The next morning….

Naruto woke up early and then checked himself over to make sure that all of his wounds and the signs of the abuse was gone. Afterwards , he walked to the closet and pulled on some spare clothing he had left there for such an occasion and got dressed. When he was done he left his office and went into his bedroom to find his brides sleeping peacefully. Kissing each of them on the cheek lovingly , he turned and was about to leave the room when a hand grabbed him. Turning he saw that Kyuushi and Sai was awake. The two of them climbed out of the bed, careful not to wake the others before hurrying over to hug him. They could tell that he didn't want to talk about what had happened and instead they simply held him close for a while in comfort before pulling away.

"I'll go get dressed now." said Kyuushi , "we have a long day ahead of all of us."

Naruto nodded in agreement. " You might want to wake the others." he said with a genuine grin, feeling better now that he was close to his chosen mates.

They nodded and used small water jutsus to wake them up which pissed off the two sleepers and the chase was on as Sasuke ran with Kusanagi after them followed by Kimimaru with a sword made of bones. He hurried by Haku's and the others door hitting on them to wake them up and laughed when he heard furious screams at him coming from inside them. Then he and the others settled down and left to go get ready while he had breakfast and left. He had felt so much better after being with his mates and it was only when he was alone that his face reflected his inner pain.

Naruto reached the academy training grounds to find sore and annoyed teachers waiting for him. Sasuke who wasn't a morning person was visibly twitching and Naruto inwardly snickered. He got them through the warm ups and then got them all in lines of ten.

"Alright everyone we'll be doing one hundred and five laps around Konoha today and for Suzume, you will be doing seven instead of the meager five you barely managed to do yesterday. Now lets go." he told them and they started off.

He slightly increased his speed and forced them to keep up with him and by the time the laps were over most of them were too tired to do anything else but lay on the ground. A fire ball from Naruto revived them quickly and the pushups , sit-ups and other physical exercise to strengthen their muscles began. By the time they were done the children had arrived and he was ready for them.

"Good morning to all of you." he said to the sleepy eyed children. "You will all add another lap to the number you started with yesterday. Now lets warm up and get going ." he told them.

There was a lot of grumbling but a glare from Naruto shut them all up. When they were done they began their laps and at the end of it they did their work out before getting back up.

"Good job all of you." Naruto told them. " Now for those of you who havent finished the tree climbing exercise , return to it. Everyone else has another hour of testing it with me again today before moving on. All the senseis are going to be helping you out until you master it. Dismissed." he said as he created a clone to go with each.

When the hour was up, he took the group that had mastered it and survived his test to the hot springs . "Alright, the next task on your list is water walking. It's the same as tree walking except that you will now have to keep a steady flow of chakra going in order to remain on top of the water. Begin." he told them.

An overzealous student ran unto the water and promptly fell in , causing him to jump back out due to it being so hot.

"The water is also hot since this is a hot spring so the quicker you master it , the better off you will all be." he told them with an evil grin and for the next four hours they worked hard at it.

He left a few clones with them and took the time to do paperwork for them. When it was lunchtime, he brought them all back to the others and they all settled down to eat.

