AN: Thank you for being patient while waiting for this update. :) Exams are over (now comes the task of finding a job for the summer) so perhaps I will have more time to write now. However, given recent events on the show I haven't been really motivated. Luckily I got this finished before I saw JD. As far as this fic though, I can only really see two or so more chapters, not that many.

Freak Ch. 2—Food Fight

Gibbs woke up, yawning, and blearily wondered why his alarm clock hadn't gone off. "Great," he inwardly grumbled, "It's raining." As he turned around to see what time it was, he was stopped by a soft obstacle in his way. "Wha—?" he wondered briefly, before realization dawned. "Abs," he whispered. "Damn," he thought. He quietly tried to turn back around, hoping to sneak out of bed to the bathroom unnoticed. Hopefully she wasn't awake yet, or at least not fully to have noticed him. He slipped out and into the bathroom. Safe. When he had gone through his morning routine, and was just hanging up the hand towel on the rack (careful to do so neatly so she wouldn't think he was a slob) he heard a loud yawn.

"Wha's happenin'?" Abby asked to the empty room, shaking off the last vestiges of sleep. There was a short pause, and she said more distinctly, "Gibbs!"

He strode back into the room, hoping that she hadn't thought that he had left her. "Yeah, Abs?" he said.

"Oh," she replied. "There you are."

"Bathroom's free if you want it," he said.

He saw a confused look pass over her face, but she got out of bed and made her way into the bathroom, pausing to pick up the clothes she had been wearing the previous day. Gibbs heard the shower turn on, and had begun to change his own clothes when the bathroom door opened again. He stood there, clad only in his boxers, as Abby poked her head out. "Um," she said, "Do you think that I could borrow another pair of pants? Maybe some sweatpants? Just to get back to my place. I mean, I can wear that shirt again, but I don't really want to walk around in the rain in that skirt."

"Sure," Gibbs said. He quickly found a suitable pair, and walked over the door, trying not to imagine what it would like to be on the other side. He placed the pants in Abby's outstretched hands, and swiftly turned around, resuming dressing. He heard her mutter a quick thanks before presumably stepping in the shower. Once he was finished getting dressed, he headed out to the kitchen. "What to make," he wondered aloud. He rummaged through some boxes and withdrew a large box of pancake mix. "Just add water?" he read. "Seems easy 

enough." He bent down, opening a cabinet and withdrawing a skillet and a bowl, placing the skillet on the stove and turning on the burners. While the pan was heating he mixed the batter with the water. He was concentrating so intently on getting it just right that he didn't hear Abby quietly walk into the kitchen.

She quickly swiped a bit of the batter with her finger, tasted it, and said, "Mmmm! Never knew you were a cook Gibbs!"

Gibbs just stared at her, not really knowing what to say. "You've got a bit here," he said finally, tapping the corner of his mouth to show her where there was still a spot of batter on her lips.

She grinned evilly, darted over to the bowl, scooped up some batter, and threw it at Gibbs. "Now we're even!" she declared with a smile.

Gibbs paused, a bit of batter dripping down his face, considering his options. Did he really want to start a batter fight and have to clean it up later? "What the hell," he conceded to himself. "Might as well have some fun on my day off." He quickly switched off the burner, and flung some batter at Abby, hitting her face. "You've got a bit here too," he stated, his eyes sparkling. He stepped up to her and tapped the other corner of her mouth.

Abby looked at him, her eyes daring him to do something about it, and said "Can you get that?"

Gibbs stepped even closer, causing Abby to backup against the counter. "You sure about this Abs?"

Abby nodded.

Gibbs reached out, pinning her arms down on the counter. He swiped the batter off her lip with the tip of his tongue, and backed up, a teasing glint in his eyes. He smirked at Abby's pout and reached back in, gently brushing his tongue against her lips. With his hands still holding hers down, he brought himself flush up against her, deepening the kiss. They broke apart briefly, and when their lips met again Abby tried to extend it, but Gibbs broke it off. "We're never going to get breakfast at this rate," he said with a smile.

"So?" Abby asked, at the exact moment that her stomach growled. "Who needs breakfast?"

Gibbs raised his eyebrows, replying with a tap to her stomach, "That says otherwise."

"Fine," she reluctantly stated.

"It will take too long for the skillet to heat up again," Gibbs said. "How about I take you back to your place so you can change and we'll head to Steak & Egg?"

"That place in Tenley?" she queried.

"Yeah," he replied. "Shouldn't be that busy right now. It won't take you that long to change right?"

"But I like wearing your clothes," Abby said. A worried look came over her face and she added, "You don't like how I look?"

Forestalling any relapse into her mindset from the previous night, Gibbs stated clearly, "Abs, if I had a problem with how you looked would I have done that just now? I don't give a damn what you wear, as long as you're comfortable. Hell, you could wear nothing for all I care." He paused, looking pensive, and added, "I'd keep that indoors though, I don't want anyone else looking at you like that."

Abby's eyes glittered with this promise of things to come, and sighed, "Fine. Let's get going then."