CM Punk X Jeff Hardy This Fire Burns: Chapter 1

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I loved seeing new faces. Some of them just stood out more. Some had crazy hair or beautiful eyes, a weird nose, chapped lips, a great body, a horrible tan…I could go on. But this one, he's really something.

I hate clubs. I'm always the sober one and I have to taxi everybody to their hotel and make sure they make it to there rooms safely. I swear if I charged them for that I'd be a rich man. Then again I always get to tell them what a crack head they were the night before and take pictures for use as blackmail later.

I look at my watch and realize its too dark in here to even see what time it is so I press the little button that makes the backlight come on. I squint into the light. 11:36. Yep its time to be getting the guys rounded up. One last drink of my Pepsi and I'm all around the club rounding up the guys, occasionally pulling one off a girl. (Ahem…coughsEDGE!)

It was at that moment I realized that I, Phil Brooks, was in love with the Rainbow Haired Warrior, Jeff Hardy. He was kissing a girl passionately and gently groping her, letting out soft whimpers of pleasure. Just seeing and hearing this turned me on.

"Umm helloooo Dork aren't hiccup you going to take us home now?" A drunken Edge slurred.

"Yeah gimme a sec. I gotta find Jericho." I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was gorgeous.

I start looking around the bar, stumbling on a couple of people who have passed out. I wasn't surprised to find Chris dancing on a pole like a complete idiot half naked. He had a group of girls around him who were staring at him all googly eyed. I figured now was a good time to snap a shot of Jericho stripping. Like I said, I could use it someday.

"Sorry to interrupt your show girls but its time for him to go home." I smiled and grabbed Chris's hand and pulled him off the stage.

"Sorry girlies I'll be back tomorrow, same time same place." He winked and blew kisses to them.

"Put some fuckin clothes on!" I said through my teeth as I shoved his clothes at him.

"Don't be jealous cause you arent as hot or as popular as I am."

That was one thing I wasn't. Who wants to him? I mean he's about as tall as Mysterio and his signature move is called Walls of Jericho. He wishes he was a big as a wall. But never mind that. I drove them home and got them all situated in there rooms. Some asked for a glass of water, others asked for a certain T.V. channel. Of course I did what they asked. I m not mean like that.

I went to my own room and watched a little T.V. I was still wide awake. I don't know what's gotten into me these past couple of nights. I get up to get a drink of water. Great, now I gotta pee. After I take a nice long pee I put a t-shirt on and go down to the lobby and just sit there. That's right, I just sit there.

"Hey there Buddy what're you doin up?" Oh great. That's the last thing I need. Jeff Hardy.

"Huh? Oh what? Why am I up? I cant sleep?" I give him a sheepish grin.

"Ohh you got insomnia too? I got it and I cant sleep for shit. My big brother tells me I should lay off the sugar. What he doesn't know is that I have been for the past few weeks and I still cant sleep for shit."

"Ohh yeah? …I dunno why I cant sleep…. I m not usually like that." I fucked up. I hate that. I always get nervous and run out of things to day when I m talking to some one I like.

"Hey uhm…Why were you starin at me in that club?" He looks up at me with those jade green eyes and a questioning look on his angelic face.


"Cause why? Is it cause of this?" He reaches up and kisses me on the lips.

I touch my lips in disbelief. I m stupefied and shocked.

"Is that why?" He persists. He brushes a strand of purple hair behind his ears and continues to look at me with those questioning eyes.

I get up and walk to the elevator hoping it will close before he gets in. He runs way too fast and made it into the elevator.

"It is isn't it?" He grins.

"No, No its not Jeff. The girl was pretty that's all." I lied through my teeth.

"Oh," He scrunches his face up a little." You're lying to me. I know you like me."

BING. Phew, safe. I get out of the elevator and turn to Jeff.

"I'll see you tomorrow ok Jeff."

"Ok See ya then Punky." He smiles and gives me a girly little wave.

I get up to my room and undress. Fuck the shower tonight. I got tomorrow off anyways. The sheets are soft and the pillows are just right. I take on last look at the clock and fall asleep.

Jeff: When can I kiss him Again?! When? Huh?

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