"Do you truly believe these humans are really a matter of concern Naruto-sama?" asked Tousen as he sat down across from Naruto and drank some tea.

"It is too early to tell, but to completely disregard their growing powers would be foolish," replied Naruto as he took a sip of his own tea. Tousen just nodded his head in understand because it was better to prepare for every possible outcome then be unprepared for it later.

"I here they captured the Kuchiki girl and she is scheduled for execution. I take Aizen-san is responsible for that," said Tousen.

"Hai, and soon the Orb of Distortion will be in our possession," said Naruto with a slight frown on his face. Tousen could feel something was off with Naruto and decided to question him about because it was unlike him to allow himself to be bothered by anything unless it was something important.

"Something is bothering you," stated Tousen knowingly.

"Hmm, I have this feeling that not everything will go as easily as we want. Aizen-san is a master at manipulating people to believe what he wants them to believe, but he has not accounted for every variable. He overestimates his power and underestimates the powers of others, which could be the downfall of us all," explained Naruto.

"What Captains are you worried about besides Yamamoto-san?" asked Tousen curiously.

"Unohana-san, and Ukitake-san," answered Naruto to the surprise of Tousen.

"Unohana-san?" repeated Tousen surprised.

"Yes, though she doesn't seem like it, she is one of the original thirteen captains and her power with Kido should not be underestimated. If anyone has the power to break through Aizen's manipulations and his zanpakuto then it is her," confessed Naruto. He didnt want to fight Unohana, but if she interfered he would have no choice in order to protect her from getting killed by Aizen.

"Why Ukitake-san then?" said Tousen as he agreed with Naruto's statement about Unohana. There were very few people that Tousen respected in Soul Society and Naruto and Unohana were both at the top of the list as they both merely wanted for a peaceful Soul Society. He originally followed Aizen when the man had approached him, but after meeting Naruto that had changed and he had sworn his loyalty to the young twelfth division captain. Of course, this didn't sit very well with Aizen, but so long as Tousen helped with their goals he did not let it bother him too much.

"Though Ukitake-san suffers from an extreme illness, he was Yamamoto's prize student and unlike his counterpart, Kyoraku-san, he is very active in the business of Soul Society. He will no doubt try to learn as much as he can about what is going on now especially with the Kuchiki girl being from his division," said Naruto as he finished his tea and poured himself another cup before pouring Tousen another cup as well.

"Ukitake-san may be powerful, but his illness prevents him from fighting in prolonged battles. He also doesn't upset the peace that goes on, but if it comes to it then I will deal with him personally to ensure our goals," stated Tousen.

"Be wary of Kyoraku-san should you be forced to engage Ukitake-san. He always seems to be nearby when it comes to Ukitake-san and fighting both of them at the same time is unwise," said Naruto seriously. Naruto was no fool and knew that though he was powerful having trained under Aizen-san there were still a few captains out there that had greater spiritual power then him. This is why he learned as much as he could about all of their abilities and personality so if he ever had to face them he could exploit them in battle to overpower them. Not every fight is won with pure strength and sometimes it is won by who had the better strategy.

He had also drilled this into Tousen's head as well because when they first met Tousen was very assured of his own skills and Naruto easily exploited a weakness in his Bankai much to his shock. Tousen took the lesson to heart, as he didn't want to lose his chance to restore the peace by dying too soon.

Fourth Division

"I really wonder where he comes up with these inventions," smiled Unohana as she examined the newest invention currently being mass-produced by the Twelfth Division.

It was called a blood pill and what it did was increase the rate of which the body produced blood. The pill was a lifesaver because it helped wounded shinigami stay alive longer from their injuries, as the pill would restore any loss of blood until they made it back to Soul Society. Unohana could only smile wistfully as she had only mention it in passing that many shinigami died of blood loss before the Fourth Division could get to them and four months later Naruto had developed a prototype blood pill.

"I take it you are pleased with the product then?" said a familiar voice that caused Unohana to turn around with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Of course I am Naruto-kun," smiled Unohana as she gestured for him to have a seat.

"I heard your division was holding the captive Kuchiki girl and thought I would pay a visit to see her myself," said Naruto as he kneeled down on the ground.

"Yes, we were holding her, but I am afraid that she was transferred to the Tower of Solitude. If you wish to speak with her about the humans she was with you will have to visit her there," said Unohana with a knowing look in her eyes.

