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"Logan! Get up, It's time for school!" Yelled Logan's mother from the bottom of the stairs for the fourth time.

"uuh… coming." Logan mumbled as he literally slid out of bed so he was lying on the floor. Lazily he pulled himself up, stretched his limbs and walked towards his closet. He got dressed and looked at himself in the full length mirror. What stared back at him was a 15 year old boy with blonde hair and peach coloured skin. He was wearing a green T-shirt and jeans.

He went to the bathroom and brushed his hair and teeth. He walked down the stairs and headed for the kitchen.

"It's about time! Wouldn't want to miss your first day at your new school. Richard called and he and Victor said they would take you to school and give you a tour of the school." Said his mom, handing him a slice of toast.

He had totally forgotten! His family had moved to Jump City where his cousin Richard and his friend Victor lived and he was to now attend Jump City High. He finished his toast and grabbed his backpack which was stuffed with school supplies and slung it over his shoulder. It was to heavy causing him to fall over. He heard a car horn. He got up and went over to the window. He saw a hot red car sitting in the driveway with Richard at the wheel and Victor in the passenger seat.

"Bye mom!" he yelled, dragging his backpack out the door. He walked toward the car. To tell the truth, he was kind of exited to be going to his new school. His cousins said they were popular at school so if he was hanging out with them he'd be popular to, Right? But he was still nervous.

"Hey Logan. Hop in." Richard said. Logan got in and buckled up.

"You exited about your first day at Jump City High?" Victor asked as Richard backed out of the driveway.

"I guess." Logan said, looking out the window. The whole ride was quiet save the radio playing some song that Logan had never heard before. Before he knew it, they were in the school parking lot. Richard killed the engine and opened the car door. Victor and Logan got out too (Logan dragging his backpack out).

"Hello friend Richard and friend Victor! I see you have brought the new student!" Logan heard someone say. He turned to see a tall girl wearing a baby blue T-shirt and black shorts. She walked over to Richard and he put his arm around her. Logan noticed Richard was wearing a white shirt and a leather jacket over that. He had black pants, and of course we can't forget sunglasses now can we. Victor was wearing a navy blue long-sleeved shirt and white shorts.

"Logan, this is my girlfriend Kori. She's not from here if your wondering why she talks…uh.. different. Kori, this is Logan, my cousin." Richard said. Kori simply waved shyly.

"Hi." said Logan. "Nice to meet" he got cut off by Richard.

"Hold on. I need to go do something." He ran over to a girl wearing a blue hoodie and black jeans. The hood was up covering most of their face. By the shape of the body, it looked like a girl. The girl seemed terrified as Richard walked up to her. Richard asked her something but Logan couldn't make out what. She handed him some papers and ran away. Richard ran back with some papers in his hands and a smile on his face.

"Who was that?" asked a confused Logan.

"That was Rachelle. She's in our grade." Victor answered, signaling to all four of them. (AN: I know there not all the same age but I need them to be for the plot).

"What did Richard get from her?" Logan asked.

"My homework." Richard answered proudly.

"She agrees to do your homework!?" Logan asked.

"Not at first and not just mine. Me, Victor and Kori get our homework done by her. Here's what we do: We catch her after school by standing by her bike, tell her to do our homework, she says no, we beat her up a bit until she says yes" Richard answered.

"So.. your bullies!" Logan said still shocked.

"You could say that." Victor said with a smirk. Just then the bell rang, so they all headed inside.

It was English, one of the few classes all five were in. Everyone was sitting down, waiting for the teacher to come. Richard got out of his seat and went over to Victor. He whispered something in Victor's ear and they both smiled mischievously. They both went up to the board, Richard grabbed the eraser while Victor grabbed the chalk. Victor started writing something, but Richard walked toward Rachelle.

She still had her hood up but you could still tell she tensed up. Richard wiped the eraser on her left sleeve, (close to her wrist) and walked away.

Everyone looked at the board to see Victor walk away. The teacher walked in and looked at the board. She read it out loud.

"Eye sofa king we tar did." she read. Everyone laughed. She read it again and everyone laughed again. She stared at it for a little bit longer. She suddenly looked angry.

"Okay, who wrote this!" she yelled. Richard, Victor and Kori pointed to Rachelle. Rachelle's eyes widened. " Rachelle, did you do this?" she asked while pointing to the board. She looked upset to the fact that it might be her top student.

"No I didn't!" Rachelle said. The teacher seemed relieved until Richard stood up.

"That's a lie! Look!" He ran over to Rachelle and grabbed her left wrist. She flinched. He lifted her arm up to reveal her sleeve. Chalk dust was on her sleeve . the teacher gasped. That little sneak! Rachelle thought.

"Rachelle, I will see you after school." The teacher said coldly. Richard walked back to his desk with a smirk. Logan looked over to Kori, then to Victor. They both had the satisfied grin that Richard had. He looked over to Rachelle. She had her arms crossed and her head down (not on her desk). What jerks! he thought.

It was after school and everyone was packing up their books and leaving, well not everyone…

"Well done friend Richard and friend Victor!" Logan heard Kori say. He grabbed his backpack (which wasn't as heavy now that he had put his school supplies in his locker) and shut his locker. He turned to see Richard, Victor and Kori smirking proudly at him.

"Wasn't that awesome!" Richard asked.

"uhh sure…I guess." he said.

"Come on! Let's go stand by Rachelle's bike. She should be getting out of detention soon." Victor said, opening his locker, grabbing his backpack in one hand and some paper from English class. Kori and Richard did the same.

"Logan, aren't you getting your homework?" Richard asked.

"uhh…I don't have any." he answered, trying to keep out of becoming a bully on his first day of school.

"Yes you do. You have the sheet of grammar the teacher assigned." Kori said.

"oh yeah. I forgot. What kind of teacher assigns homework on the first day of school." he grumbled.

"It's only your first day of school remember?" Victor reminded Logan. "now come on! She'll be coming any minute." With that, the three school slackers ran towards the door dragging Logan behind them.

So how was it? This will be my first multi-chapter story. Incase you don't know:

Richard Grayson Robin

Victor Stone Cyborg

Kori Anders Starfire

Garfield Logan Beast Boy

Rachelle Roth Raven

Yeah and I'm calling Beast Boy 'Logan' because I think Garfield sounds kinda weird (no offense to anyone that likes that name). And I know there not all the same age but I need them to be or else Rachelle can't do their homework.

You know how, if you are left handed, you drag your hand? They made it look like she dragged her sleeve across the board while writing if you didn't get why chalk on her sleeve was a big deal.

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