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Just a Matter of Physics

"Whoa there, Booth! Watch where you're pointing that thing! You could poke someone's eye out!" Jack Hodgins exclaimed.

"Or really turn someone on," Angela Montenegro added, laughing musically.

"It's not high enough to do any damage to someone's optical nerve," Zach Addy replied, happily tasting the concoction Angela had placed in front of him in her latest attempt to teach some social skills to the misfit genius.

"Well, it's certainly in a position to light a fire somewhere," Angela retorted.

Seeley Booth straightened up and set his pool stick on the floor. Sighing, he turned to look at the trio sitting mock-innocently at the table behind him. "You see? This is why Squints shouldn't go to bars that aren't 'yuppied up'. You have no clue about the intricacies of navigating around pool tables and dart boards. Especially dart boards," Booth added, fixing a rather stern glare at Zach who hiccupped lightly and frowned.

"How was I to know that a public establishment serving copious amounts of alcohol would consider it a goodthing to allow its intoxicated patrons to throw sharpened projectiles across a room?"

Booth sighed again and tuned back to the table to make his final shot against Dr. Camille Saroyan. Just as he slid his stick forward in a shot, Angela called out to the newly arriving Dr. Temperance Brennan, "Hey, Bren! You're just in time to see Booth shooting his balls!"

Hodgins snorted his drink through his nose, Cam snickered, and Booth completely missed his shot, sending the eight ball into the pocket instead of the one he had been aiming at.

"Now that was just wrong!" Booth complained. "Totally unfair!"

"Not for me. Angela, you're up," Cam laughed.

Dr. Temperance Brennan smiled at Booth's obvious agitation. "Since when has Angela ever played fair?"

Booth grumbled an inaudible reply and gratefully accepted the bottle of beer his partner handed to him as they sat down at the table they'd commandeered for the night. They were celebrating the successful completion of a case they'd been working on for weeks as well as Zach's birthday. They had chosen a far different bar than normal for tonight's celebration. It had been Angela's idea to stray from their normal club scene as she had wanted a less crowded setting where the women wouldn't be quite so picky about who they danced with. She was hoping to get Zach loosened up enough to ask someone to dance. Now that his hair had grown in a bit from that horrendous shaved style he had taken it upon himself to get (thinking he had to since he had gone to Iraq), he looked cute again: sort of a lost-and-confused-yet-incredibly-intelligent puppy look. If Angela plied him with enough alcohol, someone was sure to dance with him!

"That's it, Babe! Kick her butt!" Jack egged on as Angela made a good shot.

"May I remind you I can fire you?" Cam replied good naturedly.

"If I go, she goes!" Jack countered and Angela straightened up.

"Who says?" She smiled at her fiancé and then shot him a pointed look. Jack turned to follow her gaze and saw Booth semi-reclining against the back of the booth seat, arms stretched out on either side and draped over the back of the high seat. This put Dr. Brennan rather close to him and, technically speaking, his right arm semi-around her. They were talking and Brennan didn't seem to notice the entire "Alpha Male" scene taking place right in front of her. Jack looked back at Angela who was now contemplating her next shot. She raised one eyebrow at him as if to say, "Whatcha think?" He smiled and shook his head. She was such a romantic.

As soon as Angela finished Cam off, she walked over to Booth and Brennan as Cam went to throw some money in the jukebox. "So, Booth…wanna try your luck against me?"

"Hell, no! After what you did to Cam?! My momma didn't raise a fool, Miss Pool Shark."

Brennan looked up. "I'll try it, Ange."

Booth looked at her in shock. "Bones, you sure you know what you're getting into? She's brutal!"

"It's really just a matter of physics and trajectories. How difficult could it be?" she replied. She took a long swallow of her beer and stood up, climbing over Booth and, in the process, grabbing his beer.


She turned and grinned at him. "You weren't drinking it and I was thirsty."

Stunned by his partner's response, Booth found himself with no reply. This was shaping up to be an interesting evening!

Hodgins slid his chair around the table to sit closer to Booth. "Dude, this is one show I don't want to miss!"

Booth frowned in confusion. "What does that mean?"

"Dude! Just look!" Hodgins pointed.

Booth leaned forward and immediately saw what he was talking about. What he had failed to see as an active player in the game was the view their table afforded of the players. Angela was currently leaning over the table for the breaking shot and her plunging v-neck top was currently plunging somewhere towards her navel.

