A Shinobi Must See Through Deception

by Gabrielle Pheonix

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Summary: sasuke has killed Orochimaru and Itachi and is now back in Konoha. He is about to be reassigned to team seven with Sai, Sakura and Naruto. What will happen when they push Naruto too far and he finally snaps? Narusai, naru hinata, narusasu ,narusasusai,irukashi, etc. major lemon and rated m for explicit content.

Naruto walked to the bridge to meet with team seven. It would be the first time that they would meet in a year since they had all been busy. He was wearing all black since he had given up wearing all that annoying orange a year ago as it had only really been done to get attention anyway.

Sasuke had been brought back by him a little more than a year ago and he would be rejoining the team today since his punishment had finally ended. Sai would still be still be on the team since he had wanted to stay . Naruto was happy about that little fact since it made things so much easier for him and Sai knew it.

Sasuke had only been verbally reprimanded and confined for a year. In fact he had been regarded as a hero for killing the two men. Naruto shook his head in disgust at that fact because he knew that if it had been him, he would have been killed but no , not the great Uchiha. Most people hadn't even bothered to thank Naruto for bringing him back, in fact the only people that did were Iruka, Shizune, Tsunade, Rock lee's team and Guy-sensei, Kiba, Sai, Hinata and Shikamaru. In fact it had been the total opposite for him , not that he was surprised.


Sasuke lay next to his brother covered in both their blood. His eyes were bleeding from the tsukiyomi that Itachi had tried to use on him.The inside of his mouth was a bit scorched from using so many fire jutsus and he had three broken ribs, no make that four since another one was nearly puncturing his lungs. His body was a bit singed from almost being hit by a fireball and his right side ached from the glancing sparks of a chidori. He had almost not been able to dodge it ,almost. He had various cuts all over his body and was losing blood fast.

As he laid there his mind was screaming at him to stay awake in spite of the pain and not die like a dog next to his traitorous brother. He decided to close his eyes for a bit since they ached from being used so much. He acknowledged the fact that somewhere inside him he had cared about his older brother, but only because it had given him the mangekyo sharingan. He felt his consciousness sleeping away and began to feel panicked that he wouldn't wake up again.

"I cant die ," was a mantra being sung over and over in his head.

Then he laughed at himself in his mind for his weakness.

"Do I have any regrets?" he wondered.

His mind showed him a bright orange wearing blonde, with sexy whisker marks of the beast sealed inside him.

"Naruto-koi, I have betrayed you so many times, forgive me." he thought to himself, the pain becoming almost unbearable. "I wish I could tell you how I feel. I wish I had gotten another chance."

He inwardly laughed at himself for being so pathetic and weak.

As he felt himself slipping even further, help came from the most unexpected place.

"Don't worry sasuke- teme, I wont let you die yet." said the voice he had been longing to hear.

"Koi." he managed to gasp out with tears in his eyes, wether they were from pain, relief or love no one was sure and it would have been death by fireball if anyone dared to ask.

That was all he managed to say before he passed out into the welcoming world of unconsciousness. Naruto had looked down at the unconscious man, his first lover and best friend and sighed.

"Sasuke, you're always doing things alone and getting in over your head." he thought. "You still haven't changed from the idiot wanna- be genin that got caught by a head hunter jutsu during the bell test."

He heard Sai catch up to him and felt even more stressed, he was on dangerous ground at the moment. There really was only one thing left to do now, the right thing.

Naruto had picked up Sasuke from the battlefield after his fight with Itachi and had quickly used his amazing speed to run with him to Sakura and Kakashi who was waiting a few miles away so that he could be healed. Sai had been out scouting with him at the time and had quickly followed Naruto back to where they were camped. The only reason that Naruto had known where to find Sasuke was because of his heightened senses. He had smelled the blood and felt the familiar chakra signature and dashed off to the spot.

Sakura had given him an accusing look when he brought him back and he had started to explain but was roughly pushed out of the way by Kakashi.

"Let Sakura heal him in peace Naruto." said the older man.

"But I.." Naruto started.

"Naruto!" Kakashi said harshly, cutting him off with a warning look.

His precious student was dying here and all he wanted to do was save him, the way he hadn't been able to all these years. Naruto and his explanations could wait, he had the last Uchiha left to help.

Sai had touched his hand and pulled him away from them to calm down. "Its alright Naruto, they don't actually care about your side at the moment." he told him.

"But I didn't do anything to him , Itachi did." Naruto said.