"You're all doing very well." Naruto told them. " Now we'll be talking about the art of sealing. Sealing is a very useful skill to learn as you will no doubt encounter them when you become ninjas. Seals can be used for just about anything. Some are used to for storage , some to imprison, some to punish and some as a means for power. A few examples are the curse seal, the bird cage seal, the ones your wearing and the one on my stomach that was used to cage but we'll skip that one since it's a sensitive topic for me . The curse seal was created by Orochimaru and was given to people he found useful. These seals came in two categories, the heaven and earth and their characteristics depended on the person. For example my Tayuya-chan seal actually gave her horns, my Sasuke wings that looked more like large hands and so on. The thing is that every time these seals were used they stole a little bit of the users will and subjugated their souls. They were so powerful I had to create a reversal seal from scratch after breaking down the seal into its tiniest parts and examining it personally. This seal also causes the user tremendous amount of pain and was slowly killing them every time they used it. I also found out that while I was able to destroy the seal, the alterations to their bodies were now permanent if they had used it more than twice and as a result I had to create a seal to make sure they don't feel any pain when they change or lose their souls and mind. The next seal on the list is the bird cage seal that is was used by the Hyuuga clan before my rule. It is placed on the foreheads of the Hyuuga branch members at the age of three and they then become slaves to their kin for the rest of their lives , something that I did not approve of. These seals were so powerful that if a branch member defied the main members of the clan , the seal would send pulses on pain to the victims brain and depending on the users anger or sadistic streak, the more intense the pain was. When they did this it literally destroyed a bit of that persons mind. That disgusting seal was been abolished by me yesterday and anyone who uses it ever again will be executed without trial. That seal was created for convicted criminals of the worst kind and for family to use it on each other makes them lower than even demons at their worst. They criticize the Kyuubi but at least when he attacked he gave them a quick death. The usage of this seal made the branch members lives hell from the day they turned three until the day they died. A friend of mines father chose death over remaining in his clan as it was the first time since his third birthday that he had been given a choice in his own life. He told me so himself on the day he died. Another consequence of that seal was the founding of the Uchiha clan. While that itself isn't a bad thing, the first Uchihas name was Madara Hyuuga and he was a branch clan member. He went to the kyuubi and begged for his help and the kyuubi then made the sharingan. Madara then went on to betray the kyuubi due to his mind being so twisted and corrupt from so many years of forced servitude and he was the one who summoned the Kyuubi on that day and trapped him in a genjutsu and caused him to attack and kill so many people. He was also the founder and true leader of the Akatsuki instead of my uncle and I will tell you all right now, I saw his memories before he died and I can say with assurance that it was his forced servitude that made him into what he became. Seals can be used for good or evil, it depends on the user. I am three level higher than my father who was once considered to be the greatest seal master of his time. Jiraiya-sensei who was also his sensei was my sensei as well and he helped me learn about sealing on top of what I had already known. A seal is a powerful thing and can dominate your whole life unless you try to change things. The seal on my stomach defined my childhood and in a way my future as being made a jinchiruuki without my permission closed many doors for me and opened a few doors as well. The children of my age were told that I was a monster and their parents wouldn't allow them anywhere near me, I was denied even the right to by good food and even the stores refused to sell me or would let me pay three times the price for things as everyone else then switch it with outdated products at the end of all that. I didn't do well in kunai throwing at school not because I wasn't good at it but simply because they sold me weapons at four times the price from the reject pile. I was only allowed to wear orange while posing as a normal civilian and genin because that was the only thing the stores would sell me in hopes that it would make me die on my missions due to me being such an easy target to see. Now hear are the advantages of that seal, I learned how to budget my funds and now I'm the richest man in the ninja lands, I can craft my own weapons, I am able to cook and hunt well, I'm great at concealing myself and could outrun all the other anbus at the age of six, I never miss a mark when I aim anymore as I had to learn how to be accurate with the rejected ones I used before, I sew my own clothing rather well , I am now the greatest seals masters in the ninja lands and can create a seal for just about anything and finally my regular speed with my seals all on is much faster than Gai's with his weight off and I only ever really use the Hiraishin which I completed since my father didn't have the chance to before he died, to travel to far distances like Kumo or Iwa in a split second.. You will learn how to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Tonight you will read up on the basic of sealing and tomorrow I will begin your lessons. Now all of you will finish up your lunches so that we can return to training. Please work hard as the sooner everyone finishes water walking and passes my test, the sooner we can begin on ninjutsu, taijutsu, Kinjutsu and genjutsu training among other things. Also, no one is to bring lunch tomorrow , that's an order. Now finish up so that we can all return to training." he told them.

They all nodded and finished their meals in record time. Meanwhile, Sasuke was frowning since he still didn't understand the point of all the running and regular work outs.

"Hn, what's the point of making all of us run dobe? We're not academy kids." he asked frowning.

Naruto smiled , he had been wondering when Sasuke would become impatient. "why don't you answer that question Minami?" he told the young Uchiha girl that was three years younger than him.

"Sure tousama." she replied with a smile. " The reason is to strengthen your muscles, endurance an over all physical fitness level. It also helps to increase your chakra dramatically as you all know. Tousama did the same thing for all us when he trained us and I promise you all that in a few weeks you will all look back on this as if it were nothing compared to his real training. This is the foundation of his real training for you and you cannot skip it or you may not survive his real training. You all got lucky, we were in the ss-rank part of the forest of death when he trained us and I assure it was no walk in the park since we had to avoid being eaten while training. The first part of his lessons is physical conditioning and chakra control, the second is sealing and drills . Drills are things like kunai throwing and he helps you during that time to choose your weapons of choice. Then you go on to taijutsu and weapons training on a more individualistic scale all while continuing what you had been doing from the beginning. Since you're a school of ninjas, he will probably get to the ninjutsu and genjutsu early in order to give you more time to learn but it will be hard on all of you. I guarantee that you will all thank him for it in the end because as it is now, I'm a sannin level ninja due to his intense training. He's a bit sadistic but his training will make you all into powerful ninjas if you stick it out." she said smiling at everyone including the children who had began to listen in as well.

"But I already know most of that stuff." said Sasuke pouting.

That pissed off the short tempered girl and she whacked him on the head hard , causing him to yelp. "Idiot that's not the point! You may already know the skills Sasuke but you need to learn patience and the value of your comrades lives and I think that that's why you're really here. I also think that it had something to do with the seal you once had on you. It drained your body physically so now you will have to regain what you lost get it baka?" she said hitting him again.

Sasuke frowned , he hadn't really thought of it that way but now he could see the point and he finally nodded. "Hn." he replied.

Across from him Hiashi was also beginning to understand why he was here as well. He had only thought that Naruto was trying to humiliate and humble him the way he had done him as a child but now he wasn't so sure of that. He realized that all he had been asked to do was teach the children in something he was rather good at and even though Naruto had openly criticized the seal that once bound his family, he had yet to criticize him directly. He began to look back at all the work he had been doing with the children and he became enlightened by it. The reason was so that he would interact with the children, get to know them , see them struggle so hard to succeed in becoming ninjas and most of all, value their sacrifices and see them as individuals not as pawns. As a council member he had simply decided their fates with no real thought for them and their families but now , while it was staring him blatantly in the face he would have to. He too was here to learn the value of human life and to respect others and their sacrifices. Naruto had cleverly pushed him into the assignment under the guise of punishment where he was now helping future ninjas and the village in a larger and better scale while learning from the people he helped as well. He had to admit that he had never really thought much about Naruto's life before but now that he was hearing about it, he began to see just how wrong he had been and why the blonde didn't want any guilt ridden apologies from anyone. He looked at the blonde and he felt himself feeling more ashamed than he had ever felt in his life for his actions. It was a sobering fact that the child they had all abused so heartlessly was so willing to protect them.

