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Ch 13: So In Love With You

After Sasuke and Sakura walked back to their seats, the other couples noticed they were hand in hand. "It's about time," Naruto said.

The new pair sat side by side and Sakura cuddled into him, much to Sasuke's delight and he brought one of his arms around her shoulders. Silent tears escaped her eyes, content with having the only man she could love so much, and the same man to love her back.

When the Opera was almost finished Sasuke untangled himself from the pinkette's hold and whispered to her he'll be back with a small smile.

About ten minutes later a man appeared in their balcony. "Miss Haruno?" she and her friends looked at the man. He was older, bald and slightly pudgy. "Would you come with me please?" Sakura looked at her friends and followed the man. She found herself lead to the stage where the actors and actresses had once been and suddenly a light turned on and there stood Sasuke. He searched for the woman he had a man bring up to the stage and found her almost instantly.

The medic looked a little nervous in front of so many people but made her way to Sasuke. "Sasuke…" she whispered.

It was now or never and he brought a microphone to his mouth, kneeling on his knees and in his hand a box.

Sakura felt her face turn red and her jaw drop slightly. 'Sasuke's not going to—"

"Sakura," he broke her off, "will you marry me?"

The whole audience was silent; some women were mumbling their thoughts. The kunoichi met Sasuke's eyes, smiled brightly and jumped at him, "Yes!" Clapping and well wishes sounded throughout the auditorium.

On the balcony, Neji smirked, "I didn't think Sasuke was the type of guy to propose in front of a massive crowd."

Hinata smiled at her friends on the stage who were sharing a passionate kiss. "People do crazy things when they're in love, Sasuke's head over heels for Sakura. Looks like Sakura is going to get her happy ending."


One Year Later


Sasuke and Sakura have been married for about ten months. Isamu had insisted that the wedding preparations for his and Sakura's wedding be used for them. "It's already bought and paid for, just move the wedding to Konoha."

Mr. and Mrs. Haruno had been ecstatic to know the engagement was broken. They felt it, their own marks having disappeared with a painful sting and Akiko had been brought to happy tears.

As for Hideki, his father had passed the paternity test and his background had cleared. Father and son were living happily in Konoha and they even paid visits to Sakura and Sasuke.

Currently the Uchiha couple was sitting in the living room of the Haruno's household. Sasuke had his arm around Sakura's shoulders as she leaned into him. The family had just finished eating dinner.

Then there was a loud banging on the front door and Naruto burst in. This was normal these days. "Are you running from Hinata again?" Sasuke asked. Hinata was pregnant after their honeymoon. "What did you say this time?" Naruto usually said something to set her off.

"She asked 'Does this dress make me look fat' and I told her and I said 'yes', was that wrong?" he had signed his doom.

"Naruto, women are sensitive when they're pregnant," Akiko said.

"But you told me to lie," he looked at Isao, "I was going to tell her she looked beautiful pregnant."

"You should have just told her the truth." Sakura sighed. "Now she's mad at you and you're going to sleep on the couch."

A little while later Sasuke and Sakura headed home, to the Uchiha mansion. Sasuke had it cleaned up to prepare for his new wife; the yard was fixed with green grass and blooming trees and flowers. He requested a mission for a bunch of Genin and they had done an excellent job.

The pinkette was lying in bed when Sasuke joined her, holding her firmly and kissing her forehead. "I have something to tell you," she shifted so she could look him in the eyes. Grabbing one of his hands she placed it on her lower belly, "I'm pregnant."

He looked surprised but then he grinned before it turned into a smile and leaned in and kissed her with everything he felt for her. His large hand never left her belly and now that he thought about it, she did feel a little bigger. Pulling away from her delicious lips, he smiled again, "Thank you Sakura…"

They lay there in each other's arms and knew there was no place they'd rather be than right there. "I'm so in love with you," Sasuke whispered in her ear, giving them little nips.

"And I'm so in love with you, Sasuke." Sakura knew that not everyone got who they wanted. But she was glad, her love for so long had been returned.


Nine Years Later


"…and that's how your father and I got married." Sakura finished. She smiled at the surprised faces of her children.

Her eldest daughter, Setsuko, who was five, looked at her mother with jade orbs, "What happened to Isamu?"

"He's married now, about a year and a half after your father and I married, he found someone. They have a few children."

Setsuko giggled, "Daddy did all that for you?"

Susumu scoffed crossing his arms, he was her and Sasuke's first child, eight years old and an exact replica of Sasuke in every way, same hairstyle and captivating eyes. Sakura knew he was going to be a real heartbreaker. "I don't believe it, I think you're making this story up." He looked at his smiling mother who shook her head.

They were in the girls' room, two beds fit for a five and two year old. Of all their children Setsuko was the only one to inherit Sakura's eye color and they all had their fathers' dark locks. The medic discovered that dark eyes and hair was the dominant trait among Uchiha and that she was lucky to have a child with one of her traits, even if it was recessive.

