What's up! My name is Thorn's Lad (I'm new here) and I am preparing to write down my own and first Inheritance fan-fic. This is about my favorite dragon Thorn Crimsonwing (Heh! I made up a last name for him.) as he escapes from Uru'baen and joins the Varden along with Murtagh to find out the meaning of his birth. This story will also contain my theories of Thorn's fate and how that would affect the outcome of the war, so read carefully. I'm not very good at writing books but, at least I have you guys to help me out. Okay, here it goes:

Chapter 1: Enter the Ruby Dragon

Let us be off! Saphira said, while Eragon and Roran left their gear on the branch of a juniper tree. Eragon and Roran mounted Saphira as she quickly unfolded her translucent wings and flung her way into the air. After a few moments, Eragon pondered over the battle between Murtagh and Thorn. Saphira felt his emotions, Are you okay little one? she asked.

I'm fine; I was just thinking about what happened last night.

...Let's try to focus on rescuing the mate of your nest mate.


"I'm jealous," said Roran. Eragon looked behind himself to face Roran, "Why is that..." he asked. "If only I had a dragon I would make the king pay for kidnapping my fiancee." replied Roran with a smirk. Eragon smiled back, "In time, you may become one." he said.

By the time Saphira angled toward Helgrind, the group could see that it was always black as ever. The air was so intimidating and stone mountains enlarged as they approached. It was a place of death and it stood covered in saw-toothed folds as if to rise and haunt the Earth. Finally the group had reached the Ra'zac's lair, but there was no entrance except for a huge stone wall.

If this is the place where Katrina is being held, then how could they manage to walk through this? thought Eragon.

Both Eragon, Roran and Saphira took the moment to at least find a trigger for an opening. Saphira walked beside the stone wall sniffing the ground as Eragon glanced to where Saphira was standing he could see a portion of her right wing had vanished into the wall. "It's an illusion!" he shouted.

Roran walked towards Eragon and saw Saphira's right wing enveloped in the wall. To Saphira's surprise, she saw that a partial bit of her wing had gone missing against the magic wall. Roran held a hammer in his hand as he was surprised of the wall being a fake. Eragon and Roran borded Saphira again, as the dragoness pushed her way through the wall. Inside the cave, was a near dark and silent chamber. The only sound that could be heard was Saphira's breathing and the drip drops of moist plopping from the stalagmites on the ceiling into puddles below. Above all that, the distinctive odor was strong and almost unbearable like cold stone in rotting meat. The only thing Eragon and Roran had to rely on was Saphira's infared eyes as she slowly walked through the entrance.

Before much longer, the group heard a growling sound. It was like that of a predator guarding its territory. It sent the group to a feeling of both caution and attention. There was also the sound of multiple clickings, like hammers on a rock. Before any of the group could direct the noise, the source of the growl had shown itself. It was a giant Lethrblaka, its eyes were black, bulging and rimless, its beak is seven feet long, its wings are batlike, its torso was hairless and rippling with muscles and its claws were like iron spikes. Saphira tried to lunge out of the way, but the creature was too fast as it rammed its head into Saphira's side which sent Eragon and Roran crashing into the wall as they fell unconciously.

Eragon! cried Saphira.

The massive beast slowly advanced toward the down sapphire dragoness. Saphira tried to get up but she felt a throbbing pain and looked back and saw that her left hind leg has been fractured. Saphira almost yelped when she faced the Lethrblaka that was only two meters away from her face. The creature raised its lips exposing teeth larger than Saphira's talons. It was drooling hungrily, as if to eat the blue dragon. As much as Saphira could fight, she has gone panic-stricken. She felt that this is the end as she closed her eyes. The creature moved its big head lower to bite off Saphira's head. Suddenly as if out of nowhere, there was another roaring sound coming from the entrance of the cave. The Lethrblaka ceased and looked in the direction of the source of that roar. Saphira opened her eyes and in the blink of an eye, she saw something sparkling red crashing itself into the creatures side. It sent the Lethrblaka landing on its flank away from Saphira. She saw the red figure land in front of her. Saphira examined the red figure, it was lizard like, it had wings, talons, spikes on its back, and a long graceful tail. The red lizard turned its head and to Saphira's surprise, it turns out to be no other than Thorn Crimsonwing the young ruby red dragon she met at the Burning Plains.

Y-you! Saphira said.

The Lethrblaka was not finished, it stood up with its eyes turned to the other dragon as Thorn turned his view to the creature as if to guard Saphira. Now it's a one on one duel with Thorn against the Lethrblaka. The massive batlike creature stomps towards the red dragon as Thorn ran towards the Lethrblaka to counter him. The giant creature attempted to bite Thorn, but he was to fast for the creature grab hold of as the dragon had leapt sideways and shot a ball of fire at the creatures spine. The Lethrblaka roared in agony as smoke rose from its wound.

The Lethrblaka was raging mad. The painful roar suddenly awoke Roran as he saw another dragon battling the Lethrblaka. The creature charged for the kill, but Thorn was to smart to know better. Timing his chance carefully, the young ruby dragon leaped over the creatures head performing a cartwheel, which resulted in the Lethrblaka ramming its head against the wall. The force sent a short shudder in the cave that dust was falling from the roof. The creature shook its head to regain its bearings and roared angrily towards Thorn. The red dragon growled bravily as he saw the massive beast walk backwards into the shadows.

Something was wrong, Thorn knew the Lethrblaka was not yet finished. The red dragon stood his ground and scanned the entire chamber to make sure there was no sign of it. Thorn cautiously walks backwards taking at least a step or two as he felt his heart beat like a drum. Thorn turns himself around and sees a row of teeth as he felt himself pinned to the ground on his back by a row of talons. The creature strikes its head down to kill the trapped red dragon. Thinking fast, Thorn grabbed the creatures maw with both front paws. The massive beast tried to push its beak down to bite Thorn. After a few seconds of pushing the creatures mouth from him, Thorn gave a smug smile as he thought of an idea to escape the creatures grasp. He blew a stream of fire at the Lethrblaka's head. Eragon, who was still outcold, laid motionless while Roran and Saphira saw that the creatures head was no longer visible in the bright fiery blaze.

Miraculously, the Lethrblaka still had its head attached as Thorn escaped from the creatures' feet. He saw an opening; the creature was agonizing by its sizzling head and gives him the chance to attack. Taking advantage of this, Thorn leapt and stretched out a talon to decapitate the massive beasts' right wing. The Lethrblaka roared in much more painful agony as it limped. The creature could not take anymore, it staggered its way to the entrance of the cave and took one last look at Thorn. The red dragon roared to warn the Lethrblaka to never cross paths with him again. Afterwards, the creature stumbled out of the cave like a coward.

Although Saphira was happy to be rescued, but she still holds the same feelings toward him during their battle at Surda. Roran was very amazed to see a young dragon with so much potential and skill. Thorn turned his eyes toward Saphira.

Are you okay? he asked calmly.

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