When lunchtime ended Naruto said goodbye to Sasuke and the others who had to rejoin their teams and he returned to training the other children. More than half the class had already mastered tree walking due to him giving them excellent pointers and helping them step by step and he was proud. Hiashi had also been a great help in that department as well. He had brought kurenai's son along with him and had began teaching him how to manipulate his chakra and had allowed a clone to begin teaching him how to play go. The boy had been having a lot of fun and had been joined by Sora for a little while before he had to leave to train with Kyron. At the end of the day Naruto had them all run laps again and then he had them return home for the day. After that he took Izumo to the park with the other children in his clan and took them for ice-cream and candy before finally bringing them back to their parents. He stopped at a few stores to pick up the supplies he would be needing for his next class and then returned home. He spent the rest of the evening with his mates relaxing in his private hot spring on his estate.


The next morning…

With Naruto …

Naruto woke up early and with the help of a hundred clones, he made lots of dango, Onigiri, ramen, barbeque, fried fish, roasted game and lots of other delicacies before sealing them all up into special scrolls. Then he got paper plates , cups and utensils and did the same to them. When he was all done , he made breakfast for everyone to give Nebula a break and then he left the estate with the others for the day carrying the scrolls in his jounin vest. He wore a coat over his vest just like the yondaimes and on the back he had Konoha's orange flash written in kanji as well as rokudaime and Namikaze kitsune. At the bottom of his cloak were little kitsunes running around in orange and black instead of the flames his father once had. That had become his standard attire since taking over as Hokage and he preferred it since it gave him more range of movement. His uniform and vest was also in full black since he preferred it that way and had gotten used to wearing black all the time.

He left the estate with the other senseis , children and his two mates that lived with him and who were training with him and began making his way to the training grounds at the academy. On the way there he stopped to pick up Izumo and Hinata and Hiashi before going to meet the others who had continued on their way to the academy. Hanabi had also decided to tag along as she had heard all about Naruto's training methods and wanted to try it out as well.

Upon reaching the academy , he greeted the sleepy eyed senseis and began the usual warm ups before creating a clone to stay with Izumo and teach him tree walking while they ran their laps. Surprisingly their laps had become rather popular in the last two days due to most of the ninjas approving of the real training the students were getting and a lot of the ninja population had began to join them for their run. Some had even requested the seals and for a small price naruto had relented. He had then donated all of that money to the orphanage. So they did their now hundred and fifteen laps around Konoha while being openly gawked at by most of Konoha's population before going back to the academy. It was also amusing that all the ninjas who weren't on duty had also decided to join his lessons as well since they liked his training methods. Due to that he now had a lot of ninjas to train instead of just the academy's. After taking the children on their run, Naruto had them do their usual work-out with a few more added while he lectured.

"Alright, as we now have a larger group to train we will be doing a lot of things in a little amount of time. Most of you have six months before the genin exams and as such I want you all to be ready for them. Added to that six months after that will be the chuunin exams and I'm sure that most of you will want to participate. My goal is to make sure that the entire graduating class makes it. Now today we will be testing the water walking exercise since all of you managed to get it completed in so little time. You must all thank Hyuuga-sama for his excellent work as I have no doubt that had it not been for his helpful advice most of you would still be falling off trees instead of being where you are now. I will have you all know that the average person usually takes about a week or two to master the tree walking and for you to all master it and water walking in only three days only proves just how gifted you all are. Now I will be testing you all at the hot springs today and based on that we'll move on. For your senseis and the other ninjas I want all of you to create your own technique using your element. Whoever succeeds will be taught one of my own jutsus. While you are doing this you are all to create one kage bunshin minimum to do that while you all work on your stamina and stealth. Why? Its simple , by the end of the month I want you all to be able to run around Konoha without the people being aware of it if they are still asleep. Surprise and unpredictability is two of a ninjas most powerful tools, you will learn to use it . The way you all run now, you sound like angry elephants. The same goes to my students when it comes to stealth, I want you all to practice being quiet. No loud yelling or unnecessary conversations. As for why you are using clones to help you train, its not cheating at all in this case since you will be training in the time the clone is working on your new jutsu. You will actually be completing two days work in one and by creating clones this way, it will increase your chakra reserves tremendously. You are also to keep your new techniques secret from everyone else and I am only to see it when I decide who will be rewarded. Now while the teachers and the other ninjas work on that and do laps, all the students are to come with me for now. We will be going back to the hot spring." he said and took off running.

The students hurried after him , not wanting to be late. When they got their Naruto and twenty clones all held bags of pebbles with evil smirks on their faces which caused them all to shiver. Tsunade and the other medic nins that would be needed were also there as well as a few ninjas who were passing by and got curious. Without needing to be told, they all got into their swimming wear and got on top of the water to await his next orders. A poof sounded on both sides of the springs and most of the children shivered when they saw more Naruto clones standing there.

