This story has been rattling around my head for a while, so I just had to commit it to paper. Enjoy.

The wind was blowing, making the leaves form a swirling circle around Marty McFly's feet. He was glad he had come along on this cloudy day; he didn't want to go to pieces in front of Jennifer. At least she understood that he needed this time to himself. After all, this was a special day.

It didn't take long to locate the familiar spot. His friend was there, silent as always. That was all right; Marty was used to it.

"Happy anniversary," he said without preamble, a small grin gracing his features. A pause. "My God, can you believe it's been this long? Forty years since our adventure with Griff, seventy since the Libyans, a hundred since you invented time travel, a hundred and seventy since the train…"

He trailed off, swallowing the lump of emotion in his throat. His friend waited patiently.

"I'm old, Doc," Marty admitted. "Much older than you were that day I went back in time. Marlene's a CEO; Junior's a family man. I suspect…we'll see each other again before next year."

A gentle breeze. A silent question.

"Oh, they're doing great, Doc, you should see them!" Marty's voice jumped an octave as the conversation turned. "Jules and Verne started that law firm they were planning. They're specializing in copyright and patent law. They call themselves 'an inventor's best friends.' And Emily…"

The emotion returned with a vengeance, threatening to spill out his eyes. He took a moment to compose himself, then continued: "…she's becoming more and more like you every day. Every smile, every frustrated invention, every time she jumps off the train with a new discovery to tell me about…it's like you never left…"

Marty let the emotion overtake him as he dropped to his knees. Small rivers ran down his cheeks and quiet sobs filled the air as his index finger traced the letters on the cold stone.


1920 – 2035

Husband, Father, Friend

"I miss you, Doc. Happy November 5th," Marty whispered, putting his fingers to his lips then pressing them on the name.

And as he stood, the breeze seemed to whisper back to him.

"See you soon, Marty."

Marty smiled. Yes, he would see his friend again very soon.