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I stretched with a yawn and rolled over in bed. I wrapped my arms around the man next to me and began to play with the ends of his hair.

"Good morning," he said pulling me closer.

"Morning," I replied snuggling closer preparing for a day spent in bed. My eyes scanned his beautiful body and I shuddered with desire. That beautiful tan skin pulled taut over sculpted muscles, his red brown hair that shimmered in the light filtering in through the window and his sparkling brown eyes that make me utterly helpless. "Kiss me," I say with a smile.

"But you're married," he groaned running a hand down my back. I shivered at his touch. I wanted more.

"That didn't stop you last night," I say motioning to our clothes scattered across the floor.

"That was different. 'A kiss is too personal'," he smirked quoting Pretty Woman, knowing it was my favorite movie. He always teased me about liking it, not understanding why it was my favorite. I always related to Julia Roberts when I watched it. I knew what it was like to know that the only attraction anyone had for me was just based off appearances. That was until I met him.

"Kiss me anyway," I insist.

"What will your husband think?" he asked with a smile.

"He doesn't need to know," I grinned. He leaned over and lightly kissed me. I was swept away to another world that consisted only of the warmth of his body next to mine and the sound of my thudding heart. He pulled away all too soon for my liking and gave me a brilliant smile that was almost as good as his kiss. Almost.

"Good morning Mrs. Kuwabara."

"Good morning Mr. Kuwabara," I said as his lips met mine in another warm kiss.

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