"Now first of all , when a ninja is on water its usually during a battle and they need to have water walking mastered if they are to fight properly. They must also be able to keep their balance and stay on top of the water amidst the chaos of battle and cannot allow themselves to be distracted. Now the last test we did to make sure that you had mastered the tree walking technique was also used to heighten your senseis to danger a bit more and make your reaction time quicker. That is why I made you go through that so many times over the last few days. Now this will be the same thing in a way but more difficult and dangerous. This time you will not only be dodging the pebbles, which will be on fire I might add, but you will have to look out for the water sharks that will be trying to get a bite of you. Do not underestimate them because they are made of water as they have the same abilities of a real shark and is more resilient since they are made of water. don't forget that the water is also rather hot and if you fall into it too much you will end up with quite a few nasty burns. You are not allowed to block, just dodge. Now whoever last the longest will be given a d-rank jutsu scroll from me. The rest will run another ten laps around Konoha. Are we all clear so far?" he asked.

"Hai Naruto-sama." they all yelled and he nodded as he pulled out a few pebbles and lit the on fire.

The clones that were nearby used water manipulation to create quite a few sharks and waited for Naruto to start them off.

"Begin." Naruto roared and began throwing hot pebbles at the children as they dodged the sharks who were trying to eat them.

What followed next could only be described as chaotic training as the fan girls went down for the count first and were dragged to the edge of the hot spring by a few of the sharks and left to be picked up By Tsunade and the others . It hadn't helped that these girls had worn the skimpiest swimsuits they owned either. This continued for an hour until surprisingly, the deadlast of the group was the only one left standing. Naruto patted him on the back and handed him a small scroll with a grin.

"Good job kid." he said to the happy little boy. "I'm really proud of you. I have no doubt that you'll take my job one day."

The boy teared up before glomping him excitedly and Naruto smiled before returning it. He knew what it was like to be needing of affection and he had a feeling that this kid didn't get complements very often and that he was an orphan. When the boy pulled away naruto turned back to the others.

"You all didn't win but some of you did rather well. Still I will be handing out a bit of punishment for not completing the task." Naruto told them. " Now all of you except for our champion of the day will get back on that water immediately."

A wail sounded from the group of fan girls and Naruto scowled. " Now!" he yelled and they all scampered to obey. " Because these young ladies were too slow to obey you will all face additional punishment. One man's failure is everyone's failure , that's the value to teamwork here and these young ladies have failed to realize that. Now you will all run ten laps on the water before getting dressed and running the other ten around Konoha as a result of them not following the orders of their superiors. All the women in this class will also run an extra five for insubordination. Try to watch out for the sharks that will be chasing you in order to eat you. Now begin." he said coldly.

A collective scream went up from the banshees disguised as women as they all began to run their laps with the sharks chasing them.

A pissed off Naruto turned to Minami and Anko who had dropped in to watch his training with glee. " this is fucking disgraceful!" he roared. " These girls are so damn pathetic ! They are stuck in some fantasy world about princes coming to save them and I have had it. They are a disgrace as future kunoichis and the last thing I need is another Ino and Sakura in their genin years. Those two were weak and useless enough to give me nightmares. Minami, Anko starting tomorrow you will be teaching these idiots what the fuck it means to be a kunoichi. Minami , I want you to also show them the real facts about what happens to weak kunoichi who are captured. Get those fucking dreams of prince charming rescuing them out of their fucking heads or they will either die on their first missions or cause their teammates to die or be hurt . Konoha doesn't need useless beauty queens, we need ninjas!" he said angrily.

Most people had never seen Naruto so enraged and were just standing there in awe and fear. Killing intent was rolling off him in waves and was even causing Tsunade to sweat.

Minami who was use to his killing intent was unaffected and she hurried over to him and began calming him down. " tousama needs to relax , your killing intent is knocking out most of the ninjas before you." she said in a sing song voice.

Naruto finally noticed and reigned in his KI before ignoring them. Kyuushi and Kimimaru poofed in just then and hurried over to him.

"Are you okay Koi?" asked Kyuushi. "I could feel your killing intent a mile away. What has gotten you this pissed off?" he asked worriedly.

"Konoha's disgraceful future Kunoichi." Naruto growled out and Kyuushi arched a brow.

He knew that they must really be pathetic to get Naruto into such a state. Pulling him close and rubbing behind his ears the way you would a dog, he slowly got Naruto to calm down while Minami and Kimimaru surrounded him with their loving and peaceful aura.

"It will be fine Koi." Kyuushi told him. "Minami and Ankonee will straighten them out. Add to that if they refuse to change, we can always tell Hinata what happened." he said gleefully.

Hiashi who was standing nearby arched a brow at that. " What does my daughter have to do with anything?"

Tsunade and the others who were close to Naruto looked at him incredulously.

"You mean you havent realized it yet?" asked Kiba who was nearby.

"Realize what ?" asked Hiashi , beginning to get annoyed at being left out of the loop.

Just then Kyuushi noticed that Hinata had just arrived with a certain gleam in her eye that he recognized well. Anko had it when she was upset and he had no doubt that she must have felt Naruto's killing intent.

"See for yourself." Kyuushi said to Hiashi.

