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Criss entered his daughter's room quietly, pausing at her bedside. He allowed himself a moment of typical parental nostalgia – she had grown up so fast. The days of pulling pennies out of her ears were gone, and now she was a beautiful sixteen year old. He sometimes worried about her though, as she didn't act her age, or at least, she didn't act like the other sixteen year olds he saw. She was studious, reserved, and somewhat family oriented. She had plenty of friends in school, but it seemed like she preferred being alone. Luna always told Criss it was because she thought on a different level than the other kids. Criss' fingers gently pushed her red curly hair out of her face. He leaned down and left a lingering kiss on her forehead before whispering good night and leaving the room. The door clicked as he shut it and Holly stirred for a moment. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she squinted at the slivers of moonlight that were peeking through her windowpanes. She sat up and watched the milky light dance against the creases in her sheets. Her mind was surprisingly at ease. Usually when she woke during the night, her mind was racing with a thousand inconsistent thoughts. Tonight, though, she felt calm and peaceful. She allowed her mind to slowly drift to thoughts of school. She was switching to a new school the next day. She'd spent her freshman and sophomore years at the city high school, but since she'd become more arts oriented, her parents were allowing her to transfer to Etoile Academy-the nearest arts school. Holly was focusing mainly on performing arts – she loved to play piano and sing. She also delved in to writing now and again, and enjoyed making things with her hands. She yawned and stretched her long arms to the ceiling before lying back down. Her eyes fluttered closed once again and she lightly fell asleep.


So please call me, baby
Wherever you are
It's too cold to be out walking in the streets
We do crazy things when we're wounded
Everyone's a bit insane
I don't want you catching your death of cold
Out walking in the rain

Holly rolled over and turned off the alarm on her iHome. She paused a moment allowing her head to clear before she jumped out of bed. Her lanky legs were wobbly for a moment as she stumbled over to her dresser. She pulled out a pair of dark skinny jeans, a concert tee shirt and undergarments and got dressed. Her excitement began to grow as she skipped down the stairs to make breakfast. Her dad was there pouring himself some cereal before his morning jog. She kissed him on the cheek and said 'good morning' as she grabbed the box from him and proceeded to pour her own bowl of breakfast.

"So, not excited for today at all, huh?" Criss teased. Holly stuck her tongue out at him but continued to smile widely.

"It's not a crime to be happy, dad," Holly returned before changing the subject. "Are you going to be home before dinner tonight?" Criss felt a twinge of guilt as he responded.

"Sorry pumpkin, but I've got to run through some new stuff for the show with the team tonight." Holly dismissed his apologetic tone with a wave of her hand.

"Oh! I forgot," she exclaimed as she ran over to her purse and took out Shadow's card. "This guy came backstage looking for you yesterday. He wanted to set up an interview or something." Criss nodded with his mouth full of cereal and slipped the card in his pocket. Holly finished eating and got her bag packed for school before waving bye to her dad and heading out to her dark green scooter. Criss walked outside and watched her ride down the road before he turned on his iPod and began his run.

When Holly arrived to the school her blood began to pump more quickly. She saw a large assortment of teens arriving in their cars and heading in to the different buildings. She grabbed the schedule she'd received in the mail out of her bag and tried to figure out where she was headed as she looked at the attached map. She made her way to the main building where her homeroom was supposed to be. She met the gazes of curious students with a commanding presence as she made her way down the halls. She slid in to the classroom just as the warning bell rang. She nodded at her teacher as a hello and found herself an empty table by the window. She lost herself in thought as she gazed at the beautiful warm day outside, so much so that she didn't hear the chair slide out next to her. She was broken from her silent reveries though, when she felt a finger tap her on the shoulder. She whipped her head around to be met with a familiar face.

"Following me now?" Shadow teased gently. "I know I asked you for a favor, but really, isn't it a bit extreme to start stalking me?" Holly glared at him but smiled nonetheless.

"Nice to see you too," She remarked before standing as the announcements had commanded them to rise for the pledge of allegiance. Shadow rose as well, but kept his gaze trained on her.

"So really, what are you doing here?" He inquired with one brow quirked upwards and his head tilted to the side in a way that reminded Holly of a cute puppy.

"I just transferred. I used to be at the city high school, but my parents agreed to let me come here since it's better suited to my preferences." She responded before directing her attention forward where the announcements were still playing on the TV. Shadow didn't pay them any mind though and continued talking.

"And what are those? Your "preferences", I mean?" Holly turned back a bit puzzled as to why Shadow wanted to talk to her so much. After all, hadn't he said 'I love you' to some girl named Karen on the phone yesterday? He obviously wasn't lonely. Nevertheless, she redirected her attention to him and responded.

"Uh, well, I play piano and sing. I also write sometimes." Shadow smiled excitedly as though this was actually interesting information.

"I write too! I love creative writing, but I'm trying everything out, hence the run-in yesterday. By the way, did you get to see Criss again and give him my card?" Holly hid a smile.

"Yeah, he said he'd call today or tomorrow."

"Oh, great! He's so awesome, I'm glad my editor picked me to do his review. I loved the show. I always watch the reruns of Mindfreak on TV too. Have you ever watched those?" He asked innocently.

"Once or twice," Holly responded. "I think he's at his best when he's in small groups though." Shadow's eyes opened wide.

"Seriously?! I'd love to see him in action that close." He seemed genuinely enthused. "My dad used do magic for me when I was little. I miss it sometimes, so I started learning some tricks on the side." Holly thought for moment until she got a burst of confidence.

"Well, hey, I have an idea. I'm kind of close to...uh...Criss, so how about I find out the next time he plans to so street magic and you can tag along. Then you can interview him when we all go to dinner or something?" Holly smiled widely, but was internally smacking herself for being so forward. Much to her relief Shadow nodded excitedly. "Great! I have your number so I'll give you a call," she said as they stood to go to their next class. Shadow nodded once more and they both went their separate ways.