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It was pouring that day, and, unbeknownst to the others, it would continue to pour the next day. The blonde girl sat in a window seat, holding a cup of tea, and watched the rain. A sweet smile was stretched across her face as she watched the people running through the rain, trying to escape it and get home. Pity, no one thought to enter the black building that could provide them with shelter. The rain fell in sheets, soaking anyone without an umbrella to the bone, and even those with an umbrella were sopping wet. It made her laugh, and she shifted her position, reclining against the silk pillows that adorned her window seat. The girl was bored, as the studio was sealed off so that her art could dry, and she had nothing to do. "I hope someone realizes that there is an escape from the rain here… I'm bored," she muttered, unaware that the person that would come in, would change her life, for as long as she lived.

Tyki wandered through the rain- soaked street, his body soaked. Crack, Eaze, and Momo were in the mines, but he was in his dark form and at the moment, only wanted a place to stay. He noticed the face looking out into the street from a black, two- story building, and walked towards the building. He entered with a bang of the door, stood in what he believed to be the parlor, and dripped on the black marble. Instantly, another person entered, and the purple- haired man recognized her as the girl from the window. She was wearing a long, emerald green gown that matched her bottle green eyes perfectly. White gloves adorned her hand. She smiled at him kindly, but noticed how wet he was. "Oh my! Wait here, I'm sure I have some towels and extra clothes for you!" she said, rushing off. Tyki listened to her feet tapping lightly against a staircase, and smiled. He didn't know who she was; she hadn't even asked him his name. But, she was so trusting to him. The woman entered the room again, holding a bundle of clothes. She gestured with her head to follow him, and he obeyed, following her to a large bathroom. She hung up all the clothes, and handed him a towel.

"Shower if you want, but use the towel to dry off. Try on the clothes to see if they fit. If they don't… we'll burn that bridge when we get to it," she told him hurriedly. Tyki nodded, speechless at her last sentence. He'd never, in all his years heard someone say that, and when she did, it was a pretty big shock. However, he still needed to know the name of the girl that was saving him from hypothermia.

"Eh… thanks, but, I still don't know your name," he said, but was disappointed to see that she was gone. Shaking his head, he quickly stripped of his wet clothes and dried off. The first set of clothes he tried, a black tuxedo much like the one he'd been wearing all along, fit him perfectly. The purple- haired Noah began to wonder just why 

she had men's clothes with her anyway, but didn't say anything until she appeared again. And reappear she did, smiling widely, and holding a mug, thankfully filled with hot tea.

"Ah, they fit, thank goodness. I'm Samiya, by the way," she said kindly, handing him the mug of tea. Tyki took one sip, and felt his body quickly begin to warm up. It tasted different from other teas… was there a hint of… peppermint in here? Either way, it tasted good, and he liked it, so no complaining.

"And I am Tyki Mick. Thank you very much for helping me. But, I still wonder, what you did was quite risky. In these dangerous times, I could be an Akuma in disguise. I'm not, thank you. Also, why do you have men's clothes? Don't you live alone?" he said, causing Samiya to laugh. Tyki enjoyed her laugh; it was soft, like the tinkling of bells.

"It's nice to meet you, Master Tyki. I'm glad to help. I'm glad you're not an Akuma, but if you were, I wouldn't mind at all. As for the men's clothes. I actually have many spare clothes from a colleague of mine. He usually has a suitcase of clothes here when he spends the night as his artwork dries. I do in fact live alone, but... Most of the place in unused," she said, sounding a little sad in the process. Tyki nodded, understanding what she meant. Being alone was a terrible curse, even to the Noah. She looked at him, noticing the crosses. However, Samiya was on one to pry. Everyone had their secrets, including her. Suddenly, she felt Tyki's hand on her shoulder.

"You should worry about the Akuma. Who knows, maybe, the Millennium Count will find you an easy victim?" he whispered in her ear, the girl standing frozen in shock and fear. A small gasp escaped her lips, causing Tyki to laugh. He lifted his hand, stroking a finger across her cheek, smiling. For a moment there, his true dark side took over. However, he regained control of himself, and drew away from her.

"Forgive me. There is a side of me, a side that I cannot control. It comes out many times…" he said, somewhat apologetic. She nodded and smiled.

"Much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, don't you agree?" she said, continuing, "Oh, I'll be making soup tonight. You are welcome to stay as long as you wish. Should you wish to stay the night, I will prepare a room for you,"

Tyki nodded, taken aback by how cold her tone became. She turned around and walked away; going to where he believed was the kitchen. He followed her, trying to be polite. After what he did, she probably hated him, and what with his trying to be human moment, it was difficult. Still… He watched her bustle around the kitchen, cooking happily. Her beautiful, Victorian- styled dress rustled as she moved, becoming an almost hypnotic sound. Her hands moved expertly, cutting vegetables and meat with the precision of a master chef. Tyki was entranced with her, which was amazing, especially because of his previous belief that he was incapable of loving one person. Now, as he watched her, he was slowly falling for the beautiful woman. But he couldn't! She would probably die anyway… The sudden urge to protect her… it was overwhelming. Fine! He'd humor his human side and protect her… from afar…

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