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Chapter 1 – A vision

Edward's POV

My family sat around me in the living room on a rare quiet night. Emmett and Jasper were occupied by a new game while Rosalie and Alice talked about their hair on one of the couches. On the other couch was Carlisle reading a book with Esme curled up next to him, also reading a book. I was occupying myself with one of Carlisle's numerous medical texts.

For the most part it was quiet except for the occasional outburst from Emmett or Jasper. I enjoyed the peace and was totally engrossed in my book. I was suddenly disturbed from my reading by a vivid image coming from Alice – another vision. It must have been pretty important for her to force her thoughts on me, she usually tried not to share her visions with me.

In the vision was a human girl of average height with chocolate brown hair and eyes. She was almost as pale as we were and seemed far to thin for her height. She was standing at the bus station in Olympia with Alice and Esme. She had a small backpack slung over her shoulder with a tattered book clutched in her hand. Alice and Esme introduced themselves and she smiled slightly and murmured that her name was Bella Swan.

The vision ended and both Alice and I relaxed. The family sat around waiting expectantly for the newest news. Alice grinned at all of them, ecstatic. "Esme, tomorrow the two of us need to take a trip the nearest foster care office! You'll go with me right?"

Esme looked back, startled and confused. "Why ever would we go to the foster care office?"

"Because," Alice said, then paused dramatically. "We are all getting a new sister!

"A human one?" Rosalie asked, surprised.

"Yep!" Alice chirped as she began to bounce up and down.

"Who is it?" Emmett asked.

"Her name is Bella Swan, but I couldn't tell how old she was." She suddenly became serious. "But I must warn you, she seems extremely fragile for a human, so we'll have to be extra careful with her."

Esme laughed in delight. "Well, if that's the case, I'd be happy to go with you Alice."

Alice almost flew across the room as she rushed over to Esme to throw her arms around her neck. "Thank you so much Esme!"

I didn't much attention to them as they continued asking Alice questions, I couldn't get the image of that girl out of my head. Bella Swan, huh, I thought. I had only seen her for a moment, but I couldn't get her image out of my head. I found myself genuinely curious for the first time in a long time and I found myself excited for what was to come.