12 Things a Perfect Guy Would Do

Chapter 1

It all started with a simple article, not just any article, but the article; there is a definite difference. Any other article in a magazine might be giggled at, seriously pondered, or even cried over, maybe even just thrown in the trash… but the article changed her life drastically. And it was all because of Lola.

Of course being that they were all girls, their attention would be captivated by a girly magazine with clothing, accessories, and etc. Quinn wasn't into things like that, Zoey wouldn't mind, but Lola was a different story shall we say. It was a simple glamorous "Glambition" magazine that started the realization.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Lola squealed on the campus, completely dazzling, though with a proud smile on her face. "It's here!" she screamed in excitement, holding up the latest issue of Glambition. The gang that contained of Logan, Quinn, Michael, Zoey, and James all looked up at her arrival.

She stopped right in front of their usual lunch table and all gave out a slight laugh. "Let me guess… Glambition?" Zoey asked, with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

With another loud eager shriek from Lola, Quinn nodded. "I'm thinking your calculations are correct, Zoey," she laughed.

Zoey couldn't help but spread a small smile across her face. "What's it this time, Lola?" She started shifting a bit in her chair, while James had his arm around her shoulders. "A True Best Friend? Good Kisser or Not? More than Love?" Zoey kept repeating the many article headlines, until Lola put up her hand for her to stop.

"What is it with you girls and your girly magazines?" Logan scoffed out, while Michael and James nodded along with him in the same wonderment.

The three girls chose to ignore his question and Logan grew irritated, as usual. "Anyways back to the subject, this is so much better…" Opening the magazine up, Lola flipped through page after page, trying to find the one article that captured her eyes most before. "Aha!"

Lola then practically shoved the magazine into her friends' faces, pointing to the specific article. Grabbing it with her hands, Zoey read aloud, "12 Things a Perfect Guy Would Do. That sounds silly…"

With a roll of her eyes and now facing Zoey, Quinn stated, "How can that sound silly?! You're dating the perfect guy, his name is James and you're sitting right next to him remember?" Logan felt a twinge of jealousy spread throughout him, making him clench his fist underneath the table. He had a slight problem at controlling his temper.

"Well, I am a perfect guy," James jokingly said.

After hearing that Logan decided to interrupt the conversation once more. "You've got to be kidding me?! James? A perfect guy?!" Of course, he believed James wasn't a perfect guy, and he didn't believe he, himself, was a perfect guy either… Maybe it was just the jealousy talking, so Logan shook his head to get it out of his system.

"What are you talking about? James is perfect," Zoey argued back, even though she didn't think the words were true much. Lately, she's been looking deep into their relationship and to be honest it just seemed too perfect for it to be imperfect, if that made sense.

"Yeah, Logan stop trying to bring attention to yourself," Michael laughed, clapping a hand on Logan's back and then pulling it away. Logan just glared at his friends and crossed his arms flat on his chest, choosing to ignore them now. Quinn shot him a reassuring look, but then turned away for they were to remain a secret still.

She asked, "So, what's the first one?"

"Ummm, okay." Lola began to read aloud, "Number 1: Know how to make you smile when you feel down."

James tightened his arm around Zoey more, pulling her closer to him. To be honest, she felt a bit uncomfortable at the moment, but her mind was too preoccupied on thinking how James could relate towards this statement. Nothing came to mind, really… but she couldn't help but remember one memory of herself with Chase.

Chase's tone of voice quavered a bit, as Zoey grew nervous of what words may escape his lips. "If I want her to be my girlfriend, I can't hang out with you anymore… talk to you."

She understood, as much as her heart broke at his words, she pulled herself through with no tears, but she avoided eye contact with him just in case. "Okay, I get it. Look, the most important thing to me is that you- you're happy."

He quietly then said, "Me too." A short silence came between them, until Chase pulled a grin on his face and gently spoke. "So I dumped her."

Her head then shot up, while a huge smile sprung onto her beautiful face.

The gang was having a small conversation on the first example of a perfect guy, but Quinn was drawn away by her thoughts. She couldn't help but compare her boyfriend to the 'silly' test. Many memories ran throughout her head and one familiar one came across her mind that happened not too long ago…

"I realize why we're dancing in a janitor's closet, with nauseous fumes and a dead flower. I'm just saying that it would be nice if we went out on a real date, just once." One ordinary normal date was all she wanted, but she knew that wouldn't come anytime soon, since they had to be extremely cautious of where their outings together.

Logan raised his head with a proud smile, "Hey I got an idea."

Quinn quietly said, "Oh dear."

He reassured her, "It's a good one."

"Tell me gently."

