Disclaimer: They're not mine…Eastman and Laird still won't budge. :b

Greetings, friends! I'm still alive somehow, though the end of this semester is trying to kill me off. Papers, exams, projects…it's nuts. And on top of that, I'm taking my final exams early so that I can go home—and take summer courses.

Masochism, thy name is me. .

Anywho, it's pretty busy, and as such, some therapy is definitely needed. And what better therapy than writing fanfiction?! :D I'm trying my hand at something new: drabbles. I've done long chapter fics and I've done one-shots, and so I figure that now it's time to dabble in drabbles. :D It's something I've wanted to try for a while because the style is new (for me) and it seems fun, and I figure it'd be an interesting exercise to see if I can write short things. ;; So I'm doing 26 alphabet drabbles, one for each letter. They'll be released in whatever order they get written; I'm doing this for fun and stress-relief, and it's a bit too constraining to try and force myself to write drabbles F, G, and H when drabbles X, U and K are fully formed in the back of my brain and clamoring to get out. I can't guarantee anything for update frequency; they get uploaded depending on my free time, which is going to be close to non-existent these next two weeks. But I'll stick a few up here occasionally. Let me know what you guys think; even though these are largely meant for kicks and giggles, fun and stress-relief, it's also a new style and I'd like to know what you guys think and whether I pull it off well or if I should stick to the longer fics.

One last note: copious thanks to everyone who nominated me/voted for me in the fanfic competitions; I was absolutely gob-smacked when I won four different places. I can't tell you what that support means to me; I really, truly appreciate it. You guys are amazing.

And now that my author notes are longer than the drabble, onward! :D

Father comes in to tell him that his good friend Splinter-san and his sons are coming to visit, and at first he is excited; he remembers the kame creatures, and liked them. The one with the blue bandana and the katana even saved him and said he would be his friend. It is something to look forward to, a welcome break from the etiquette and history lessons that make up his life.

And yet, another part of him—the back or bottom of his stomach or mind, he still can't pin down where the odd feeling is—almost feels like it's frowning at the thought of them coming…the one called Leonardo particularly. It's the same as those dark dreams he remembers from a while ago, back when Father said he too had just awoken from a bad nightmare. Those dreams always make him uneasy, because it seems like he remembers more and more of them each time he wakes up from one, and lately…lately they don't scare him as much, and that makes him uneasy too; the dreams are full of violence and anger, and that should feel wrong, not right, right?

He's confused, but he doesn't talk to Father about it, because it doesn't seem like something he should share.

So he says nothing, and dreams of claws and bridges and dragons, and tries not to flinch when Leonardo-san comes to see them next time.