Hinata walked over to Naruto with a worried frown on her face. " What's wrong Naruto-kun, I felt your killing intent just now and that's not like you at all." she said in her sweet and soft voice.

"The girls are giving our Koi a hard time and refuse to get the point that they are now kunoichi in training." Kyuushi supplied, smirking inwardly when the gleam in her eye got brighter.

"I see." Hinata said in a scarily sweet voice. "Please excuse me while I explain a few things to them."

What followed next could only be described as open season on the fan girls as Hinata pulled out a stick and began running after the frightened girls.

"Who the hell do you useless bitches think you are pissing off my man!" she screamed as she began chasing them , firing off jutsus as she went. She summoned a few kitsunes who enjoyed being in water and sent them off after the girls who were literally running for their lives. " DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOU WOULD DISRESPECT MY NARUTO-KUN AND GET AWAY WITH IT? I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU ALL MWA HA HA HA HA HA!" She cackled evilly as she ran after them , hitting them with the stick mercilessly.

One girl ran pass Naruto only to be followed by an enraged Hinata who kept hitting her with the stick. "AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BITCHES WEARING! THIS IS A NINJA ACADEMY NOT A BROTHEL FOR CHEAP WHORES! HOW DARE YOU WEAR THAT IN FRONT OF MY NARUTO-KUN! TRYING TO ENTICE HIM ARE YOU! I'LL SHOW YOU ENTICEMENT!" she yelled as she launched slammed her hand down onto the ground in a Tsunade god punch causing it to shatter.

"M-monster!" Yelled a boy from behind him and Hiashi turned to see the boys of the class all huddled together , hugging each other in fear at the juggernaut that Hinata had just become.

Although he would rather die than admit it , he was rather frightened of her as well and was glad that she had never directed such a rage at him or that he had ever badmouthed Naruto in front of her. He didn't think that he would have lived through it. He watched as Naruto hurried over to her and pulled her blushing and unresisting form into his hands before distracting her from her prey with a kiss.

"You can calm down no Hime , I'm fine." Naruto told her after pulling away. "What you can do is get these girls to run fifteen laps around Konoha . I'll deal with the boys."

Hinata blushed and nodded. " Of course Naruto-kun." she said sweetly before turning back to look at the frightened girls with that evil gleam back in her eyes. "Alright , fifteen laps around Konoha now. Anyone who fails will spar with me now move it!" she yelled and the girls took off, not even bothering to get dressed first.

" Um tousama… neechan is scaring me." Said a frightened Hanabi from behind her father.

"You're not the only one." Hiashi muttered to himself under his breath. " Had I not seen it , I would have never believed it. It might be advisable not to upset her or Naruto in the future."

Hanabi shivered and nodded , refusing to leave the safety of her fathers tall back that she was currently using as a shield. Just then Naruto heard a scream and sighed .

"I better go now before she kills them." he said shaking his head. "Now boys move it or I'll hand you all over to Hinata." he began but by the time he had finished speaking the boys had taken off to do their laps. The last thing they wanted was to be on Hinata's bad side.

Naruto took off after them and after the laps were all over the returned with the sobbing girls to have their various burns and bruises looked at. When they were all done getting medical attention, Naruto had them all return to the academy training grounds with their senseis who had just finished their laps and were resting while their clones worked on their new jutsus. The girls had bandages practically everywhere and looked as if they had just gone to war and lost. The boys didn't look much better but at least they weren't crying like the girls were.

Naruto scowled at the Suzume who was currently comforting the girls and telling them that it would be okay and practically undoing everything Hinata had just done. Unfortunately for her that set him off yet again.


"B-but they were crying Hokage-sama and I.." Suzume began.


Hinata nodded and then pulled out her stick and began running after a frightened Suzume with it. Naruto turned back to the sniffling girls and scowled. " twenty push-ups!" he roared and the girls slowly began to do as told.

He turned to the boys . "All of you get out your kunais and get to a target immediately. Since I know that you've all done this before , I will expect all the last years to make at least nine out of ten . The year before those at least eight out of ten and everyone before that at least seven out of ten. Failure to do so will result in you all being tied to a stump for lunch while we all eat without you. Now while I'm against your friends doing it for you , I am not against them giving you a few helpful tips. Those who break the rules are scum but those who betray their comrades are lower than scum. Now move it, its an hour before lunch and I'm beginning to get hungry." he said and blew a whistle he had pulled out.

The children all scurried to do as ordered with Naruto's clones watching over them and Naruto turned to the senseis who were all sitting around trying to catch their breaths.

"I have ordered Shikaku to create training schedules specific to each of you that will push you all to your limits and beyond. I will be handing them out tomorrow and I expect you all to follow them ." Naruto began. " For now , I suggest you continue to build up your stamina and chakra reserves , you're going to need it. Now while some of you have mastered kunai balancing I know that most of you havent mastered wire walking. For the next hour I want you all to work on that. How can you be teaching about chakra control when yours sucks? Hiashi-sama here can help you with that as well as my two mates who decided to help out today. Their names are Ryuuki shi and Akito No kitsune. Try not to piss them off, you wont live through it." he said as he kissed both men on the cheek.