"You know where that restaurant where Coco worked? The really expensive one?" He asked her and she nodded in response. "It's just half a mile up the beach."

She couldn't believe her ears, was Logan actually saying this. "You'd take me there for dinner?"

A charming smile was planted on his face and he said, "Sure, it's quiet, romantic and nobody else from PCA can afford to eat there."

"That sounds fantastic."

"Quinn! Quinn! QUINN!"

"Huh? What?" she responded, confused at the moment. She saw all her friends staring at her, and she simply asked, "What?"

"Nothing… it just looked like you were enjoying some kind of day dream," Michael told her, while the rest of the gang nodded along in agreement .

"So, what's the next example?" James asked, starting to feel too confident in himself that he was the 'perfect guy' towards Zoey. Just a minute ago, he could tell his present girlfriend was in deep thought and knew for sure she was thinking about him and her, it was so obvious… to him that is.

"Umm," Lola's finger looked for the next wonderment example. "Number 2: Wrap his arms around you."

All three girls sighed in their happily thoughts, while the guys couldn't help but feel a bit sicken. James didn't understand why Zoey looked so trailed away by this, he had never done that to her… well, maybe he did, he just hadn't remembered.

Chase was extremely happy as his excited expression showed it all. "Tune juice said yes!"

Zoey's eyes widened, "No way!"

"Yeah it's going up on their site next Monday!"

"Oh my god that's so great!" She didn't know who leaned in first for the tight embrace, maybe it was her, or maybe it was him… maybe it was the both of them at the same time, but none of that mattered at the moment. She loved the feeling of his arms wrapped around her and she never wanted it to end.

Wrapping of arms, a hug… well there weren't many of those in the past for Quinn and Logan, but now they were endless. Even if it was a simply friendly gesture in front of the gang, those were the moments Quinn felt as though no one was there. But one memory stood out to all the others…

He paused for a moment before sighing and said, "I'm embarrassed to be dating you." It was obvious he was scared of what her reaction would be just by his expression, but what he got was something he didn't expect.

She had a wide smile across her face. "Really?!"

Feeling guilty about telling her now, he tried his best to cover up his previous words. "Yes! I can't believe you made me said it!"

She excitedly said, "I'm thrilled you said it!"

"Huh?!" Confused of the situation now, he wore a bewildered appearance.

"I'm embarrassed to be dating you too!"

"Seriously!" They had so much in common, and yet they were still total opposites.

"Super embarrassed! If anyone were to find out, I'd die!"

"I know how you feel!"

Still keeping the biggest smiles, they both let out a sweet 'aww' and leaned in for a very tight embrace… then again, maybe it was Logan who did it first, maybe it was Quinn. It seemed like any other kind of friendship hug, but to the both of them it was different. There was more love and devotion involved.

"What's the point of this again?" Logan whined, not wanting to hear anymore.

"To see who's a perfect guy, duh!" Lola reminded him, giving him a nudge in the side of his shoulder. "Alright then…" she again started to read down the list of numbers. "Number three: Be cute when he wants something."

"Well, to me, I think that all of us guys get that answer down." Michael laughed, "I mean, come on, no one can resist a 'puppy dog face' from a guy!" It wasn't very amusing to the girls that the guys weren't taking this seriously; then again it is a girly magazine, but still…

Now leaning on her chin atop her hand, thinking hard on the number of times James was cute when he wanted something, but nothing came to mind. Zoey started to find this completely weird. She dug deeper into her mind to bring up past memories and the results always led back to Chase.

He was walking beside her, with his arms at his side. It was a tendency to just grasp her hand and hold it, but he knew that would put them into an awkward situation. "Oh… So what kind of stuff did you say about everybody?"

She smiled, knowingly that he wanted to know what she said about him. She knew him too well. "You know different stuff for different people."

"Right of course, because if you were talking about Logan you might mention he is a ego-maniac," he laughed.

She laughed along with him. "Right…"

He asked, trying to remain casual and not so uptight. "But if you were talking about me… you might say what?" Bingo! There it was! She knew the question was going to come sooner or later.

"I'm not telling you what I said." She loved to tease him in any way possible, but to Chase it was complete torture.

He said, "Oh I think you are."

"Sorry, got to go to class." She smiled at him, and started walking past him, leaving him suffering about the whole subject.

Shouting out to her, he couldn't help but feel amused a bit with her amusing remarks. "Oh come on, tell me what said about me!"

"You'll find out in twenty years."

A giggle escaped from Quinn's lips, but she covered it up with her hand so no one would hear her. The surprising giggle was caused by no other than a memorable flashback of her and Logan. She had to admit this was fun, thinking over the past memories, especially if they involved Logan. But she could tell you one thing… Mark definitely wasn't a 'perfect guy'.

