Stranger Roads Have Been Walked

Abby Ebon


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A Line Drawn


The magical folk at Stanford were a tight bunch, overprotective of their own, and leery of those who weren't witches or wizards taking an interest in their peers. It was what set Jessica apart from the magical crowd, what drew Harry to her. She was pretty enough, but Harry didn't think of her as a potential wife or girlfriend, merely a friend who took a broad view of the world and befriended normal and magical alike.

They had met on Harry's first day of collage, as a manner of fact. Jess was merely walking to her dorm when an over-book-burdened Harry Potter trampled into her. One ripped map, several muddied books, and many apologies later, Jess was guiding the gawky and spectacled youth to the boys dorm.

"You really don't have to do this…" Harry trailed off as the blond threw him an amused glance over her shoulder and continued on. Her stride was long legged and brisk and Harry had enough trouble just keeping up with her let alone talking at the same time.

"So, where are you from?" Jess questioned him as she opened the door for him. He tried to protest this, but Jess merely gave his book filled arms a pointed look and ignored the boys who smirked or snickered at the roll reversal.

"Europe," Harry answered shortly, looking doubtfully up the staircase Jess had climbed up without hesitation. Hesitantly, wary of his books, he started up after her. Jess was tapping her foot at the top of the staircase, clearly awaiting more of an answer then the obvious one.

"Moved around lot, so really don't call anywhere over there home," Harry offered, and Jess merely shrugged and continued on her way expecting to be followed unquestioningly.

Harry wasn't one to disillusion her, as he was without a map or a dorm number. Maybe she knew some of the boys here and he could dorm-up with them for the night before settling things with the administration in the morning.

"So what are you doing over here?" Jess asked, pausing as they waited for a student to push his bags into his room. The hall was crowded and hardly had room for three people to walk side-by-side let alone the two of them mixed in with the many moving in and outs of the boys dorm.

"Just going to college, like anyone else, I suppose… somewhat of a vacation I guess," Harry allowed of himself, and when Jess threw him a raised eyebrow at the "vacation" comment, he only smiled and moved on as the student waved them on. A muttered 'thanks for waiting' could barely be heard over the chatter of the others.

"You must be rich to consider this vacation," Jess teased and Harry flushed. Informing her of his estates, wealth, and titles was the last thing he was going to do. Jess didn't notice his lapse, only laughing good naturedly at his flushed cheeks.

"Ah, here we are." Harry really didn't see anything spectacular about the dorm door. It was shining wood just like all the others in the overcrowded hall. Jess rapped twice on the door and it swung open in a rush revealing a young man likely a little older then he was. His dark gaze lightened upon setting sights on Jess lips formed a smile that took Harry's breath away.

He wasn't anything spectacularly impressive at first sight with a slender frame wrapped with wiry muscle and a sort-of bookish-dork look to him – though Harry wasn't one to point fingers as he looked about the same – but there was something about him – a danger – that whispered to Harry of 'could bes' and 'what ifs' in the shadows of his mind.

"Jess, just who I wanted to see…" The man spoke, and Jess flushed prettily, glancing aside and his attention came upon Harry. The brown gaze took him in, top from bottom, and a small confused welcoming smile curled his lips.

"Harry – this is Sam Winchester. Sam, love, this is Harry Potter, it's his first day and he hasn't been assigned a dorm yet. I'd hoped that you might have room to spare for him, else I think he'll be lost in the crowd we have here," Jess explained as Sam stepped aside letting her and Harry into the clean dorm room. The door closed and it was blessedly quieter then the chatter and noise of the hall outside.

"I don't think it should be a problem – that all you have Harry?" Sam asked with a polite nod to his backpack. Feeling he likely looked on the scruffy side, Harry only nodded. It was hard for him to believe that just a month ago he'd been wandering the countryside desperate to find bits of a Dark Lord's soul that were stuffed into inanimate objects. To try to explain to a stranger that all that he owed and cared about was in a ratty knapsack would be impossible to consider.

"Yeah, all I brought with me…" Harry trailed off at the looks of bemusement the two traded. He hadn't been sure before but he was now. They were most assuredly together. Boyfriend and girlfriend, perhaps even something closer.

"You sure travel light. What classes do you have in the morning?" Jess asked him, as it seemed the two of them were taking turns at interrogating him. A somewhat amused Harry almost answered "Muggle Mythology" but stopped just in time.

"'s a kind of a hobby," Harry told them. Sam shrugged a shoulder, through there was a look that said he didn't think it was 'just' a hobby that made Harry nervous and wonder why he had left his wand in his backpack. But Sam only pointed to the bed and rather empty looking other half of the room.

"Well, sounds interesting. You can stay if you like, but if they have a different place for you in the morning you should go there. I like my space," Sam said moving away to his side of the room. Jess looked after him, her lips pressed together – it showed that she was clearly upset. Not wanting to be the one to cause a rift between the two, Harry started to stammer out his thanks.

