Sometimes, It helped to shut up you didn't have the weird looks, the dumb stares and oh what Hinata hated so much the attention

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Sometimes, it helped to shut up you didn't have the weird looks, the dumb stares and oh what Hinata hated so much the attention.

Attention was bad for a shy girl like her; she would blush and turn away it just always how it'd always work out.

Naruto on the other hand, craved for attention in fact he went out of his way to get attention and for that she loved him.

When he craved for the attention he took it away from herself, so she could maybe not be watched though out her life by the Hyuga elders.

The ominous glances, stares and the stalker-ish profile they hold scares Hinata to death, even walking in public she always has to take a second glance.

Not to mention the way she's supposed to; keep her back straight, hold her head high and be as impassive as a picture.

It was Hyuga way, what a darn stupid reason if I want to wallow on how I'm not stronger then other girls I gosh darn it will!

Ahem Sorry for the outburst, I was the quiet one wasn't I?

It's all true though, how the others are stronger then I, almost top-notch medic and head of the hospital was Miss Sakura Haruno.

The one Naruto actually loved was that girl, next, Co-commander of the interrogation unit and rivals with Sakura Miss Ino Yamanaka.

Seemed like she was all over the place right now she was in a relationship with Sai who had, before, been long forgotten in her escapades.

Weapon master of Konoha and striving to become exactly like Tsunade herself was Tenten, even though her accomplishments aren't as big as the other two's.

That's to be expected after all they were rivals and battled to be better then each other Tenten had a lot more experience though.

Me on the other hand, Miss Hinata Hyuga is a chunnin that is a good tracker ninja and truth be told, all Hyuga's are good trackers.

I am very bad at my job, plain and simple and I hated it but I kept silent and tried to follow whatever dream I have.

A loud silence, it's the descriptive I use when thinking about how others think of me, which I'm not supposed to do in the first place.

Although the others have features within them I'm a feature myself, I'm a girl who can manage to pull off a loud silence.

This doesn't happen very often with us girls!


If it makes you feel any better I have no idea why I wrote that either but… I came up with one night I'm not sure what it is at all!

This and A story I'm working on called "Mute scream" was made up in the same night as you can see the similarities in the titles both being impossible.

The thing is the two stories aren't related at all I won't give you any details to the story except it doesn't have to do with Hinata at all and it'll be a hard thing to pull off.

I think I did a good job for my first time writing for Hinata, if your wondering why I avoided swear words it's because I couldn't really imagine the girl swearing…

I just started writing and this is what I got, I'll call it a piece, since that's just writing…right?