"You must be really nervous about that view," Booth said, gesturing towards the men at the other tables watching the game.

"No more so than you when the next shot comes up," Jack replied smugly. Almost on cue, Brennan moved to stand directly in front of the two and leaned over the table for her shot.

Booth wasn't sure what he couldn't stop staring at the most: his partner's well-rounded back-side suddenly a matter of two feet away or the peek of what was most definitely a hot pink thong just above the incredibly low-rise, skin-tight jeans she was wearing. He felt his face grow hot and he reached for his non-existent beer. Instead, he grabbed Hodgins' and downed it immediately, much to Jack's undisguised amusement. At the low whistle coming from one of the aforementioned men, Booth turned and glared until a cough was heard and one guy got up and headed towards the bar.

"I don't understand. Clearly, I needed to hit the white ball roughly twelve degrees right of the center and at approximately a twenty degree angle to the purple ball," Brennan was saying as said purple ball did not travel on its intended path.

Angela laughed as she made her next shot, purposefully wiggling her tail end in Jack's face as she leaned over the table. "Bren, it's not always about the math."

Brennan looked at Jack who was now surreptitiously running his hand up the back of Angela's thigh. "I still don't understand."

Jack never took his eyes off the view of his fiancé. "Don't ask me…I just think it's hot when two women play pool."

She sighed in frustration and turned her gaze on Booth. "Do you know what she means?"

"Well, I don't think you're holding the cue stick right. You're holding it too tight," Booth replied, standing up and examining her grip. "Let me see how you set up to shoot."

Brennan obliged, leaning over and bumping into Booth in the process. Sweet Jesus, was she trying to kill him?! "No, Bones. Your stance is off. Stand a little looser and with your legs a little farther apart."

"What? Like this?" she asked, looking like an advancing Sumo wrestler.

Jack burst out in laughter and Zach and Cam returned from the jukebox. "What, exactly, are you attempting?" Cam asked, one eyebrow raised nearly into her hairline.

Booth took the stick from Brennan and showed her his stance. "See? Bend this knee a little more."

"I believe Booth is attempting to teach Dr. Brennan how to engage in an exotic mating ritual that a species of cockatoo practices," Zach laughed lightly.

"Oh my God…did Zach just make an attempt at cracking a joke?! Did anyone else hear that?!" Angela piped up.

"No, Bones! Oh for Pete's sake--here," Booth exclaimed in frustration as he watched his partner attempt a shot again. Without thinking about what he was doing, he moved behind her, placing his hand over hers on the cue stick. "You need to loosen up on your hold with your left hand and tighten a bit back here with your right hand. Now, bend this knee like this and lean over." Here, he moved his left knee just behind hers, gently pushing it out as he bent with her at her waist. It was right about then that he realized his mistake. He now had Brennan bent over the table in a very compromising position. His cheeks flushed hotter and he was so close to her, he could smell her hair as he spoke quietly in her ear, "You have to be firm yet loose as it slides through your two fingers."

As soon as he had put his arms around her from behind, Brennan felt funny. She couldn't really define "funny" and that bothered her. But when he gently bent her down towards the table and she felt him pressed against her, that "funny" feeling took on an entirely different meaning. Her heartbeat increased and, as he whispered to her and his breath tickled her ear, she felt a shock somewhere between a shiver and a hot flash swipe through her body, tingling her scalp. She turned her face just a hair to the left and felt her cheek brush against his mouth. "Like this, Booth?" She murmured.

At the sound of his name whispered so huskily, Booth felt something in his stomach tighten and, to his utter astonishment and complete embarrassment, realized he was now thinking of her thong and how very close indeed he was to it. Straightening up quickly, Booth coughed and moved away so she could complete her shot. He did not, however, turn back around to face the table. "Yeah, like that. Try it now."

She finished her shot and the ball hit its intended target. She stood up and smiled, turning to her friends only to find them all--each and every one of them--staring at her, wide-eyed. Angela's mouth hung open and Jack started snickering when he saw Booth's discomfiture as he called over his shoulder, "I'm getting the next round. I'll be back."

Zach was slightly confused at what he'd just witnessed. "Wow. Booth is an extremely adept instructor. Do you think he'd consider teaching me?"

Cam snorted rather indelicately and Jack turned his eyes on his fellow Squint. "Dude, you are sooo clueless!"

Brennan looked between her four friends and realized she was still breathing a bit heavily. What had just happened?

