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Moments later they were both in the kitchen talking and laughing about recent events. Shizuru went to the sink to clear away some dishes, just then a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach and a body leaned into her. Truth be told, Shizuru wasn't alarmed the slightest bit. She was actually waiting for that moment. A pair of lips began to graze her cheek, neck then shoulder. A loud clatter broke her out of her reverie, she looked down immediately and saw the plates she was holding a minute ago had fallen into the sink.

"Oh." The body behind her was no longer leaning on to her, the pair of arms wrapped around her stomach had disappeared and the lips dancing on her skin had moved away. She turned around and saw Natsuki looking at her with fiery lust burning in her eyes. The look alone that Shizuru was receiving from Natsuki was enough to send electricity shooting down her spine. Before she could utter a word, Natsuki had already taken a hold of her hips and lifted her up onto the counter.



Shizuru looked down at Natsuki with disbelief clear in her eyes. The younger girl looked up at Shizuru, her eyes clouded with lust.


"Y-y-you're not thinking about…?"

"Fucking you? Right here? Right now? Yes. I. Am."

Shizuru was in luck. The young brunette shivered in delight. She gripped Natsuki's shoulders tightly, pulling Natsuki in for a deep kiss. Shizuru broke off the kiss smiling coyly at Natsuki before pulling off her own sweater. As soon as it was off, Natsuki enthusiastically proceeded to help her getting her trousers off.

"Mou… Nat-su-ki" Shizuru pulled Natsuki in by her collar, her own mouth moving closer to Natsuki's face. "You're still wearing clothes" whispered Shizuru hotly into Natsuki's ears. Natsuki nodded slowly, taking off all her clothes leaving them both in their underwear. Shizuru drew Natsuki in again for another scorching hot kiss. To Natsuki's astonishment Shizuru bit down hard on her bottom lip for the second time that day. However this time it was different. Shizuru didn't bite down so gently, instead she bit down with enough force to draw blood from Natsuki's lip. Natsuki hissed out loud in pain.


Natsuki lifted her left hand off Shizuru waist to wipe the blood sliding down her lower lip. The moment Natsuki's fingers briskly touched the small cut on her lip, Shizuru grasped Natsuki's hand and inspected the blood on her forefinger. She then placed the finger stained with blood into her mouth and began to suck tenderly, pushing the finger deeper into her mouth then pulling it back out and repeating the same movement over and over again. (1)

Natsuki watched Shizuru intently, growing more and more aroused by the second. Finally after what felt like hours to Natsuki, Shizuru tore herself away from Natsuki's finger and looked up at Natsuki, her eyes focusing on the blood gathering up on Natsuki's lip. Shizuru's eyes remained focused on Natsuki's lip while her left hand reached the back of Natsuki's neck. The brunette then pulled Natsuki forcefully in for what seemed like another kiss. But before their lips could meet Shizuru paused, instead her tongue flicked out and lightly licked the cut on Natsuki's lower lip. Natsuki hissed out loud again. Shizuru then wrapped her lips around Natsuki's bottom lip and began suckling until the cut stopped bleeding.

Before Natsuki could even think let alone register what happened - Shizuru had already hopped off the kitchen counter, unfastening her bra whilst also taking off her knickers in a hurry. As soon as she was completely naked she instantly began working on Natsuki's underclothing.


