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Rule 1: For a person to be revived, the person's name, followed by the dates of birth and death, must be written in the book within a minute's time.

In a prison, located somewhere in Japan, cameras went off at the crime scene. The crime had taken place inside a cell, its only residents lying dead on the concrete floor. A police officer was drawing chalk outlines of the two bodies while photographers snapped pictures of the blood-stained wall. Soon a doctor arrived to see the cause of death. More officers waited outside in the hallway, their eyes glued to the message written. Ironically, light that was filtered from the outside shined on the blood as if the message was a sign of something evil or, better yet, a message from God.

In the hallway, an officer lit a cigarette and took a long drag to stop his irrational trembling and to ease his troubled mind. He sighed.

"Over five years and now this. The press will find out soon, no doubt about it."

A lower-ranked policeman spoke up. "But Kira couldn't have returned, right? Didn't L say that the Kira case was officially done with?"

The policemen started to place the bodies in bags.

The officer took another long drag. "A message about Kira, a prisoner decides to bash his jail mate's head in and suddenly dies of an obvious heart attack . . . a mere coincidence or—" another drag from his cigarette,"— or a doing of Kira?"

"But sir, you don't actually believe it's Kira."

His eyes glanced at each letter on the wall before resting on the word 'KIRA' which was underlined crazily. He soon wondered if he could smoke two cigarettes at a time; one was no longer doing the job of calming him down. "I don't know and personally, I don't want to."

Light Yagami opened his eyes and sat up, feeling the rain pelt him greedily. At first he didn't realize where he was. Then lightning flashed and thunder sounded in the background. Light discovered that he was sitting in a coffin. The top half of the cover had been lifted up, explaining why his head did not collide with it. Still wondering what was going on, he lifted the bottom cover up. Then he stood, seeing the walls of dirt surrounding him.

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Around the same time, he looked up.

Light saw a young woman standing near the edge of the pit. She stared downward with absolute curiosity. Light eyed the red apple in her hand and the two books, one black, one brown, held tightly against her chest. Judging by the condition of the woman's clothes, she must had been here for a while by his grave . . .

It came back to him in a rush. Near, Matsuda, the SPK, Ryuk, Mikami, everything. He, Light Yagami, had died. Shot five times, name written in Ryuk's Death Note. He was certain that was the last thing he saw before he disappeared into nothingness. Yet, here he was now, alive in his own grave. Light had to look at his hands to prove to himself he was back in the human world. Despite the sight of non-rotten flesh, the whole situation seemed impossible. Death was an irreversible thing, well proven by the Death Note he had used countless times.


Light snapped out of his thoughts and stared at the woman. For the first time, he took a good look at her. She was wearing black shirt and pants with a tinge of red. Her raven hair was cut awkwardly; it was long in the front while short in the back. In addition, her bangs reached passed the bridge of her nose except for a section that had been cut out to reveal an eye.

The woman spoke again.

"Are you?" Her voice was emotionless, no hints of happiness or fright, just an eerie acceptance of the fact that he had just popped out of his grave. Like she had seen the dead rise countless times before.

Light did not answer.

The woman sighed and looked over her shoulder. "Ryuk? Is this him?"

Light's eyes opened with alarm. Ryuk?

After a moment or two, the woman turned toward Light. "He said that you should be able to answer that."

If she knows Ryuk then . . .

"I am," Light admitted.

The sky flashed as Light climbed out of the grave. By the time he was out, the suit he had been buried in was muddy and wet. But he could care less. He approached the woman, who backed away as if she was scared. The moment he stopped, she stopped too. Because he was closer, he could see that whatever mascara she had on was running due to the rain. It also looked as if she had tried wiping it off a few times, smearing and rubbing it into her cheeks.

The woman's lips parted before she said, "I'm glad that you are." She put down the brown book and extended the black one toward Light. Light could see the words 'Death Note' written in white on the cover. His reddish-brown eyes lit up.

"I relinquish ownership of this notebook."

The woman dropped it and he picked it up.

A new voice was heard. "No hard feelings, eh, Light?"

Light recognized it as Ryuk's. "Why are you here, Ryuk?" Light asked without turning around to look at the shinigami.

Ryuk grinned. "I was bored and when I heard that the Shinigami King lost that book," he pointed to the brown one next to the girl, "I wanted to see who found it." He realized that the woman could no longer see him. He watched in slight amusement as she looked around.

"That book," Light said, eying the one that she had put on the ground.

The woman picked it up and held it in a protective manner. "I call it the Book of Existence."

Ryuk snickered. "That's not what it's called, Light. It has a much better name."

The woman lifted up a finger and said "Oh" as an idea came to mind. She reached out and touched the Death Note in Light's hands. She soon spotted Ryuk behind Light and tossed the red apple at the shinigami. Ryuk caught it. "There's your reward for your help."

Ryuk devoured it and threw the core by a nearby tree. He licked his lips. "I forgot how . . . juicy these are."

Light narrowed his eyes, glaring at the shinigami. He was angry at Ryuk for his last minute betrayal that day. He had been so close to defeating Near and becoming God of a new world. And if it hadn't been for that fool Mikami — No. Now that he was alive again, he had another chance at creating his ideal world. Hopefully, all the people who had screwed him over one way or another — Mikami, Misa — were dead now. Keeping that possibility in mind, he calmed down and looked at the woman. "Tell me: what does that book do?"

