Hey Everyone!! This is my first fan fiction and I am REALLY nervous!! So please go easy on me!! This is basically on what goes on between Harry and Ginny after Harry has defeated Voldemort. I hope you guys enjoy it!!


It was over; my ex-boyfriend had defeated Voldemort. I felt like going up there and kissing him, because I knew that he still loved me as much as I loved him. I saw the fear and relief in his eyes and knew that I would get time, later, to talk to him. Right now, I had to be with my family, for the loss of my older brother was still fatal.


Oh my god, I finally defeated him. I bet my parents, Sirius, Lupin, Tonks, and everyone else that I ever loved would be so proud of me. LOVE. I loved Ginny. Correction I LOVE Ginny. I wonder if she'll ever take me back. I sure hope she still loves me. Hopefully she watched me defeat Voldy, and think I am macho and is even more interested in me now then ever. Hey, a guy can hope right? SNAP OUT OF IT HARRY!!

I looked around me and saw everyone crowd me, Ron and Hermione being the first to reach me. Seconds after that Ginny, Luna, and Neville were crowding me as well, and before I knew it, I was being mobbed by all of those in the Great Hall. It seemed like everybody wanted to touch me, The Chosen One, At this point all I wanted to do was go upstairs and sleep in that comfy, four poster bed. But, I soon figured out that would not happen soon. My heart dropped when I walked into the Great Hall and found my ex-girlfriends head on her mother's shoulder. I felt like going over there and comforting her, but I owed it to Ron and Hermione to tell them the full story.


I saw Harry entering the Great Hall. I wished I could go and put my head on his shoulder, hug him, embrace him, but I was too upset to get p after having my older brother die. OK, maybe I am just a scaredy cat and was afraid how Harry would react, but that doesn't mean I'm stalling or anything. You know, for the part when we have to talk everything out and make sure everything was ok with "us". But, I have to admit, I am looking forward to the "make-up part" I mean what girl doesn't? I looked back over to where I last saw him, but he wasn't there! I looked around the Great Hall, but there was no sight of him, as a matter of fact I couldn't see Ron or Hermione either.

It was night (or morning), but everyone was slowly falling asleep after all the excitement. At least almost everyone was…………………………


I'd think I'd be tired after this tiring yet somewhat exciting night, but I can't. I got it, all I have to do is clear my mind of everything. Ok, now I'll be able to sleep. That beautiful red hair, that radiant smile, the wonderful personality……………huh? I have to talk to her soon……………..right now!! But, how am I to get into the girls dormitories? Every time you go up the stairs they become flat and then you slide down. Of course, me and Ron had to learn this the hard way. Maybe, I'll just go and wait in the common room, yeah that's right. She is bound to be thinking of me right? I mean she still loves me……..hopefully.

Harry went down stairs and sat in his favorite chair near the fireplace. Meanwhile………………


I love him. I love him. I love him. What am I doing just sitting here? I mean I am a loud to go into the boys' dormitories! Why not just march in there, wake him up, and give him piece of my mind! I mean, it's been one hour, If he did love me he would have already come by now! Wait, are boys aloud in the girl's dormitories? I don't think so; maybe he's waiting for me in the common room! Well if that is the case, get a groove on Ginny! I tiptoed to the dresser and put on lighter make-up so he wouldn't think I worked too hard on my look. What am I talking about? It's in the morning the last thing he cares about is how you look. But, being me, I had to make myself look "attractive". I tiptoed out of the room and down to the common room.

There he was, sitting in his favorite chair, looking into the fire as if thinking of what to say if I ever did show up. First, I looked at him, and then before I knew it, his head was squeezed against my chest, for I hadn't given him time to get up and give me a proper hug. I pulled away. "I'm so sorry! It's just that I got that feeling in my stomach that I always get when you walk into a room" I explained. He smiled, that cute smile, and then he got up, and he kissed me. After what seemed like decades we finally pulled away and Harry muttered under his breath, "I'm sooo sorry Ginny, I always loved you, you know I only broke up with you because of Voldemort, right?" "I really hope you'll forgive me" he finished.

There was a sudden silence, Harry still holding Ginny. Ginny looking down at the ground to afraid to look Harry in the eyes.


I felt so nervous, she wasn't replying. Would she EVER forgive me? 2 minutes past until I finally heard the most wonderful thing I've heard in a year, "Of course I forgive you Harry, I-I-I-I love you." You do? "Blimey, Harry why such a surprise?" chuckled Ginny. "But you still haven't told me what I want to hear," she said. "And what's that" "You still haven't told me that you LOVE me too!" replied Ginny. I felt wheezy, "Do I have to?"

"If you want me to be your girlfriend again"

"Oh, all right!"

"I LOVE you"



You know, that was easier then I thought it would be! "Yeah, I know." said Harry. AKA-My BOYFRIEND! He-he! Boy, was it sure great to be together again!


I had to ask, no matter how stupid or obvious the question was; I had to know for sure. "Uuuuuuuuum, does this mean we're, you know, going out again?"

"Of course! You do want to, right?"

Relief spread through my whole body, "I'd be mentally retarded if I said no!"

"Uuuuuuuum, is that a yes?" Ginny confirmed.

I chuckled. I loved her more already. I didn't reply because I knew she could tell what the answer was, she knew me well enough.


I hugged him one last time after telling him to get some sleep now, but as I hugged him I realized that we weren't the only ones in the common room. There were 2 other people in the corner, talking in hushed tones. I wondered who they were.

I know it was kind of mushy, but hey it's the make-up scene right? I am extremely nervous to post this, but please tell me the truth of what you think about it so far. I am planning to write about the 19 years that passed between the end of the book and the epilogue. But, in your reviews be sure to tell me what you think I should put in. The next piece will be about the "couple" Ginny saw in the corner. Be sure to say who you think it is and give me ideas for upcoming chapters! I really hope everyone enjoyed this!

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