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Our honeymoon was much the same, we didn't leave the cottage once after our first traipse in the water. We'd stayed in the house, moving to different rooms throughout the day. The bed in the master room had broken and collapsed onto the floor, making the head and foot boards snap from the bed. We hadn't noticed until we were done.

We weren't as gentle over our time there. We made love occasionally, basking in the intense feeling of love that flowed between us. It was something completely different when we were harder with each other, and I couldn't deny the fact that I was turned on by his dominance.

The walls in most of the rooms had dents in them the size of my back. We had broken through the guest bedroom's wall, and that bed, too. The upstairs' bathroom's shower was completely not working. We'd gone through the tile, and in the process, through the water pipes. After Edward secured the steel from flooding the house, we broke the countertop, too.

The downstairs bathroom received minor damage, a dent in the wall from where I threw him into it, and then cracked tiles on the floor. But of all the rooms, the living room was the most damaged.

The couch arms were both broken, the cushions shredded and torn, while every chair had broken legs. The dinning room table was broken into unidentifiable pieces skewed across the room, some had been flung into the wall, creating massive holes. The tables were broken and dented, the wood chipped and decrepit all over the room. The large desk in the corner of the room took a heavy beating. Edward and I had a round of principal and student, the desk reminded him of a dean's office.

I'd come to know a different Edward throughout our honeymoon. Not one that could crack a joke, or only be gentle. But someone who trusted their control, who gave into their desires and in return gave the favour back. I'd also learned that one-hundred and seven years of sexual repression takes it's toll, even on a vampire.

We had no time to rest, when something was broken, he'd pick me up and relocate me. Edward's dominance was overwhelming. Even when I'd thought I was in control, he'd somehow turn me into the receiver. I didn't care for the time being, every time he'd command me I would do whatever he said without a second thought. His commands turned me on more than anything else.

I was always his top-priority, though. I'd always have my orgasm before him, and that bothered me more than anything. I wanted him to release and enjoy everything, but when I'd brought it up, he said there was nothing sexier than watching me while having sex. Even when talking to our son he was inappropriate, nipping at my neck or sucking on my earlobe. We'd managed to extend our getaway for another earth-shattering week.

We'd tried every position that came to mind, explored every sliver of skin, and tasted every inch of each other. We'd come to know each other better than we knew ourselves. And even as we packed from our amazing time together, we still flirted and cracked jokes.

"Esme's not going to be happy." I commented. Edward snorted and rolled his eyes.

"I think she can cope. Besides, it's not that bad." even I could hear the poorly hidden lie. "What? It's not, really. Back in the seventies Emmett and Rosalie had this huge mansion of a house for a month. It was bigger than the one we all live in now, from the vision Alice had when they left, this is a homicide to the Civil war."

"Still, it was nice enough for Esme to furnish such a beautiful home and then we go and break all the furniture. Did you even look at everything? It's perfect! The dark red and vibrant whites are so amazing…" I trailed off as Edward slowly shifted into a crouch.

"One last time," his voice wasn't pleading, it was demanding and I shivered.

"We shouldn't, we promised Damien to be home by tonight."

"We'll be there." was all he said before he leapt at me. I avoided him by less than an inch and took off down the stairs. There was a loud growl before I could hear him take off.

I sprinted for the front door, but his arm wrapped around my waist before I was out. I could feel something pressing into my lower back, and I pushed against him. Edward snarled in my ear before he licked around the edges.

"We missed something," I looked to my right and saw a lone ataman sitting in the corner. It matched the burgundy panels of the house and was set aside from the wreckage we had made.

"I think we should leave it," I tried my best to sound forceful, but it was hard to ignore the liquid rushing feeling between my legs.

"It'll take five minutes." he hissed in my ear. "Pants down." with that, he unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them off with my panties before I saw him remove his own… to find him without any underwear on.

"Ew, please don't do that." I laughed.

"I wanted to make it easier." he shrugged.

Wait, what? "Did you intend… did you know that we…?" I gestured, and he grabbed my hand leading me to the ataman, I guessed that was a yes. I should have expected for him to try one more time. We'd avoided showering together, but I had a feeling he wasn't going to let it end that easily.