"You know me well," stated Naruto.

"Mhm, I would like to think so," teased Unohana with a playful look in her beautiful eyes.

"I wish to speak with you as well because I believe I have been having flashes of memories from when I was alive. I can never remember them though as they disappear after a few seconds after I receive them," frowned Naruto.

"Hmm, it is not unheard of for one to remember certain events from one's life, but it is curious you are having such memories," said Unohana with a slight frown of her own.

"Why is that?" asked Naruto.

"I examined you when you were first brought to Soul Society and though many don't know it, I can tell what age a person died at if they haven't spent too much time in Rukongai or Soul Society. Naruto-kun, you died when you were about five or six," said Unohana softly with a sad look in her eyes.

"I see, then why would I be able to have such vivid memories as I shouldn't remember too many things if I died around that age," said Naruto with a contemplative look in his eyes.

'It is just like you Naruto to not even care that you died before you could truly ever live,' thought Unohana with a mental sigh.

"Thank you for letting me know this," started Naruto, but stopped when an alarm went off. His eyes narrowed as an alert then unknown intruders had entered Soul Society and he recognized their spiritual powers. They were the humans that had been with the girl in the living world.

"Who would be foolish enough to invade Soul Society with such a small party of people?" frowned Unohana, but received no reply and was surprised to see Naruto already heading out of the room.

"I will go help deal with these intruders, we will finish our conversation later Unohana-san," bowed Naruto before disappearing via shunpo.

'I would tell you to be careful, but knowing you, I have a feeling you are well prepared,' thought Unohana with a small smile before getting up to find her vice-captain.


"Hmm, it seems we got split up from the rest of our group," said Ishida before fixing his glasses.

"I hope Kurosaki-san is ok," worried Orohime as she ran next to Uryuu.

"Knowing him he is probably getting in a fight as we speak," replied Ishida. He had only came around this trip to have his chance to fight some shinigami and pay them back for not protecting his grandfather when he was attacked by Hollows. The memory was crystal clear, as a couple shinigami didn't bother to get rid of the Hollows until his grandfather had already died.

"I can't believe Kurosaki-san wears these all the time. I mean they are so uncomfortable, but at least they are cool looking," smiled Orohime as she fingered the shinigami robes they had stole. Ishida sweat dropped at that because the girl always worried about the most insignificant of things. He was about to say something to her, but they both fell to their knees as a powerful spiritual power overwhelmed them.

"No way, what could possess such spiritual power?" gasped Ishida as he struggled to rise to his feet. He looked to the side and noticed that Orohime was worse off then he was and knew he had to get her out of here before she passed out. Right as he was about to get up the spiritual power disappeared and an unfamiliar voice reached their ears.

"Ryoka-san, I have come here to apprehend you. Please turn yourselves over," said the voice respectfully. Ishida looked up and saw a man that looked no older then eighteen watching him with an emotionless expression on his face. His robes were different from the average shinigami and standing next to him was a beautiful woman with long braided black hair.

"Who are you?" asked Ishida as he drew his bow and prepared for a fight.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I am the Captain of the Twelfth Division. This is my fuku-taicho, Nemu-san," said the man as introduced himself and his associate.

'A Captain?' thought Ishida before his eyes narrowed and he formed an arrow out of spiritual particles in the air.

"I do not wish to fight you Quincy-san, but should you not turn yourselves over then I will have no choice," said Naruto calmly.

"Orohime, get out of here while I deal with him," said Ishida with a hard look in his eyes. Orohime wanted to say something, but saw the look in her friend's eyes and nodded her head so ran away as fast as she could. Naruto raised his hand and gestured for Nemu to capture the girl while he dealt with the boy.

Ishida turned his bow on Nemu, but before he could fire she disappeared using shunpo much to his shock. He was broke out of his shock by Naruto who drew his zanpakuto and released it from its sealed state.

"Eternal Darkness, Xemnas," said Naruto before his zanpakuto disappeared and a red beam formed in each hand.

'What? That looks like something a Quincy would use,' thought Ishida surprised.

"I will ask you again, please surrender, and no harm shall come to you or your companion," said Naruto.

"Sorry, but I refuse to ever surrender to a shinigami," replied Ishida before firing his arrow at Naruto. Naruto tilted his head to the side as the arrow passed by him, but was surprised when Ishida appeared behind him and fired another arrow at point blank.