"Angela, will you let me try?" Zach asked and Jack stood up.

"Dude, don't expect Ange to teach you like Booth!" As the two exchanged a few ideas on how to line up shots, Angela walked over to where Brennan was still standing.

"Thatwas sooo hot!" She exclaimed quietly.

"Angela, what the hell happened? I don't think he even realized it until he was leaning over me…" Brennan stammered a bit to her best friend. "Angela--"

"Sweetie, he was completely turned on! Didn't you see how he refused to turn around? You're the anthropologist here; think about what that means!" Angela cut her friend off.

As Angela turned back to her game, Brennan sat down at the table, still trying to puzzle out her reactions. They were fast becoming a source of total confusion for her. Her gaze went to where Booth was leaning against the bar as he waited for the bartender to complete his order. Something was changing between them and she couldn't figure out why or how: and that frustrated her.

Since Christmas, Brennan had been aware of odd things happening to her body whenever she was in Booth's presence. She had started noticing his cologne for one thing. She was aware of how her stomach would begin to tighten when she knew he was coming to the lab, how, lately, she had begun feeling an excited rush when he would pop unexpectedly into her office, and how she couldn't seem to control her smile when she saw him or heard his voice on the phone. Yes, it was Christmas that had started these changes in her. The mistletoe kiss had been interesting--a little startling--but not really what she was fixating on as a flash point. No--it was that evening when he and Parker had brought the tree to her and her family. While she had been too far away to really see his face with any great detail, his voice and body language spoke to her. There had been a different timbre and she felt rather than saw his penetrating eyes on her. Her throat had tightened as she watched him put his arm around Parker.

She had left for Peru later that evening and had been gone for just over a week. The entire time she was gone, she had found her mind wandering to Booth. Random things like, "What would he say about this?" or "How would he react to that?" would pop unbidden into her mind. When she was strolling through the market, she wondered what it would be like to have him there with her. And that had nearly driven her to distraction. She would refuse to allow herself to think about him! She even managed it long enough to go out for dinner with the good-looking archaeologist she had met on the dig. They'd hit it off and, after dinner, had gone back to her hotel. As soon as he had kissed her, it felt--well--wrong somehow. She knew there was definitely something wrong when her mind slipped and allowed her sub-conscious to replace Diego with Booth. Her eyes had snapped open, she'd made a lame excuse and apology, and had all but thrown the confused man out of her room.

She was even more aggravated as she realized she hadn't been with a man since Sully; and Temperance Brennan had never had any qualms about satisfying her sexual urges before. Damn that man!

Said man was now making his way back to the table. Brennan watched as he deftly avoided come-ons from two women and then smiled at the waitress who'd followed him with a tray of drinks as she handed him a slip of paper when he handed her a tip.

"Move over, Bones," he said as he slipped into the booth seat next to her. She obliged and, as he passed her a beer, he crumpled the paper and threw it into the empty plastic basket in which Hodgin's burger had been served.

"How much was it? It was really my turn to pay," Brennan commented, reaching for her purse.

"Don't worry about it."

She rolled her eyes at his "I'm-the-man-I-should-pay" attitude and reached into the basket for the crumpled receipt.

"Hey!" Booth exclaimed, reaching for it but Brennan was faster and snatched it away, opening it as she did.

"This isn't a receipt; it's a phone number," she frowned, confused at first, then realizing the implications. "The waitress gave you her number and you threw it away?"

Booth looked distinctly uncomfortable. "Yeah. Well, she was chatting with me for a while at the bar."

"But why did you throw it away?"

"Just because someone gives me their number doesn't mean I'm interested," Booth replied.

"Yeah, but how long has it been since you were on a date? Wait a minute…it's been a long time hasn't it?" She pushed.

"It hasn't been thatlong! Thanks, Bones. I'm glad you're concerned about my love life!"

She sat quiet for a while, considering this. While he didn't have to share every detail of his personal life, she was pretty sure she'd know if he was seeing someone. "Not even a casual date or two?"

Booth squirmed a little in his seat. The last date he'd been on had been with Cam; and he'd broken that off ages ago. "I haven't seen you lining up the men any more, either!" He chose to reply instead.

Brennan frowned. "No, I haven't."

Booth looked satisfied. "See? I'm not the only one."

She was quiet for a few more moments and then she turned to face him. "Why?"

"Why what?" Booth took a long swallow of his beer.

