12 Things a Perfect Guy Would Do

Chapter 3

Quinn stared blankly at Lola, who was awaiting the answer of her own question at the moment. Quinn's hands were slightly shaking, trembling even more, while a cold shiver ran through her body. You could tell she was tense and nervous. "Umm, well…" She took a quick glance towards Logan, who was avoiding eye contact at the moment, not knowing himself what they should do, but they both knew what the other was thinking.

There's number seven again, 'know what you're thinking without you saying it'. Score another point for Logan.

"Well what?" Zoey and Lola furthered the question now.

"Well, nothing!" Logan spoke out, making all the attention turn on him now. When everyone's eyes and face was turned directly at him in a bit of utter shock and confusion, he simply slid down into his chair. He felt like disappearing underneath the table.

"Oooh jealous much," Michael jokingly laughed, while Logan wore an expression of fear and panic, "just kidding."

There was silence that filled the table after that last minute, as well as awkwardness. Glances, glimpses, stares, were happening all over the table as one head turned towards the other. The gang new they hit an uncomfortable spot somewhere along the trail, but they don't understand what made it so.

Lola decided to break the tension, "Anyways…umm number ten, right?" Everyone nodded along. "Alright, number ten: Always helpful or caring."

"Now that you can mark me down for, Zoey," James shot her one of his oh-so charming smiles. Zoey just gave a slight giggle and then simply smiled back at him. As much as she compared James and Chase to the girly article, she still had to admit James was a great guy… but simply not the perfect boyfriend to her at the least.

She leaned on her hand that was on top of the lunch table, in deep thought once again. Her eyes didn't blink once until a hidden but yet, cherished memory appeared in image of her mind. An even wider smile crossed along her face as a simple shade of pink in her cheeks even. How she loved that night so much… just wanting to stay in his arms and never let go once more.

He was sleeping soundly on the lounge chair in the middle of campus, so she strolled over and decided to wake her dear friend up. "Chase… Chase…" she nudged at his shoulder gently and he quickly opened his eyes.

"Oh hey, Zo." His tone of voice was calm at the moment, but it didn't last long. He slid his legs over to the side of the chair now and realized how late it was. "What time is it!?" Standing straight up in fear of it being to late, panic stuck through him. "The dance contest we got to-"

She interrupted him, "It's over… it ended like two hours ago." He couldn't help but notice a hint of sadness in her beautifully framed face and then guilt washed over him. This had to be a dream, it just had to be.

"Two hour…" he mumbled taking his cell phone out. "I slept through the contest?"

"You did."

He sighed in frustration at his stupidity and took a seat on the lounge chair again, kicking himself mentally again and again. How could he be so stupid!? He worked so hard and blew it off! He had a chance and it was ruined. Quietly, he said, "I'm the worst."

Taking a seat right next to him, she spoke softly. "You're the best." Her voice was appearing reassuring and calm, not in any way of he would have imagine the scene to be. "You practiced dancing for almost 24 hours straight, just so I wouldn't have to drop out of the contest."


She quickly said, "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." And it was, she meant every word. Throughout her whole life, she concluded that this… over all the gifts given to her, compliments, and birthday parties, this was at the top of all those. She couldn't describe what she was feeling, but it made butterflies form in her stomach and she loved the feeling…

"Don't you just love that feeling, Zo?" Lola asked her, disrupting the precious memory that lasted in the back of her mind.

She looked at her and then shortly responded, "What?"

"You know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach! Don't you just love that feeling?" It was quiet a coincidence that Lola happened to mention that so-called feeling. But she just shrugged it off like it was nothing and decided to take part back into the conversation that started long before.

While the chat between friends was happening, Quinn was lost in thought... again. It was as though the world around her along with the surrounding had disappeared and only she remained with her past histories. Smiling uncontrollably as she took the fantastic trip down memory's lane, she found the perfect one.

It was a memory that couldn't be explained any further than it was. It was a memory she will treasure forever. It was a memory that will never be forgotten. It was the memory that had been broken into parts along the way of the article. A simple everlasting memory… that changed everything.

She didn't want to be bothered by him of all people at this moment. "Logan, just keep riding," she muffled out, trying her best to hide the emotion of sadness. Turning her back on him again, she looked down at her hands that were trembling.

With his eyes, he stared at her and all though he was scared to approach in her state of condition, he took the risk. Sliding off his helmet and placing it on top of his scooter, he slowly walked towards her. "You've been crying?" He took a seat by her, knowing not to get too close to her for any means necessary. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" she responded quickly. She was in no mood for talking, she just wanted to be alone… but that's where the problem was. And as thick-headed Logan can be, he realized it.

"Come on… talk to me." His voice was kind and gentle, which surprised her. For some odd reason, he sounded like a whole new person, but when Quinn turned to look at him it was Logan Reese. The Logan Reese that had always made fun of her and irritated her, but right at this moment… he was different, he was indescribable.

"So, what's the next one?" Michael asked.

"Hmm, number eleven: Never run out of love." A smile performed on Lola's face again. "Aww that's so sweet!"

"Yawn it sounds boring," Michael pretended to yawn and then Lola lightly hit him in the back of the head with magazine. "Ow! It's just an opinion."

"Well, keep your opinion to yourself!"

"Well, sorrrrrry!"

Michael and Lola were in a little argument at the moment, while James was laughing in the background of the childishness of it all. Logan was rolling his eyes at the stupidity of it, and well you know exactly what Zoey and Quinn were doing.

Zoey was drawn back into a memory that happened at the beginning of the year, when everything was all so confusing at first. She could remember how much she was nervous at seeing Chase and only to find out then that he was nowhere to be found in America!

"I love you, Zoey." After all this time, he finally said it… Chase Matthews finally told Zoey the little words that meant so much more. Although he was a bit sad that he couldn't say it in person, the video chat was next best thing to it. Phone would be out of the question.

