continued, "Actually, I've never had much luck talking to any girl besides Sharpay."

When Chad was sure Ryan was done, he took a breath. "Ryan… that's kind of how I was when I first met Taylor," Chad shared his secret, "And look how it turned out after I asked her on a date last year."

Ryan laughed slightly and Chad joined in.

"See?" Chad told him, "You don't have to say much. Just getting up the courage to say something is all that matters."

"Did you steal that from a fortune cookie or something?" Ryan asked.

"Maybe," Chad answered and the two started to laugh.

"Well, I guess I could call Kelsi and ask her what's going on," Ryan finally said, "And then I could probably call Martha and get the details from her."

"And I'll call the others and spread the word," Chad confirmed, "Where will we all meet?"

"At the food court… in the mall," Ryan answered, "By the pretzel stand."

"I love that place!" Chad exclaimed, "We tell everyone to meet there."

"Right," Ryan agreed, "Call me once you've talked to everyone."

"Sure, dude," Chad responded.

"See you later on today at around noon?" Ryan asked to make sure.

"Noon it is," Chad confirmed, "See you later."

The two hung up and Ryan steadied himself for what he had to do next…

He'd call Martha first.

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