She pulled out of the lingering and tender kiss they were sharing with a simple sigh. "Okay obviously we're not doing a good job at stopping this"

He then raised his eyebrows and had a specific tone of voice. "Yeah, but I'm not sure I wanna stop." And his charming smile got the best of her.

"Seriously, can we stop talking about it?! I tried very hard to block that memory out of my head!" Michael complained, while the rest of the gang was laughing.

"Alright, we're sorry, Michael," James chuckled.

Zoey turned to face Lola, who was still laughing at the past topic. She asked very impatiently, "So, what the next one?"

"Calm down…" Lola reassured her. "Umm, number four: Do what you say no matter what the consequences are."

Logan rolled his eyes once more, stating, "That's a stupid one." He thought all this was nonsense, but at the same time a bit interesting. Throughout the whole time, he kept glancing towards Quinn when she wasn't looking, and he noticed that she looked a bit lost in memory.

"You've said that about each one so far," James said.

Zoey closed her eyes to yet again search for another memory, but this time she could care less about James and only focused on Chase.

"You worked hard enough on that dumb paper, so you are going to stay right here and party on your birthday." She ordered him to do so, as though he was a pet dog obeying her commands.

He smiled, "Yes, mam."

Same goes for Quinn as she was lost deep in though again, with her head tilted to the side now. Her eyes didn't blink as she was too focused on the hilarious, and yet in somewhat nice memory. The moment was different than all the others, for this one didn't occur during this year, but back in the past year when she hated his guts.

"You need to do this!" Quinn confidently said from the other side of the wall.

"This makes no sense at all!"

She rolled her eyes, something she did normally when it involved Logan. "It makes perfect sense. See, part of what makes players miss free throws is that people are watching which makes them nervous."


Quinn replied, "So… if you can force yourself to walk around PCA campus like this, nothing could ever make you feel nervous in front of people again. Trust me." It was odd that back then Logan trusted her, for they both disliked one another very much.

"Okay," he sighed and then walked out in the entertaining girl's dress.

"I must agree that example is pretty lame." Michael shrugged his shoulders, "What are we now the slaves for you, girls? We're the ones that should be telling you what to do."

"It's the 20th century, Michael, get over it," Lola said. She looked back at the page for the next one. "Number five: Will be funny, but know when to be serious."

"That makes no sense at all…" Michael stated.

"Hold it!" Zoey grabbed his arm and swiftly turned him around to face her.

He sighed, "I'm sorry."

"I thought you fixed this."

"I tried… but I'm not so good with words. It's like I open my mouth and someone controls what I say. Someone who clearly likes to watch me suffer." She couldn't help but think his reply was too cute, as well as funny, but she decided to remain serious on the issue they were in.

Zoey had a wide smile planted atop her face, while her shining eyes were too caught up in the memorable comparison. And then she was drawn out of her mind capturing wonderment, when her eyes were caught by Quinn's expression. For some reason, Zoey saw Quinn pondering of something as well, but it could have been of one of her scientific experiments… or was she comparing someone to the 'Perfect Guy' article. Nah… could she?

Logan reassuringly said, "Look, we all know you're weird." Quinn rolled her eyes, not wanting to hear anymore of his nonsense. "But you're smart, pretty, and you're kinda fun." She didn't know why, but was that a compliment from Logan Reese?

She couldn't help but quietly say, "Thanks."

The situation grew a bit awkward, but he continued on being a friend towards her. It was a whole different aspect of himself, the complete opposite. "Sure, uhh why are you dress like that?"

"I was trying to compete with Brooke."

He couldn't believe Quinn could act like this in a way of jealousy. Sure he had to admit she looked different, but to be honest he thought she looked beautiful in her original way. Simply, he said, "Well, don't." Noticing her glasses on the side, he slowly picked them up and held them to her face as he gently slid them on., "Hey, there's Quinn," he said, hoping he will hear a slight giggle or laugh escape her lips.

"So, Zo, how am I rating so far?"

Zoey was drawn out of her thoughts by James' voice. She turned towards him, staring blankly at him. "Oh umm..."

A/N: So this story is to just celebrate that I got my internet back. I actually got it back Monday, but it's up and down lately, so it's confusing. It took me forever to find moments that related towards the 'Perfect Guy' article, so sorry if some of the dialouge isn't correct. Must tell you though that all the memories are true, I didn't make them up. This is just going to be a short three-shot, some Choey and Quogan fluff. Tell me what you think of it so far. Hope you review! And thanks for reading.