The moment Natsuki's knickers dropped down to her ankles, Shizuru roughly shoved Natsuki. Resulting in Natsuki loosing her balance and falling down onto one of the kitchen chairs. As soon Natsuki was able to relax into her seat, Shizuru sunk down onto her knee's smirking up at Natsuki's cute facial expression. Without any warning Shizuru placed her hot moist mouth to Natsuki's dripping wet centre. The green eyed girl had to bite down on the back of her hand to stop herself from screaming out in pure bliss. Shizuru began to work fast on Natsuki's center, her wet tongue drawing lazy circle's around Natsuki's entrance. Natsuki tried her best to keep control of her body, she was no longer biting on the back of her hand instead her hands were tightly wrapped around the steel bars of the kitchen chair, her eyes scrunched together, shutting out her surroundings while her jaws were clenched shut suppressing any moans. Shizuru felt Natsuki's body stiffen, she laughed inwardly at this, pausing for a moment Shizuru brought her face up off Natsuki.
Alarmed, Natsuki opened up her eyes and looked cautiously around then down at Shizuru to find her lover smiling up at her. Natsuki couldn't help but smile back at Shizuru, her grip on the steel bars loosened, her mouth unclenched leaving her whole body relaxed into the chair. Within an instant when Shizuru noticed Natsuki's whole body had relaxed, she plunged her whole hot tongue into Natsuki's aching pussy. Caught off guard, Natsuki moaned heavily, her hips buckled up into Shizuru's wet mouth, her hands left the steel armrest on the chair and tangled themselves up in Shizuru's dirty blond hair.

Much better thought Shizuru as Natsuki applied force on the back of her head aswell as pushing up her hips to meet Shizuru's eager tongue, making Shizuru's tongue plunge deeper into Natsuki's core. Natsuki groaned as Shizuru wriggled her warm moist tongue inside her entrance. After continuously thrusting her tongue in and out of Natsuki's centre, Shizuru felt Natsuki's body tremble. To make it a much more enjoyable experiance for Natsuki, Shizuru forced her face down closer into Natsuki's groin as far as she could go and hummed. The vibrations pulsated through Natsuki's body as she began to slowly loose control.

For the last time Shizuru thrust her dripping wet tongue into Natsuki's core, but before she could pull it out again and repeat the process she felt muscles clamp down on and around her tongue as a spark of electrifying pleasure pulsated through Natsuki's body making Natsuki's whole body writhe in pleasure. As Natsuki's limp body dropped down from heaven into the chair Shizuru got up and placed herself ontop of Natsuki's body, curling herself into a ball and resting her head just under Natsuki's chin. Occasionally Shizuru would feel Natsuki'd body jerk and shudder from the aftermath and grin to herself congratulating herself on her performance.

As Shizuru lay there wrapped up in Natsuki's arms, she felt the familiar feeling of a gentle hand stoking the back of her thigh leading to her bottom. The seductive brunette was a little surprised, Natsuki had recovered today faster than ever. Although Shizuru was a little alarmed, she was not one to complain.

Abruptly, the hands stoking Shizuru's thighs suddenly came to h life as they gripped her buttocks and lifted her up. Shizuru, not wanting to fall out of Natsuki's grip, barely had any time to worry about clinging onto Natsuki with her dear life. Almost immediately Shizuru was slammed against her cold, hard, steel fridge door. Shizuru feebly attempted to push off the cold fridge. Her attempts were stopped as Natsuki pinned Shizuru down with her warm and slightly moist body. Shizuru shivered in delight, the feeling of having her naked body pressed down against the cold fridge door by Natsuki's hot body was working wonders for her.

"Unngh Natsuuuuuki" Groaned Shizuru as Natsuki positioned herself in between Shizuru's legs. As Natsuki adjusted to their new position Shizuru slowly rubbed her left thigh seductively up and down the right side of Natsuki's lower body. The green eyed girl swore she heard Shizuru purr slightly as she stroked her long legs against Natsuki's body.

Natsuki gripped Shizuru's busy leg right under the knee cap, halting the brunette's movements. The red eyed girl looked directly into Natsuki's eyes, pouting the slightest bit. Right then the pout disappeared, the brunette had lightened up as Natsuki guided Shizuru's leg around her waist. The brunette then wrapped her other leg around Natuki's hip. Her whole body weight was now shifted onto Natsuki, she slowly relaxed into the embrace.

Very slowly, Natsuki leaned into Shizuru, planting small butterfly kisses just under her left ear. Her hands smoothly stroking Shizuru's body, showing off her experience, showing Shizuru just how good with her hands she was. One of her hands rested on the brunette's ass, firmly holding on. With the other hand busy on Shizuru's breast, her famous piano fingers (2) working on Shizuru's nipple drawing delicate patterns producing a series of moans.

