Raven was lying awake against her sleeping husbands chest just looking at her son. Three days of him just lying there. Three days without him opening his eyes or breathing on his own. Three days since he gripped her finger.

«Is Lewis still sick mommy?»

Raven looked over the bed at her daughter. It was the first time she had looked at her since Lewis got sick.

«Yes precious, and I'm sorry mommy and daddy haven't been there for you.»

«It's okay. Lewis needs you.»

Raven couldn't help but laugh a little.

«So do you Logan.»

«Not as much as Lewis.»

«Didn't we have this conversation already?»

«Yes, and I won that one too.»

Raven laughed again. Logan smiled.


«I like it when you laugh.»

«You're so much like your father some times.»

Raven let go of Lewis and gently caressed her daughter. Logan's face lit up, and Raven knew she had missed it. She felt horrible for ignoring her daughter for three days.

«Logan I'm so...»

«Mom look. Lewis.»

Raven looked down and her son's green eyes looked back at her. She laid her hand on his chest and he smiled.

«Beast Boy.»

He was snoring and Raven had to wake him up.


«He's awake. Lewis is awake.»

Beast Boy looked at his son, before his face lit up. He got to his feet.

«I'll get Cy.»

Then he ran from the room. Logan looked after him before she turned her face toward her mother again. She was smiling and talking to her son. Logan suddenly felt alone. Lewis needed them. He was just a baby, he needed them more than she did. But she wanted to need them a little too.

«Hey Logan, next week what do you say to have daddy and me for an entire day. Just the three of us. Since you've been so patient. Would you like that?»

Logan looked at Raven and smiled meekly. Then she felt her fathers hand on her shoulder as Cyborg walked over to the bed. Then she nodded and smiled wider.


«What are you doing?»

Beast Boy had just showered after a battle and walked in on his wife as she had a or so spread out on the bed.

«Logan has to start school this fall.»

«She does?»

He sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

«We could home school her, but I think she needs to get out and not spend all of her time in the tower, and considering who we are I don't think we should consider public school. So now we have to pick a private school.»

He looked down at the .

«Dude there's many.»

«There are religious schools, special schools, other special schools. We need to decide what we want Logan to learn and which values we want her to get.»

«We want her to be one of the good guy.»

«Why don't we just send her to the good guy school?»

Raven sighed and leaned back.

« I'm sorry. Of course we want her to be one of the good guys Beast Boy. But now that she starts school it's going to be harder. There are going to be people in her life who tells her things, teachers, the children she goes to school with, we have to be careful so we pick the place were Logan can be the most happy and educated.»

Beast Boy looked shocked at her. Then he sighed.

«I'm so happy she has you to figure these things out.»

«It would be nice with a little help Beast Boy.»


He picked up a .

«Now lets see who is the lucky one to get to teach our daughter.»


«So what do you want to do on your day?»

Logan put down the full spoon of cornflakes and looked into the air. Bee had agreed to take care of Lewis, who was much better and now acting like a normal baby again. Green skin and all.


Beast Boy sighed and his head fell to the table. Raven sent him a look that told everyone what she thought of his immature before turning to her daughter again.

«That sounds great Logan. Which one?»

«The nature museum, they have an there on Africa, and it's interactive. So we can sit on top of stuffed animals, there are things we can do and I think it will be fun.»

«I'm sure it will precious. Right Beast Boy?»

Raven kicked him under the table and we woke up.

«Sure thing dude. What could be more fun than a museum on a Saturday.»


«Dude this is great.»

Beast Boy's eyes grew as they entered the museum. It looked more like a playground than what he thought of as museum.

«So spending a Saturday at the museum will not be so bad?»

«Forget everything I said Rae. This is great. What do you want to do first?»

The question was directed to the girl between them, holding her father in her right hand and her mother in the left. She let go of her mother and pointed to a box which moved around. Sitting in it you could feel how it was being on a safari in Africa.

Logan and Beast Boy left Raven and got in line. Raven sat down on a bench and looked at them off in the cue. A small smile on her face.

«Excuse me, but are you Raven from the Titans?»

Raven looked at the dark woman and her to children. Her smile was replaced by her usual blank look.


«I knew it mom. I knew it had to be her.»

«Can you sign this?»

The youngest girl gave her a Raven doll and a pen. Even how much it was a part of the job Raven hated signing and having to talk to their fans. She couldn't relax and had a hard time keeping her emotions under control since they were suddenly interfered with the emotions of the people around her. The commotion of the woman attracted more people, and before long Raven couldn't even see Beast Boy and Logan. She concentrated on keeping her breathing calm and signed and posed and did what she was supposed to do.

«Oh my god Beast Boy's here too.»

Some of the attention shifted from the woman to the man, but not all. Raven and Beast Boy shared a look, but they knew they had to do it. Suddenly Raven felt a chill go down her spine and she started to look around her, ignoring her fans.

«Beast Boy do you have Logan?»

He looked down and found Logan had left his side.


«Logan where are you?»

Both Raven and Beast Boy turned the crowed away and started to look for their daughter.



Suddenly laughter made both of them turn and walk in one direction. There Logan was sitting on a stuffed Zebra and a young man was standing a few feet away gesticulating wildly while he was talking.

«The rhino on the other hand has these two horns. One big and one small, and thou they don't have any natural enemy, when they get annoyed they give this kind of snorting sound.»

Beast Boy, now in the form of a rhino snorted.

«Like tha...»

The man turned and fell backwards in shock. Beast Boy morphed back.

«Sorry about that.»

He gave the boy a hand and the man took it.

«Don't mention it.»

«Mommy, daddy.»

Logan opened her arms and Raven helped her down.

«Are you okay Logan? You scared us.»

«I'm sorry. This woman pushed me away and I started to walk because the people were making so much noise, and then I met Mr Michelson and he knows everything about animals. Probably even more than daddy.»

Mr Michelson shock his head and gave Beast Boy his hand.

«I don't know everything Ms Logan. Mr Beast Boy, I'm a teacher for Gregory Elementary, Mr Henry Michelson.»

«Nice to meet you Mr Michelson, and thank you for looking after our daughter.»

«It was a pleasure. You have a wonderful daughter there. Where does she study?»

Raven and Beast Boy shared a look.

«She starts school this fall, but we don't know where yet.»

Mr Michelson gave Beast Boy a card.

«The first grade is starting to fill up now, so be quick. I think she might have a wonderful future.»

«Thank you.»

Then the man left. Beast Boy and Raven turned back to Logan.

«We're really sorry precious. This was supposed to be your day and then you get pushed away.»

«I understand. You and daddy are heros.»

Raven kissed her forehead.

«But you have to tell us when things like that happens Logan. It's important. You have just the same right to get attention as other people.»


She grabbed her parents hands and smiled up to them.

«And now ice cream.»

Beast Boy and Raven looked at one another before smiling down at her, before saying unified.

«Ice cream it is.»