"What can we do on this?" he asked, his head cocking to the side and observing the small piece. I decided to give him an answer and dropped to my knees before bending over so my chest was pressed against the cushion. I wiggled my hips at him and he grinned back.

He dropped to his knees behind me and entered me in one movement. A scream slipped through my lips, and a groan from him. The pressure of him entering me was amazing, something I could never get used to, no matter how many amazing times. My fingers dug into the cushion on instinct, and my hips hit the base each time Edward entered me.

I found myself chanting a choir of incoherencies, all of it ending with his name. Edward was powerful behind me, making my nerves swim lower and lower until I could feel everything in me explode in a world of growls and screams.

The ataman beneath me crack with a loud noise, and Edward fell on top of me with the sudden movement. I groaned before playing with the broken splinters. Edward didn't move from on top of me, and I was glad, I like the feeling on his full weight, neither of us feared me being crushed. His fingers twirled in my hair and I sighed.

"I get to be the dominant one next decade, okay?" he chuckled, but I felt him nod against my back.

We had managed to pack the remainder of our things, and load ourselves in the car with minimal groping. It was almost three in the afternoon, and the sun was making a light appearance through the clouds, nothing that was too exciting.

My body began to fidget as we grew nearer, and I really wanted to hold my son. I'd talked to him every night, but it was different. The family was keeping him more than entertained, but I'd heard whine multiple times when I was talking to someone else. He'd had a breakdown this morning when he woke up. He wouldn't stop crying, and it was only after two hours of non-stop tears that the family called us.

Edward and I knew they didn't want to disturb us, but it was about time someone pulled us back into reality. We drove down the little dirt road that lead to the mouth of the driveway before speeding to the house. Everyone was on the porch, Esme had Damien in her arms, while he was struggling to get free.

As soon as I opened my door, I heard frantic squealing and babbling. And it was only then that I heard the most beautiful piercing sound my ears had ever beheld. I think I must have looked astounded, but so did everyone else. Alice's mouth popped open, and Rosalie raised her eyebrows while Emmett grinned and elbowed Jasper. Edward, who was at my side, froze.

"Mommy!" the whaling baby's voice hung in the air and I couldn't move, only stare at my son. He was squirming and frustrated tears were beginning to stream down his face. He cried out again, louder this time, but a more garbled version of the word.

"Oh!" Esme snapped out of her stupour of look at the little boy, and then ran to my side where Damien flopped into my arms.

"I didn't see…" Alice explained defensively while Jasper looked annoyed, pulling a check book from his pocket.

"Told you the rug-rat would speak." Emmett chuckled.

"Ma," Damien muttered into my neck, his fingers tugged at my hair and he sighed a baby sigh. My hands rubbed up and down his warm little back and I kissed his head.

"I missed you, too." I whispered. Edward's arms wrapped around both of us. His lips went to the top of my head, and his hands covered mine on our son.

"I love you both so much." Damien's head lifted and he giggled. His hand grabbed onto Edward hair that had fallen in his eyes, and patted it.

"Da," he giggled again while Edward stared wide eyed.

"I told you he'd be a genius!" Rosalie stated proudly, her hands on her hips. A part of me knew it was too soon for him to speak; that he should be in the sensory motor stage of development. But another part of me knew he was different, that his childhood was hurrying by and I'd just missed a precious week.

His fingers played with Edward's hair over my shoulder, and anything else that he came across. He was observant, and curious, but that was something I'd come to expect. He looked up again, his dark green eyes wide and he grinned.

"Ma!" I smiled and let the theories go. He was my child, my son, and my family. I'd never dreamed of this, not in a thousand years, and I was still reeling, still needing to soak it all in at times.

Edward's lips touch my hair and again, and our family gathered around us. They all treated me as if I was never human, and as if I was always apart of their long living family. They hugged us and welcomed us back, asked about a variety of things and continued on in comfortable conversation until the early hours of the morning.

And I couldn't help the smile on my face as I held my son, and my husband's arm wrapped around me, that this was my family, and this was my life.

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