Shizuru began to quickly grow impatient, her loins were burning for Natsuki's touch. Her insides throbbing for Natuski's caresses. Unconciously Shizuru brought her waist even closer to Natsuki's body, until her wet centre was pressed up against Natsuki's taut stomach. The feeling of having Shizuru's wet entrance pressed up and grinding against her erotically, sent Natuski's mind whirling in ecstasy.

"Na-natsuki uungh"


"Natsu-ooooohmygod" Without any warning Natsuki pushed in two fingers into Shizuru's wet, slippery folds, her fingers sliding in with ease. Shizuru threw back her head in the throws of pleasure, laying bare her neck to her lover. Her neck looking oh-so-tempting to Natsuki, the blue haired girl had no choice but to sweep in and claim it. Lightly, she scraped her teeth over Shizuru's jugular vein as she continuously thrust her fingers in and out of Shizuru, her body rocking along with each and every thrust.

A thin coat of sweat covered both girls as they both moved together in sync with each other, panting heavily.

Shizuru's hands held onto Natsuki like she was her lifeline as she moved her hips back and forth erratically against Natsuki's fingers with desperation. Natsuki could feel Shizuru's inside muscles cling onto her fingers and pull them in deeper, Shizuru was nearing her climax. In that moment Natsuki pulled out of their tight embrace, removing her lips from Shizuru's neck to take a look at her lover when she was in a vulnerable state. The sight presented before her was enough to bring Natsuki down to her knees. Short dirty blond hairs drenched in sweat, clung onto Shizuru's forehead. The bridge of her nose was tainted a delicate shade of pink, her mouth parted slightly with drool collecting up at the corners of her lips. Natsuki glanced up at Shizuru's eyes for a split second, within that split second Natsuki saw that flame of desire swirling and flickering in the blood red eyes gazing back at her.

With one last thrust, Shizuru's reached her climax. Her fingers digging into Natsuki's naked back were slowly dragged up, clawing her lover as she reached her limit. She knew better than to scream and alert all the neighbours. Without thinking she collapsed her head onto Natsuki shoulder and sunk her teeth onto Natsuki's flesh. The instant Shizuru's teeth pierced Natsuki's skin she screamed, (3) her scream muffled as she had her mouth pressed against Natsuki in an attempt to suppress her screaming. Natsuki gave a low growl as Shizuru's teeth penetrated her skin.

Both girls remained on that spot, in that position for a short period of time. Shizuru was reluctant to let go of Natsuki. The young blue haired girl waited for Shizuru's breathing rate to go back to it's normal pace.

Very slowly, Natsuki brought up her mouth to Shizuru's ears and laughed into them huskily. Shizuru creased her eye brows in confusion.
Her face didn't remain like that for too long. Her whole body shook as she felt Natsuki enter her once again.

Shizuru gasped.


Hello. My name is Shizuru. Today I'll be teaching you to seduce your girlfriend without seeming too desperate.

You are probably thinking that it is simple to seduce your girlfriend. I will not disagree with you there. However, surely you must know that there are different ways in which one could go about doing this. The worst way of doing this is called the "Begging" act (it is not literally begging, but it is very similar to it). It is usually used as a last resort by a very few people.

There are times in a girl's life when she wants to have sex with her lover. She should not have to ask for sex, instead she should give off subtle signals that convey her message. This way one would keep all their grace and dignity.

I plan to teach all girls like me The Five Signs.

(1) Ok you can blame the song "Lollipop" by Lil wayne for my dirty mind.

(2) I'm not sure if many of you guys are familiar with this term. It means someone who has piano fingers - basically, pardon my french - is someone who is good at finger-fucking. It can also be used to describe someone who has nice... long slender fingers...

(3) I reckon Shizuru would be a screamer. XD

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