She wished he was there, right next to her and not in England, far away from her. If he was there, she'd probably squeeze him to death and never risk letting go of him. How she longed for his lips to be upon hers and take in the scent of him.

"Now was that so hard to say to my face?" she smiled.

"It was easy." Hard to believe it, but it was easy. After all those years of being scared of her response, he felt… he didn't even know how good it felt to let those words out.

"Good. I love you too."

For Quinn's 'never run out of love' memory, it was rather short… but felt like time stopped at the same time. She could barely remember what it looked like, but she remembered the sweet taste of his lips on hers. Only the blurriness of their surroundings and the movements around them both pausing in time was noticeable to her.

Simply gazing at one another, keeping a goofy smile on each other's faces… he slowly leaned in, as well as Quinn and they both captured each other's soft lips. The kiss was slow and tender at first, with their lips lingering on top of another, but soon to grow fierce and passionate. Hands cradled each other's face with nothing else mattering around them. The only thing that mattered was each other.

"Okay, calm down you two!" James repeated, because the first time neither of the two heard him at first. Both heads swiftly turned towards him while they gave a simple glare at each other and then continued on with the magazine article.

"How many more is there to go?" Logan whined.

"Just one," Lola replied. "Last one… biggest one yet it says. Number twelve: Always by your side when you need him the most."

Quinn looked towards Logan, clearly stating that he was there when she needed him the most and it was true, he was… even if he believed it or not. There's no bother researching for memories again for the last comparison for it was already answered. And the results are clear that Logan Reese is Quinn Pensky's perfect guy and always will be.

And well for Zoey… it was so close but yet so far away, just as Chase will ever be. A nine out ten score was great not perfect, but great. Why did she feel lonesome? Guilty? Troubled? How could this one simple article change her whole perspective of James and Chase?

If there was a star flying across the sky right now, she would wish for Chase to here next to her… it was that obvious. He meant so much to her… and it came to realization finally. With her eyes brightening up now and sitting up straight in her chair she understood everything.

Zoey Brookes did not only love Chase Matthews… she was deeply in love with him.

--25 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do--

Hiding behind the shadowed part of the building in the evening, with the sky in a darkened color similar to black, Logan and Quinn were 'secretly' there. Hands were entwined and the gazing of the eyes, as well as much more, filled the moment they would soon cherish.

"Look, I've been thinking…" She unattached their hands and folded them shyly across her chest and stared at the cold ground. Nervousness filled her body and ran throughout it as every waking second passed the speed grew faster. Why should she be nervous? It was just Logan, her Logan.

"I think I know what this is about," he said before she could go any further with her statement. He shoved his hands into his pockets now feeling a bit nervous himself too. It was weird how she had this sort of effect on him.

Her eyes lightened up and looked up at him. "You do?"

"You want to tell everyone," he paused and took a breather, "about us. Right?" Hopefully he was correct and his awaited for the answer from her.

She slowly nodded her head. "It's just that it feels as though they may never know and I hate that we still have to hide around like this." After the whole article discussion was over, she felt awful for lying to her friends, they did have the right to know. Well, Lola and Zoey did.

Taking her hands into his again and giving her a reassuringly hand squeeze, he said, "I completely understand, because I've been thinking the same thing." That charming smile spread across his face and she couldn't help but feel the rose shade fill her cheeks.


He nodded, "Yeah and I think I know the perfect way for them to find out too."


"The prom, because-"

Before Logan could finish his sentence Quinn leaned up and captured his lips into a tender lingering kiss. His eyes slowly shut as he took in most of the moment and she did the same. Arms were encircled around one another, never wanting to let go as she stated before. She pulled away and whispered, "That sounds perfect."

--25 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do--

His arm was once again draped around her shoulders as they were quietly watching the television in the lounge. It was practically empty, well it sort of was with only her and James sitting or rather cuddling on the couch. Once again she felt a bit uncomfortable, but that was because she couldn't focus on the show they were watching for Chase's face kept popping into her mind.

He felt her shift a bit under his arm and asked, "Are you okay? You seem… I don't tense."

Turning her head to face him directly now, she responded, "Umm yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" he questioned her again. He placed a hand on top of her forehead to see if she was sick and she laughed. "You are a bit warm. Why don't you get some fresh air? You know to cool yourself down."

"Yes, doctor," she jokingly said.

She started to rise from the couch until James asked, "You want me to come with you?"

"No, I'll be fine." Now fully standing, she bent down and gave a small kiss on the side of his cheek. "Good night." She walked out of the room rather in a hurry, before James could even give his farewell. Pushing the glass entry doors open with a force, she stepped out into the night where a cold breeze brushed against her skin.

Her hand reached inside her pocket, retrieving her cell phone to see what time it was and it read nine o' clock sharp. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she continued on walking and pondering about her best friend far away from her. He just wouldn't leave her mind all day, everywhere she went something was there to remind her of him.

There were few campus students out, barely any, and she reached the middle of campus where there was no one to be found and deep silence. A flyer posted on the side of a building caught her eye and reminded her of the upcoming prom. How can she feel like this for prom? Something was wrong.

Suddenly a ring filled the surrounding area. Ring… Ring… Ring…

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone once more, "Hello?"


A huge smile was planted on her face and her eyes widened. "Chase!"

"Turn around…" She was slightly confused at his command, but she did so and the image there was just too unbelievable. There he was, her best friend, sitting on top of the railing, smiling down at her as his cell phone was still close to his ear. Her cell phone practically almost dropped out of her hand as she lowered it in amazement.

She then whispered to herself too low for him to hear, "Number twelve: Always by your side when you need him the most."

And in the conclusion you could say that it was a simple Glambition article that caused all this to happen…

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