Ryuuki was blonde and golden eyed and was a five tailed dragon demon and two hundred and fifty years old in human years which was the age of adulthood to demons. He had pointed elfish ears like Naruto and had skin so smooth and golden, he looked as if he had been lit from within . He was also six feet two inches tall and rather slender and so graceful it made Sasuke look like a bumbling oaf. Akito was a kitsune demon with orange-red hair and red eyes and he had pale skin rivaling Sasuke's and was the same height and age as Ryuuki. He was rather quite unless talking to Naruto or the blonde's family and enjoyed learning new jutsus. He too was rather slender and effeminate.

"We'll do our best to get them into shape Naruto-kun." said a blushing Akito.

Naruto smiled. " I know you will, I have the outmost faith in you two." he replied.

The two men nodded and hurried off with evil smirks on their faces which promised pain for the unfortunate senseis and ninjas before them. Naruto chuckled as he watched them go before sitting down and updating his files on the students progress as well as read over a few reports he had just gotten from a kitsune sent by Yuki. Meanwhile the children were training hard and by the time the hour was up, only the fan girls had yet to get it done properly. Most couldn't even make five. Naruto used the mokuton to create stumps and tied them to it while their crushes and friends laughed. He made sure that they would be close enough to hear his next lecture and smell the food. Using his mokuton to create individual chairs and desks for everyone except those tied to a stump and had them sit down.

"Now everyone before we have lunch there is one thing that I have to say." Naruto began. " This is not a test of teamwork and if I catch you all feeding them then you will lose your own food and join them on the stump. Why? It simple, they need to learn to pull their own weight instead of always depending on other people all the time. If they continue on this way , all they'll do on missions is stand around waiting to be saved and get paid for your hard work. That is unacceptable to me. Now yesterday I had you all read up on seals. Can any of you tell me one of the most common seals that ninjas use almost everyday?" he asked.

"Hai Naruto-sama." yelled one girl who wasn't a fan girl and actually trained. " The seal on explosive notes is one of them." she replied.

Naruto nodded and smiled at her. " Very good young lady. I have a feeling that you'll make a great kunoichi, the others should learn from you . Now another seal we all like to use are seals for storage that are most often found on sealing scrolls ." he said pulling one out. "Observe."

He pulled out a sealing scroll and after smearing his blood over it , the food that had been stored in poofed out still steaming hot. "You can store anything from food to weapons in a sealing scroll. That what makes them so useful. Now get ready for lunch ." he told them as he and his clones began dishing up and handing out food to everyone .

While everyone feasted the girls who were tied to the stump was feeling sorry for themselves and sobbing. It didn't help that Suzume sensei had been tied up next to them as well. Most were beginning to realize that Naruto really wasn't joking around and felt ashamed when their crushes looked at them with disgust before ignoring them and their growling stomachs.

"Now today we'll be talking about betraying your comrades and looking underneath the underneath." Naruto began. " Someone once said that those who disobey the rules are scum but those who betray their comrades are lower than scum. This person then went on to tie me to a stump and leave me there when the exam was over , completely forgetting about me. Now while he didn't live by his own words, that doesn't mean that you cant. Being a ninja means that you will have to steal, kill and lie to your enemies in order to complete your mission and protect your families. Now in this class I will be teaching you all many things , I will also allow you to learn things on your own including techniques that you wont even tell me . Can you tell me why?" he asked.

"Yes." said a boy from the Nara clan. " In case they betray you. The possibility of one of your teammates turning traitor is fifty percent during peacetime and seventy during wartime."

Naruto nodded. "Exactly. Good job kid." he said complementing the boy before returning to the topic. " yes, the chance of your own teammate screwing you over for power is rather high. That happened on my genin team. The fact is double cross is a high possibility in the ninja business and this is why you will keep some of your techniques from everyone , including your best friends and teammates. Hell even your senseis can double cross you, that's what happened to me while I was under cover in the academy. The good news is I kicked his ass , the bad news is it makes it hard for you to trust anyone. At the end of it all , I suggest you trust your instincts. Which leads me to the next topic, looking underneath the underneath. Incidentally the one who said that was also the one who spoke about abandoning comrades and yet I was on his team for years and he never realized that I was an undercover anbu captain even though he was once in the anbu himself. Don't take everything at face value or you wont live long enough to make it to your chuunin exams. Here is an example for you, the children in my year at the academy were told by their parents that I was a monster and would kill them all. Only one of them out of all the children actually took the time to find out if that was true or not , in fact they all treated me as badly as their parents and hated me for no reason other than the fact that there parents told them to. Another example was with my genin team. I had managed to defeat the Ichibi no Tanuki and its jinchiruuki all on my own and what did my sensei tell me , go work on your chakra control it stinks. Then he walked off to train his favorite who hadn't even been able to put a scratch on the transformed jinchiruuki after he lost control. My sensei didn't even read the report he just assumed that my teammate had been the one to do it and not me. The last example I will give you is my first c-rank mission turned a-rank. The client not only lied about the mission but we ended up facing lots of ninjas above chuunin level. Anyone with common sense would have noticed that the client had been nervous since leaving the village and that he had been looking around worriedly all the way to his home. Make no mistake, people lie . It's a fact of life so get used to it. You have to learn to pick out the truth from the crap . A ninja must always be ready for anything as anything that can go wrong will. Now the point of this lecture is not for you to hate your parents, its for you to look underneath the underneath in what they say and pick out the truth from the lies and then decide for yourself. As a ninja such a thing could mean life or death. Now the first two seals we'll be working on today is the storage seal and the explosive seal. With the storage seal , you will practice sealing and unsealing things into a scroll and with the explosive note, you will be looking at each individual seal that was combined to create it and how to make your own as well as to make them weaker or more powerful for whatever is necessary. The goal is to not only be able to create the seal at will, but to do it rather quickly on just about anything. Now starting tomorrow , the classes will begin to get harder. You will arrive at five with the senseis, run for an hour or less doing the required amount of laps, after which we'll have another little test in the hot spring to see if you have truly mastered the water walking, sealing lessons, strategizing, drills, kunoichi lessons for the girls, similar lessons for the boys that will be explained later, accounting and the basics of living as a ninja, trap making and anything else that can be fit into the time. Now all of you finish your meal quickly so that we can begin the lesson." he told them all.