"Why haven't you gone out with anyone? I mean, it's not like you aren't getting any offers," she clarified.

"Why haven't you?" Booth countered again, turning to look her back in the eye.

His brown eyes seemed to bore into her and suddenly Brennan's mouth was dry. She felt that tightening in her stomach again and hesitated. Should she say what she had been thinking? She wasn't positive of her people-reading skills even though she felt she knew Booth pretty well. She wasn't sure if she was picking up on him right. Any other man, she could fairly easily tell what sexual signals were being sent. But Booth? With him it didn't seem to be as clear cut. It seemed to be sexual, yet not…emotional yet not…so confusing that she couldn't be sure of herself; and that annoyed her even more.

"Well?" Booth pushed again, leaning in a bit. His eyes had an almost dangerous edge to them.

"I love this song!! Come on, Bren!" Angela chose that moment to come back to the table and drag her friend to her feet.

Brennan turned to look at Booth, but his normal smile was back in place and he moved out of her way. "Have fun."

"Come with us, Booth!" Angela said.

"Oh no--that's okay. You two enjoy yourselves," he answered, sitting back down.

"Yeah, come dance with us," Brennan added, starting to feel like she'd imagined the look in Booth's eyes a moment ago.

"Tell you what--when I hear a song I really like, I'll come to you," he smiled.

Angela dragged Brennan onto the tiny dance floor with no further ado and they began dancing to Bob Seger.

"Wow," Jack commented. "I know Angie can dance, but I never realized the doc could knock 'em flat, too!"

Booth stole a glance towards the dance floor and noticed that "the doc" was indeed, shaking her booty for all it was worth.

"You know we're living many a man's dream right now, right?" Jack asked Booth.

Booth made a supreme effort to look away from the dance floor and even made the choice to turn his back towards them. "You know you're living dangerously right now, right?" he countered.

Jack smiled. "Yeah, but that's part of the charm, Dude!"

They spoke for a while and Jack got up for the next round of drinks. Cam sat for a little bit, slightly out of breath as she had been dancing with Angela and Brennan.

"Whew! It's hot in here…and getting hotter," she said, taking a sip of her drink.

"Why say that?" Booth asked.

Zach appeared by Cam's side, a little mussed from his attempt at dancing. "I believe Dr. Saroyan meant that more figuratively than literally…although with so many more men on the dance floor now, I suppose the actual temperature could have risen."

Turning, Booth saw exactly what he was talking about. It seemed that nearly half the bar's male patrons had suddenly decided that they were in the mood to dance. Angela and Brennan had attracted quite a few admirers. When a slow song came on, there were several offers. Booth's eyebrow shot up as Angela came back to the table but his partner stayed, selected a proffered hand, and began dancing to the acoustic version of "Layla".

"Now if that's not appropriate, I don't know what is!" Cam laughed as the lyrics, "You've got me on my knees" came from the jukebox.

Booth knew he should turn around and ignore what was being said, but he couldn't seem to drag his eyes away from the couple. It felt a little like déjà vu. The last time he'd seen her dancing with someone else, they were in a similar bar under similar circumstances. He'd been a little annoyed then, but that was nowhere near what he was feeling right now. It was taking a lot of self-control not to go up and rip her away from the guy. He watched the man's hand slide a hair farther down her back and immediately felt his jaw muscle tighten in response.

Angela poked jack and nodded towards Booth. He took one look at the quietly fuming FBI agent and gave a low whistle. "So, Booth--what do you think the Pirates' chances of getting to the World Series are this year?"

"Yeah," came Booth's distracted reply.

"Oh for God's sake, Seeley!" Cam breathed out in annoyance. "Just go dance already!"

Booth turned to look at her. "What are you talking about?"

Zach piped up as he finished his fourth (or was it fifth?) drink. "Dr. Saroyan is picking up on the body language you are currently exhibiting and is implying you should release your frustrations at the other men by 'marking' Dr. Brennan as yours." He blinked several times, looking rather owlish.

Everyone, Booth included, stared at Zach. Angela picked up his glass and sniffed it. Standing up, she said, "I'm getting you another whiskey sour. Who'd have thought this is what you needed?"

"What," Booth asked through slightly clenched teeth, "do you mean 'mark her'? You want me to lift my leg and pee on her?!"

"What are you talking about?" Brennan asked as she re-appeared at the table.

Before Zach could repeat himself, Jack clamped a hand over his mouth. "Dude, not now!"

