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How to tell when your girlfriend wants to have sex

Hi there. I'm Natsuki Kuga. Today I'll be teaching you - how to tell when your girlfriend wants to have sex (without her actually saying it).

You're probably thinking that it's very simple to figure out if your girlfriend wants to have sex. If that's what you're thinking then you are so wrong. It's an amazing gift to be able to tell when your girlfriend wants to have sex without her actually telling you. Once you have mastered the art of 'Being able to tell when your girlfriend want to have sex' – you, my friend will reach a whole new level of appreciation.

Not often do girls admit that they want to have sex, they just expect you to know it. Apparently they give off an 'I want to have sex right now, but I don't want to tell you' vibe. It's ok if you don't realise it, because you know what? Girlfriends can be really subtle about it.

Ok, so there are 5 simple signs that tell you she wants it but doesn't want to say it.
The first sign: Your girlfriend is wearing sexy lingerie whilst she cooks you breakfast.

It appears to be sweet, innocent gesture. But do not be fooled! Although she may seem to be just doing her own thing, she is actually flaunting her body in your face and giving off a secret message that says "Come get me". Even though she is not saying those words exactly – she is communicating those words through her body language.

It was a late Sunday afternoon and Natsuki was still in bed sleeping. Shizuru had already woken up 15 minutes ago, the brunette decided to make her lover some breakfast before she woke up. Eventually the clattering noises coming from the kitchen woke up the young blue haired girl, she looked up at the time and saw it was already 1pm in the afternoon. Instead of getting up and walking to the shower like she did every morning she decided to go to the kitchen to where her girlfriend was. Once reaching the kitchen Natsuki stopped in her tracks, there in the kitchen was Shizuru dressed in red lacy underwear cooking breakfast.

"Shi-shizuru! Why are you cooking breakfast half naked?"

"Ara… Is Natsuki up already? Good morning." The brunette gave the younger girl a quick peck on the cheek.

"G'morning… you have not answered my question yet."

"Oh yes, I'm just wearing my favourite pair of underwear, they are so comfortable."

"That's not answering my question Shizuru. You went to sleep naked last night, why didn't you just dress up in normal clothes in the morning?"

"Why are you suddenly attacking me with questions? I don't see why you're complaining, you said these are your favourite pair as well. Although, last night you were ever so eager to get me out of them…"

"Alright, alright I'll drop it now. I won't bother finding out why you're dressed like that."

"Good, now eat up. I'll bring you some orange juice."

Just then when Natsuki was going to take a bite into her food, Shizuru turned her back to her and bent down into the fridge to take out the bottle of orange juice. Sitting at the counter, Natsuki had the perfect view of Shizuru's ass. As Shizuru slowly bent down for the bottle of orange juice, Natsuki's eyes widened at the sight and then began to roll back into her head. Before she could pass out Natsuki mentally slapped herself to stop herself from fainting.

After retrieving the bottle of orange juice Shizuru turned back around to face Natsuki flashing the younger girl one of her sweetest, most innocent smiles.

"Natsuki, would you like anything else?"

The younger girl couldn't speak since something the size of a tennis ball was stuck in her throat, all she could do was shake her head vigorously.

Shizuru chuckled and patted her girlfriend on the head.

Now if you're girlfriend always cooks you breakfast in sexy lingerie then that isn't really a sign telling you that she wants to have sex. You're just an extremely lucky person to have a girlfriend like that.

Okay, onto the second sign:
Your girlfriend starts talking about how great last night's sex was.

It appears to be just a casual conversation. Do not be fooled by this! Even though it just seems like she is casually talking about last night's sex, she is actually trying to get you aroused and into that mood again.

Later on after Natsuki and Shizuru ate breakfast, they were both in their living room watching TV together. Neither of them were actually paying attention to the programme they were actually watching.

"Ne, Natsuki don't you think… last night was… amazing… fun… wild… exciting… breath taking…"

Shizuru gave Natsuki a dreamy smile while the younger girl tried to stop herself from blushing.

"Today morning I was inspecting my body, at the moment I have love bites and bruises all over my body. Natsuki was a little too rough last night."