The children and senseis quickly obeyed and when they were all done , everyone including the senseis took a seat , all ready to learn about sealing since it had never really been taught so openly before. The old academy had taught them how to identify a seal but that was about it. Seeing the additional amount of students he now had, he excused them for a few minutes and allowed them to go get their own sealing kits since he had only brought enough for the students and senseis before allowing them to rejoin the class. As for the girls who had been tied to a stump, they had been released and had been given a small amount of food so that they would be able to perform properly.

For the next few hours Naruto dedicated himself to teaching the children how to seal and unseal things as well as the two seals that made up the explosive note. Most managed to get the sealing done easily and Naruto taught them how to tell when a scroll had reach its limit as well as how to unseal a specific item from storage. After the lessons were over, he had them all run a few more laps and then had them sit back down since it was now the end of the day due to how long it had taken them all to get the notes done .

"Alright guys, you all did very well today, now I want you all to go home and to practice working on the seals I just taught you. We will test them out properly tomorrow and no practicing with them in your homes. No one needs to bring lunch to school from now on, I'll do it since its much easier if everyone eats the same thing. I'm sure that some of you have family techniques that you will need to practice and next week , we will begin taking time for that. For the rest of you who have none of those things, I will have special assignments for all of you so that you don't fall behind so don't worry about it." he said smiling at the orphans. "now your other homework for tonight will be to read up the Aburame clan . I want you to be able to tell me their method of fighting, clan head and other important things like that. Anyone who fails their assignment without one hell of a good reason will be doing ten additional laps around Konoha after a little chat with my Hinata-hime. You can find this information in the library of konoha and I suggest that you all get a library card. You'll be visiting there a lot. For the lessons I told you all about earlier, we probably wont be learning it all in one day but you all have an idea of what we'll be doing and can plan ahead. Also, for those of you who think that they'll be using the weekend to waste time well you're wrong. We'll all be going on a survival training trip for the weekend. I will be teaching one jutsu in preparation for this trip but that's it. I'll tell you all where on the morning of the trip. Now all of you are dismissed I will see you all in the morning at five." he told them.

The students and ninjas all left and Naruto picked up Izumo and began making his way to Kurenai's house. The boy was a bit banged up from his tries at the tree walking technique but he had a smile on his face and was chattering all the way home. It also helped that Sora used his breaks between training time to play with him as well as all the other children of Naruto's clan. When they reached Kurenai's home , she was visibly happy to see her son being so cheerful and invigorated. Sending him inside to wash his hands before dinner Kurenai pulled Naruto aside.

"Naruto-sama thank you so much for what you're doing for me and my son." Kurenai said sincerely. " Its been hard for him to be without a father and now that you're here , he is much happier and is finally acting like a real kid. I don't know how to thank you for the miracle you worked on him."

Naruto chuckled and shook his head. " there is no need to thank me Kurenai-chan." he replied embarrassed. " I do it because I want and because he's fun to play with . As your hokage and your friend it's the least I can do to make sure that he is happy. Never forget Kurenai-chan that family isn't only defined by blood or marriage, its defined by the love you feel for them deep inside your heart. In Konoha, everyone is your family and family look out for each other. Now I'll be picking him up a little early tomorrow since I just added another hour to the academy children's training regime, just make sure that he's ready and since you have a three day mission ahead of you , why don't you pack a bag for him so that he can stay with me and my family for those days. He is more than welcome and I guarantee that he'll have lots of fun with all the other children on my estate. Also between me and you, my fiancé's adore him and are upset whenever I don't bring him over often enough for a visit. The only thing you'll have to worry about while you're away is them spoiling him rotten for which I'll apologize in advance." he said conspiratingly.

Kurenai smiled and nodded with tears in her eyes. She had been worrying about that for days now and she hadn't wanted to leave her son with a babysitter for so long but here Naruto was offering to keep him for her free of cost. She knew that her son would be safer with him than he even was with her and that relieved her mind immensely.

"Thank you so much Naruto-sama , I'll do just that." she replied.

"Kurenai-chan please stop thanking me so much and calling me Sama, it makes me feel old." naruto said pouting a bit playfully.

Kurenai nodded and they all said goodbye to each other before leaving. Izumo was sad to see Naruto go but Naruto made him a little wooden toy that looked just like him to keep him company until he returned.


