Chapter 6: Disaster for Skarr

Skarr thought he had won the war against any unwelcome pests to destroy his new garden. Yet he was quite well unaware that Grim and Billy were very busy getting as much Weapons of Mass Destructions from Level F as possible.

"Are you sure you'll be needing all of this?" asked the head scientist with quite astonishment to which Grim had a large shopping cart full of hi-tech weapons and other such things.

"It's Mandy's orders mon, I got to obey them" replied Grim in quite a sad mood, "I'm forced too!"

"Oh, I'm sure this weapon will be nice against Skarr's garden" said Billy as he picked up a hi-tech laser gun and threw it in the cart, then he saw another similar hi-tech weapon, "and oh, this one, and this one!"

"And how is the Grim Reaper going to pay for all of this?" asked the head scientist as if he were acting like a cashier.

"Hey mon, you said we can come up here and test anything we wanted" replied Grim.

"Alright, alright" said the head scientist, "they're all on the house. Besides we needed to get rid of them sooner or later."

"Come on Billy" said Grim as he took out his scythe and created another portal, "let's see if we can go and destroy Skarr's garden before that flaming-headed kid does it first."

Meanwhile, Johnny Test, and his dog Dukey were busy trying to see what sort of inventions which Mary and Susan Test had invented to destroy Skarr's poor garden.

"Come on, hurry up, I want to win this bet I made against this big nosed kid" said Johnny who was quite impatient.

"Patience Johnny" said Mary as she was digging through the pile of failed and past successful inventions alike.

"Sorry Johnny" said Susan as she signaled Mary to stop searching, "but I'm afraid we can't find a thing that will help you in your destructive quest."

"See Johnny, why don't you let this bet slide?" asked Dukey.

"No!" cried Johnny in a defiant mood, "I'm not going to concede to a big nosed kid like that!"

"Say, somebody is setting up shop" said Susan who noticed Mandy setting up what seem like an average lemonade stand, but was really going to be used for nefarious purpose instead.

"Why don't you try to talk some sense to that big nosed kid's friends?" suggested Mary as she looked through previous footage of Mandy with Grim and Billy on the security camera.

"I don't know if we can trust that girl there, she looks too scary to me" replied Dukey.

"Hmm, she may have something in common with me" said Johnny as he then took Dukey out of the lab.

Meanwhile, Skarr was still inside his house at the computer console watching Mandy setup shop to which Mandy was going to sell the equipment to which Grim and Billy got from Level F for a nefarious purpose against Skarr.

"What's that girl doing?" asked Skarr to himself as his security cameras were trying to spy on her, to which suddenly Johnny and Dukey showed up, "Say, she's in the same league with flaming-headed pest, I knew it!"

Back outside, Mandy was making the deal of a lifetime to which Johnny handed twenty bucks over to her.

"And I'll need at least forty bucks from your talking dog if he wishes to keep his gift a secret" said Mandy as she demanded the money from Dukey.

"There goes my coffee money" sighed Dukey as he handed it over.

"Now Test, you know what to do, get as many kids here from Porkbelly here, just in time before Billy and Grim come back from Level F" said Mandy.

"You got it" replied Johnny.

"Oh yes, this is easy, easy money" said Mandy after Johnny and Dukey left.

Suddenly, as Skarr continued to examine Mandy, he soon noticed that nearly all the kids in Porkbelly were coming heading straight toward Mandy's stand.

"What's that girl planning with all of those naughty children coming here?!" cried Skarr.

Outside, Porkbelly's local known children wanted to know just what the heck Johnny Test brought them out to Skarr's place for.

"What's your deal Test, this better be worth our time" said Janet Nelson.

"Yeah, this better not be some sort of a lame reason to get us to like you" added Bumper.

"Relax, everything will fall together" said Mandy.

"Who are you to tell us what to do?" asked Sissy to Mandy who both glared at each other in a challenging manner.

"Hey, hey, hey we're back from Level F!" cried Grim as he and Billy came out of the portal with Grim having a lot of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the cart, "Say, what are all dem local Porkbelly kids doing here?"

"Yeah, I thought I made a bet with the flaming-headed kid, that if one of us destroyed Skarr's garden, he'll have to stay in either Porkbelly if the flaming-headed kid wins, or in Endsville if I win!" cried Billy.

"Relax, I have made it possible so that Skarr will HAVE to move back to Endsville, and once Johnny over here and his local Porkbelly compatriots finish Skarr, he'll never want to stay in this town again!" said Mandy as she snapped her fingers to which every kid grabbed one of the weapons from the cart.

"Hey, hey, careful!" cried Grim as he was really being beaten up as all the kids began to trample right on him trying to get their goodies, leaving poor Grim all beaten up.

"Now this is fun!" laughed Bumper as he took a hi-tech weapon firing it at a robotic gnome destroying it.

"My robotic gnomes!" cried Skarr as he noticed they were falling like flies as if the children of Porkbelly were trying to destroy his security system.

Skarr immediately then ran out of his house, and really wanted to take command of the situation for himself.

"You, naught children, get away from my garden!" cried Skarr.

"And what are you going to do to us, you one-eyed freak?" asked Sissy as she readied her weapon.

"Oh, you'll pay for that comment!" cried Skarr.

"Skarr, please, don't go up against these kids, I was the one who was giving them dem toys!" cried Grim who was still beaten up very badly as he came toward Skarr's aid.

"Hey Grim, get out of the way, I want to destroy this garden before they do!" cried Billy as he smashed a statue of Skarr that was in his new garden.

Suddenly Skarr felt something in himself as he was certainly sure that he was going to not be pleased with the results of he continued to live here in Porkbelly.

"What are you waiting for bonehead, send me back to Endsville, or I'll have to deal with these little monsters everyday for the rest of my life!" cried Skarr as he shook Grim by his robe sleeves.

"Alright mon, alright" said Grim as he prepared his scythe and created a portal, "just need to tie up a few odds and ends first."

"Wait for me!" cried Skarr as he leaped through the portal.

Grim and Skarr then leaped out of the other side of the portal to end up in the secret base of Skarr's boss-Bling-Bling Boy who was astonished with the Grim Reaper's presence.

"Skarr, you know the Grim Reaper?" asked Bling-Bling Boy in an astonished voice.

"Look mon, now isn't the time to glorify me, you got to get Skarr back to Endsville, or he'll face endless attacks on his garden such as these" replied Grim as he used his scythe to switch the computer screen on Bling-Bling Boy's computer console to which even he was shocked what was going on.

"I could can never accommodate for your needs anymore Skarr" said Bling-Bling Boy as he turned toward him, "I will take the liberty of buying your house back at Endsville, so that you can leave this place for good."

"Oh, that's fantastic!" laughed Skarr.

A few hours later, everything was back to normal for Skarr who was back in Endsville. Skarr couldn't wait to go back to his original garden.

"So Skarr, are you happy that I fixed everything for you?" asked Grim.

"Sure thing" replied Skarr as he was about to begin his gardening.

"Wow, that took quite a load off of me" said Billy who was finished doing his business in Skarr's garden.

"Well, at least I won't have to deal with many pests like I did in Porkbelly" said Skarr as he took a rack and began to charge at Billy, "but I certainly love to deal with this pest for sure!"

The scene then ends with Skarr happily laughing charging at Billy with a rack around his garden, while Grim laughed at Billy's predicament.