Troy slammed the phone shut and sped his car up. Gabriella was back. She was back home, safe and sound. He only had one desire now and that was to hold her in his arms. Cars honked their horns angrily at him but Troy ignored them, swearing loudly as he got stuck behind a slow moving line of cars.

"Damn it! Come on people, move!" he cried, tapping the steering wheel impatiently. The line began to move faster and Troy sped up, keeping an eye on the speedometer to check how fast they were going: 20km/h. "Greeeaaat." Troy muttered and sat there, fuming. He continued at this slow pace until Troy reached the exit for Albuquerque, taking it quickly he sped down the familiar streets, ignoring the sights he usually sped down to see. He kept driving until he reached the corners of the two streets that Chad had mentioned, where he screeched to a stop. Troy hopped out of his car and ran up to a crowd of people there. "Is she here yet?" he asked breathlessly to Chad. Chad nodded and gestured to a group of girls.

"Yeah she's right over there." He said, clapping Troy on the back. Troy pushed his way through, suddenly remembering another time similar to this one.


"Dad I told you, singing is something new I've discovered just leave it alone." Troy muttered, feeling his temper rising.

"Son I still don't get why you disrupted the championship game to sing for some audition for a musical." It was just after the Wildcats had one their championship game and Troy was on his way to the after-party. His dad turned in his seat as he drove the car and turned to his son, watching him with a confused expression on his face. "It just doesn't make sense. This isn't like you. Since when do you sing?"

"Since now! You heard me sing with Gabriella! Isn't that enough to prove to you that I like singing?" Troy erupted. His father stared at him and Troy glared back.

"Fine. You like singing. Why is it only now?"

"Because Gabriella showed me that singing is something that I like doing, she showed me that I don't have to just be "the basketball boy" I can be more than that." Toy paused. "She's brought out a whole new me, dad."

"Well I want to get to know this…Gabriella…before you start seeing her more often." His dad said, his voice gruff. Troy rolled his eyes and stared out the window at the houses passing by. It was just dusk and Troy was reminded of the wonderful time he had experienced, being up on stage for the first time. Troy smiled to himself and ran a hand through his sandy, blond hair, his brilliant blue eyes shining brighter than a candle. The car pulled up to their destination and Troy hopped out of the vehicle to be surrounded by his fellow teammates.

"Yeah, Troy!" they cried. Troy grinned and pumped his fist, before slipping through the people, his eyes on one face.

"Hey Troy!" Taylor greeted and moved aside so he could reach the girl he was looking for.

"Hey Tay." He replied with a friendly smile. Gabriella turned at the sound of his voice and grinned at him, her smile making Troy's grin grow.

"Hey superstar." She whispered. Troy smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Great job up there today." He answered. Gabriella grinned and her cheeks blushed a bright red.

"Thanks. You too. You were great." She replied. Troy smiled and then, making sure no one was looking, he leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose. Gabriella's eyes widened and then she giggled, blushing more. Troy winked at her and then linked his hand with hers. They were surrounded by a load of smiling fans and together they waved and thanked each and every person who congratulated them.

End Of Flashback

"Gabs!" he called, trying to catch a glimpse of her. "Gabs!" all he could see was a crowd and cry girls, Taylor included. When Taylor turned and saw Troy there she gasped and grabbed someone in the crowd.

"Look." She said, pulling out a very scared looking Gabriella. Troy gasped and then closed the space between him and the frightened girl. Gabriella broke down into sobs as he hugged her and Troy rocked her back and forth, his own tears breaking free of their prison. The crowd cleared and gave them their privacy as the two of them cried on. Gabriella clutched Troy's shirt in to fistfuls, trembling with the relief of being home again. Troy stroked her hair, her back, her face, anything he could reach, trying to convince himself that she was really here.

"Oh Troy, I'm so g-glad to s-see you." She stuttered, crying to hard to get the words out properly. Troy hugged her harder and buried his face her mane of soft, brown curls.

"I'm glad to see you too Gabi. I'm so glad you're okay." Troy murmured past his own tears, drying them with his hands so she wouldn't see. Gabriella pulled back from Troy's grip and he cradled her face in his hands, wiping her tears from her face with his thumbs. She reached out and touched his cheek, another tear sliding down her cheeks. Troy murmured her name quietly and drew her to his chest, rocking them back and forth. Gabriella continued to tremble in his grip and Troy hugged her so tightly that his limbs shook with the effort. Gabriella sighed in contentment and pressed her face into his sweater.


"What?" Troy inquired, planting a kiss in her hair.

"I…love you." She whispered. Troy was shocked.

"Gabs…I don't expect you to say that-"

"No. I know that. But it's true. I really do love you." She said, her eyes wide. Troy gasped and leaned down, pressing his lips to hers. Gabriella smiled against the kiss and pulled away, beaming up at him.

"I don't know what to say." Troy admitted, stroking her cheek. Gabriella smiled and linked his hand with hers.

"You don't have to say anything." She whispered and then pulled him through the crowd, to where her mom stood, talking to Troy's parents. Together Troy and Gabriella listened as Gabriella's mother told them the details of the terrifying accident. Gabriella squeezed Troy hand and Troy returned the pressure. Together they had faced the world's worst attack. Together they could do anything.

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