A few hours earlier…

At the Hokage tower…

Naruto's clones were sitting in his office busy doing paperwork when Shizune walked in. "Naruto-kun, there is a eleven year old boy outside waiting to see you. He said that he's from the land of waves." she told him.

Naruto clone one immediately knew who it was and nodded. " Send him in." he replied and she left to obey.

Naruto grinned at the young boy and hurried over to give him a hug. "Welcome to Konoha Inari-kun."

"Thanks Naruto-niisan, I mean lord Hokage." Inari said a bit nervously as he looked at the blonde.

Naruto slapped him on the back of the head. " Idiot , just call me Naruto-niisan as always. Now whats up?" he asked.

Inari frowned and gave him a letter. Naruto took it and told him to sit down as he returned to his desk and took a seat before beginning to read. It was written by Tazuna.

Dear Naruto,

I said that I would never respect if you became Hokage but I've come to change my mind . I really owe you for leaving those ninjas here in secret to protect us all these years. I also met the new ones you sent in as replacement and while they may have no personality, they're still really useful. You're still a loud annoying brat but you have my respect. Congratulations on defeating Akatsuki by the way, because of you my bridge is now the most famous one in all of the ninja lands. I have sent Inari to you because I was hoping that you would train him to be an ninja like you. Ever since he met you he has wanted to be a ninja and the not so secret training you had Zabuza give him while he was here makes me think that he'll more than succeed. I also want you to train him into becoming an honorable man like you as I'm much too old to do it anymore and since he truly respects you and considers you more of a father than a brother, I figured that you'd be the best person for the job. If anything happens to me please take care of my daughter and grandson as you're the only one I trust to do such a thing. Thank you Naruto for everything that you've done for us and forgive me for just dropping him on you like this.


Tazuna the great bridge builder.

Naruto closed the letter with a smile and looked up to see a nervous Inari waiting for his reaction.

"Don't worry Inari , we'll make you one of the best ninjas this village has ever trained. Now I'm going to have one of my future wives take you to your new home to settle in and then take you around to get all the things you'll be needing okay? I'm sure that Haku and the others will be glad to see you again. You can start at the ninja academy tomorrow." he told the nervous boy.

Inari's face lit up like a brand new bulb at that and he flew over the desk and glomped Naruto. "Thanks Naruto -niisan." the boy said happily , getting a bit teary-eyed.

Naruto grinned and patted him on the back and then called in Kimimaru since Haku had left earlier on a mission after helping him at the hot spring.

"Kimi-chan this is Inari an old friend of mine and my adopted little brother. He'll be living with us from now on and going to the academy starting tomorrow. Could you please get him what he needs and show him around?" he asked .

Kimimaru blushed and nodded. " Of course Naruto-sama." he replied.

"Thank you koi." Naruto said kissing the blushing man. " make sure to get him ninja clothing as well and a whole new wardrobe since he'll be going through intense training."

They left and Naruto clone one pulled out a paper and began to write.

Hey old man,

Who're you calling a brat ? I told you I'd become Hokage one day . Inari will be staying with me and my family on my estate and will start at the academy tomorrow. Since he has no last name I will be giving him mine to make things a bit easier for him as I consider him my little brother. As for your daughter, she has always had a place in my home and clan . You didn't need to ask old man. In fact , why don't you two move here? I will provide you with a house on my clan's compound and naturally I will continue to protect the land of waves. Cant have anything happening to my bridge now can I ? That way it will be easier for you to watch Inari grow up while he trains to be a ninja. Consider it a retirement bonus from me for making such a great bridge if you agree to come and all expenses will be paid of course. If you decide to come , tell the messenger with this scroll and I'll send you an escort. Either way I will be getting married in a month and as my extended family it would mean the world to me if you all came. Don't worry old man, you and your family always has a place here with me and my clan and I will train Inari to become a good and strong hero like his father. So until next we meet lay of the sake old man.


Naruto no Konoha,

Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha.

p.s. I've sent three bottles of the best sake I have for you while you think about it. Please don't drink them all at once as they pack one hell of a punch and is from the demon world. Please don't kill me Tsunami-chan , I couldn't resist and was saving those three for him . The sake will appear if you lay the scroll on the table.

When he was done, he rolled it all up and placed it in a scroll along with the sake that would unseal itself as soon as the letter was red and it was on a flat surface. Then he summoned Gamakichi who was in full battle gear since he was now a heir in training.

"Hey niichan." the toad said happily.

"Hey gamakichi how are you ?" Naruto asked as he pulled out a large bag of chips. The toad had never really grown out of his love of human snacks. " Can you do me a huge favor?" he asked.

"Sure." said the toad. "What is it?" it asked.

"Can you take this scroll to wave for a scroll full of candy and snacks that will probably last you a whole week even if you share some ?" he asked.

Gamakichi nodded eagerly and Naruto gave him the scroll for Tazuna as well as his own payment. "Wait for a response please and you get back here early I'll give you another two scrolls full of food."

Gamakichi nodded at that and took off as if the hounds of hell were after him. Then the clone returned to work. Every few minutes his mind would keep on returning to that night but like his creator he blocked it out. He had hiraishined Neji to Suna and went in to see Gaara .


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