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A/N: Yeah, yeah, I know. "Finish the stories you haven't finished yet before starting another one!" But, oh well, I had a good idea, so I'm writing about it. I hope y'all faithful readers like it! Also, I know I don't mirror the characters' actual personalities well, but you'll have to just live with how I make them. Thank you.

Bella's POV:

"Miss Isabella, could you come here please?" my mistress, the Queen Elizabeth, called to me. I had been her hand-maid, her special maid whom she called on most often, since I was about five. Queen Elizabeth had raised me as her own daughter, even though I had never met her son, whom I had heard was my age, or possibly a year older. Her husband, King Edward, had passed away at the Prince's birth, so the Prince was named after his father. Prince Edward. I had never met him, I had never planed to. I appreciated my mistress, but I didn't really hold much out of boys. I was, in a small way, sexist against most men, after one of Prince Edward's servants had tried to make out with me one night. Actually, the servant tried to do more then just kiss me, but I'd rather not go into detail.

I arrived in Queen Elizabeth's room and curtsied.

"Her Majesty requested my presence?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "As you know, I am getting older," quite an understatement. Queen Elizabeth had to be in her early 70's, despite her 19-20-year-old son, "and my son, Prince Edward, will soon be the one to take the crown. Before he becomes King, though, I prefer for him to start a family so he can truly sympathize with the people. I know you probably wouldn't want to volunteer yourself, but if you could help him to find a suitable maiden, I'd be very appreciative. I am too old to travel around the province with my son to help him, but I trust your judgment as I would my own."

"But, My Lady," I said quickly. So much for my never meeting Prince Edward. "My judgment can't possibly be as good as your own." Of course, if I had to meet the Prince, I would try as hard as I could to make it clear I didn't want to.

"Nonsense," Queen Elizabeth said. "I'm sure that you will be able to find a nice maid as decent as yourself in the province within a month."

As decent as myself? Within a month?! The Queen wanted her son, the Prince, to marry someone like me, and she wanted me to help him find such a girl in a month.

"Ok," I said after a few thoughts about how much trouble I would get in if I refused.

"Excellent," Queen Elizabeth said, clapping her hands together, "you, my son, and one of my son's servants will leave tomorrow morning, at sunrise."

"T-tomorrow?!" I stuttered. I had thought I would have at least a week.

"Why, yes. I had been hoping to ask you for the past few days, so I figured that now would be as good a time as any. Prince Edward already has all his belongings packed, so I hope you can pack the required belongings quickly," the Queen said.

"I- Yes, ma'am," I said.

"Good," she said. "I shall introduce you to Prince Edward now. Follow me."

So, having nothing else to do, I followed her to meet her son, the Prince—Edward.

A/N: So there you go. The first chapter of a story that doesn't even named yet. I hope y'all liked that. Yes, Edward's servant is Jacob. Honestly, I don't really like Jacob AT ALL.