Brennan nudged Booth over as she sat next to him. "What did I miss?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if you missed an atomic bomb going off," Booth whispered.

Brennan frowned at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what? Forget it! You wouldn't understand anyhow," Booth snapped.

"O--kay then. I'm heading to the ladies' room," Cam said, moving away from the table.

"Um, Zach--let's go help Ange with the drinks," Jack said, pushing him out of the seat next to him.

When everyone had cleared out, Brennan looked at Booth again. "What is going on?!"

"You're so engrossed in dancing that you're ignoring your friends," Booth said.

Brennan frowned. "Everyone was up dancing except you and Jack. How was that ignoring everyone?"

"You seemed to enjoy that slow dance to the point you had eyes--and hands--for no one else," Booth replied. As soon as he said it, he realized how petty it sounded, but it was like he'd lost control of his mouth.

"I didn't see you asking for a dance," she countered.

'How could I? I couldn't even get to you through that throng!"

"I'm going to ask you one more time, Booth. What the hell is going on?! You've been acting like you're--" Here she trailed off. To admit she thought he was jealous would be admitting she thought he might be interested in her. If she was wrong--and she felt there was at least an even chance of that being the case--then she'd be more than embarrassed But if she was right--if she was right--well, that scared her more.

"Acting like I'm what?"

"Acting like you're a Neanderthal at the moment," Angela said smoothly as she placed two beers in front of them.

Brennan sat back, still staring at Booth. His face was unreadable. There was such a mix there; anger, a little hurt, and something else that she couldn't define. It almost looked dangerous.

From the jukebox Cher began belting out, "If you wanna know," and as Angela joined in with, "If he loves you so, it's in his kiss," another willing dance partner approached and asked Brennan to dance. Casting a defiant look at Booth, she stood up and made her way to the dance floor.

Booth took a long drink from his beer and began peeling the label from the bottle. Angela laid her hand on his arm, but he didn't look at her.

"Booth, when are you going to stop dancing around this?" She asked quietly.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Angela."

She sighed. "Take this for what it's worth. You know Bren better than most of us: even more than she knows herself. She's terrible at reading people, but even if she wasn't, the crazy signals you're sending are enough to confuse even me."

He looked at her. "You think you know me?" It was a challenge.

"Not completely, but I know enough to know you're falling for her and trying not to. You don't sleep around. When you get into a relationship, it's with some idea of permanence. And when you lose that, it kills you. She has a lot of crazy ideas of what a relationship is supposed to be because everyone seems to leave her. If she ever had a real relationship with someone who truly loves her, she'd be a different person. God, Booth--she's so confused by what she feels for you because she's never experienced this before. Don't let some stupid, self-imposed rule about crossing a line at work prevent you from finding each other! You're both entirely too professional to allow something in your personal lives to interfere with your professional ones."

Booth's eyes met Angela's. She saw many things in those dark eyes…mostly trepidation but colored with hope. He didn't say anything for what seemed like an hour and then "Vehicle" came on and he broke both his silence and their gaze. "Excuse me…I feel like dancing."

The pounding beat served as a background for Booth's steps as he got to the dance floor and grabbed Brennan's hand to spin her around to face him. The driving music pushed them together and before either was really aware of it, his hands went to her waist and he pulled her so that their hips met and he began to grind against her in time to the music. It took only a second or two for Brennan to react by sliding her hands up his chest to lock behind his neck. In his next move, Booth took one hand off her waist and laced fingers with her hand behind his neck, bringing it down and around, still keeping his hips in time with hers. In one fluid movement he turned her so that he was behind her with his arm wrapped around her. His free hand went down to her waist and continued to rock her for a few more beats until he spun her out and away from him, only to pull her back, this time taking both her hands in his.

Brennan was too shocked at first to react in any way but to follow his lead. Now she saw that look in his eyes again. As her mind tried to process everything she was seeing and feeling, she closed her eyes. Her heart was racing and she suddenly became acutely aware of every place her body came into contact with his. The surprisingly soft skin of his left hand contrasting with the callouses on his right--the feel of his chest against hers--and then she felt him hard against her. Her eyes flew open at this revelation and locked with his. They were boring into hers and suddenly she was able to place the look; it was one of a predator stalking its prey. And she felt very much like prey right now. The smoldering intensity of the look ignited something within her and she released his hands so she could grab his hips. They didn't stay there for long, though. Deciding she could always later blame the alcohol she had consumed, she allowed her hands to slide around to the small of his back and then slowly let them slide down so that her thumbs hooked into his belt and the rest of her fingers splayed out and down, gently grazing an area just short of what could honestly be considered his buttocks. One of his eyebrows raised and a small smile played around his lips, making him look even more dangerous.