"Hn," thought Ishida as he pushed his glasses up.

"Your speed is impressive, but you can not win this fight," said Naruto causing Ishida's eyes to go wide with disbelief. Naruto was standing with his back's to Ishida's and could have easily finished this fight in one move, but wanted to see what else the boy could do.

Ishida disappeared again, but Naruto reappeared in front of him and kicked him into the ground. Naruto was about to land on the ground when three arrows were fired at him from inside the small cloud of dust. He quickly used his beams to deflect the first two and dodged the third one by jumping onto the nearest building.

"Now you are the slow one," said Ishida as he appeared on the side of Naruto and fired another arrow at him. Naruto just turned his head slowly before the arrow crashed into him and large explosion occurred. Ishida gritted his teeth in anger as he saw Naruto stand there with his hand raised because he had just used a Kido spell to destroy his arrow.

"You are far more powerful then any Quincy I have ever met, but you are still no match for a Captain level shinigami," said Naruto before throwing his beam at Ishida at incredible speeds. Ishida gasped in pain as the beam passed right through his stomach and out the other end.

The Quincy fell to his knees before coughing out a large amount of blood. He looked down to see that there was no puncture wound, but his insides were hurting like hell and he was having trouble gathering the spiritual particles in the air.

"As you found out, my shikai can do more then just create to weapons for me, but also disrupt the spiritual powers of anyone it cuts for a short period of time. Of course, by messing up someone's spiritual power, I inflict no physical wound on the body, but merely disrupt the internal organs, which can be quite fatal depending on where I aim," explained Naruto as he looked down at Ishida impassively.

"Damn it, I will not lose," glared Ishida as he forced himself to stand up.

"Give up, Nemu-san has already captured your companion so there is no point for you to continue fighting as you already failed to protect her," said Naruto.

'Orohime, I will save you and beat this shinigami. Forgive me grandfather, but it seems I will have to once again go against your wishes,' thought Ishida as he removed the glove from his right hand.

Naruto eyes narrowed as the boy seemed to transform once the glove was removed and he started to gather spiritual particles in the surrounding area at an incredible rate. This was not good because if the boy kept it up then he might actually be able to harm him. It seems he would have to end this right now before he got any stronger.

"Once again, you have impressed me with your skill and power, but I am afraid this is as far as this fight goes," said Naruto, but before he could make a move Ishida appeared behind him with a cold look in his eyes.

"You are right about this fight being over, but I will be the victor not you," said Ishida before firing an arrow with incredible power at Naruto. Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he had no time to dodge and was consumed by the spiritual arrow.

"Hn," said Ishida as he pushed his glasses up and turned his back to leave so he could find Orohime. He stopped in mid-step though when he felt a surge of spiritual power and turned around in disbelief as he saw the dust clear. There Naruto stood his robes slightly tattered, but otherwise, unharmed. Ishida didn't know how he survived until he saw in front of the man was looked to be a wall of large barely visible blocks.

"I underestimated you, but it will not happen again," said Naruto calmly before disappearing so quick that Ishida couldn't even follow him even in this new transformed state.

"Ahhh!" screamed Ishida as he felt his right arm torn off his body and he fell to his knees with blood spilling everywhere before passing out from the pain.

"It seems that without your bow arm that your power has disappeared completely or maybe it is something else," said Naruto as he held the boy's right arm with the same emotionless expression on his face that he always had. A second later, Nemu appeared next to him carrying an unconscious Orohime over her shoulder.

"Naruto-sama, are you ok?" asked Nemu worried.

"Hai, the boy was far more powerful then I had anticipated. If not for the fact that I can make matter out of nothingness with my shikai then he would have no doubt crippled me for some time because of my carelessness. It is a mistake I shall not make twice should I encounter another Ryoka," answered Naruto. Nemu just nodded her head in understand because she knew how much her taicho hated making careless mistakes especially when in battle.

"Take the girl to the holding cells in the Fourth Division while I take this boy to my lab. I will reattach his arm and then send him over to be with his companion. It is quite possible I can use his power in the future to help accomplish our goals as he seems to hate shinigami," said Naruto as he picked up the Quincy.

"Hai Naruto-sama," bowed Nemu before disappearing to do as she was told.

'If you are this powerful, then how powerful are the others?' wondered Naruto before he too disappeared.