Megan"raceing peaple now Sasuke if you want a very nice car than do the disclaimer"

Sasuke"Fine,Megan-chan doesn't own anything like the fast and furious or Naruto that right belong to the writers of the movie or show now do I get a nice car"

Megan"yes you get a cellica now on with the chappy"

Sasuke just got to Japan to see his friend Kiba He just got to his house when his house when his friend said"I have a surprise for you come on in to garage".When they got in the garage two cars were in there one was a red mustang that eventuality tuned orange in the front with Kiba's name written in blue down the sides.The next one was dark blue with the uchiha symbol on the hood and his name down the side in a raven black."Heres the keys to you brand new cellica and garage pass for the schools parking lot"Kiba said handing him his stuff"Now lets get to school but for your first day I'll drive you to tell you who to look out for like this guy"Kiba said handing Sasuke a photo of Naruto"This is Naruto Uzamaki best street racer oround his girl is like my little sister her name is Hinata Hyuga"he also handed him a picture of Hinata"And wait to you see her car it's a cellica two but solid purple with her clan sybol on the front with her name written down the side in blue and sakura petals all over it" he said "How do you know all the detals"Sasuke asked "I do everyones paint jobs,now on to Narutos car his car is orange with awhite and blie stripe down the side with a bowl of ramen painted on the hodd and the word fast on his lisence plate because a whole lot of peaple copy his Idea"kiba said" Ok now can we just get to school"ask Sasuke"yeah sure"replied kiba

eeeeeeeennnnnnnddddddd ooofff ffffiiiirrrrsssstttt cccchhhhaaaapppptttteeeerrrr ssssssssssssssssss

Megan so what do yall think of your cars"

Hinata&Sasuke"their beautiful"