"I'm s-s-sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Who said I didn't like it when Natsuki got rough?" Shizuru giggled.

"Baka! I thought I really hurt you."

"Ara… Natsuki could never hurt me. I actually enjoyed it when Natsuki violently pushed me up onto the wall and-"


"What was that?"

"I said that's enough, I know what you like now."

"Ara? But I didn't even get to the best part yet."

"Last night is still pretty clear in my mind." Natsuki said blushing furiously.

In some cases the conversation might not be about 'last night's sex'. It might just be about sex in general.

And now the third sign:
When you cuddle your girlfriend and she doesn't cuddle you back.

It appears that she is not cuddling you back because she is "busy". Do not be fooled by this! Every time she swats you away she is actually telling you to grab a hold of her and take on the role of the dominant one. If she says she will loose concentration because of you, she is actually saying – "I can't concentrate on my work, fuck me already." See, it's all about reading in between the lines.

It was mid afternoon and the couple were in their bedroom doing their school work, they were both in University but not in the same year – Shizuru is 2 years ahead of Natsuki. The brunette was currently going over lecture notes trying to memorise them so she is prepared for the next exam, Natsuki on the other hand was attempting to get one of her coursework's done. The blue haired girl was actually trying her best with her coursework but she couldn't get very far due to her lack of concentration because of Shizuru sitting next to her.

Letting out a sigh of frustration Natsuki put her pen down and leaned over to Shizuru giving her a small kiss on her cheek. Shizuru remained focus on her work whilst Natsuki kissed her way down to Shizuru's neck. Just when Natsuki was about to lean back up to Shizuru's face so she could kiss her girlfriend properly, Shizuru stopped her.

"Natsuki, I'm busy."

"Oh c'mon just a small kiss." Natsuki reached up again to cup Shizuru's chin, just in time the brunette took hold of Natsuki's wandering hands and placed them back onto the younger girl's lap.

"No! That will lead to me loosing concentration of my work"

"But you're not even concentrating on your work. You've been on that page for ages now just staring at the writing." Natsuki smirked.

"Since when did Natsuki become so observant?"

"Hmph." The blue haired girl crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. "Fine. I'll leave you alone."

Shizuru went back to doing her work whereas Natsuki got up and left the room in a slightly annoyed manner.

If your girlfriend doesn't kiss you back when you try to kiss her then there could be the slight chance that she's pissed at you but doesn't want to say why. In that case, it's best you stay at least 3 feet away from her. Or in that scenario make up sex could come in handy.

And now the fourth sign:
When your girlfriend keeps complaining that she's bored.

This is one of the biggest attempts of trying to tell you that you she wants sex. If you don't get it by now, then kid… you are one thick headed dense moron.

It seems as though she is just genuinely bored. Do not be fooled by this! She is actually letting you know that she has nothing to do, she's giving you the "Green Light"! If you notice her fidgeting about it means she is getting tired of waiting for you to get the message.

After attempting to kiss Shizuru the young blue haired girl left their bedroom and made her way to the spare bedroom which was basically Natsuki's 'Crash zone'. The spare bedroom was where she would go to get away from Shizuru, after an argument or just to get away from the teasing.

Once she was in there, the young girl took out her Play Station 2 and began to play one of her favourite video games. Half an hour later Shizuru snuck into the room and sat next to Natsuki to watch her play.

"Are you done with revising?"


"Oh, then do you want to have a go?"

"No. I'll just watch."

After 5 minutes of watching Natsuki play the game Shizuru became very fidgety. One minute she was playing with her own hair the next minute she was filing her nails. From the corner of her eye Natsuki could see Shizuru fidgeting.

"Are you sure you don't want to play?"

"Yes, I am quite content with sitting here and watching you play. Anyways, I'm not really good at these kind of things."

"Alright then."

Natsuki went back to playing her video game, moments later she was interrupted by Shizuru.

"This is so boring. In fact the whole day has been boring. Why are Sunday's so boring?"

Natsuki just laughed at Shizuru's sudden outburst.

"Go make yourself busy."


"Then just sit there and whine about how bored you are - in your head."

"Ikezu! Natsuki is so horrible."

