Title: Last Chance

Description: AU. The year is 2105. Earth is dying. The atmosphere is unbreathable in 90 of the world. Global warming has destroyed plant and animal life. Resources are nearly depleted. A corrupt dictatorship rose from the ashes. Humankind has had little success with spaceflight. Now it is up to one group to find a device and the lost city it will lead to. The price for failure is extinction.

Author's Notes: This is my first long, non-parody story. It is also my first foray into Stargate, and an idea that has been bouncing around for a while.

Major Samantha Carter was a member of the World Democracy's (quite a joke, since it's a dictatorship) air force. She thought that having such a large air force was rather illogical, since the only uprisings had been of the protest type. That Mk. VI nuke was probably overkill. But that wasn't her job. She was lead scientist in charge of Project Pegasus. As far as she was concerned, it was little more than a fool's errand.

She was so lost in thought that she almost crashed into Colonel O'Neill in the corridor. "I'm sorry sir," she said and hurriedly scuttled off to the project lab.

Both Rodney McKay and Daniel Jackson were there. McKay was trying to extract a tablet from Daniel's hands.

"Stop it McKay, this is a very delicate tablet and it could be the key we were looking for."

"Look, I won't even know if it's authentic until I run some tests."

Sam sighed. "McKay!"

Rodney jumped, quickly apologized, and scuttled off to pretend to push some buttons.

"Look Sam, I think I recognize this word. I've seen it before... Taonas Lantea Uban Atlantus, sounds Latin." Daniel proceeded to grab his dictionary. He flipped it open and began to search. After what seemed like hours but was in fact only three minutes he came up with the translation.

"It's a data printout of some sort. I think it was copied onto this tablet." He flipped over the tablet. "Astria Porta Locas. Hmmm... what are these symbols."

McKay suddenly waltzed over, shooting Sam a dirty look. "How stupid are you? These are stylized constellations!

Now Sam spoke. "That's all good but what's an Astria Porta? And how are these constellations useful?"

Subsequent chapters will be considerably longer- I was pressed for time writing this one and wanted to get the story started ASAP.