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"Hai Deidara-sama," Haku answered in a polite voice as he bowed. His eyes drifted shut in the movement although he snapped them open again.

Tobito turned around his black cloak peppered with large pluming clouds swinging in the movement.


Deidara could feel a tick mark growing on the other side of his face which was masked with metal. The blonde who could be mistaken for a girl like Haku shook his head.

"Iieate looks too much like an Uchiha, you on the other hand don't, uh."

Naruto's cane thumped lightly on the foliage. His hair had lost it's vivid shine. It was almost as though Lee would say 'youth'. Like all the youth had finally drained out of him. Do to Haku's ministrations however it lay flat without spikes. He had been growing it out for longer than a year and by now it was cut a bit roughly at mid-neck. Like the predictable effect of blindness his eyes just gazed out in a glassy fashion.

The sixteen year old tore his eyes from his senior. Though if Haku had never died, he would be 22 currently. However he was, though it was against most laws of physics younger than Naruto.

The black head shook his head slightly when Naruto intoned in a calm voice.

"Is it a good idea to send Tobito though? He does stand out in a crowd."

"Haku can keep him under control, uh."

Iieate who held his hair in a 'Sora' fashion glanced over at Deidara. Deidara's grayish eyes held a determined look about them. Sasori had not so subtly referred to that look as the 'you mess with me I'll prove to you that art is a bang'. Naturally, after hearing that Iieate took after his father in the fashion of; don't mess with blondes.

Tobito gave a wide grin. At least it appeared that way. I mean honestly who can see under his basketball mask?

"Tobito will be a good by! Tobito promise-- OWCH!"

He had tripped over a large tree root. A very mossy tree root at that.

Of course all would be well if he hadn't been tailing behind a blonde. A blonde by the name of Deidara. A blonde who would chase after him with clay. Even after Sasori tried to get them to stop cause they might blow what little cover they had.


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