We were Meant to Be

Kris woke up in a daze and looked around the hotel room, her eyes falling on Jason. Her brain replayed the events of the day and she felt a small groan escape her lips.

Reaching over she grabbed her phone opening it and pushing the familiar speed dial. After three rings the musical voice answered, excited no doubt about who was calling.

"Hey Dani," Kris stated softly.

"Kris, oh my goodness, it is so good to hear from you."

A small smile escaped on her face as she chuckled somewhat surprised at the fact that she hadn't received a lecture for abandoning her best friend's brother.

"Please tell me you are finally coming home," Dani stated and Kris couldn't help but hear the strain in her voice.

"Is everything going ok?" Kris asked softly trying to not let the worry into her voice.

"Yeah I am just tired of Junior moping around. Speaking of Junior, Kris, how could you just leave like that?"

Kris could feel the tears come to her eyes as she remembered the dream that had haunted her during her sleep.

"I didn't really have a choice, Dani."

"You always have a choice," Dani reprimanded her.

A loud sigh escaped Kris' lips and her next words came out harsher than she meant them to. "I didn't call to argue with you, Dani, so if that is what you are planning I can let you go."

"NO!" Dani squealed causing Kris to crunch up her nose in distaste.

"Dani," Kris sighed softly "I think I am in too deep and I need someone else's help or opinion."

"Is everything ok, Kris?" Dani asked and Kris could almost imagine the scenarios running through her friends head.

"Whatever you are thinking, it's probably worse." Kris mumbled as she flopped back onto the bed.

"Kris you are starting to scare me a little bit," Dani stated "out with it!"

"Well the doctor just left," Kris stated running her hand briefly over the top of her hair, brushing the flyaway strands down.

"DOCTOR?" Dani screamed into the phone causing Kris to cringe and pull the phone away from her ear.

"Yes, doctor." Kris replied softly.

"And why per tell did you have to see a doctor." Dani asked worry lacing her voice.

"Because," Kris sighed not really sure how to say what she was trying to say.

"Kris are you OK?" Dani asked questioningly.

"That depends on your definition of ok," Kris replied softly.

"You're starting to worry me," Dani stated and Kris could picture the woman gripping the edge of the counter in anticipation.

"Dani, I'm pregnant." Kris stated.

"Oh my GOD!" Kris heard the woman scream and then she heard her yelling for someone.

"Dani, What are you doing?" Kris asked slightly scared for her reaction.

"Hello," the man's voice stated "Dani can't talk right now, she is hyperventilating."

A small chuckle escaped Kris' lips as she pictured the scene that was surely unfolding.

"Hey, Matt." Kris stated trying to hold the amusement out of her voice.

"Kris?" Matt asked somewhat surprised.

"Yes." Kris answered.

"What exactly did you tell my wife to get her to freak out so?" He asked amusement clearly not present in his voice.

"Just some news that I needed to share with a friend." Kris replied feeling guilty immediately for not telling him.

"I see," Matt replied and she could still hear a bit of anger in his voice "and you are not going to tell me are you?"

Another sigh escaped her lips and she muttered under her breath "for now I think that would be best."

She heard some shuffling and then she heard Dani's voice pitched with a bit of tension. "Kris you need to come home NOW!" Dani stated "Screw the damn horse, get your butt home."

"I need some time to process, Dani. I just needed to talk to a friend and get some advice." Kris replied.

"My advice is for you to get home NOW and set things right Kris." Dani stated her voice somewhat seething.

"I swear Dani that if I knew I never would have left," Kris stated softly "if it is any consolation."

"I know," Dani answered softly the anger almost completely gone from her voice. "So when will we be seeing you?"


"What's wrong with her?" Junior asked pointing to his sister and making a crazy face causing Matt to laugh.

"Apparently she got some big news that she refuses to share." Matt stated not wanting to repeat anything else that he had heard in the conversation.

"She is such a drama queen" Junior stated laughing slightly as he reached over and grabbed a bag of chips off the counter making his way back to the living room.

"What did Kris tell you?" Matt asked as Dani hung up her phone.

"Sweetie," Dani answered "Even if I wanted to tell you I was kind just sworn to secrecy."

"Is she coming back?" Matt asked softly his mind on his best friend in the other room.

"She will be home tomorrow." Dani stated a small smile on her face.

"She is coming home?" Junior asked softly from the doorway causing both of them to turn and look at him.

"She is coming home!" Dani stated a hesitant smile on her face.

"Well good for her," Junior stated the sadness in his voice evident.

"Junior, please don't be like that. She has a good reason for everything. You should know that by now."

"Right and I am just supposed to forget these last few months." Junior stated flabbergasted at what his sister was implying.

"Hear her out," Dani stated "You won't regret it."


Kris made her way up the similar road stopping at the house that she once called home. Lifting her hand she took a deep breath, getting the courage to knock, before doing so. She heard someone stumbling around before the door opened and she felt her hand fall softly to her side.

"Kris," Junior stated in acknowledgement.

"Junior we need to talk," Kris stated softly.

He nodded quietly and gently moved out of the doorway.

Taking a deep breath she steadied herself before entering the house.


A few years later—

"And that," Kris stated softly as she ruffled the young girls hair "is enough for the night."

"But mommy," the little girl replied "I'm not quite tired couldn't you possibly tell me just a bit more?"

"Another time, love." Kris whispered kissing her softly on the forehead and flipping the light off.

"Goodnight, Alexandria."

"Night Mommy," the young girl replied.

Kris stood for a moment at the door making sure that she stayed in bed before she made her way down the hall.

"Lights off," she called into Jason's room smiling softly as she heard the young man's groan.

"Just a few more minutes mom, please?" he asked softly looking up from a comic book he was reading.

"You have five minutes." Kris stated smiling softly at her son's exuberant smile.

"That should be enough!" he stated delving back in and causing her smile to grow.

"You spoil them, you know." Junior stated coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.

"And you don't?" she asked laughingly.

"Too true," he replied placing a gentle kiss on her hairline.

"And how is my other precious?" Junior asked gently rubbing the bump on her stomach.

"Restless," Kris stated laughing "we have a kicker on our hands."

"It is so going to be a boy!" Junior stated exuberantly.

"I'm not so sure," Kris replied teasingly "I think it just might be a girl."

Junior's musical laugh followed and she felt her heart skip a beat. After all these years he still had a magical affect on her.

"I heard you talking to Lexi," Junior stated musingly.

"And?" Kris asked confused at where this was going.

She felt him gently nuzzle his nose into her neck for a minute before he whispered in her ear "If you wouldn't have come back I would have come after you. I was miserable without you."

A soft sigh escaped her lips and she turned around to look at her husband. "I was as well," she stated softly.

"That's because we were meant to be," Junior stated placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I love you Kris."

"I love you too!" Kris replied softly. Junior smiled for a moment before bending down on his knees and placing a gentle kiss on her protruding belly. "I love you too, my precious one."