Setsuko and Toko, her two year old daughter and her sons Keisuke, six years of age, and Yuuta, three years old sat on one bed close together, both the older children held their younger ones from falling off.

Susumu stood against one of the walls, his arms crossed. He even acted like Sasuke in his cool poses.

Setsuko glared at her older brother, "Shut up Susumu! Mama didn't make this up!"

He couldn't stand being glared at by his little sister so he looked away, defeated, "It doesn't sound like Father…"

"But that's how it happened," spoke a rough masculine voice.

"Daddy!" Setsuko cried, bringing Toko with her and he lifted both girls up into his arms.

"Hello my angels," he said, giving them each a kiss.

Sakura stood up slowly, hand to her pregnant belly as Sasuke made his way over to her, "You're home early." She felt him embrace her and kiss her lips; his daughters were still in his other arm giggling.

"I couldn't leave you alone for too long in your condition, now could I?" he grinned at her. Sasuke was dressed in Jonin clothing with a few cuts and bruises, but nothing life threatening. Releasing his wife and placing his daughters down he looked to his sons. Keisuke and Yuuta in his arms an instant later and he let them down on the bed too and turned to his eldest. He ruffled his hair.

"How long were you there?" Susumu asked.

"Since the middle of the story," he looked into his sons identical onyx orbs. "And what your mother told you was the truth. That's how we got married."

Sakura and Sasuke placed their kids to bed, they didn't want to go to sleep yet, but Sasuke told them he'd see them in the morning and they obeyed reluctantly.

The pinkette was lying in bed when Sasuke came out of the bathroom, showered and ready to rest, she had already taken care of his wounds. Instantly he cuddled up to her holding her in his strong arms. He hadn't aged a day; he still looked as gorgeous as ever for being thirty-four. With his back flat against the mattress he had one arm under Sakura and the other on her very large belly, once again carrying his child.

He felt her hot breath against his neck, where her head rested. She trembled in his arms and he felt water hit him. "Sakura, what's wrong?" he took his hand from her abdomen and placed it to her face making her look at him.

She smiled with tears in her eyes, "I'm just…so happy…ten years ago, I would have been with someone else…you would be holding another woman…she would be the mother to your children…I told myself ten years ago, that if you chose someone else…I'd be happy for you…but I always felt jealous that there…would be another woman in your arms…having your children…loving you and having your love…I never wanted to think about that—" Sasuke silenced her, kissing her.

"Sakura, I couldn't imagine myself with another woman other than you." His obsidian orbs bore into her emerald ones. "I haven't seen any woman like I have you, I guess, even when I was away, I always thought you were more important than any other woman. I've never been with one like I am with you. You're my first and my only. I've told you that countless times and I will always remind you of that. If I hadn't stopped you from marrying Isamu, who is still a great guy by the way, I probably would have never even looked for a wife or had any children. I only wanted you, and now I have you." He held her tighter and brought his lips to her ear, "All to myself, and I don't intend to share you with anyone…" he growled possessively.

Suddenly Sasuke was at her belly pulling up her shirt so he could feel the soft skin and placed his head on her stomach, feeling a kick every now and then.

Sakura watched him; he had always done this, countless times when she was pregnant. She figured it was so the baby would know it was loved and expected. Sasuke was a great father. His lips lingered on her belly and he spoke quietly, "Thank you Sakura, for everything," before he brought himself back up to rest at Sakura's side with her in his arms again and his hand back to her stomach.

"So did we decide on Naoki as his name?" Sasuke asked.

"I like that name," she mumbled into his neck.

He grinned, "Then Naoki it is."

It was silent for a minute before he carried on, "You know Sakura, I think we need more daughters, about six more children should be fine, right?"

"Only if you're carrying them, I'm tired of not being able to see my feet." She growled slightly.

"I wouldn't look as beautiful as you do when you're pregnant," Sasuke said. He had survived all the mood-swings and he was wondering if he could handle more. The children he had now were the children he had seen ten years ago, when he thought of a content family of Uchiha. He wasn't sure how to explain it, but the moment Susumu was born he knew him from that moment; it was like he had a vision of his children. The only one he wasn't sure of would be Naoki, who he had seen Sakura pregnant with.

Sakura giggled, picturing Sasuke pregnant. "Maybe we can wait a couple years. Or just wait for grandchildren."

"I don't want any boys going near my girls!" Sasuke growled at the thought.

"It's life Sasuke," she mumbled tiredly. "Sleep now Sasuke."

Bringing the covers over them, he whispered in her ear, "I'm still so in love with you, Sakura…" he kissed her forehead.

"Me too Sasuke." Her lips were at his neck and she succumbed to the world of dreams.

Like any other couple they had their arguments but they got through them, Sasuke watched the woman in his arms sleep. He knew there was nowhere else he would rather be than in Konoha with his wife and children.


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