Troy sighed and wiped his pencil against the paper as the teacher droned on about sonnets and how to use them…like he really cared. He glanced at the teacher and then turned to smile at his girlfriend who was at the back of the classroom. Gabriella smile back and then returned her attention to Ms. Darbus. Troy turned back around and did the same.

When the bell finally rang Troy hopped up out of his seat and was hit by a wall of students going the opposite direction he was. He stumbled through them and was finally able to stop beside Gabriella. She giggled and took the hand he held out to her. Together they walked down the hallway and chatted about how Taylor had spilt her orange juice over her homework that morning.

"Oh Troy…you remember that I told you that I have something important to tell you?" Gabriella inquired. Troy smiled and nodded, recalling how Gabriella had greeted him with her eyes full of excitement. "Well…I'm going to New York with my mom on a business trip next week!" she stated, happily. Troy smiled down at the excited girl beside him, affection in his eyes.

"That's great Gabi! How long are you gone for?"

"Mom said for about a week."

"Have you ever been there before?"

"Nope…I'm looking forward to seeing the Twin Towers…it supposed to be amazing to see from the top of the building…that's where my mom is going for the business trip so I get to explore it! I can't wait!" she squealed. Troy laughed

"So you're going next week?"

"Uh huh." Gabriella dodged a running teen in the hallway.

"Yo, Troy, Gabster!" bushy haired kid cried.

"Hey Chad!" The two of them chorused as the approached him and Gabriella's best friend, Taylor.

"Did you tell him?" Taylor asked. Gabriella nodded. Troy looked back and forth in between them.

"Tell who, what?" he asked.

"Tell you that I'm going to New York," Gabriella clarified. Troy looked shocked.

"You mean everyone else knew except for me?" he asked in a fake hurt voice. Gabriella smiled.

"Yes…but only because you're the best boyfriend ever!" she teased. Troy put on a goofy smile and Gabriella burst into laughter. Troy turned red and Chad stepped in between them.

"Cut it out you two…stop being all lovey-dovey in front of me." He grumbled. Gabriella rolled her eyes and then looked at Taylor to see her smiling at Chad, who was stomping off towards where the busses were waiting. Gabriella linked her hand with Troy's again and he hugged her quickly as his bus stopped.

"I'll come and see you tomorrow Gabi." He mumbled in her ear. She nodded and he kissed her cheek before climbing onto the bus. Gabriella rejoined Taylor and together they crossed the busy street, heading towards Gabriella's house.

Troy watched the two girls walk away and he couldn't help but smile after the small brunette girl. He was one lucky guy and he knew it. His mind was a muddle of thoughts and he wondered vaguely if Gabriella really wanted to go to New York or if she was just putting on a show for everyone. His brow furrowed and he made a mental note to ask her about it that next day. The bus sped along the streets and Troy amused himself with thinking about a certain girl. Getting off of the bus he sauntered into the house and kicked off his sneakers, busying himself with watching the highlights from last nights basketball game. The phone rang and Troy answered to hear Chad's voice over the phone.

"So what do you think about Gabriella going to New York?" Chad asked after they had discussed the game.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I thought you would be a little bit more concerned that she was leaving." Chad hinted.

"She's just going on a trip with her mom…it's not big deal Chad." It was silent for a few minutes and for some reason Troy's heart began to pound.

"Should I be worried?" he asked, hesitantly. Chad was quiet for a minute.

"No…I just don't want you to mope around while she's gone…it's not healthy. I know how close you two are and I want to make sure that you'll be okay with her gone." Troy was confused at his friend's words. Then it suddenly clicked.

"Chad, don't worry about my relationship with Gab. We'll be fine. She's only gone for a week." Troy reminded him. Chad sighed.

"I know dude, I'm just warning you." He assured him. Troy rolled his eyes and hurriedly changed the subject back to basketball.

Later on that night he was doing homework when his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey Troy!" a sweet voice greeted.

"Hey Gabs…how are you doing?" he asked.

"Good I guess, I'm bored though."

"Me too…I'm doing homework. I miss you." Gabriella giggled and Troy's face lit up at her laugh.

"I miss you too Troy, but it's only been a few hours."

"So? It's still a long time." Gabriella giggled again.

"How are you going to last a week if you can't even last a few hours?"

"I won't…I guess you'll have to take me with you."

"Sure, hop on in the suitcase." Troy chuckled.

"No seriously, I'm going to miss you so much while you're gone."

"I'll miss you too Troy, but just think, we'll have lots to talk about when I get back!"

"That's for sure. I'm looking forward to it. Listen Gabs, I would love to chat all night but I have to start my homework."

"No problem, I understand. See you later Wildcat!" She called.

"Bye Gabriella." He answered, hearing her giggle as she hung up. Troy had a goofy smile on his face again as he stared down at his page,

September 6, 2001

Troy sighed and put down his pencil. It was no use. He couldn't concentrate on his homework. His mind began to wander to his girlfriend once again and he got up from his desk looking at a picture of the two of them on his table. He remembered the picture clearly.


"Troy do we have to go?" Gabriella whined, linking her fingers through Troy's.

"Come on Gabriella, dances are no big deal." Troy told her as they walked up to the school.

"Maybe not to you." She muttered. Troy pulled her off to the side and looked deep into her eyes to see fear lurking there.

"I'll be right beside you that whole time Gabi." He promised. Gabriella nodded and then they began to walk back up the driveway to the school. Soon the two of them were dancing and as the music sped up Troy spun her into him with her back pressed into his chest. She was laughing and he looked down at her, neither of them seeing the flash of the camera.

End of Flashback

Troy grinned and then, looking at the clock, got changed into his pyjamas before turning out the light, dreaming sweet dreams about a certain sweet girl.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this chapter...In case some of you were wondering this story is going to be based on the 9/11 attacks with a bit of a twist. If you happen to know some info about it can you please PM me? Thanks R&R!