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Blanche brought up her carton of test tubes to Snape's desk with the rest of the class in a shaky fashion. She was so afraid she would drop it from nerves. It was all from the fear that she may somehow make eye contact with Snape. She didn't want to ever again, after last night. It had also been a complicated lesson, separating all the disparate elements to make an antidote to a blended poison. Blanche hoped she did better than usual, maybe an E this time.

She returned to her table, and slowly did up her bag, placing her advanced potion making book and homework planner in it. All the other students were quickly departing. Blanche bit her lip, her mind working frantically. How could she make her words conciliatory and offer an apology to her teacher?

There he was in those frightening and intimidating black robes swirled under the desk, seated in the front of the classroom. Slowly she went and stood before him.

Snape did not look up even though he knew who was still lingering after class. "What is it, Ms. Runecord?" he questioned, sounding cool and unconcerned.

Feeling like she was out of her mind she blurted, "Am I to come to your office for lessons…sir?"

Snape shook his head, as a silent answer. But did not look at her, as he knew it would make her upset. The blood drained from her head and thinking up worst-case scenarios she suddenly let out a gasp.

"Are you going to tell anyone that I'm not in the experiment anymore?…Please forgive me!…I really wanted to learn the Occlumency. Professor Snape…I'll be a more serious student from now on, I swear."

Snape continued to look down, gathering his parchment and quills to rest in a neat pile, as he was leaving. "I'll do anything you say to stop myself from harboring those thoughts…. Please? I really wanted to make money from this and even become famous."

Snape snarled at the thought of fame, finally irked and remembering his frustration in wanting that order of Merlin. He rose to his impressive height of over six feet and placed his hands over the top of the desk convulsively. "It's over, Ms. Runecord. I've written a letter to the Headmaster explaining our predicament and why I can't work with you. Dumbledore has agreed that you need to be punished. Detention every night in my office, starting at six."

Blanche started to whimper and let out a small sob. Horrified at the thought she posed the dread question, "You-told the Headmaster?! My reputation will be ruined. I'll never find a job, if this goes on my record."

Snape did not react emphatically over this, but just smirked. More and more tears slipped down her cheeks onto her chin, as she finally looked him in the eyes.

Snape raised a thick black eyebrow and scathingly remarked "Such an obvious display of emotion, Miss Runecord? Good Occlumens, are more equipped to handle emotional stress and hide feelings. I'm glad I didn't have to waste my time teaching something you'd never learn."

Feeling vindictive pleasure in her pain, he watched her turn on her heal and flee the dungeon, still crying.