Sai nodded. "I know but just imagine the look on those bastards' faces when they realize they were wrong about you. Just keep holding on for now." he said.

Naruto nodded . Although no one but Iruka and his real friends knew , Naruto had actually been an Anbu since he was six and was actually a captain. Sai had also been assigned to his Anbu squad after joining team seven as well and was aware of it. To be honest Sai and Naruto had been in a relationship with each other now and had been for more than half a year. They even lived together in a small apartment. Sakura and Kakashi didn't know about it at all since they weren't really interested in Naruto's life. Naruto had even worked with Kakashi on occasion when he was still an anbu but the jonin didnt know it.

Later on that day, they had managed to heal most of Sasuke's injuries and had began their journey back to Konoha. They had also managed to deliver him into the hands of Tsunade , who healed up the rest of his wounds.

The next after they had returned to the village, Naruto had gone with Neji, Sai, Shikamaru and Lee to go visit the Uchiha in the hospital but was stopped by Sakura outside the door of the hospital room.

"What the hell are you doing here you asshole?" Sakura had screeched.

"I just came to see Sasuke that's all." Naruto said calmly , ignoring her obvious rage.

"Don't you think you've done enough?" the girl had yelled. "I asked you to find him and bring him back not beat him within an inch of his life!"

"But I didnt do anything to him.." Naruto began but was cut off.

"Get out you demon! Just get the hell out!" she screeched. "You're nothing but a heartless monster!"

Something in Naruto died that day and Sai began pulling him away. Neji, Shikamaru and Rock lee left with them as well. They knew that the blonde was being wrongfully accused and were disgusted. Naruto didnt say anything else, he just allowed himself to be led away by his real friends. Kakashi who had been there through the whole thing, hadn't lifted a finger to help him and had been more interested in making sure they didn't wake Sasuke than intervening. Not that there was anything unusual in that.

Tsunade who knew the whole story had been furious and had not only demolished her office , but had reprimanded the girl for her behavior as soon as they had gotten back from rescuing Sasuke but obviously , from the seen in the hospital at the moment, she had forgotten.. Rock lee, Neji, Kiba and Sai who were apart of Narutos' special forces Anbu squad noticed that the blonde was extra quiet that night. They had found out when they joined his new squad , that the loudmouthed idiot was all just a mask that Naruto used to tolerate the villagers. They had come to respect him as an Anbu captain and would all willingly die for him.

Incidentally , that was the night that Naruto completed the merge with Kyuubi and only those four, Iruka and Tsunade knew. Shizune was a given of course, since anything Tsunade knew she sorta did too. He had actually been merging with it for years every time he used its chakra but this time he had done it fully. He and the Kyuubi had been close since he was a baby since it was all he had to call family at the time and the Kyuubi had sorta adopted him.

He hadn't seen hide nor hair of his teammates since the incident at the hospital.

end Flashback

Sasuke was already there along with Sai who had left their apartment before him. He immediately walked by Sasuke as if he wasn't there and went over to Sai and greeted him as if they were just friends.

"Hey Sai." Naruto said giving him a genuinely rare smile.

"Hey dickless." Sai said in greeting.

"Don't call me that you jerk!" Naruto yelled before leaning into him for a split second and whispering. "And since you took it for almost all of last night you should know better." he teased before pulling back.

Sai laughed but said nothing else and Sasuke who hadn't heard the last part was just staring at them in surprise. Not only had his old lover had just snubbed him, but he was smiling at Sai in a way that he had never done with Sasuke.

"What the hell is up with that?" Sasuke wondered to himself.

He didn't say anything but it really hurt him deep inside and it was all he could do to keep his Uchiha cool and not kill his rival for Narutos' affection. He didn't come all this way to lose Naruto to some upstart. Naruto was the only reason he was still in this village.

Just then Sakura showed up and immediately sauntered over to Sasuke without even bothering to speak to the other two boys. Since Sasuke had returned all the progress she had made on her own had seem to vanish into thin air and she was once again the dumb fan girl. Fortunately for them Kakashi arrived half an hour later and they left for the b-ranked mission. Threw- out the course of the mission, it was as if Sasuke had never left. Kakashi openly praised him or rather kissed ass, Sakura continued her useless flirting and they all ignored Naruto except for Sai. Sasuke noticed too but since it was always that way he didn't really say anything, partly because it was normal for him to get all the unwanted attention and partly for getting back at Naruto for ignoring him. Naruto had even gotten quieter as the mission went on but they still didn't notice. It was the second mission that everything began on a downward spiral.


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