This is my first story be as brutal as possible.(Not really).

The characters and stuff don belong to me. Only the ideas.

Chapter 1

"Sam" Danny whisperd in Sam's ear

"What don't you see im trying to sleep" Sam moaned not wanting to get up.

"Sam" Tucker said shaking her franticly

"Tucker" She moaned turning away from them

"It's okay Danny," Tucker began to say "I just thought Sam would like to know her mom was shredding all her clothes and replacing them with Polyester, pinks and yellows".

"She would n't dare" Sam said bolting up in her bed and rushing to her closet. She could hear Tucker and Danny laughing from behind her.

"Nice one Tuck" Danny said his eyes wet from all the laughing

"What was so important you had to wake me up at..." Sam looked at her watch getting angrier by the second "7:30 in the morrning"

"The 'rents are having a little thing and the want you to come" Danny said

"That is what you got me out of bed for" Sam said walking slowly over to Danny and Tuck. She looked like she would kill them.

"Nah not really" Tucker said finnaly regaining his composure, what little he had, after all the laughing.

"Just get dressed" Danny said teasing "It's a surprise"

"I need more than that to leave this room"Sam said peering through the black blinds with purple heming that coverd her door to her balcany.

"It has something to do with H.U" Danny said phazing him and Tucker out of Sam's room

There will be several other chapters.

Full of ... well I dont know yet.

But trust me it will be good.

I hope!!