"Sam! I can't believe your manners. Harry, I apologize for dragging you in here…" Jess spoke out before he could though, and Harry felt awkward. He sighed though and shrugged a shoulder attempting to give her a reassuring look.

"It's alright, you really have helped – I appreciate it, really – and I'll try to stay out of your hair, Sam. I know this is all rather abrupt and everything…" Harry said haltingly, feeling as if the words coming out of his mouth weren't the right ones.

"No, it's not that your not welcome here, it's just…I…I don't really like sharing a room," Sam told him softly. Harry could only nod in a way he hoped was understanding though he didn't really understand at all having spent most of school year in a dorm room with four other boys, and when he was ten and sleeping under the cupboard under the stairs had echoed with his relatives' snores and the creeks and groans of the house.

"It's alright Sam – don't worry about it," Harry assured him, awkwardly sitting on the too firm mattress.

"Well, I'm hungry, it's nearly lunch. Want to go with me to the cafeteria Sam?" Jess asked. Harry couldn't help but hide a smile as he realized she needn't have bothered. It was far more like a demand than a question.

"S-sure," Sam said haltingly, clearly knowing from her tone that it was no real question at all. When the door shut, the last thing Harry saw was Jess give a small smile to him and Sam look remarkably like he was trying to get out of the situation he had dug himself into. Harry wished him luck. Jess was surely more than capable of telling him exactly what it was he had done.

Harry smoothed his fingers over the sheets of the mattress, deciding he preferred a softer one and reached into his backpack to fetch his wand. Tapping it against the mattress and sighing, he lay down and curled onto his side, pack hugged to his chest, and wand tucked behind his ear.


"I can't believe you," Jess stated once they were out of the dorm and away from prying ears. Sam gave a soft snort, and Jess, without any hesitation whatsoever, reached up and wacked him on the back of the head.

"That poor boy has barely been here a day and you're treating him as if he has some disease," Jess hissed at him with narrowed eyes as Sam rubbed the back of his head – not because it hurt, but because he knew he couldn't begin to explain to Jess what the real problem was. That ever since he was little he'd only shared a room with Dean, who protected him and associated that protection with the person who shared a room with him.

He didn't know Harry at all. Yet subconsciously, he knew he would seek the kid out if the monsters moved as shadows in the dark. That was a burden he knew no one but another hunter should be given. Yet Sam had little choice. He trusted those who slept in the same room as him – to guard his back, as he did with Jess. It was something that was subconscious and he had no control over the impulse for all that he was working to do so.

"It's nothing personal, Jess. He's welcome to stay the night, I just…just like my space." Sam tried to reason, but Jess' lips quirked and he sighed, knowing she found that excuse pathetic.

"You are such a liar Sam. You'd cuddle and drool on anything in your sleep," Jess told him fondly, and he couldn't be angry or frustrated at her when she had that tone of voice so Sam did the only thing he could do. He ran a hand through his hair and gave her his best kicked puppy look. She rolled her eyes, but he knew when the tenseness left her shoulders that she would leave it alone – for now.


"Isn't he just adorable?" Jess whispered to Sam, poking her boyfriend when he made no reply. Sam was staring down at Harry as if he'd never seen him. Jess had to admit Harry looked peaceful in his sleep. As if he didn't carry such metaphysical weight of magic or maturity as she had witnessed in the short amount of time she had known him in. She was now determined to find out all he was willing to tell about himself.

Harry's black fringe hid his faded lightning-bolt scar. His skin was otherwise tanned and, though he would always be smaller in height and muscle mass to other males, he had grown into his limbs, which was a blessing in and of itself, she knew.

She was American, but magical folk all over were a tight bunch. She knew well who Harry Potter was – savior, hero – but she realized then and there that she did not know the person behind all the media. He was such a kindred spirit – much like her Sam.

"Yeah..." Sam murmured weakly, pulling his eyes away from the stick that had to be as long as Harry's forearm, tucked behind his ear. Sam had such an odd look on his face after seeing it as if it disturbed some greater whole of him.

Jess fixed her eyes on the wand – knowing it for what it was – and realized why it had disturbed Sam so much. She waited until he was turned away from her before pulling her own wand out from her holster on her back.

"Sorry, Sam…" Jess murmured softly, before flicking her wand. Sam fell onto his bed limply, and then in a smooth motion, took the moment of seeing the wand for what it was from his memory. Whenever he saw it now, Sam would think it to be a ridiculously long pen that was important to Harry, so mustn't be thrown away.

Gently, Jess arranged him on the bed so he would be more comfortable. She knew the spell would last until morning and put one on Harry for good measure as she knew he would need it. With a sigh and a fond shake of her head, she took the wand from Harry's ear, and tucked it into his backpack.

Then she left them, casting a silencing spell on her way out so that the noise of the others would not disturb them.


AN: It may start out Sam/Jess/Harry, but by the sixth chapter it'll introduce Dean and then it'll start to change.