This Fire Burns -6

As always, A big thanks to Tina, Mariana and the reviewers.

Love ya guys.

"Alright lets go now." Jeff said as he bounced around the living room.

"Not yet, I still have to go pay the rent. I cant believe you did that. Now I got a ticket to pay." I shake my head. Don't get me wrong, I love Jeff, He means the world to me. But he gets me into so much trouble. I guess I've kinda gotten used to it. I mean just last week he decided that the neighbors car was too plain and thought it would be ok to paint it. Oh man were we in for it. Of course the guy knew it was Jeff, no body else in the building paints like Jeff. So we got our asses chewed out by our neighbor. Anyway back to subject at hand.

"Come on Jeff."

"Where are we going? Are we going to the carnival yet?" He asked.

"No not yet Jeffro. I have to go drop this off first." I said waving the money order in the air. He sighed.

"Than I don't wanna go. You can come back and get me when you're done." He said, crossing his arms over his chest and firmly planting himself on the couch. I sigh and opme the door.

"Oh come on, its not gonna kill you."

"Fine but after we go to the carnival right?" He asked.

"Yes Jeffro, I promise." I took his hand in mine and we locked up the house and headed down the managers office.

He wasnt in his office so I just slipped the envelope in the mail box. We got to the car and this time I got on the driver's side.

"Im driving." I said sternly.

"Fine just don't get us any more tickets" He said. "Oh and click it or ticket."

The ride to the carnival was quite for the most part. I think Jeff was too hyped up to even say much. He did turn the music up loud and sing along to it though. We found a parking space and pulled in. He held my hand as we got our tickets and walked in.

No sooner than we walked in the carnival grounds he was pestering me to get on some crazy looking rides. I went with him though. A few of them took some coaxing though. He can get me to do anything he wants me to do. After I few stomach turning rides I spotted a haunted house. I pointed it out to Jeff.

"Jeff, We have to go to the haunted house." I said. I was serious. I love haunted houses. I think they are probably the best part if the carnival, I don't care to much for rides.

"Do we have to Philly?" He whined.

"Aw come on please? I went on that ride with you."

"Fine lets go get it over with." He said." I just want to let you know that I am not scared of these things, I just think they are dumb."

I smiled to myself and mumbled yeah right. I took his hand and we went in behind a large group of kids. Jeff jumped at a bat flying towards his face.

"Son of a Bitch." He murmured. He held his hand tighter. The kids ion front began to scream with terror. Jeff looked at me ad laughed.

"I wonder if they are bright enough to know that its only some one in a costume." Jeff said. We shrugged our shoulders and kept going through the house. When we came out we were pretty disappointed. It sucked. I mean it was the worst haunted house I've ever been in. It wasn't even scary. Normally there is something cool about them, but this one? No way. Jeff tugged my sleeve.

"What babe?" I asked.

"Im hungry. Lets go get some hot dogs." He began pulling me towards the hot dog stand and I followed.

" Can I get two hot dogs with mustard, a large coke and cotton candy?" He told the man. He nodded his head and began to prepare our food. Jeff handed the money over and sat down at one of the benches. I went to sit next to him and reached for a hot dog. He swatted my hand away.

"Hey, lemme get a bite." I grumbled. He hesitantly let me get a bite of his hot dog. He was hungry. He scarffed the food down his throat faster than the man had prepared it. I smiled at him. He scooted closer and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.

"Hey check that out." He said. He pointed over at a body art stand. He took my hand and gently tugged me over to the stand, personally I was still nauseous from the rides. He was fascinated by all the art. A big man came up to him and asked him if he wanted anything. Jeff nodded his head politely. He continued to look at all the art until he got bored. He spotted a dart booth with a bunch of those giant sized stuffed animals hanging all around it.

"Philly? Do you think you could win me one of those?" He asked. He pointed at a rainbow tiger. I shrugged.

"I guess I could try for you babe." We walked over to the booth and the woman handed me a few darts.

"Now how do I win one of those Tigers?" I asked her. She explained to me that I had to pop the little black balloon in the middle and at least two of the purple ones on the edges. I sighed and threw my dart. I hit all the right balloons.

"Yay you did it Philly!" Jeff hugged me tightly. The woman asked me what toy I wanted and I told her to ask Jeff.

"That one." Jeff said pointing at the rainbow tiger. We walked around a little bit until he spotted another interesting stand.

"Oh Oh Oh what's that what's that?!" Jeff asked happily tugging at my arm. He pointed over at a stand that was pretty empty. I squinted so I could read the sign.

"Its Adam's Engraving, or something like that."

"Can we go see it?" He asked softly.

"Of course Babe." I said as we walked over to the stand. His eyes became wide with awe. He kept looking at a sliver ring. "You want that baby?" I asked him, pointing at the ring.

"Oh no Philly. Its ok." He smiled as he hugged the giant rainbow tiger. He hugged my arm and looked away from the stand.

"Why don't you go get another hot dog or something?" I asked as I dug around in my pockets for a few dollars.

"Don't you think I ate enough earlier." He laughed.

"Well go get me a hot dog then." I smiled at him gently and handed him the money. He giggled and ran to the hot dog stand. I turned to the man at the engraving stand.

"Hey can I get that ring right there?" I pointed at the silver ring. Then man nodded and took the ring out.

"Want anything on it?" He asked. I thought for a moment before replying.

"Yeah, I want it to say "Forever and Always" " I said to the man.

"You got it." He said as he began to engrave on the outside of the ring. I looked around for Jeff. He was still waiting in line at the hot dog stand. A few minutes passed and the man looked up at me. He handed me the ring and asked me what I thought of it. I smiled real big. He did a really nice job.

"Thanks dude, you did a real nice job." I smiled. "How much?"

The man held up his hands. "Nothing, you can have it. I wish I had some one that loved me as much as that guy loves you. I mean I'm not gay or anything but I still wish I had some one like that." He said pointing at Jeff who was now walking towards us with two hot dogs in his hands, eating one of them. I put some money down on the counter and thanked the man. I walked towards Jeff and gave him a hug.

"Watch it you almost got ketchup in yours and my tigers hair you dork." He laughed. HE had a small drop of ketchup next to the corner of his lip. I smiled and wiped it off. I took my hot dog from him and out the ring in his hand.

"Please tell me you didn't Philly."

"Ok then I wont tell you."

He opened his hand and looked at the ring. He grinned from ear to ear and hugged me super tight. He got in his toes and whispered in my ear.

"Forever and Always Philly."

Hope you enjoyed this.