Hey Megan's friend Kyleen again the last sentence of my chapter got cut off so why don't I recap. J

Megan:"Hey peoples just to let you know Twilight wil be up loaded soon peace out now Sasuke"

Sasuke:"Megan owns nothing and Thanks Kyleen"

"Okay as it seems you are already acquainted with Hinata she will show you around for homeroom. Whilst on your magical adventure I will give these kiddies a very long, and extremely boring speech." Kakashi told them as the kids groaned.

"Sure Kakashi, no problem." Hinata told him as Sasuke and her walked out the door.

End recap

Sasuke and Hinata were walking through the halls of the school with Hinata pointing out the doors and telling him what rooms they were. Sasuke would nod and occasionally say something like cool, awesome, or alright. Hinata introduced him to the teachers he would be having then showed him to the gym and the cafeteria. It was getting pretty hot so Hinata decided to take off her jacket. Which was a bad move because Hinata was a little advanced in the women development scale. Sasuke stopped paying attention to what she was saying and where he was going to check her out.

They were heading back to the class room now and Sasuke was still distracted he bumped right in to the wall by the classroom door. He fell back on to his butt with an umph.

"O-oh m-my g-g-od-d a-r-re y-you ok-kay?" Hinata stuttered while trying to hold in her laughter.

"Yeah I'm fine." Sasuke told her. He looked up to see her face, " humph why don't you just laugh?"

"I-it's n-not p-polit-te." Hinata explained still trying not to laugh.

"Oh so now you're a proper lady?" Sasuke asked putting hands on his hips in a girly fashion.

It was the last straw for Hinata and she collapsed to the ground in a laughing fit. Sasuke stared at her shocked before a second before going in to defence.

"It is not that funny." Sasuke stated, offended.

"Y-y-y-e-e-e-s-s-s hahahahahahaha" Hinata tried getting out. "Ha t-the w-wa-y y-y-you p-put y-your h-h-hands o-on y-y-our hips." Hinata told him calming down.

Sasuke go up and reached down, grabbed Hinata by the elbows and pulled her up. Her cheeks were a rouge like colour from embarrassment because of her outburst and Sasuke found that it made her even more beautiful. They walked through the door with Sasuke ahead of her holding it open for her to walk through before he let it shut behind him. They made their way to their seats and talked for the rest of the period with the six new acquaintances.


The bell rang loudly as everyone jumped from their seats and rushed to their see their friends before their next class.

"So… whats your schedule?" Hinata asked Sasuke quietly.

"Oh Kiba already told me I have most of my classes with you except for German." Sasuke told her.

"You take German? I take French." Was Hinata's whisper like answer.

They left the room together, walking briskly to their math class. Taking a seat in the way back, they sat next to each other. Just as they were about to start a conversation there was a scream and a loud thump. They immediately looked towards where the scream had come from which happened to be the door. There on the ground was a girl who had happened to have fainted. They stared at the girl weirdly for a second before raising their eyes to look the group of girls in the doorway with hearts in their eyes. The whole group was staring at Sasuke.

Hinata giggled as Sasuke stared at them weirdly.

"Looks like ittle Sasuke-kins gotta fan club." Hinata teased as the mob of girls rushed to Sasuke.

Sasuke didn't answer for he was surrounded by the girls and even if he had tried, Hinata wouldn't have been able to hear him over the high pitched giggles and the questions of marriage.

Hinata was totally okay with the mass of girls swarmed Sasuke until they started fighting over her seat. Now that was just ridiculous. She was sitting right there. It's not like they could just take it. Correction, they could try and take it and maybe there was a small chance they'd succeed.

A girl with red hair and glasses bluntly shoved her right out of the seat. That made sweet, innocent Hinata pissed. She stood up slowly, her eyes having darkened and losing the kindness they used to have, they now looked very enraged.

"That is ENOUGH!!" Hinata yelled grabbing the girl that took her seat by the hair and pulling her up. The girl's face was contorted in pain and anger as Hinata shoved her from the seat. The red head landed a foot away on the ground looking ready to kill.

"I don't mind you hitting on Sasuke but stay away from my seat!" Hinata told them sternly in a voice daring them to contradict.

Hinata plopped back into her seat her legs crossed on her desk and her arms crossed over her chest as she put earphones in her ears and turned on her ipod. Sasuke could hear the screamo music coming through her headphones. Most of the girls went back to their seats talking about how mean Hinata was to them. Iruka came in to the class room and he didn't even seem to notice Hinata not paying attention to him.

Math class went by slowly with Sasuke almost falling asleep and the sharp ring of the bell surprising both teens. They left the classroom together one after the other, making their way to their lockers.