The song came to an end and they stood locked together like that for a few moments. Neither said anything. Booth's thoughts were centered on two things: surprise he had danced with her the way he had without eliciting a right hook to his jaw and shock that he was so completely turned on by this side of the woman in front of him.

Brennan tried to vocalize her thoughts. "That was--I mean your dancing--I--," she decided to shut her totally uncooperative mouth rather than make a further ass of herself.

Before either could say another word, the beginning strains of "All the Way" were heard from the jukebox and the sexual look in Booth's eyes softened as he reached down for her hands. "How about one more?"

Brennan nodded once and gently he pulled her into a rocking embrace so different from their last dance. At first, Booth held her right hand in his left as his other arm wrapped around her waist. He hadn't taken his eyes from hers yet. He'd listened to everything Angela had said and now he was willing Brennan to see how he felt. Hell, he wasn't even totally sure how he felt himself. He never knew he could go from anger to desire to--whatever this was--so quickly. And what was this? Staring into her eyes he saw so many things that made him want to just take her and show her what she'd been missing—what he'd been missing. Because as much as he believed what he'd told her about finding that person you could be one with, he'd never found her. Looking into Brennan's blue eyes and seeing that wall she always kept in place nearly gone, Booth finally acknowledged there was something happening between them--something much more than friendship and something so much deeper than anything he'd experienced before, he couldn't find words to describe it.

He watched as she swallowed and lowered her gaze. Letting go of her hand he tilted her chin up, although she kept her eyes averted, "What, Bones? Tell me," he whispered softly.

At the sound of his voice, she met his gaze and he saw the struggle she was having cross her face before she finally said, "I don't know what this means."

He couldn't contain the smile that crept over his face. God, this woman could drive him crazy! Seeing her eyes start to slip away from his he changed his position, pulling her body tight to his so that her ear was next to his mouth. "I don't either," he whispered. He felt her body relax into his and her hands slide up to his shoulders.

She could feel the hardness of his chest--the definition in his shoulders--as she held on to him. She recognized fully now that there was an open attraction between them. She knew she had never felt this strongly about any man she'd ever been with before. Everything about him was so powerful: his body, his look, the way the scent of him was affecting her--he was so alive and had made her feel that way, too. But as she laid her head on his shoulder, for a moment allowing herself to be the more docile of the two, she couldn't help but keep thinking, "Oh my God, this is Booth!"

As the song came to an end, Booth reluctantly began to pull away. They stood there for a few moments, simply looking at each other. Another song started, a fast one, and Booth said something.

"I'm sorry, what?" Brennan asked.

Booth leaned in and she felt her body react as his breath teased her ear. "I said, do you want to leave?"

In the space of a split second, Brennan's stomach shot up to her throat as her heart started working double time. She pulled far enough away to look at him. His eyes had the beginnings of that dangerous look again and now she realized it for what it was: desire.

Booth watched her cautiously, hoping he hadn't pushed things too far too quickly. There was a subtle change in those eyes of hers and something he couldn't quite read manifested itself in them. Hope, fear, and something else simmering there shot straight to his heart, making him want to hold her. Before he could worry that he had crossed a line, though, she leaned back in to whisper in his ear. Her one word, "Yes," came from parted lips that lightly grazed his earlobe and then, still slightly parted, slowly brushed against his jaw line as she pulled back, barely slipping against the corner of his mouth before her eyes once again met his.

His scalp was left tingling and the rush of desire that swept through his body left a burning heat to settle below his stomach and fan out even lower. Before he could say anything else, she took his hand, turned away, and left the dance floor.

As they drew near the table, Brennan prepared herself for Angela's imminent squealing. She was sure she'd seen everything. She looked up and saw her friend staring at her, but not quite in the way she expected. She was definitely saying something and shaking her head emphatically, seeming to gesture to someone sitting next to Cam. Brennan frowned, not understanding her friend and walked up to the table.

"What's wrong?" Booth asked, noticing Angela's angst-filled faced.

The man next to Cam stood up and Booth immediately felt like he'd been kicked in the gut.

"Hi, Tempe," Sully said, smiling.