AUTHOR'S NOTES: Not my first time writing in the fandom, but definitely my first time writing for this pairing

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Not my first time writing in the fandom, but definitely my first time writing for this pairing. I hope I got this right.

David stretched out a hand to feel her belly, and swore he really did feel something move – and not just some digested food. He didn't get up, but stared at the woman perched on the bed, hands primly folded on the lap space she still had left.

"You saw this coming, didn't you, David?" she said softly, taking his fingers in hers and touching the ring he never took off.

"From a mile away," was the confident reply. Julia swore she saw the faintest hint of a smile grace his face before it faded just as fast. "I knew it would have to happen some time."

"So you weren't surprised when I told you? I remember when I first heard the news and told it to you…you were staring at me for more than a second at least."

"I was?"

Julia watched him raise himself from the bed and raise an eyebrow. "You also dropped the book you were reading then; something Lewis recommended for easy reading for a man like you. And after you picked it up, you asked, 'Are you sure – positively sure about this, Julia? You're pregnant?' Of course, I said yes, and you stared at me again before actually standing up and smiling."

When she was done, David was silent.

"Yes, you were staring at me like that," she added swiftly.

"Was that really what happened?"

Julia didn't know whether he was joking around, or that blessed moment had really slipped his mind.

"Never mind, now I remember. Julia, why are you smiling like that? Don't you have work to do? You and I both…"

"Saya, Kai and Lulu took the news so much better than you did," she said, adjusting her glasses and standing up first. David finally clambered out of bed, wrapped his arms around her torso – knowing that very soon, it would be so much harder to hug her and he would have to wait months before they could hug properly again – and kissed her, taking care not to nudge her precious cargo even one bit. He let go, and then gently pressed his lips against hers again.

They broke away, and all she could say was, "And after you stood up and smiled…"

He opened his arms again, accepting her as they embraced again, Julia's head on David's shoulders and his fingers in her long hair.

"But I…still sort of saw it coming."

"Yes, David, I know."