" . . . I can bring the dead back to life by writing the name of the person and the dates of birth and death, Kira. I can also return them to the dead by simply crossing their name out." Again, no emotion and almost robotic in nature.

Light waited for more but she stopped talking. "Is that all?" So far, there was nothing worthy of his interest or concern.

Her dark eyes landed on the book as she admired its weathered condition. She shook her head, trying to get the wet locks of hair out of her face. She was going to be sick from being out in the rain too long. She could tell. " . . . Also," she decided to add, "the owner of this book is granted eternal life."

"Eternal life?"

Ryuk's grin widened. He was behind Light but he could imagine the expression and the thoughts that were going through his mind. He was probably trying to come up with a way to steal the book from her. With a book like that, Light could rule his ideal world forever and wouldn't everyone love that.

She nodded. "It's true. Unfortunately, that's all I know, Kira."

Light's demeanor changed into a more friendly one. "You don't have to call me Kira."

She almost seemed taken back by this. "Then I shall call you . . . Yagami. Yagami, I only brought you back for one reason. You need to restore order to the world."

Ryuk laughed. "You sound like a real Kira worshipper."

The woman looked up at the sky when it flashed.

"Don't get me wrong, Ryuk. At the beginning, when Kira first appeared, I hated him. To me, he was an evil person who wanted the world to live in constant fear and tyranny, frightened of the idea of dropping dead if they did the tiniest thing wrong." Her dark eyes landed on Light to catch his reaction to that statement. If there was one, she had missed it. She went on. "But when you died, Yagami, I realize that you were actually good for this world. Crime shot up, bad things happened, even to me. When I found this book and knew what it could do, I decided to revive you. By then it was obvious that only Kira can fix this world and make it the way it should be."

Perfect, Light thought, almost wanting to smirk. She already adores me. "But how did you know I was Kira?" He asked, his charm of persuasion never wavering.

"Ryuk came after I found this book and gave me hints to figure out the identity of Kira. He thought it would be amusing if I struggled a lot."

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pen and a newspaper clipping. Then she handed it over to Light. Light stared at the clipping. It contained a photograph of a serial killer that was recently apprehended only a few days ago. He looked back up at the woman, waiting for her to say something.

"Please do justice, Yagami."

"Well, Light?" Ryuk prompted.

Light glanced at the caption underneath the picture and scribbled the name down in the notebook. He suddenly felt exhilarated, knowing that a criminal was about to die in a short time from now. He yearned for another criminal's name because he knew there were so many more since the time he had died. They must be swarming all over the place, he thought to himself, disgusted at the idea. He looked at the woman, about to ask for any more criminals that she knew of when he saw the brown book in her arms. Suddenly he remembered why he was bothering with the woman in the first place. He put on a friendly smile. "You never told me your name. I'm sure you know mine by now."

Light's already put on his facade, Ryuk thought as he looked at the girl. Wonder what she will do now?

The woman opened her mouth but closed it to think longer. " . . . Thorn. It's my nickname."

"So you won't let me know you real name?" Light pressured slightly.

"Even there are things I can't trust Kira with."

So the girl was not going to give her name to him so easily. Now this was the entertainment that only humans could give Ryuk. The shinigami wondered how long it would take Light to figure out Thorn's real name. He'd give Light a week, knowing how intelligent he was. Ryuk already knew that the shinigami eyes were useless; he could not see her name. Ryuk had wrote it off as a mere "side effect" of the book. But it was because of this side effect that he was able to find who had picked up the book. Thorn had eventually told Ryuk her real name for whatever strange reason it would be. She apparently thought that he was trustworthy.

Thorn swayed on the spot, noticing how the emotion in Light's eyes had changed into one of a more menacing nature. He seemed almost pissed off. She looked off into the distance, not wanting to feel as if she had done something wrong. "Your home town is pretty close to here."


"If you want, you're welcome to stay with me for a while until you can rightfully claim your place in the world. My place is an hour away, so you'll be far from any person who could recognize you."

Light bit his tongue, preventing himself from sounding annoyed. Due to all those times around Misa, he had gotten enough practice. "Thanks. I appreciate that."

"You don't have to lie."

"What would make you think that?"

Thorn's eyes shifted to the grinning shinigami. " . . . No reason."

Rule 2: The only way the owner can die is through the use of a Death Note.

A/N: And that's it. I know it's short but hopefully the next chapter will be longer. I decided that I would explain the rules of the book, sort of like how Obata and Ohba gave us the rules of the Death Note in each book. Anyway, that's all I have to say.

A/N-2: I had to add that tid bit that Ryuk could not see her name. I had it planned to put as one of the later rules but someone commented on it. I already knew that if Light were to have possession of the Death Note, he could do the eye trade and see her name right off the bat. I figured with a "side effect" like that, it would make things more interesting. It's my fault for not adding this when I first posted. However, if it seems too Mary-Sue-ish of a trait, let me know and I won't make Thorn give up ownership of the notebook to make things simple.