Hey! In honor of the movie, I have a special song for this chapter! Mind you, I adore Bella's Lullaby. I think it's a beautiful piece, even though it's not quite what I expected. Carter Burwell's music is great, if that's what the rest of the score is like (I'll find out tonight, when I go see it!). SO... I am merely making fun here. No harm intended, because I really do love it.

And yes, I know that Jasper doesn't have extra abilities. This was fun to write about, though! It's a little different, because there are no words, except for at the end, where they do the remix version (which you get for free if you buy tickets on Fandango). The remix version is... eh, it's alright. I like it well enough. But I had to make fun of it!

I do not own Twilight or Bella's Lullaby (Carter Burwell). Same goes for the remix version.

Bella ran her hands over the grand piano in awe.

"It's beautiful," she breathed before turning to Edward. "You play?"

"A bit," he shrugged. "Would you like to hear?"

"Of course!" Bella's cheeks flushed with excitement as he sat beside her on the bench. Her heart fluttered when their shoulders touched and she blushed. It was so embarrassing, especially now that everyone could hear!

"I wrote this for you," Edward told her and her fingers began to move over the keys.


Is playing piano, but no noise comes out. He starts slamming on the keys, but nothing happens. A very confused look comes over his face.

Cullen family:

Assembles into an orchestra


Begins to conduct. Music plays for a few moments and then she cues Edward, who is still trying to play. Suddenly, music comes out of the piano, and it works.

Song continues until end. Bella has tears in her eye, and Edward looks annoyed.

Cullen family flees the room

"Oh, Edward!" Bella cried. "That was beautiful! You wrote that for me?"

"No," he almost growled. "I didn't."

"But you just said – "

"I didn't write that!" Edward yelled. "Where is the lullaby? And why couldn't I play it? I tried to, but my hands would only play that song! The lullaby has no other instruments! And it's not so high, because you can hum it and make it sound good, and no offense, but you can't sing very well if your voice goes to high."

"How do you – "

"You sing in the shower." Bella's mouth dropped open, but the vampire rolled his eyes. "You sing loudly. I can hear it from your yard, if I'm listening."

"Edward, I think it's beautiful either way."

"But I didn't write it! It was supposed to be my song!" Edward tried to plunk out the correct notes, but no matter what, the melody from before would sound.

Suddenly, words came tumbling out of Edward's mouth and a beat sounded through the room (courtesy of Alice's keyboard and Jasper's computer).

"Are you afraid?" Edward asked Bella before his hands began to move, without his control. "Are you afraid?"

"I'm only afraid of losing you!" Bella said suddenly, without meaning or wanting to. "This isn't real! This sort of stuff just doesn't exist!"

"It does in my world," Edward continued before slamming the keys on the piano to bits. The music stopped and he looked relieved. "Okay, this sort of stuff doesn't even happen in my world!"

Edward stormed out of the room angrily and Alice danced over to a giggling Bella. Jasper approached as well, yet kept his distance.

"It worked!" Bella laughed.

"I told you that Jasper could control actions, too. It's not just emotions. But nobody ever believed me! Nobody! Not until now!" Alice wrapped her arms around her husband and he grinned.

"He couldn't possibly think I get you to stop shopping by making you happy, could he?" Jasper questioned and Edward burst suddenly into the room (this time on his own accord).

"You couldn't?"

"Yeah! And how else could I have gotten Emmett to give me that grizzly last time we went hunting?"

"Jerk!" Emmett cried and was beside his brother in a flash. Jasper waved his hand nonchalantly and the brothers could do nothing but glare.

"Stupid, strong vampire," they muttered in unison. Alice laughed lightly before skipping over to Emmett and pushing him right down to the ground.

"I've always wanted to do that!" Jasper shook his head before fleeing the room, away from Bella. The boys leaped from their positions and began to chase him.


"Oh, no."

Poor Jasper.... I love him, though! Anyhow, have fun when you all watch the movie, and please no spoilers in the reviews (DO let me know if you've seen it, so when I reply I can talk and ramble!). Actually... this chapter is poor Edward.