"What am I supposed to do about your boredom? I offered you to play this video game with me but you refused that."


"Ok then, well I'm just going to head over to Mai's place to return some books and the video game that Mikoto let me borrow. Would you like to come? Or want me to get anything from the store on the way back?"


By now you should sort of get the idea that she wants sex. If you don't get it by now you might end up with a very angry girlfriend in your hands, and you don't want that, now do you?

Finally the fifth sign:
When your girlfriend walks up to you and out of the blue gives you a mind-blowing, breath-taking, amazing, heavenly kiss.

As she walks away it looks like she had just suddenly kissed you because she felt like it. Do not be fooled by this! This is her final move/attempt in trying to tell you that she wants sex. As she walks away from you it is her body screaming out "I want sex god damn it! And if you don't give me any sex any time soon, I will be very angry."

Not everyone actually see these 5 signs because they can be really subtle. So they usually end up with a very angry girlfriend and they don't know what they've done to anger them. This is where make up sex comes into the picture. However don't expect your girlfriend to explain to you why she was mad to start off with after the make up sex. If your girlfriend doesn't tell you why she is angry it is because she wants you to figure out on your own.

Natsuki was sitting on the foot of her bed dressed in her leathers putting on her boots. After putting on her shoes she looked up and almost jumped out of her skin. Shizuru was standing right in front of her, somehow the brunette had managed to walk into the bedroom unnoticed.

"Jesus Crap, it scares me when you do that."

Shizuru didn't say anything, she continued to look at Natsuki.

"Shizuru? Is something wrong?" The younger girl gave her girlfriend an inquiring gaze. Shizuru remained silent but her actions said it all. She gripped Natsuki by the collar of her leathers and pulled her up off the bed, as soon as Natsuki was at eye level with her Shizuru loosened her grip on the younger and pulled her in for a kiss. As soon as their lips connected, Shizuru gasped as she instinctively wrapped her arms around the younger girl's neck. Natsuki's hands remained lifeless by her sides not moving at all, the younger girl was still in shock. As soon as Shizuru deepened the kiss, Natsuki found her hands roaming around Shizuru's body frantically - not getting enough of the crimson eyed girl's body.

Suddenly Shizuru bit down hard on Natsuki's lower lip, but not hard enough to break the soft skin.

"Guh" Natsuki broke off from the kiss looking alarmed. Shizuru had never done this to her before.

Before she could say anything Shizuru pushed Natsuki down on to the bed and smirked at her before leaving the younger girl to think about what just happened. The blue haired girl got up on her elbows and watched Shizuru leave the room. There was something extremely sexy about the way Shizuru walked out of the room.

Half an hour later…

On the way to Mai house Natsuki had finally realised why Shizuru was acting strange all day. At last everything had started to make sense to her, all of Shizuru's actions had a reason behind them.

Finally as she reached their home she changed out of her leathers and went to look for her lover. Eventually she found Shizuru out in their balcony sitting on a deck chair peacefully reading a book.

"Hi there."

Shizuru put her book away and smiled up at her girlfriend. "Hello"

"What are you reading there?"

"Nothing interesting. Come, lets get inside, it's starting to get a little cold out here." Shizuru stood up, taking Natsuki's hands she lead them back into the warmth.

Moments later they were both in the kitchen talking and laughing about recent events. Shizuru went to the sink to clear away some dishes, just then a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach and a body leaned into her. Truth be told, Shizuru wasn't alarmed the slightest bit. She was actually waiting for that moment. A pair of lips began to graze her cheek, neck then shoulder. A loud clatter broke her out of her reverie, she looked down immediately and saw the plates she was holding a minute ago had fallen into the sink.

"Oh." The body behind her was no longer leaning on to her, the pair of arms wrapped around her stomach had disappeared and the lips dancing on her skin had moved away. She turned around and saw Natsuki looking at her with fiery lust burning in her eyes. The look alone that Shizuru was receiving from Natsuki was enough to send electricity shooting down her spine. Before she could utter a word, Natsuki had already taken a hold of her hips and lifted her up onto the counter.


After all five signs have been made clear, it is time.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get her tiger.

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